Quick Extender Pro Reviews (2024): My Testing & Results

quick extender pro

In this Quick Extender Pro review we have tested the Quick Extender Pro, and we did get some results, as you will read, although it was not the results we were expecting.

A big penis garners awe, respect, and confidence. For some men, the knowledge that their penis is smaller than average has led to a complete lack of self-confidence. If not in their daily lives, then when talking to someone they find attractive. It’s a total shame that the size of a body part has such an effect on the way we see ourselves. Some dudes have turned to other methods of increasing their penis length.

The only scientifically proven way of doing that is using a penis extender. A penis extender uses a steady, light stretch of the penis to enlarge it slowly over the course of a few months. Now, in the world of penis extending, there are already some established giants in the industry. The product we’re going to be examining- the Quick Extender Pro (QEP)– is one of them.

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Made with light, hypoallergenic materials6 months warranty is too short
It comes pre-assembledNoose system isn’t for everyone
More sensitivity during sex
DSS ensures pain-free usage
Results are visible within three weeks to a month
Decent pricing

The Quick Extender Pro has been in the business of penis enlargement since the mid-2000s, so they’ve had a good twelve to thirteen years to refine their extender. QEP has developed a steady and thriving base of customers who swear by this product. So, we knew we had to check this thing out. In this review, we’re going to be examining the Quick Extender Pro. What’s so great about it?

My Experience Using The Quick Extender Pro

quick extender pro results

While I’m not in micro-penis territory, I’m definitely more of a grower than a shower. I’m not overly concerned about my penis size but hey, a couple of extra inches wouldn’t hurt, right? Plus, I’d heard good things about the QEP and they seem to be a pretty reputable company.

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The QEP arrived in good time, shipped and delivered 2 days after my order in discreet packaging. Bonus points for that. I bought myself the Standard Edition as I read that this was the most popular choice. I liked how it came with an instruction DVD, although does anyone even have a DVD player nowadays? Digging out my old dusty DVD player from the garage and feeling like a caveman, I found that the DVD was informative and straightforward. At least the guy on the screen made it look easy anyways.

Myself on the other hand, I did seem to have a lot of trouble when first putting it on. This could be a user-error or the fact that there isn’t a locking mechanism to keep everything secure. I found that some days I could get it on with ease, then other days I found that I just couldn’t quite get the knack. It just wasn’t consistent. I was near ready to give up until eventually I figured out a way in which it would work for me. You

will no doubt have some teething issues, just stick with it and don’t get too discouraged.

First few weeks wearing the QEP

I’m fortunate enough to work from home full time, which meant I was able to wear the QEP for about five hours a day in the first week. According to the website, the QEP claims to increase penis size by 3 whole inches within six months of using it regularly. My aim was to achieve 1200 hours in those six months. So I could allow for the cytokinesis thing to work its magic, I took breaks from using the QEP every three or so days. During this time, I measured my penis every three weeks to see if I could see any results.

After only two weeks of wearing it, I found that I was very sore. I thought if I switched to wearing it at night then maybe I could sleep through the pain, however, after waking up for the fourth time, I had to remove it. I put this down to the fact that I move around a lot in my sleep. Lesson learned. If you’re someone who switches positions throughout the night, then I wouldn’t suggest wearing this to bed. Even with the DSS and memory foam pads, it’s really not a good idea.

Also, one of the main reasons for the pain that I soon realized was that I had it on far too tight. After all the issues I had with not being able to get it on, I must’ve fitted it to the point where it was so tight that wild horses couldn’t budge it. Not that I’d want that. Ouch. I adjusted it so that it was snug but without risking hurting myself.

See It

First measurement

My first measurement after three weeks showed an increase of 0.4 inches. I was excited, and it motivated me to start wearing the QEP more, so I increased it to seven hours a day, six days a week.

Though the QEP is pretty lightweight, it still makes a distinctive enough imprint under clothes. It’s light, not small, and if you wear it under your clothes and go out, you may be uncomfortable. I used to hate leaving the house with it on, but now I feel pretty good about it, although I don’t make a habit of it. It’s not too obvious, and plus the handy travel pouch that it comes with makes it simple to pack away when you want to take it off.

