Phallosan Forte Review: Photos and Video of My Personal Experience

Here’s my personal review of Phallosan Forte penis extender, from delivery to results, documented with photos and video. The patented stretching belt system Phallosan Forte uses made my penis enlargement experience quite smooth.


One of the things that attracted me to Phallosan Forte in first place and made me personally choose this extender over others was the professionalism and customer service of this company who has been producing and improving Phallosan for over 14 years.

Customer service has always been a priority for me, so I tested their responsiveness by sending them a few emails with all sort of questions and I received kind, helpful and professional replies within hours.

In an online world full of low quality penis extenders, Phallosan Forte distinguish itself from the competition for being sold in pharmacies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

In my opinion, the fact that Phallosan Forte is sold in European pharmacies is a sign that this product must have been approved and tested at the highest levels.

So, well, here’s my experience with Phallosan Forte from when it got delivered to my house to the results I got with it.

Phallosan Forte Was Delivered in a Completely Anonymous Box

phallosan package view

The penis extender Phallosan Forte is delivered in an anonymous box. Nowhere on the package it says what it is which makes it great for privacy.

The Phallosan Forte was delivered by a private posting company in a completely anonymous box. Nowhere on the box it said it was a penis extender. All there is on the package is your name and address of course and all sort of bar codes. That’s it.

Opening Phallosan Forte’s Box

When I opened the box I found this white container with the Phallosan Forte inside.

Inside this container there’s the Phallosan Forte itself with the user guide, an instructional DVD and a girth measuring template.

phallosan box opening

The white package contains the whole Phallosan Forte in all its parts and accessories. You’ll find suction bells, belt and everything else all inside that white box. Awesome!

Honestly I was really surprised by the quality of the materials. Sure, I had high expectations but I didn’t think the Phallosan Forte could look and feel so strong, resistant and at the same time very soft and smooth (I was pleased to discover that the sleeve condoms are made of medical silicone).

Truth be told, even though I cut this part from the video because it was a bit embarrassing, I had troubles getting the DVD out of the package. It appeared to be a bit stuck inside the container. Not a big deal though, it was out and in my computer at a moment’s notice.

While I was opening the package, a square white piece of paper fell on the ground. I thought it was a receipt or something, instead it was a manually signed seal with the name of the guy who personally checked the product to make sure it complied with the Phallosan’s standards.

That’s attention to details for you.

phallosan forte opened

A complete view of Phallosan Forte, including bells, belt, girth measuring template and instructions.

Phallosan Forte’s Parts

The Phallosan Forte is composed by:

Elastic belt (with the super soft foam-rubber ring) which is strapped around the waist, regulated through a buckle and connected to the suction ball with an adapter.

Suction bells in size S, M and L (you need to measure your flaccid size with the girth measuring template to find what suction bell fits you best).

– The very powdery and stretchable protector cap which protects your glans from irritations and strong tension.

Tension clip with tension spring attachment (it shows you how much tension there is, helping you understand if you’re on the right track and if your penis is elongating)

Suction ball with 3-way valve (one to attach the tension clip, one to secure your penis inside the suction bell and the other one to lock it there while you do something else).

Plus of course as I’ve already said, instructional DVD (it’s super clear to understand how to use Phallosan Forte after you watch this DVD) user guide and girth measuring template.

me holding phallosan measurer

The girth measuring template is what allows you to choose the suction bell you’ll use to start with. Of course when you get bigger you’ll need to swap to a bigger bell if you want to keep grow.

I Wear the Phallosan Forte

In my last paragraph I told you that the DVD explains in a very elementary and animated way exactly how to wear and use Phallosan Forte.

Unfortunately since my laptop doesn’t have a DVD player I only saw the DVD from my girlfriend’s computer after a week I had received it, so I learned how to wear the Phallosan Forte by merely reading the user guide.

Even though the DVD would save you time, I have to say it didn’t take me more than 15 minutes to understand how to wear the Phallosan for the first time.

phallosan forte overview

Holding the Phallosan Forte in my hands. You can see the suction bells, the belt, the spring, the sleeves and everything else. The traction device is already attached to the middle suction bell which is the M size and the one I also used in the video.

These are the exact steps I took:

I measured my size with the girth measuring template. I pulled my flaccid penis to see which size would fit me better and I was a Medium size.

Then I took the protector cap and tried to make it snuggle around my glans.

At the beginning I was a bit scared I was going to break it, but then I realized the protector cap is actually extremely “stretchable”, so I took it with two hands (like it explains in the DVD) and put it around my glans.

