22 Best Sex Machines – The WILDEST Buying Guide (Oh my!)

Shockspot Sex Machine 12 Inch

This is a very long guide on the best sex machines. You may want to bookmark this page to come back later on as a reference point. If you're reading this, I'll assume that you're thinking about buying a sex machine, or you already have one, and … [Continue reading]

Around the World in 27 Unique Sex Shops

awakening boutique denver

 With readers all over the world, we decided it might be fun to list some of our favorite world wide sex-shops. Each of them colorful in character, boundary-breaking or a little quirky and some of them all of the above. Here they are listed … [Continue reading]

The Best Silicone Lube for Sex, Masturbation and Sex Toys

best silicone lube

Silicone lubes are quickly becoming the new norm, so I thought it might be about time that I spilled the beans on some of my favorites. With a quick online search for the best silicone lube, it is overwhelming to see how many companies are trying to … [Continue reading]

Best Anal Lube – 14 Slippery Top Lubricants for Anal Sex and Toys

best anal lube

In this buying guide to the best anal lube, our Julia will show you how to pick a safe anal lube, anal lube types, and the difference in between men and women lubes for anal sex, as well as compatibility with anal toys. Once a taboo subject- now … [Continue reading]

19 Best Male Masturbators – Level Up Your Masturbation Game

best male masturbator

Every guy knows all orgasms aren't equal. Yeah, it always feels good to bust a nut, but some nuts feel so much better than others. There's a difference between an "I just came," and a "Shiiiiiiiittttttt, goddamn!" orgasm. One's okay, but the other is … [Continue reading]

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise Review: A Sonic Boom for Your Clit

lelo sona 2 cruise charging

When I heard I was going to be reviewing some Lelo toys, the Sona 2 Cruise was the one I most hoped would show up on my doorstep. The use of sonic technology to stimulate the clitoris had me tingling in anticipation. Like any self-respecting … [Continue reading]

LELO Gigi 2 Review

lelo gigi2 in the case

When the Gigi 2 came up for review, I had my doubts. LELO bills Gigi as “the world’s best-selling G-spot vibrator,” which doesn’t tell you much about the toy itself. What is the LELO Gigi 2? The Gigi 2 is a curved vibrator constructed of 100% … [Continue reading]

Best Black Sex Dolls – Top 11 Dark Skinned Sex Dolls


If like me you're in love with black girls, then go ahead and bookmark this review of the best black sex dolls and share it with your friends. Have fun! Shopping for sex dolls is a little like casting a Benetton shoot, but with hot … [Continue reading]

Best BBW Sex Dolls – 10 Hottest Phat Ass, Big Booty, Thick Sex Dolls


The best BBW sex doll is this one. But hey. There are sexy alternatives too. Check out below for the top 10 phat ass, big booty, thick, fat, chubby BBW sex dolls. What has four limbs, beady eyes, and can’t run away from you when you try to … [Continue reading]

Bondage Ideas (Beginners and Hardcore) – 15 Bondage Tips

anna decal mask

Some of the best bondage ideas explained by a professional Dom. Back in New York City in the 90s, a natural interest in bondage, toys, and domination and submission landed me a sweet job as a professional dominatrix, and after years of working … [Continue reading]