Apart from a couple of mishaps, this penis stretcher did what it was supposed to do. After wearing it seven hours a day for a few weeks, my penis got used to it, and it wasn’t uncomfortable. I also read somewhere that wrapping your shaft with cotton gauze helps to alleviate some of the pressure, which I found to be a top tip. Some days, I forgot it was there until I wanted to urinate. I continued to see growth every few weeks, but I won’t bore you with all my measurements, just the final one.

Final results

After six months with the Quick Extender Pro, my penis grew 2.2 inches in erect length and 2.4 in flaccid length. Not the three inches, the website claimed, but this was a good result. A surprising development was how much better my erections are. They’re harder, and I’m better able to control when I have sex. This is a fantastic side effect. Bigger size and better in the sack. Not forgetting to mention that my girlfriend was pretty stoked, too – for obvious reasons.

Noose attachments aren’t for everyone and some men are a little dubious, as was I at first. However, I gave the Quick Extender Pro the benefit of the doubt and was impressed with the results I had.

Patience and perseverance

Daily usage time2 - 8 hours (Don’t push yourself, Remove if any pain is felt!)
Increase traction by0.2 inches
Increase traction after1 week

It’s not going to be the same experience for everyone, and just like I did, you will find yourself becoming frustrated to the point of chucking it aside. My only advice is to persevere. Figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, and if you stick to a routine then there’s no reason you won’t see some good results either. If you’re too lazy to stick with it, then don’t waste your money.


  • The QEP is made with light, hypoallergenic materials.
  • It comes pre assembled.
  • Shipping is free and discreet.
  • Some users get more sensitivity during sex.
  • DSS ensures pain-free usage.
  • Results are visible within three weeks to a month.


  • Results take a lot of consistency.
  • It’s not recommendable that you wear the QEP while sleeping.
  • Noose system isn’t for everyone

About The Quick Extender Pro

The Quick Extender Pro has been in the business of penis enlargement since the mid-2000s, so they’ve had almost two decades to refine their extender. Since its launch, the QEP has also been voted as a top rated extender.

QEP has developed a steady and thriving base of customers who swear by this product. So, we knew we had to check this thing out. In this review, we’re going to be examining the Quick Extender Pro. What’s so great about it?

How The Quick Extender Pro Works

The Quick Extender Pro is a penis extender that works on the science of traction. It pulls on the penis gently and creates micro-tears in the skin. Once there are a fair amount of these little tears, your body reacts by producing more cells to fill in the gaps. The creation of cells serves to increase the size of your penis. This process is called mitosis and cytokinesis.

Most extenders achieve this tension by creating a base and a noose or vacuum which the glans pass through. There is usually a strap to prevent slippage and for comfort. Unfortunately, in my experience, that well-meaning strap doesn’t really do much to enhance comfort. The makers of the QEP, Innovatech Designs, have actually provided a way to help the QEP be more comfortable than other extenders. How? By simply adding another strap.

The Dual Strap System (DSS)

The QEP has been praised for its Dual Strap System (DSS) and it’s no doubt one of its most distinctive features. The theory is that instead of putting all the weight on one strap, two straps might evenly distribute the load, thereby making it less painful. The QEP promises double the support, with up to 3x longer wear-time.

The DSS is made up of two medical-grade silicone straps that keep your member secure. QEP themselves state that this results in a controlled tension, meaning there’s no chance of anything slipping out – but I’ll let you know how I got on with that shortly.

Other Upgrades To The Quick Extender Pro

The company also decided to change the materials used in making the QEP to 50% lighter, 100% hypoallergenic medical-grade synthetics and aluminum, making it both durable and easy to maintain. This device will no doubt outlive you, as well as the zombie apocalypse.

With all the upgrades, Innovatech decided to level up the maximum amount of tension the QEP can give to 4000g. To be honest, we all know nobody’s going to apply 4kg worth of force to their penis. But it looks good on the product description, and it’s nice to know it’s an option.

