Nasstoys Remote Control Power Bullet Review – Yes Baby!

If you’re in the market for a new toy that’s a little different, you may want to consider the aptly-named Remote Control Power Bullet. It is made by Nasstoys of New York, a company that has been around for 37 years, so they should know a thing or two about making a quality toy.

The Power Bullet has a whole lot going for it right off the bat. For me, the biggest selling point was the lack of wires. It’s hands-free, public-friendly, waterproof and doubles as a mini vibrator. It’s also a hefty little thing.

So, here it is: a review of the Power Bullet. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

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First Impressions – Cute but Hefty

Upon opening the plastic packaging and removing the bullet, I noticed how soft and velvety the outside felt over the otherwise rigid plastic underneath. I also noticed it had some heft to it and it was larger in girth than any other bullet vibrator I have owned.

nasstoys power bullet

the “powerful” power bullet

After the initial wash in hot, soapy water, I attempted to put in the batteries. The generic batteries that came with it didn’t work. I had extras, as any good sex toy owner should, so I wasn’t that bummed. Two fresh AAA batteries later, the bullet fired right up.

I set the bullet on a table and clicked through all 10 functions just to see what I was in for. I watched in amazement as the bullet started crawling around like a naughty little mouse. The retrieval cord/antenna looked hilariously like a tail.

The Power Bullet is very comfortable when inserted – nice and smooth. I am on the smaller side and used some water-based lube just to be safe. To be completely accurate, the Power Bullet is 3” long and 4.25” in diameter, so there is definitely never a question as to whether or not it’s in there – even when it’s turned off.

The second I slid this in, I felt pleasantly full and immediately appreciated that extra girth. I walked around a little and did some Kegels to really get a feel for it.

remote with uncovered buttons

remote with buttons uncovered

I turned it on and was surprised by how powerful the vibrations were. I proceeded to have some fun trying out the different settings. As I experimented, I did more Kegels. This made the feeling more intense, especially on the higher frequencies and ‘short’ buzzes.

Breakdown of the 10 Functions

The first three settings are different frequencies of a steady buzz. Everything after three is what I like to call ‘Kinky Morse Code.’ One even sounds like a chromatic scale, which may have raised some eyebrows at dinner.

1. This is where it all starts. Literally. The first setting is the lowest frequency – a continuous buzz.

2. A few notches higher – a continuous buzz at a medium frequency.

3. Lather, rinse, repeat – #3 is the highest frequency.

4. Okay, I like this one. I call this one ‘Staccato at #3.’ This gives you continuous short buzzes at a high frequency.

5. ‘Staccato at #3 – The Remix’ or short-short-short-short-long. The long buzz is a slightly higher frequency, which is a nice touch. I think I like this one even more than the original.

6. ‘The Scale’ – a simple, ascending and descending stairway of increasing and decreasing frequencies; six up, six down. It feels kind of like a wave, but you can definitely feel a slight pause between the ‘steps.’

7. One-way stairway – a double buzz on each step starting at a low frequency. It builds like an orgasm – then you start again at the bottom. But that’s a good thing.

8. A series of long, medium then short buzzes – all at a high frequency.

9. A long, medium-frequency buzz followed by nine short ones at a high frequency.

10. A long, high-frequency buzz followed by about 30 or so short ones at a medium frequency.

Hands-Free (To Do Other Things)

I love (love!) the fact that this bullet is wireless. You can wear it anywhere. Give the remote to your partner and enjoy being buzzed without warning from across the table or across the room.

antenna and retrieval cord of the power bullet

the antenna doubles as the retrieval cord – and I’ve never had an issue with it

The remote itself is very simple and only has three buttons – one for power and two arrows to navigate through the ten settings. It also has a built-in cover to slide over the buttons to prevent accidental power-ups; or worse, accidentally changing your favorite ‘station’ when you really like the song.

Which reminds me – don’t hand the remote off to your partner and expect them to be able to resist turning it on at a completely inappropriate time for their own amusement.

As far as the range of the remote goes, the package didn’t say. I’m a bit obsessive and nerdy, so I took out the measuring tape and tested it out for you. Curiosity was killing me – and you deserve a thorough review.

