Penomet Review: Fast But Dangerous Way To Enlargement

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Penomet is a popular penis pump

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In this Penomet review you’re gonna find out if this pump works, if it’ll give you solid growth and the like.

Let me tell you straight away, if you’re looking for miracles and hoping to get 7 inches growth overnight, forget about it. Penis pumps are dangerous and give only temporary growth. Penis extenders are a much, much better way to enlarge your penis.

But if you are determined in using a penis pump, here’s some quick info about Penomet.

How do penis pumps work?

You’re not the first and not even the last person that want to enlarge their penis. Indian and African tribes have been practicing stretching methods for ages. Some people worked to have longer earlobes, some women longer neck and some smarter men… longer tools!

Imagine when two guys from the same tribe (that usually go around naked) were talking to the same tribal woman. Which guy do you think ended up getting laid, the guy with long earlobes or the one with a longer penis?

It was a no brainer, she would probably laugh at the guy with long earlobes thinking: “such a hippie that tribal guy… longer earlobes are so out of fashion, get a bigger penis instead!”

In the modern western world, after penis enlargement surgery and extenders (here’s a list of the best penis extenders on the market), someone came up with the idea of a penis pump.

And Penomet which is a “water assisted penis pump”, also called “hydro penis enlargement pump” is the latest evolution of such supercool-looking devices.

Penomet pump is therefore an evolution of the original vacuum pumps, which are supposed to enlarge the chambers of the penis making it look bigger by using air pressure (see here how it works). A water based pump works with aqua pressure instead and might be a better buy compared to the old-style air based ones.

Water based hydro pump

Of course the Penomet pump doesn’t come with water inside, but you’re gonna need to use it either in your shower or bathtub.

penomet details

Let’s take a closer look at this pump

Cool thing about it is that as long as you wash yourself everyday you’ll also remember to use this penis pump. If one day you smell bad, you’ve probably forgot to wash yourself and that day you might have forgot to pump.

The Penomet penis pump may help you getting a larger and harder penis and while you can find loads of positive reviews, it’s safe saying that the results will hugely vary from person to person.

Some men love it (and you’ve most probably read lots of those penomet reviews on the internet) some others don’t.

Our opinion is that Penomet may not give you the same reliable stretch that a penis extender will, but that it might work more on the short term, giving you a bigger, straighter penis for the night/date but not permanently.

Penis pumps in general are dangerous and most people have encountered problems and injuries using them.

Hands off the design

One thing you can’t say about the penomet pump is that it doesn’t look awesome. Its design is super cool and even more importantly it’s durable, since this pump is made with polycarbonate plastics which are almost impossible to break.


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