Now for the reason we’re all here…

Quick Extender Packages

Value150$Lowest tension at 3000g, Can only extend up to 6 inches, lacks many support tools
Deluxe Standard225$Has a max tension 0f 3500g, enough in my opinion for any man
Curvature & Peyronie's225$Has 4000g tension springs, Focuses on men with Peyronies disease
Deluxe Limited437$Highest tension at 4000g, comes with a vacuum pump

The Quick Extender Pro has four packages you can choose from:

The Deluxe Limited Edition

This package comes with a whole lot of goodies, including your QEP machine. It came with items such as:

  • Quick Extender Pro device
  • DSS system
  • Ergonomic base
  • Calibrated spring
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Premium wooden mahogany casing
  • Aluminum spring assembly
  • Aluminum pivots
  • 6 large aluminum bars
  • 2 medium aluminum bars
  • 6 small high-quality rods
  • 12 silicone tubes
  • 12 foam pads
  • Replacement springs
  • Travel bag
  • DVD for instructions
  • Reference cards
  • Tracking chart for progress
  • Extended warranty
  • Quick extender pro-booster pump
  • Guide to Harder Erections on DVD
  • 6 volume sexual health DVD set
  • PureAir antibacterial memory foam pads
  • Measuring tape

The QEP Deluxe Limited also comes with a 6-month warranty. If you’re not satisfied with the QEP at the end of six months, you can get your money back. Simple.

The Deluxe Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is the most popular version of all Quick Extender Pro’s products. It can apply less tension than the Limited Edition at 3500g. Which should be enough for any man looking to enlarge his penis. The Standard package also includes:

  • Quick Extender Pro device
  • DSS system
  • Ergonomic base
  • Calibrated spring
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Special casing for storage
  • Aluminum spring assembly
  • Aluminum pivots
  • 4 large aluminum bars
  • 2 medium aluminum bars
  • 6 small high-quality rods
  • 6 silicone tubes
  • 6 foam pads
  • Travel bag
  • DVD for instructions
  • Reference cards
  • Tracking chart for progress
  • Extended 1 year warranty
  • Guide to Harder Erections on DVD
  • Measuring tape

The Value Edition

The Value Edition is sort of like a penis extender maintenance kit. It only has a few items in it and can only extend up to six inches. I don’t recommend this product if you’re a beginner, as it may not be able to give you all the support and tools you need to enlarge your penis correctly. The Value Edition includes:

  • Quick Extender Pro device
  • DSS system
  • Ergonomic base
  • Calibrated spring
  • Aluminum spring assembly
  • Aluminum pivots
  • 2 medium aluminum bars
  • 6 small high-quality rods
  • 2 silicon tubes
  • 2 foam pads
  • Travel bag
  • DVD for instructions
  • Reference cards
  • Tracking chart for progress
  • Measuring tape
  • Extended warranty

Curvature Correction and Peyronies

This edition was designed to help men with Peyronies or who just want their penis as straight as possible. Everything in this package was made to help men correct the curve of their penises. The Curvature Correction package comes with:

  • Quick Extender Pro device
  • DSS system
  • Ergonomic base
  • Calibrated spring
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Special storage case
  • Aluminum spring assembly
  • Aluminum pivots
  • 4 large aluminum bars
  • 2 medium aluminum bars
  • 6 small high-quality rods
  • 2 silicon tubes
  • 2 foam pads
  • Replacement springs
  • Travel bag
  • DVD for instructions
  • Reference cards
  • Tracking chart for progress
  • Measuring tape
  • Extended warranty

The QEP curvature correction kit comes with a total protection coverage of a year and a money-back guarantee.

Who Is The Quick Extender Pro For?

Cast your mind back to gym class. Were you one of those guys that felt too self conscious about the size of your penis that you had to change in the bathroom? As you’ve grown older, perhaps you’ve had potential lover’s curious to see what’s going on down there but the thought of sending a penis pic sends you into a panic.

Listen, whatever you’re packing, whether it’s big, average, or small, is not really anyone’s fault. Some people are short, some are tall – it’s the same thing. Although I’m not sure whether knee extenders are a thing as of yet.