It feels nice, soft and safe.

The next step would be to attach the tension spring to the suction bell. But since I was using a Medium size, the tension spring was already attached so I skipped that step which is anyway very straightforward to do.

So I worn the suction bell whose sleeve comfortably snuggled around my penis, then I rotated the 3-way suction ball in the “suction” position, and by pushing the button on top of it, I secured my penis for traction.

Then I joined the tension spring with the belt and that’s it, you’re done.

How does the Phallosan Forte feels like?

Well, it feels like stretching! That’s the easiest way to explain it. The only thing I felt was stretching, gentle stretching. It’s a sensation that feels kind of natural, like if the extender is working together with your body to enlarge your penis.

A couple of Tips Based on My Experience

phallosan details parts

Phallosan Forte review – I open and wear the Phallosan Forte. As you can see from the picture I was using the instructions to find out how to wear it. In the end its very intuitive and easy to use, much more than other extenders I have tried.

I’ve been wearing Phallosan Forte for 8 weeks now and there are a couple of things I’ve learned and that can help you speed up your growth.

First, buy some baby powder and second shave/cut the hair on your penis.

The baby powder will help you keep the protector cap and the sleeves nice and soft on your penis, making the stretching experience more comfortable. Shaving the hair on your penis instead will help you getting the sleeve snuggled around your shaft with decision.

Phallosan Forte Results

I’ve been wearing Phallosan Forte 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.

After the first two weeks, I couldn’t see any visible growth. I must admit that for a moment I doubted this penis extender was gonna work.

But even though I couldn’t see much, I did feel an improvement in my erections, which were harder than ever (and my girlfriend noticed that too). This was probably due to the increased blood circulation inside my penis after using Phallosan Forte.

After 6 weeks I measured a growth of about 1.4cm (0.55 inches) in length and 0.5cm (0.2 inches) in girth.

After 8 weeks I measured a growth of about 1.8cm (0.7 inches) in length and 0.7cm (0.3 inches) in girth.

If you think that I’ve been wearing it only about 30 hrs a week, these results are quite amazing. In the end if I had worn it 10hrs a day or even 12hrs, I wonder how much I would have gained!

Bottom Line

Increasing my size with Phallosan Forte has been an incredibly smooth and easy experience.

Everything is super clear from the beginning, their customer service is fast and polite and the materials, excellent. It’s a bit of a shame that you need to live in Switzerland, Germany and Austria to buy it in a pharmacy and instead everywhere else in the world you can only buy it online, but to be honest I don’t know if I would have felt comfortable walking in a drug store and ask for a penis extender.

If I were to make an improvement to Phallosan Forte I would put a bottle of baby powder in the box already, so that you don’t need to go buy one. But in the end you can get some for just a couple of dollars so it’s not that big of a deal

Considering results, customer service, materials, comfort and professionalism, Phallosan Forte is in my opinion the best penis extender on the market.


Phallosan Plus+ Review (New Accessory for Phallosan)

I tested the Phallosan Forte many years ago, and I found out that recently they have released the Phallosan Plus+ which is pretty much a Phallosan Forte accessory.

It replaces the stretching belt with normal metal rods like in a classic extender.

phallosan plus

You can buy the Plus as an accessory only and I would suggest you to.

I have tried many penis extenders and I tell you that the most important factor is comfort. Phallosan Forte is indeed comfortable. But some people don’t like the belt (I like it). By buying the Plus+ accessory you are pretty much giving yourself options.

And options are the heart of freedom. Whenever you can in anything in life, better having options then no options. If you want a bigger penis get it now and start stretching!

What is Phallosan Forte?

Picture this: a mythical contraption straight out of a wizard’s workshop, meticulously crafted to bestow upon its users the legendary power of… drumroll, please… a larger phallus!

Yes, my friend, Phallosan Forte is a penis extender, a wondrous device designed to enhance the size and performance of the male reproductive organ.

It’s like a gym for your penis, providing an innovative system to stretch and exercise your nether regions, giving you a longer, girthier, and straighter cock!

Phallosan Forte benefits

As you might imagine, the primary benefit of using a Phallosan penis extender is to… well… extend one’s penis.

However, there are other benefits than just a larger member.

