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Male Sex Toys

kiiroo keon with feel stroker

Best Male Sex Toys of 2023

We’ve tested hundreds of male sex toys over the past few years, in this guide, I will help you choose the best...

Best pocket pussy

Best Pocket Pussy of 2023

Over the past decade, we have tested hundreds of pocket pussies and are now here to help you find the best pocket pussy...

male masturbator

19 Best Male Masturbators – Level Up Your Masturbation Game

Every guy knows all orgasms aren’t equal. Yeah, it always feels good to bust a nut, but some nuts feel so much...

kiiroo onyx blowjob machine

5 Best Blowjob Machines (That Really Suck) and 1 To Avoid

Discover the best blowjob machines that really suck (in a good way). Look, we all know that men are united by one...

feelingirl automatic vibrator

19 Best Cock Milking Machines That Will Suck The Life Out of You

Cock milking machines are pretty much what they sound like; they’re male sex toys that suck and tug the life out of...

prostate massager

15 Best Prostate Massagers

What’s the best prostate massager? Scroll below for both vibrating and non-vibrating top prostate toys for men. ...

Male Enhancement

phallosan forte

Best Penis Extender of 2023

Discover the best penis extenders on the market and find out which of these male enhancement devices is best for you....

Worxs Max Precision power trigger pump

Best Penis Pump of 2023

According to research, 50 percent of men wouldn’t mind an upsize to better-endowed equipment. If you feel an...

Phallosan Forte pieces that compose the penis extender

Phallosan Forte Review: Photos and Video of My Personal Experience

Here’s my personal review of Phallosan Forte penis extender, from delivery to results, documented with photos and...

Top Brands

fleshlight orgy

Best Fleshlight of 2023

It’s that time I know you’ve all been waiting for: the best Fleshlights roundup! It’s kind of like a YouTube...

aneros prostate massager

Best Aneros of 2023

Aneros prostate massagers have been around for a decade. We’ve tested pretty much all of them over the past few...

Kiiroo toys banner

Kiiroo Review – Make ‘Netflix and Chill’ More Interesting in 2023

Kiiroo is a world-renowned brand that creates innovative interactive sex toys for men and women. Interactive sex toy...


how to make her cum step

How to Make Her Cum Effortlessly: Satisfy Her Every Time

Are you ready to learn the secrets of giving a woman an orgasm? Want to know how to make her cum? If you are, then...


Jelqing Debunked: Uncover the Ugly Truth & Save Your Manhood

So you’ve heard about the (seemingly) miraculous benefits of jelqing and you want to know whether there’s any truth...

male masturbation techniques

Ultimate Male Masturbation Guide: Intense Orgasms Await!

Gentlemen, it’s time to give a hand (pun intended) to the topic of male masturbation! We know it’s not...

how to increase girth size

How To Increase Girth Size Fast – 6 Techniques (Not) to Try?

Wondering how to increase girth fast, or if there even any safe ways to increase penile circumference? If so, then...

how to eat ass step

How To Eat Ass: 19+ Rimming Techniques, Tips & Positions

Are you ready to take your rimming game to the next level? Then, look no further, because today we’re talking...

how to finger a girl step

How to Finger a Girl: 7 Best Fingering Techniques (With Pics)

Do you want to give your woman the best fingering ever? Are you wondering how best to finger a girl and make her cum?...

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