The Quick Extender Pro is for anyone who feels insecure about their penis size. Whether it’s for your own self-esteem, or because you want to feel confident in front of future partners. Maybe your dream job is to be a porn star and at this point you feel like you don’t quite measure up. Don’t let your insecurities hold you back!

Additionally, for men who suffer with Peyronies disease, their doctor may suggest a penis extender for medical reasons. Peyronies disease is a condition in which scar link tissue builds up beneath the skin of a man’s penis. For men who suffer with this disorder severely, note that penis extension may not be effective. It’s important to always consult with your doctor in advance.

Who Is The Quick Extender Pro Not For?

According to our good friend Google, the average erect penis size of a man is 5.6 inches in length. If you fit into this category then you may not want to commit to using the Quick Extender Pro. Let’s face it, it takes a long time and hours of daily use before you start to see results. So if you’re happy with your penis size, then good for you brother!

On the flip side, there’s also the possibility that a man’s penis size can in fact be too small for the Quick Extender Pro. While the minimum length isn’t actually stated, if you stretch out your penis and it isn’t at least 2 inches long, then you may have difficulty meeting the support that holds everything in place. However, if you do manage to apply it successfully, then you still may experience extreme discomfort in those first few months of using this product, more so than those whose penis is larger in length. In that case, I’d suggest trying out the Phallosan Forte.

And finally, as I’ve previously mentioned, using the Quick Extender Pro isn’t a process that’s exactly, well, quick. Think about your own routine and lifestyle and decide for yourself whether you have the commitment to stick with it.

Features Of The Quick Extender Pro

I’m no stranger to penis enlargement tools or even penis extenders, so I tried my best to approach the QEP with an open mind. Most of the features are standard for a penis extender, but there are a few unique bits

Website: The first thing I liked about the QEP wasn’t even the product itself. It was their website. If you’re no stranger to buying penis enlargement products, you know that these websites can look a bit dicey. A good looking website is not an assurance of a good product, but it does give you a bit of reassurance. I also liked the online measurement tool which allows you to input your penis size before calculating your predicted length after using the QEP.

Delivery: My Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Standard Edition arrived in two days, which was really speedy. It came in a very dull brown box with an address in the US. Points for nondescript shipping and delivery. Opening the box, I was extremely pleased to see that the extender really was preassembled, like the website claimed.

Fitting: All I had to do was adjust the fitting. Like I said earlier, I had a lot of trouble with this. The instructional DVD did help with this, however, you will need to figure out what works best for you. It’s going to be a case of trial and error but stick with it. There were times when I’d wear it and be super uncomfortable, but it was fine after making adjustments. But not before hitting up their customer service team to complain about it first.

Customer Service: I called their customer service to complain and whine a bit, before asking for a refund. Oh yeah, I went full Karen mode. Even after listening to my complaints, the friendly agent was professional and explained that I was probably just wearing it a little too light. I decided to take his advice and slackened it slightly.. What can I say, it made a world of difference.

Double Strap System: Once I got adjusted, I had to give it to Innovatech; the Double Strap System really does work. I mean, wearing an extender can never be an orgasmic experience, but some extenders make it hard to do even the littlest of things like sitting down. The DSS also didn’t allow slippage (once I got the hang of it)and it doesn’t require a lot of tension to hold the penis.

How To Apply The Quick Extender Pro

While this product comes with an instructional DVD, here are three simple steps to follow when applying the Quick Extender Pro:

  1. Attach the Quick Extender Pro to the bottom of your shaft and secure it into position using the circular ring. The two silicone straps are there for you to insert your flaccid penis into. Be sure that the product feels secure before moving onto the next step.
  2. With the straps, tighten them around your shaft enough so that they won’t slip off, and so that it feels comfortable for you. You also want to ensure that blood is flowing so don’t go too tight!
  3. Using the adjustable rods, lengthen enough so that you feel a little tension. This is what is known as penis traction. During this process, tiny microscopic tears will occur throughout your shaft. While the word ‘tears’ doesn’t exactly sound pain-free, it’s quite the contrary. You shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the traction process. The body is an incredible thing, and as these tears take place, your body will heal them by producing new cells.