I tested at 25 feet. I tested at 35 feet. Then I put the bullet on the bed and went downstairs to the opposite corner of the house thinking “No way…” and it STILL turned on. Impressive.

The Ultimate Test of Durability? A Clumsy Tester…

While drying the bullet off after a wash the other day, I accidentally THREW it onto the bathroom floor while shaking water off my hands.

I immediately panicked, cursed my clumsiness and thought I had broken it. I washed it and dried it again – carefully – and grabbed the remote. It still worked.

shiny spots damage on power bullet

you may want to take your rings off when replacing the batteries – this is what happens when you don’t, a few ‘shiny’ spots

I also haul around a giant purse that I never seem to be able to find anything in. I’m happy to report that the remote has been safely recovered and functional after every frantic search.

Is the keychain fob/clasp on the remote sturdy? As a former bench jeweler, I can confidently give my professional opinion: nope.

I never trust anything on a keychain to actually remain on said keychain. Ever. Too many bad things could happen if you hang this with your keys. Remember, you can’t just go buy a universal remote for a Power Bullet. Stow it away safely in a purse or a pocket – preferably his.

Other than the keychain portion of the remote, two thumbs up for durability.

Battery Demand

My only real gripe about this product is the battery life. Two or three uses for a couple of hours at a stretch seem to be the max. I have read that taking the batteries out between uses can prevent them from being depleted as quickly; I take them out now, but haven’t noticed a huge difference.

Another battery issue I ran into was when the batteries were running low. Two minutes after my partner turned on the bullet, I had to use the ladies room. I asked to be turned off. Bathrooms echo and I didn’t want to broadcast. It wouldn’t turn off (!)

power bullet battery space

the Power Bullet takes two AAA batteries – like most battery-powered toys, the battery life is relatively short, so buy extras!

I took advantage of the privacy of the bathroom stall to remove the bullet and adjust the batteries. I assumed that because I had only used the bullet for a few hours last week, surely it couldn’t be the batteries. I took them out and put them back in.

The bullet turned back on, but the setting still wouldn’t change and it stayed stuck on the first setting. I wasn’t about to be caught with my panties down again, so I just left it alone.

When we got home, I changed the batteries and it worked like a charm. I definitely recommend investing in a bulk package of AAA batteries. And carry two spares if you’re heading out.

The battery for the remote is a weird one, though – a small 12-volt. After searching several stores, I finally found some. It was about $6 for a two-pack.

Other Uses

I assume this should go without saying, but the bullet can also be used externally as a vibrator. The size of the bullet just happens to be a perfect fit in the hands. It is just as smooth and comfortable on the outside as it is on the inside.

Try it on your nipples, labia then clit for a surprisingly powerful orgasm. With ten different settings and a variety of different frequencies, you’re sure to find one that gets you off.

I also like to use the bullet as a vibe in conjunction with another sex toy – or the real thing – for penetration. You may need both hands, but you are rewarded with an even stronger orgasm.

Oh, and the fact that you can relinquish control of this toy to someone else also makes it BDSM-friendly.

Did You Hear That?

I was sitting on a shared bench one evening out. My dining partner kept changing the settings and I got some sideways glances, so maybe cranking it up on shared seating isn’t such a good idea.

Another thing you may want to be aware of is that you can actually feel vibrations on your stomach and back when using the higher-frequency settings. I’m actually not sure if it was the noise or the vibrations that alerted the people around me.

So the Power Bullet isn’t the quietest toy out there, but as long as you don’t turn it on in a silent room, your secret should remain safe.

Good to Know:

1. Be careful when inserting the batteries into the bullet. If you screw it together too tight, the clear ring will squish out. I’m guessing this would make the toy no longer waterproof or safe to use inside your body. So be gentle and double-check that ring.

2. The battery life isn’t stellar and the generic batteries that came with it didn’t even work. I strongly suggest taking extras if you’re heading out.

3. Keep some water-based lube handy for this bad boy, especially if your anatomy requires it.

In Conclusion

The Power Bullet is a fun toy in public, in private, alone or with a partner. The vibrations are surprisingly strong and steady – and wireless, hands-free stimulation is always something special.

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