Sex Robot Market Statistics 2024 – Industry & User Demographics

Maybe you’ve heard about realistic sex robots, but you never knew about the billion-dollar sex robot industry that’s on pace to become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

The statistics in this article cover 11 million data points across many sources, in addition to our own survey of 17,344 men and women, making this the most thorough study on the sex robots market.

Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about the sex robot market and more!

sex robots statistics

Sex Robot Market – Key Statistics

  • 36% of US women believe that having sex with a robot is cheating
  • 29% of US men believe that having sex with a robot is cheating
  • 40% of males say they can imagine buying a sex robot in the next five years.
  • Men are more interested than women in having sex with a robot.
  • 16% of Americans say they would have sex with a robot.
  • Sex robot users are primarily divorced men in their 50s or 60s.
  • 15.2% of men have had sex with a robot or admit to owning one.
  • 4% of women have had sex with a robot or currently own one.
  • More than 150 sex robots are bought and sold daily.
  • The average price of a sex robot has dropped by about 85%.
  • In 2022, the average price for a sex robot was about $3,500 USD.
  • People spend more than $200 million USD on sex robots each year.
  • RealDoll generates roughly $4.9 million USD in revenue.
  • For the 1.2 million Americans with HIV, sex robots provide a way to engage in sexual activity without putting anyone at risk.
  • Sex Doll Genie says demand for their sex robots increased by 51% between February and March 2020.
  • 1 in 3 German men say they would have sex with a robot.
  • 1 in 5 German women would have sex with a robot.
  • Sex Doll Genie saw a 33% year-over-year increase in orders placed by couples.

What Is A Sex Robot?

Sex robots, also known as sexbots, are human-like devices designed to look, feel, and act just like a human sex partner would.

In some cases, manufacturers are even looking to combine sex robots with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, which could breed an entirely new realm of sexual possibilities for the future of the sex industry.

Although there are currently many elaborate sex dolls and sex robots on the market, there are no fully-animated, AI-powered sex robots.

However, sex tech is one of the fastest-growing sex industries out there, and real-life sex robots aren’t as fantastical as they seem.

  • In a UK study, more than 40% of male respondents said they could envision buying a sex robot in the next five years.
  • The world’s most advanced sex robot is a product named Harmony, which RealDoll, an industry leader in the sex robot market, created.
  • Harmony is controlled via a mobile device, enabling her to speak, tilt her head, and respond to various movements and touch.
  • RealDolls use a combination of AI and natural linguistics to “learn” to have better conversations with their users.
  • Both male and female sex robots exist, but female sex robots are by far the most popular.
  • Although sex robots are gaining popularity, most experts agree that they’ll never fully replace in-person sexual encounters.
  • Sexbots are designed as an alternative to one-on-one sex, not a replacement.
  • Sex robot users are primarily divorced men in their 50s or 60s looking for companionship.
  • For people who are lonely or who struggle to form real-life relationships, sex robots provide a viable alternative.

How Many People Use Sex Robots?

  • More than 5% of men and 3% of women admit to having used one in the past or currently owning a sex robot.
  • 68% of women believe that having sex with a robot is cheating.
  • Just over 50% of study participants said they could see themselves forming a genuine romantic connection with a robot in the future.
  • More than 10% of Americans say they have tried sex with a robot.
  • In a Japanese study, 27% of respondents said they owned or had sex with a robot in the past.

How Much Do Sex Robots Cost?

  • The cost of a sexbot varies drastically depending on the manufacturer’s features and stage of development.
  • On average, sex robots can cost anywhere between a few thousand to $15,000 USD.
  • In 2022, the average price for a sex robot was just over $3,500 USD.
  • Full-body RealDoll sex robots start around $4,000 USD, but offer a wide range of customization, which increases the price.
  • Green Earth Robotics, a Canadian company, sells two to three sex robots daily, costing $3,000 each.