  • The Stretch: One of the key benefits of Phallosan Forte is its ability to stretch your prized possession. Think of it as a daily dose of yoga for your penis, promoting flexibility and suppleness.
  • Straighter Aim: Men often report having not only a larger penis after using Phallosan, but also a straighter one! That’s why penile traction devices like this are often recommended for men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease.
  • Better Endurance: With regular use, the Phallosan Forte can enhance stamina and endurance where it counts. It’s like training for a marathon, but instead of running, you’re preparing your pocket rocket for a marathon of… well, let’s just say physical activities.
  • Confidence Booster: Ah, the elusive confidence boost! By embarking on this stretching escapade with Phallosan Forte, you might experience a boost in self-assurance. Why? Well, because you’re on a journey of personal growth and self-improvement! Just imagine strutting your stuff with newfound pride, knowing that you’ve conquered the realm of length and girth.
  • Blood Flow: The Phallosan Forte is designed to improve blood circulation to your manhood. Better blood flow means a healthier, happier, and more engorged member, which is ideal for men who have trouble keeping their rod at full attention… if you know what I mean.
  • Covert Operation: A discreet companion, Phallosan Forte allows you to engage in its magical stretching wonders without arousing suspicion. The device can be worn underneath your clothing, so it can be your little secret, hidden out of sight as you go about your day.

Who is Phallosan Forte designed for?

Phallosan Forte is primarily designed for men who are worried about their penis size, and want to enhance and potentially enlarge their members.

It’s for all those men who are ready to embark upon a journey of self-exploration and self-improvement in the realm of their manhood.

Phallosan is designed for any man who wishes to unlock the hidden potential of their mighty sword, to unleash the dragon within, and to ascend to new heights of confidence and satisfaction.

That being said, these devices are also for men who want help achieving stronger, harder erections, or those who suffer from Peyronie’s disease, which is defined as a severe curvature of the penis.

Is Phallosan Forte safe to use?

According to the manufacturer’s website, yes! Phallosan says that their penile traction device is “completely painless” and “perfectly safe” to use.

Some studies have shown that using a penile traction device, like Phallosan Forte, is one of the only effective methods to increase length, girth, and attain a straighter penis.

However, literature relating to the effectiveness or results of using penile traction is relatively limited.

On the other hand, the company’s website does state the their device adheres to the safety standards set by European health authorities. After all, the Phallosan is the only penis extender sold in Pharmacies!

As you can see in my video review above I have tested Phallosan Forte and my dick is in perfectly great shape years later. Everyone is different of course, but in my personal experience, for me personally, it was safe.

Is Phallosan Forte FDA-approved?

While you may have seen other websites stating that Phallosan Forte is FDA-approved, I cannot find any evidence to confirm this claim.

However they do state that their device has been tested via clinical trial, proving that it’s capable of increasing penis length by 1.9 inches in roughly 6 months.

What are the risks of using Phallosan Forte?

However great the benefits of penile traction may be, my dear stretchers, even in this land of promised satisfaction, a few mischievous side effects and risks may emerge.

  1. Reddening skin on and around your penis: Where the device applies traction to your penis, it may cause a bit of reddening skin and minor blistering.
  2. The swell: While a larger penis is usually the goal of using Phallosan Forte, you may also notice a bit of swelling and fluid retention. This is perfectly normal, especially when first wearing the device.

While these risks and side effects are relatively rare, proceed with caution, stretch yourself slowly and gradually, and always refer to the manufacturer’s directions on how to properly use the device.

How Does Phallosan Forte Work?

For a longer, bigger penis, all you need to do is attach the Phallosan extender to your precious member and let it work. I showed you this in my video above.

With gentle yet firm tension, Phallosan gradually stretches your penis like a limber rubber band, coaxing it to transcend its natural limitations.

By applying continuous tension, the device encourages growth and improves blood flow to the cells that make up your cock.

Overtime, this process may help you attain a larger, and straighter penis.

The principles of Phallosan Forte

Penile traction devices, like Phallosan Forte operate on the principle of mechanical stretching and traction.

These devices exert a gentle and controlled pulling force on the penis over a prolonged period of time with the aim of gradually stretching the penile tissues.

The concept behind penile traction is based on the body’s natural ability to adapt and respond to applied forces.

When traction is applied to human skin tissue, your cells undergo a process called mitosis, which leads to the multiplication of cells.

Over time, older cells will split and divide, creating new cells, leading to tissue growth and penile expansion.

What is penile traction?

Penile traction is essentially the process of stretching the penis to obtain permanent size gains.

Also referred to as traction therapy or penile stretching, penile traction is the consistent application of force applied to the penis over an extended period of time.

Is Phallosan Forte effective for increasing size?

The effectiveness of Phallosan Forte, like many products of its nature, is a subject of debate and may vary from individual to individual.

While the manufacturer and some users claim positive results, it is important to approach these claims with a critical eye.