The Quick Extender Pro can be worn underneath any clothing, whether it’s your underwear, shorts, or pants.

QuickExtender Pro Alternatives and Comparison

 Quick Extender PROPhallosan ForteSizeGeneticsMale EdgeJes ExtenderPeniMaster PRO
Elongation methodMetal RodsBelt And Metal Rods (Plus Version)Metal RodsMetal RodsMetal RodsBelt Or Metal Rods
Time recommended5 – 8 hours6+ hours4 – 6 hoursDepends on the modelDepends on the program4 – 12 hours
Length extendableUp to 16″No limitUp to 10″Up to 11″Up to 9.1″Up to 11″ (Rods) Or No limit (Belt)
Average size increase28%30%29%29%24.50%30%
Highest amount of tension4000g3000g2800gN/AN/A7600g
Can be worn under clothes?Not recommendedYesNot recommendedNot recommendedNot recommendedYes
Can I sleep with it?NoYesNoNoNoNot recommended
Lowest Model Price150$390$275$149$200$312$
Highest Model Price437$510$500$199$1000$507$
Discreet shippingYesYesYesYesYesYes
Warranty6 months – 1 year2 years1 year1 year1 year - lifetime3 years
Seller LinkVisitVisitVisitVisitVisitVisit

No doubt there are other extender heavyweights beside the QEP,including the SizeGenetics and Phallosan Forte which are always ready to usurp its position. These products also have their own fans who swear by their efficacy. So, I’ll make an honest comparison between all three by using four criteria:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Refund Policy
  • Warranty
  • Length Extendable

Comfort: In this area, the Phallosan Forte wins with its vacuum cup head. It’s also small enough to be worn under clothes. The Quick Extender Pro comes a close second with the DSS. But the SizeGenetics wide strap brings it in last. It’s more comfortable than many in the market, but its materials make it too heavy.

Durability: The QEP can take a bit of a banging but not as much as the SizeGenetics. The Phallosan has some parts made of glass, so it’s pretty fragile.

Refund Policy: The Phallosan Forte has the most straightforward policy out of all three. You’re given two weeks to ask for a refund. That’s all. QEP asks that you use the product for six months to allow it time to show you results. SizeGenetics asks that you wear your device for five hours a day for four months and record your progress online with their “My Diary” feature. That’s the only way to qualify for a money-back guarantee.

Warranty: The Phallosan Forte wins with two years warranty for spare parts. SizeGenetics has one year, and the QEP varies from six months to one year, depending on the package you buy.

Length Extendable: The QEP can be extended to up to sixteen inches long. The Phallosan Forte has no actual length extendable stated, but it’s assumed that it’s incredibly adjustable with longer rods. SizeGenetics has a length limit of ten inches.

Though the QEP has less or more of a particular attribute, it’s still a tremendous all-round penis extender.

Quick Extender Pro Online Reviews

After reviewing this product for myself, I wanted to know what other people were saying about the Quick Extender Pro online. While a lot of them seem to be promising, some customers have complained about the bulkiness of the product, stating that they found it uncomfortable to wear throughout the course of the day, as well as some slight pinching sensations around the shaft caused by the straps. Other reviews also say that the noose system was terrible – something I admittedly had a problem with initially.

Each individual will have a different experience when using any product, some may really like it, others may not. Be sure to do your own research before making a big purchase, as well as ensuring that you have the commitment to go through the process of penis traction.

How Safe Is The Quick Extender Pro?

The Quick Extender Pro is safe to use as long as you use it as instructed and don’t try to do too much at once. Think of it like this. If you’ve never stepped foot into a gym before and one day when you decide to go, you waltz over to the bars and try to deadlift 500kg like you’re competing for a Strongman competition. What do you think is going to happen?

The traction process takes a lot of patience, and you need to build yourself up in order for it to be effective. If you try to hurry along the process by going all in with larger extension levels before you’re ready, then you could cause bruising, bleeding, and even much more serious damage.

Listen to your body and work within your own levels of comfort. If you go into this process with the right attitude, and don’t try to skip steps, then the Quick Extender Pro is completely safe.