Sex Robot History, Research, And Development

  • The oldest precursor to the modern sex robot was the handmade sex doll.
  • Sex dolls were reportedly used as far back as the 16th century when sailors would create handmade “sex puppets” from leather and cloth to use as masturbatory aids.
  • Inflatable sex dolls were initially advertised and sold via adult magazines in the mid to late 1960s.
  • During the 1970s, manufacturers began using materials like silicone and latex to make their sex dolls more durable and humanlike.
  • The sex doll industry underwent considerable acceleration during the 1990s as sexuality became less oppressed, and mass production made it easier for people everywhere to access sex toys.
  • RealDolls, launched in 1997, is one of the industry’s leading brands that designs and builds the world’s most advanced sex dolls.
  • Companionship is one of the leading reasons for developing realistic sex robots and dolls.
  • As of 2018, many sex robots have been built that hold conversations, remember personal details, express emotions, and respond to human touch.
  • Despite RealDolls having been on the market for more than two decades, the sex robot industry is still in its infancy.
  • Very few studies and little information exist about the use and experiences of human-robot sexual encounters.
  • According to Forbes, there is currently no primary data relating specifically to the potential health risks or benefits of using sex robots.
  • David Levy’s Love And Sex With Robots, published in 2007, explores various topics surrounding sex robots, including the appropriate conceptualization of sexbots, the ethical aspects of developing them, and more.
  • Robotics experts believe sex robots can walk and move independently within the next ten years.
  • Lars And The Real Girl is a fictional movie starring Ryan Gosling about a socially-isolated man who forms a sexual relationship with a sex robot.

Sex Robot Industry Size, CAGR, Implications & Leading Sex Robot Companies

Although the sex robot industry is still relatively young, it’s still growing at an impressive rate.

Let’s look at how massive the sex robot industry really is.

  • People spend more than $200 million USD on sex robots each year.
  • More than 150 sex robots are bought and sold each day.
  • Sex robots are becoming increasingly affordable, and the average price has dropped by about 85% since 2010.
  • The sex tech industry is estimated to be worth anywhere between $30 and $50 billion USD, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30%.
  • As of 2022, RealDoll, located in San Marcos, California, USA, is the leading company in the sex robot industry.
  • In 2022, RealDoll generated an estimated $4.9 million USD in revenue.
  • Total revenue for the global robotics industry is estimated to surpass $34 billion by the end of 2023.
  • The global robotics industry is growing at a predicted CAGR of 5.52%, which could be worth more than $43 billion USD by 2027.

Emerging Sex Robot Implications, Risks, And Potential Benefits

There are many good reasons to design, build, and sell sex robots.

After all, these products can help people combat loneliness, which otherwise may be impossible due to illness or disability.

The CEO and founder of RealDoll, Matt McMullen, believes that his robots not only provide enhanced sexual experiences but that they can also help people with finding ongoing companionship and sexual satisfaction in their lives.

However, there’s also a great deal of controversy around the development of sex robots, which regulators must address if the industry continues to grow.

Let’s review some of the risks and implications that come hand-in-hand with the development of mass-produced sex robots.

  • One study found that more data is needed to fully characterize the risks involved in the use of sex robots and the development of sex robot artificial intelligence.
  • Without proper research, the development and use of sex robots pose a significant risk to consumers’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Although it’s not very likely, experts state population collapses and human extinction as potential risks if humans begin having sex with robots and procreating less with each other.
  • Some experts believe that the development of sex robots is not morally justifiable.
  • In 2015, Kathleen Richardson, a well-known robotics ethicist, called for an outright ban on sex robots, stating concerns about normalizing human-machine relationships and the reinforcement of female dehumanization.
  • Many researchers believe that we must implement government regulations before the industry outgrows its infancy.
  • Other than STIs, cybersecurity risks are also involved in developing, selling, mass-producing, and using AI-enabled sex robots.
  • Proponents of sexbots believe that these devices could allow sexual offenders to act out their desires without inflicting harm on others.
  • However, very little evidence or research is available to support the idea that sexbots prevent harm to women or children.
  • We must also make a distinction between adult sex robots and “pedobots”—childlike sex robots designed by one Japanese company.
  • While the company claims that its childlike sex robots allow pedophiles to act out their sexual desires without harming children, many could argue that this is simply a way to normalize adult-child sexual relationships.
  • Another argument for the development and use of sex robots is that they can provide individuals access to safer sex.
  • For the 1.2 million Americans with HIV, sex robots could provide them with a way to engage in sexual activity without putting themselves or their partner at risk.
  • Profits and increasing demand may prompt businesses to produce lower priced, and lower quality sex robots, which pose various risks, ranging from low-end or unregulated materials manufacturers might use to safety and quality assurance mishaps that may occur.
  • Due to a lack of research, most “health” claims or benefits surrounding sexbots are purely speculative.
  • Other health risks and concerns include addiction to sex robot technology, increased social isolation, and the enablement of racism, misogyny, and pedophilia.
  • Since 1999, there has been a noted increase in emergency room visits due to sex toy-related injuries.
  • Unfortunately, many sex toy-related injuries go unreported, which could lead to further complications, including death.