They claim that their device is so effective, it can help men gain nearly 2 inches of length and 1 inch of firth after using the device for about 6 months.

Will everyone get these results? No.

Average results from using Phallosan Forte

After a year of use, most men can expect gains ranging from one to three inches in length.

Putting my personal experience aside, fellow users report seeing consistent gains in penis size within the first few months of using Phallosan Forte, and then results gradually slowing as more time goes by.

However, there are many factors, such as age, health, and starting size, that will affect the results of your experience with Phallosan.

It’s important to be realistic when it comes to penis enhancement. And you must understand that there’s no such thing as typical results.

Even the manufacturer does not guarantee results. So, users beware!

Is Phallosan Forte worth it?

While the benefits of penile traction sound pretty great, you’ve probably also noticed that the price of Phallosan isn’t exactly budget-friendly.

So is Phallosan Forte worth the cost?

Well, if you’ve found yourself on a quest to enhance your manhood, yearning for a larger, straighter, and more majestic member, or if you’re simply seeking a boost in bedroom confidence, Phallosan Forte might just be the magic potion you’ve wished for.

And if that’s the case, yes, Phallosan is worth it.

Does Phallosan Forte increase girth?

Yes, Phallosan is capable of increasing penile girth and length.

In fact, the manufacturer claims that using the device for 6 months can lead to an increase in circumference by about 0.78 inches.

How long does it take to see results when using Phallosan Forte?

As mentioned, the manufacturer states that users will see noticeable gains after using the device for 6 months.

However, it’s not impossible for you to notice an increase in length, girth, or straighter after wearing Phallosan for a few months.

Keep in mind that results vary from one man to the next, and obtaining a larger penis is not something that happens quickly or overnight.

Do women like when men use Phallosan?

While it’s impossible to tell if any one specific woman will like a man using Phallosan, we can safely assume that some women will like the idea, and others won’t.

Preferences and perceptions surrounding penis size, length, girth will vary from one person to another.

So while your wife might not like you using Phallosan Forte, your side chick might!

My girlfriend for example doesn’t care and finds it “fascinating” so to say.

Tips For Using Phallosan Forte

As I showed you in my video, Phallosan is not overly complicated and the manufacturer will provide a clear set of instructions with your purchase.

However, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to reduce risk and optimize your results.

What precautions should you take with Phallosan Forte?

The most important precaution to take is following the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you have any existing medical conditions, we strongly recommend you consult with a healthcare professional before using Phallosan Forte.

Here are a few general precautions to take for using Phallosan Forte:

  1. Read the instructions: Carefully read and understand the user manual and instructions provided by the manufacturer. Follow them accurately to ensure safe and effective usage.
  2. Proper sizing: Ensure you have selected the appropriate size of the Phallosan Forte device for your needs. Using an incorrect size may lead to discomfort or ineffective results.
  3. Slow and steady win the race: You should always start stretching slowly, and only increase traction and the duration of use gradually as your body adjusts to the device. This not only helps to reduce discomfort, but also reduces the likelihood of serious injury.
  4. Comfort: Minor discomfort is normal when wearing a penile traction device. However, you should never feel severe pain or excessive discomfort. If you have any intense pain, numbness, bruising, or notice any other adverse effects, remove the device and consult with a healthcare professional immediately.
  5. Hygiene: Just like you would clean your other sex toys, cleaning Phallosan Forte is essential in maintaining proper hygiene, as well as the product’s lifespan. Regularly cleaning your penis stretcher ensures that dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants won’t build up, exposing you to unnecessary health risks.
  6. Regular breaks: Take regular breaks from using the Phallosan Forte to allow your body to rest and recover. Prolonged and continuous use without breaks may increase the risk of discomfort or tissue damage.
  7. Gentle tension: Adjust the tension level of the device according to your comfort level and the recommended guidelines. Do not ever increase tension so much that it hurts, as this can lead to potentially irreversible damage.
  8. Progress reports: We recommend tracking your progress and taking notes on where you started versus where you are today. This ensures you’ll have a better idea of whether you’re actually experiencing gains, or if it’s all in your head.
  9. Individual differences: Remember that individual results may vary. The effectiveness of the Phallosan Forte may differ from person to person, and it may not provide the desired results for everyone.

How long should you wear Phallosan Forte?

The longer you wear it, the faster your hero will achieve jaw-dropping results!

But like any superhero, you need to train before taking down the next super villain.

During the first week, you should start slowly. Become acquainted with Phallosan Forte by wearing it for about 3 or 4 hours per day. Think of this part as your training montage, where you’ll flex your dedication and discipline.

