Why Personal Lubricant Is A Sex-Life Saver


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Dry vagina, vaginal dryness, whatever you call the sudden knicker-drought, it strikes without warning and happens to the best of us. You try to ignore it, but it’s like an elephant playing drums next to you.

Rather than relying on the whims of your vagina, it’s time to find a decent personal lubricant. Read this handy guide first – have we ever let you down before?

1. Personal Lubricant Is Not A Medicine!

Get checked out if you are worried that you might have an underlying issue. Thrush symptoms can cause dryness, as do the symptoms of menopause. If you’ve got a cold, then the medication you’re taking may cause a temporary problem. You may as well get a personal lubricant if you’re spending all day in bed. Sick or not you’ll want some form of entertainment.

2. Try Unrushed Foreplay Before Using Personal Lubricant

We’re all tired. Adult life is hard work. You probably find yourself falling into bed at midnight, and attempting to have sex as quickly as possible. It’s not surprising you might need some personal lubricant first aid! When you are able to, take some time to enjoy foreplay. You can’t switch your body on and off like a strobe light at an all night rave. Good things come to those who wait! Your granny knew what she was talking about. She probably wasn’t referring to foreplay, but the principle still stands.

3. Stress Equals The Need For Personal Lubricant

Try to relax – a stressed out mind and body leads to an unhappy you. We know that’s easier said than done. A great way to relax is great sex, but it’s a vicious circle if you are worried about a dry vagina. Aim to get more sleep, and take a few minutes each day to focus your mind on something calming. Try some mindfulness techniques if you struggle.

4. Cleaning Chemicals Can Call For Personal Lubricant Too

Chemicals affect us all in varying ways. You might be allergic to something that doesn’t even register on your partner’s ‘private area’. In general, gentle products are best. Avoid bright colours and strong scents, or put your underwear through a rinse cycle after they’ve been washed.

5. It’s Personal Lubricant Time!

You’ve tried the above but your vagina is still drier than a wildfire? It’s time to choose a personal lubricant.

When choosing your lube, check the ingredients thoroughly. Rule out anything with harsh perfumes or animal fats, and then take some time to figure out if you like silicone lube or water-based.

• Silicone is heavy duty and lasts longer, but it can damage sex toys. It’s not great for oral either as it leaves a sticky taste. Remember to check for condom compatibility.

• Water-based lubes are the ones you’re likely to find in a supermarket, such as the dreaded KY Jelly. They are absorbed by your body, and they are lighter and less sticky. Water-based lubes often contain glycerine or vegetable/synthetic ingredients, which can cause yeast infections like thrush.

It’s worth searching out a personal lubricant made from natural ingredients for optimum sexual health. Some lubes even exist to help you get excited too, such as Hersolution Gel which claims to increase blood flow to the vagina and improve chances of orgasm, you can’t argue with that! HerSolution Gel is water-based so absorbed into the body, but the ingredients are all-natural.

Women spend a lot of time and money searching for the perfect face cream. Your vagina deserves the best too. Don’t just rub on anything you find in the supermarket. Do some research, treat your hard-working vagina to a premium personal lubricant and make the most of your sex life.

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