No matter how we look at it, and without any judgment, if personal safety is not carefully considered during the planning and development of sex robots, an increase in physical injuries and bodily harm may occur as sex robots are increasingly adopted by society.

Driving Forces In The Growth Of The Sex Robot Industry

Whenever any new technology is developed, we almost guarantee somebody is already trying to figure out if they can use it for sex.

Therefore, the eventual combination of sex and technology almost seems like a natural evolution of human sexuality.

But what factors are driving growth in the sex robot industry?

Why else are people increasingly shifting towards the use of tech products like sex robots?

  • 79% of Americans believe mental health is important and it’s believed that sex robots can provide therapeutic value, offering access to sexual relationships, and easing feelings of depression, loneliness, and isolation.
  • Sexbots provide an answer to the issue of safer sex practices, especially for people with transmittable diseases such as HIV/AIDS.
  • Today’s advanced technologies, such as 3D printing, allows manufacturers to make sex robots hyper-realistic, with built-in AI processors, movement actuators, touch sensors, motion detectors, and more.
  • Other cutting-edge technologies, such as virtual reality, offer more ways to develop innovative sex robots and digital experiences in the future.
  • There’s a demand for accessible sex products from people with disabilities—sex robots can provide companionship to those who cannot form traditional relationships.
  • eCommerce is making it easier for people to order sex robots and similar sex tech products from the comforts of their homes.

The Impact Of COVID-19 On The Sex Robot Industry

  • During 2020, online sex toy sales increased by 13% in the UK, by 135% in Canada, and 71% in Italy.
  • Research also showed increased sales of AI-enabled sex robots during the pandemic.
  • Florida-based Sex Doll Genie said demand for their product increased by 51% between February and March 2020.
  • Sex Doll Genie says they saw a 33% year-over-year increase in orders placed by couples during the pandemic.
  • During COVID-19, 12% of survey participants said they were “more likely” to consider purchasing a sex doll.
  • 5% said they would “definitely” buy one.
  • On the other hand (excuse the pun), another 62% believed that they would never buy one because it’s impossible to replace the touch of another human.

Leading Sex Robot Companies

We’ve already mentioned that RealDoll is one of the leading names in the sex robot company. But who are the other key players paving the road to sex robot paradise?

Below is a list of 12 leading names in the sex robot industry.

  • Roxxxy
  • MacMil Cybernetics
  • AI Tech
  • Realbotix
  • BodAI
  • Ricky Ma
  • Z-onedoll
  • Eden Robotics
  • DS Doll
  • Synthea Amatus, by Sergi Santos
  • Illium Robotics
  • Lux Biotics

Sex Tech Jobs And Careers

Although a career as a sex robot designer isn’t likely to be a reality anytime soon, there are many jobs and careers in robotics, engineering, and software development which are helping to drive the growth and development of the industry.

Even when it comes to the needed research or raw materials used in developing realistic sex robots, plenty of jobs can lead to a fulfilling career in this new and emerging industry.

We bet that makes you wonder what sort of technology is currently being developed for the future of sexbots.

Advanced Sexbot technology

  • Hydrogel is an innovative new material created by the California Institute of Technology, which can give sex robots the ability to feel, and sense motion, temperature, and moisture.
  • Advancements in 3D scanning and printing now allow manufacturers to develop more lifelike sex robots that look precisely like whoever they’re modeled after.
  • In 2022, Sex Doll Genie announced a new sex robot with a real heartbeat and simulated breathing, making it more lifelike than any other sex robot on the market.
  • RealDoll is using virtual reality and social networking to enable humans to meet and date sex robots on a new social network called RealDoll VIP.

Sex Robots Of The Future

As we can see, many innovations and technologies are changing the sex robot industry.

Therefore, we can only expect the sexbots of the future to become more lifelike, interactive, and realistic than ever.

Even Elon Musk, the infamous owner and founder of Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink, has admitted that he will likely develop some form of sexbot in the future.

However, we can’t deny that merging our human sexuality with robotics and technology comes hand-in-hand with many implications in the form of potential risks and benefits.

But either way, we are confident that the sex robot industry will continue to evolve, continuously coming up with new and novel methods for people to intertwine sexuality and tech.


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