Cost Of The Quick Extender Pro

The price tag of the Quick Extender Pro varies on the edition you buy. Pricing of each edition is listed below:

  • Value Edition $119.93
  • Deluxe Standard Edition $179.93
  • Curvature Correction & Peyronies Edition $179.99
  • Deluxe Limited Edition $349.93

For the extra 60 bucks, I’d suggest buying the Deluxe Standard Edition. It’s a bit of an upgrade from the Value Edition (which is still okay if you are on a budget), however, the Standard Edition is sufficient for pretty much all men with some cool, additional extras.

The Quick Extender Pro website often has sales for all their products, so check out their official online store to see if you can bag yourself a discount. They also offer payments via Clearpay, meaning you can pay in 4 separate monthly installments, interest-free.

Quick Extender Pro Accessories

While I haven’t bought any of the accessories for the Quick Extender Pro as of yet, I thought it was also worth mentioning that there are plenty of replacement parts available to purchase online, as well as extension bars, a Booster Penis Pump, comfort padding (including Memory Foam), aluminum pivots, and an upgrade kit for the Double Strap System.

All of the above can be found on the Quick Extender Pro official website.

Alternatives to penis extenders

If you’re curious about other routes for enlarging your penis, then the only feasible option is surgery. Now, this is a much more costly process and one that shouldn’t be taken without serious consideration of the potential side effects and damage it could cause. Not only is it going to be extremely painful, the road to recovery isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Research shows a mixed bag of results for men wanting to lengthen or widen their penis, including safety, effectiveness, and how satisfied the patient has been post-op.

Evidence shows that even in the most successful cases, there has been a slight change in the girth of the penis, and the illusion of a longer flaccid penis. Surgery doesn’t actually change the length of the penis, which is another factor that you should be made aware of.

As you can imagine, surgery for enlarging a penis isn’t exactly common and it is mostly for men with non-functioning penises, whether they have had this issue from birth or as a result of an accident/injury. While penis enlargement surgery is offered for cosmetic purposes, there is a lot of controversy surrounding it and questions arising about the necessity of it as a procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Does the Quick Extender Pro actually work?

Speaking on behalf of my own experience, I would say that the QEP does work. QEP are a reputable company with decades in the business, and an abundance of fans testifying to their success. For more info on the QEP, check out this article.

Q2: Is the Quick Extender Pro going to increase girth, too?

It should. Your gains should be proportional. If you have a larger girth prior to using the QEP, then you will also gain girth after use.

Q3: Is the extender gonna hurt if I get an erection while using it?

While I cannot speak for all penis extenders, I can say that the QEP did not cause any pain or discomfort when getting an erection. In fact, I had an incident like that just a few months into wearing it. My penis stretcher just shifted with my growing erection and changed the angle in which it held my penis. No pain.

Q4: Are there any side effects of using the QEP?

I have never seen any reports of users of QEP complaining of anything worse than pain when using the QEP. I researched this a lot because you don’t just put anything on your penis without knowing precisely what you’re getting into. Be sure to use the device safely and not too tight as it could result in bruising, and even bleeding.

Q5: When should I start to see results?

Most people start to see results within a month of using the QEP. It’s suggested that you wear the QEP between 5-8 hours everyday, while taking breaks every so often.

In conclusion

 Quickextender Pro Info
Mailing Address228 Park Ave S #78404
New York, New York 10003
United States of America
Email[email protected]

The Quick Extender Pro is a premium penis extender. It’s not perfect, but it’s close to it. This product has been clinically tested, and there are so many reviews testifying to its works. I recommend the QEP to anyone who wants a larger penis. With consistency, you’ll get your results one hundred percent. Don’t hesitate, but be patient!


At Letstalksex, we uphold the highest standards by exclusively relying on peer-reviewed studies to substantiate the information presented in our articles. Our rigorous editorial process ensures that every fact undergoes thorough fact-checking, resulting in content that is not only accurate but also reliable and trustworthy. By adhering to these high-quality sources, we maintain a commitment to providing our readers with credible and evidence-based information.

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