And then, as your body adjusts to the traction, gradually increase your usage over time.

Remember, my friend, consistency is key. The more faithfully you wear the Phallosan Forte, the better your chances of unlocking impressive results.

But don’t forget to listen to your body and take breaks when needed.

Every hero needs a power nap from time to time!

Can you wear Phallosan Forte at night?

You can try, officially you can.

While Phallosan is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate movement and even spontaneous nocturnal erections, it might not be the coziest option for your slumber party, especially if you tend to wake up to go pee during the night.

So wearing it while you catch those precious Z’s might not be the most comfortable experience.

Think of it this way: your sleep time is sacred, a time for rest and rejuvenation.

Therefore, Phallosan, with its noble mission of helping you achieve impressive results, is better suited for daytime adventures, which brings us to our next tip.

Can I wear a Phallosan Forte penis extender under my clothes?

Absolutely! Phallosan Forte is your discreet penis stretching companion, ready to accompany you on your daily adventures while working its magic.

Phallosan Forte was designed with comfort, convenience, and discretion in mind. So you can comfortably wear the device underneath your clothes.

And the best part: Nobody will know!

Where To Buy Phallosan Forte

You can find Phallosan’s products for sale from various third-party retailers, online marketplaces, and specialized sex shops that cater to male enhancement products.

Just make sure that you only buy from well-known and reputable retailers if shopping online.

It’s rare, but there have been instances of people unknowingly buying counterfeit products from shoddy online retailers.

For peace of mind, I recommend buying Phallosan Forte directly from the manufacturer.

This eliminates the risk of counterfeit products, and gives you confidence knowing that the product you buy will be authentic.

What are Phallosan’s competitors?

Phallosan Forte is one of the most popular penis extenders on the market, but there are several other options that offer similar products, including:

  • SizeGenetics: SizeGenetics is another well-known brand offering a penis extender device designed to stretch and enlarge the penis. It operates on the same principle as Phallosan Forte, using traction to promote tissue growth.
  • Jes Extender: Jes Extender is another brand that provides a penis extender device for enlargement purposes. The Jes-Extender was the first ever penis extender to be sold online.
  • Penimaster Pro: Penimaster Pro is a device similar to Phallosan Forte in the sense that it uses a stretching belt just like Phallosan. The Penimaster Chrome version looks more like a classic extender instead.
  • Quick Extender Pro: Quick Extender Pro is a popular competitor that offers a penis stretcher. The QEP is one of the best on the market today.
  • Bathmate: Bathmate is a brand primarily known for its penis pumps. Unlike extenders, pumps create a vacuum-like effect around the penis, drawing blood into the organ and causing temporary swelling and engorgement. I recommend you stay away from pumps, and choose an extender instead.

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  1. Really great and it really works!
    I’am more than happy after 3 months

  2. This is the best extender I have ever used. Been using it now for over 2 months and I was able to see visible gains after only one month, I did try and get at least 16 hours a day out of it. Which to be honest is very easy considering I was using a normal extender before and was only managing about 2 hours a day until it got too painful.

  3. Phallosan Forte is one of the most effective penis extenders. Thanks for the review.

  4. I bought the Phallosan Forte a year ago and it’s the best extender I’ve tried so far! I have been using it for 11 months and I wear it 10-11 hours a day and I’ve gained an impressive amount of length and girth in the flaccid stage! My erections are very hard and I am at 7 3/4 inches erect. My erected girth is 6.5 inches! This device is the best. The company is awesome working with you on their parts if you need replacements.
    If you can’t decide which device to get take my word get the Phallosan Forte you won’t be sorry!
    Aloha Mike

  5. Very good extender

  6. I bought the Phallosan unit and then got the Forte+ addition. I began using it on Feb 8, 2023 and it is currently May 17, 2023. I generally use it 5 times a week with an average wearing time of 7 hours a day. My total logged hours according to the app is 601 hours 20 minutes. My initial flaccid length was 4.5” with an erect length of 6”. My flaccid girth was also 4.5” with an erect girth of 5”. Since starting, my flaccid girth has not changed but my flaccid length has. That is now 5.5”. My erect length is now 6.58” and my erect girth 5.09”. So, I haven’t experienced much girth increase but my erect length has increased by 6/10”. Im betting if I increased the wearing time to 10 hours, I could be over 7” in a few months. I do wish it would do more to increase girth, but I could always incorporate a Hydromax pump for that but that just seems really inconvenient. Anyway, I hope this helps others.

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