Best Hands-Free Male Sex Toys – 11 Automatic Sex Toys for (Lazy) Men

Apollo Stroker

Tired of using your hand? Got a forearm like Rafa Nadal? It's time to look at best hands-free male sex toys and give yourself a break, while also enjoying the best orgasms of your life!  If you're even so lazy to read this whole guide here are … [Continue reading]

The BEST Sex Dolls for You? 26 Realistic, Juicy, Irresistible Sex Dolls

sex doll

Sex dolls are slowly becoming the vibrators of the decade. I mean, they’re no longer secrets whispered about behind others' backs. Everyone knows they exist and knows that they’re no longer used as just tools for sex. Sex dolls are evolving, and … [Continue reading]

12 Best Flavored Lubes – Lick, Suck, Eat and Repeat

Adam & Eve Lube

This review of the best flavored lubes was written by Dr. Jenny Wade. As a certified sexologist with years of clinical experience in sex therapy and sex coaching, she knows what it takes to make a good lube. She went personal in this review to take … [Continue reading]

The Best Lube – 9 Hot Lubricants for Sex, Masturbation and Sex Toys

sliquid organics lubricant

The best lube overall is ID Glide followed by Sliquid. This is the quick answer. Read below for 7 more alternatives and for help choosing the best sex lubricant for you. If you’ve been a reader of ours for a while, you’ll know that we often talk … [Continue reading]

LetsTalkSex.Net’s Complete Sex Toys Glossary from A to Z

dictionary opened

It's no secret that sex toy shopping is on the rise. Whether you are shopping for your first Fleshlight, or for a nipple clamp, you might come across terms you weren't previously familiar with. The sex toy industry, perhaps more than others, can … [Continue reading]

Clone-A-Willy Review: Your Dick in 3D

clone a willy review

So, you want to clone your dick, huh? Allow me to get rid of all the awkwardness and anxiety you’re feeling at googling what you probably see as a dumb idea. It’s not. Making a copy of your dick might just be the sexiest, most thoughtful, and most … [Continue reading]

Quick Extender Pro Review: Not The Results I Expected

quick extender pro

In this Quick Extender Pro review we have tested the Quick Extender Pro, and we did get some results, as you will read, although it was not the results we were expecting. A big dick garners awe, respect, and confidence. For some men, the knowledge … [Continue reading]

29 Best Vibrators on Earth – Vibrate Yourself Like There’s No Tomorrow

best vibrator

Picking out the best vibrator for you isn’t quite the same as picking up a pair of new jeans or a new necklace. It can be a challenging and frustrating process because there are so many on the market. You walk into your local sex shop and want to … [Continue reading]

22 Best Dildos for You: Squirting, Real, Veiny, Glassy and More

Fuolornis Fire Dragon Of Brequinda

Dildos are the original sex toy. A faux penis for when you can't get any real dick in your life. But it's not something we should be embarrassed by. Even our ancestors were obsessed with this sex toy, carving dildos out of stone to bring them … [Continue reading]

10 Best Pussy Pumps – Top Vaginal and Clit Pumps for Engorged Pussies

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Vibrating Pussy Pump

In this review of the best pussy pumps, you will learn: The best pussy pumps in 2020 (ok that's what you came here for, right?) How to choose a pussy pump Many vaginal pump tips and more... Clit suction and stimulation is the new trend … [Continue reading]