Fleshlight Stoya Destroya Review – Does She Live Up to the Hype?

stoya bed with fleshlight

Fleshlight Stoya Destroya offers what is probably the most realistic Fleshlight experience. That is her main draw, and what you’re basically paying for. What the sleeve lacks in terms of variety it makes up for in intensity and extremely … [Continue reading]

Best Male Vibrators I Masturbated With – 5 SEXY Vibrators for Men

cobra libre II male vibe

Lay one of these best male vibrators on your bedside table. You will start your day with a smile. As soon as you wake up... Bzzzzz.... it's game on. Male vibrators are here to break the stereotype that sex toys are meant to please women alone. I … [Continue reading]

Fleshlight Turbo Review – Oh Boy, Check This Out

fleshlight turbo lip

Fleshlight Turbo is designed to replicate the sensations of a lifelike blowjob and comes quite close to the real thing. It's available in two colors and two separate orifices. Overall, it’s a great masturbatory sleeve with the only drawback … [Continue reading]

19 Best Cock Milking Machines That Will Suck The Life Out of You

feelingirl automatic vibrator

Cock milking machines are pretty much what they sound like; they’re male sex toys that suck and tug the life out of you for an intense masturbation session. These are typically hands-free and automatic. Made to wrap tightly around the penis tip … [Continue reading]

10 Best Anal Vibrators – Top Vibrating Anal Toys to Make Your Butt Sing…

lelo hugo

  The best anal vibrators provide enjoyable backdoor stimulations to both men and women who are up for some naughty tease or explosive orgasms. Available in different styles and designs, these vibrating anal toys can range from the famous … [Continue reading]

16 Best Mini Vibrators – Tiny Portable Orgasms Everywhere You Go

tracey cox bullet vibe

The best mini vibrators are tiny, travel-friendly and discreet vibes. Buy one for every pocket and start buzzing your way to an orgasm wherever you are. Many of you, perhaps, belong to conservative families and may not be comfortable with the idea … [Continue reading]

Fleshlight Launch Review – My Thoughts After 2 Months of Using It

fleshlight launch with masturbator inside

Fleshlight Launch delivers an (almost) hands-free masturbation experience, with the only issue being finding a comfortable way to keep the Launch in place. The Fleshlight Launch’s Interactive VR mode is definitely more interesting than the manual … [Continue reading]

Best Metal Butt Plugs – Top 10 Anal Plugs for Iron Man Lovers

rabbit fur plug

Whether you’re looking to ease your way into anal play or are looking to amp things up in the bedroom, a metal butt plug can be the way to go. With a little patience and a whole lot of lube, metal butt plugs prepare your rear end for some pleasure … [Continue reading]

11 Best Wand Vibrators for a Magic Orgasm (Witches Approved)

Doxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand Vibrator

These are the best wand vibrators you can put your paws on right now in a post-covid world. Perfect for a quarantine day and designed to make you wish for lockdown. Wand vibrators are one of the most powerful sex toys on the market. A wand … [Continue reading]

Best Hands-Free Male Sex Toys – 11 Automatic Sex Toys for (Lazy) Men

Apollo Stroker

Tired of using your hand? Got a forearm like Rafa Nadal? It's time to look at best hands-free male sex toys and give yourself a break, while also enjoying the best orgasms of your life!  If you're even so lazy to read this whole guide here are … [Continue reading]