Focus and Perception to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Your mind plays a big role to help you stop premature ejaculation, from many points of view. First of all you need clarity of goals and then you need to sharpen your perception. Let me explain…

Want it Badly! Stop Premature Ejaculation

You need to be brave to embrace the possibility of having better sex. It’s challenging and requires a lot of confidence. Especially when you’ve been through hard times and “defeats”.

Trying something new requires discipline, will power and clarity of goals.

The problem with most people is that they make their goals un-achievable. They want stuff that is too generic and vague to be actually conquered. They want to “last longer” or  to “have more money” or “be happier”. Unfortunately while these are all great goals to have, they are not properly formatted for the way your brain works.

I go more in details about this in my program: “The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure” where I take you by the hand (not the same hand you use to masturbate, but the other one) and show you exactly what you need mentally and physically to improve your sex life and last longer.

You need a goal, a map and a strategy. And you’d better test yours to make sure they work in the real world.
Most men won’t take any action unless something urgent happens or they get at a critical point. It’s the taste of shit that pushes them forward.

Don’t be one of those men. Know what you want to achieve, define your goals.

TV, ads, your parents all pressure you to achieve goals that are important for them: buy a bigger house, get that car, watch that movie and the like. You get pulled here and there and lose the sight of what’s really important for you.

You must know and protect your dreams.

Sharpening Your Perception to Stop Premature Ejaculation

In your challenge to last longer in bed you need to realize how important a role your perception plays.


Your mind is the biggest and most powerful sexual organ you have. While sleeping, sometimes you get horny and even come without any sexy lady stimulating you.

It all happens in your mind. The dreams you recreate are so vivid and feel so real that your body reacts ejaculating.

If you think this only happens when you sleep, you’re wrong.

While you’re having sex your mind works against you and if you aren’t conscious of what it does you can’t do much, you can’t “fight” it.
After you realize what your mind does to you, you’ll feel determined to take control of it.

I really challenge you to take a pen and a piece of paper and next time you’re having sex, pay attention to what you’re thinking.
It’s gonna be hard, and I tell you, the harder it looks the more you need this exercise. (Unless of course you’re thinking about nothing at all during sex, in which case you don’t need this post).

Pay attention to what you’re thinking and write it down when you finish. Write down all the images that flash in your mind, all the voices you hear…
You’ll realize that a lot of crap is going on in your head while having sex. And it’s this crap that makes you come sooner that you would like.


Perception is your ally. Write this word around your bedroom to help you remember. Remember to stay in the moment, feel the sensations in your body and “relax into them”.

The idea of relaxing yourself “into your sensations” might sound strange until you try it. When you feel pleasure and your body is not used to it, it will contract and the contraction will lead you closer and closer to ejaculation.

Your genitals, penis and pelvic muscles are the ones that contract the most. Your back and shoulders follow.

Go with the pleasure.

When you feel pleasure in a specific area of your body, know that in that specific point you’re also feeling a contraction. Release it! And breathe.
Take your time. Go slowly. Breathe.

There is no hurry.

Let your body relax in the moment and again, take your bloody time.

After you’ll have exposed your body to pleasure for extended periods of time, it will build a resistance and your stamina will slowly increase.

Remember: No hurry.

In  my new ejaculation mastery program The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure we’ve something called Pure Resistance Training: a 4 weeks training to build natural endless stamina inside your body by raising your ejaculatory threshold in new innovative ways – it’s a really powerful and hard training and goes for at least 4 weeks (it depends on you) .

Take Your Perception to Subtle Levels

“Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention.”
Jim Rohn

Feeling the difference between having a full erection and being totally flaccid is easy.

Feeling the difference between the tight sensation at the base of your penis when your Ischiocavernosus muscle increases in tone (causing a hardening of the erection) and the even lighter feeling of subtle relaxation in the same spot before climax (when the blood is drained out of the penis) is less easy.

The less trained your attention, the less easily you’ll notice small changes.

If your mind is filled with noise and daydreaming, it’ll be harder for you to notice any sensation, even though the subtle incremental increase in arousal becomes quite evident with some mindful practice.

One more reason to pay more attention and think less.

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