LetsTalkSex.Net’s Complete Sex Toys Glossary from A to Z

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It’s no secret that sex toy shopping is on the rise. Whether you are shopping for your first Fleshlight, or for a nipple clamp, you might come across terms you weren’t previously familiar with.

The sex toy industry, perhaps more than others, can present a great variety of terminology; so keeping this in mind we decided to pull together a complete list (or as complete as possible) of the most used sex toy terminology, compiling various terms you may come across when shopping for a sex toy.




Acrylic Toys

Acrylic toys are quickly becoming a new alternative to glass ones. It is a very body-safe material as is glass it is much denser and will not break but somehow far lighter.

Adult Toys

‘Adult toy’ is a catch-all term applied to pretty much everything we have listed in our glossary section. Any toy that adds fun to the bedroom, that should be kept away from younger eyes.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are held by strings or formed as one-piece in a wand-like fashion. The bead sizes may be the same or varied, most often they increase in size along the length.

Anal Hook

Metallic and curved into a hook-like form, the shorter end is inserted and the longer end has a ring for tying rope through. Some feature balls bumps or ribbing, popular within the BDSM lifestyle.

Anal Lubricant

Anal lubricants are usually specially formulated for anal use. They are thicker and have a lower osmolality so that they are not absorbed quickly.

Anal Pearls

‘Anal pearls’ is another name for anal-beads, typically referring to the stringed type. They allow for insertion one at a time and can be tugged from the outside to arouse your partner.

Anal Plug

Anal Plugs are an insertable ass-toy they have a larger base that stops it from sliding inside. They can be worn for a while, many people start with a smaller plug and increase the size.

Anal Toys

This refers to any adult toy that’s been given the thumbs up for sliding in your butt. The shape is the main difference. They should be wider at the bottom to prevent them from getting lost.


Substances that increase arousal. Oysters, strawberries, horny goat weed and ginseng are deemed to lift libidos. Some argue it could be a placebo effect.

App-Controlled Toys 

The latest in wireless adult toys. They let you control your masturbation from your mobile. Although, some companies may be keeping a record of your data.


An ass-cone as the name implies is a conical shaped toy that you can sit on the girth on offer is much more extreme than a plug offers up and you can use it in a hands-free manner and let gravity do its job.

Automated Sex Toys

Automated sex toys do the work for you, no cycling through vibrational or sucking patterns. You just switch it on and sit back. Some are very advanced and provide randomized presets for unique experiences.


Bad Dragon Toys

Despite many companies catering to the freakier customers, Bad Dragon has made a big name for themselves for their beastly dildo’s, reptilian appendages, alien orifices and tentacles up for grabs.

Ball Gags

Ball gags are mouth gags that feature a ball in the middle to spread the lips. They are worn by a submissive partner.

Ball Lock

A ball lock is worn by a male BDSM slave around the scrotum pulling them down or squashing them. Some have individual chambers for each testicle. They are a popular form of cock and ball torture.

BDSM Furniture

This refers to bondage furniture adapted for keeping a slave on display, keeping them submissive, and easy to access. There’s a huge variety of items from pillows to benches, stocks, and cages.

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa are pairs of small weighted balls you can insert into the vagina, they go by many names such as geisha balls or rin-no-tama. They can help with kegal exercise and arousal.

Body Chocolate

Pretty self-explanatory, but body chocolate or chocolate body paint is chocolate you can paste onto your lovers and eat from them, but things can get a little sticky.

Bondage And Discipline (B/D) Toys & Accessories

Bondage and discipline toys or B/D toys refers to a huge range of products for restraining a consenting partner or punishing them we have tried to include a variety in our glossary.


Blindfolds are used to take away sight during sexual acts and make them more aware of other senses, heightening their sensitivity to touch.

Blow Job Toys

Blow job toys are toys that aim to simulate oral sex on a male. They do this by manually or electronically creating a vacuum and the more advanced out there have beads that create a stroking motion.

Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators are small but mighty, lacking in the size department they are typically used for clit and labia stimulation but are also popular for muffing within the trans community.

Butt Plug

As you can probably guess a butt-plug is another name for an anal plug they can be used to train and widen your back-passage for anal sex or worn during vaginal penetration for twice the fun.

Butterfly Vibrator

Butterfly vibrators are suitably named because they have a central vibrating body with wing-like parts. They are great for lesbian couples for vibing together.


condom pepper

Cattle Prod

A cattle prod is a crude term for an electro-stimulation rod. It resembles a genuine electronic cattle prod. Some give a constant flow of electricity others emit it only when triggered.

CBT Toys & Accessories

CBT stands for cock and ball torture. there are a whole host of gnarly and inventive ways to torture male genitals, including cock cages, ball locks, clamps, and humblers.


Chains are pretty self-explanatory, they are used as a restraint tool in bondage practice. They come in different gauges and are made from different metals.

Chastity Accessories

Chastity devices are for preventing sexual activity, the idea of not being able to get any sexual gratification without permission can be a huge turn-on. They are also used for discipline.


Clamps are clips that pinch the skin, some are a single metallic clip others have chains between so you can attach one part to another.

Clitoral Stimulator

Clitoral stimulators are toys designed specifically with external use on the clitoris in mind. They can be vibrating or sucking toys.

Clit Pump

Clit pumps are suction devices that create an intense vacuum around the clitoris, they enlarge it and make the area extra sensitive.

Cock Cage

A cock cage is a chastity device that wraps around the penis preventing masturbation, they are employed for discipline during bondage or BDSM.

Cock Rings

A cock ring is worn around the base of the penis, some lads tuck their balls in too. Some come with vibrators for couples to enjoy and many swear they keep them harder for longer making ejaculation tougher.

Coil-Operated Vibrator

Coil operated vibrators produce very strong vibrations with higher intensity levels, they are usually plug-in vibrators with mains power.


Condoms are a thin covering that slips over the penis and works as a prophylactic to prevent diseases and can help prevent pregnancy; acting as a barrier with spermicide.

Concealed Sex toy

A concealed sex toy is one that you can leave out in the open. Beautiful glass toys that could pass for tasteful ornaments, Fleshlights that look like flasks, lipsticks bullet vibrators and even raunchy rubber ducks for a rub in your bath-tub.

Couples Toys

‘Couples toy’ could apply to many toys, but some are designed with two people in mind whether that is a double-ended dildo, pegging toys, a vibrating cock-ring, or an app-controlled vibrator.


This is something known as a riding crop in horse-riding circles, another great dominators tool adapted from an everyday object. You can get softer/vanilla versions for those who prefer lighter bondage.


Cuffs refer to fabric cuffs, often they are leather with chains, unlike handcuffs, they come for wrists ankles and even necks.

Cupping Toys

Cupping is the practice of suction on torsos. Most are transparent so you can see the results. You place the cup where you desire and pull the top part to create a vacuum sucking the skin inside.


Cyberskin is a relatively new material to the market for fabricating sex toys for realistic skin-like textures, appearances and feel. It is similar to silicone but a little fleshier.


Dental Retractor

A Dental retractor is a device used by those who enjoy medical-themed bondage. It is usually metallic and it holds the mouth wide open.

Dilation Toys

Dilation toys are very thin vibrators or dildo’s some have a tapered tip. Postmenopausal women and post-operative transgender individuals use them to dilate their vaginas


A dildo traditionally is a softer toy, some are phallic with testicles and many also vibrate these days.

Dildo Harness

A dildo harness is a wearable strap or pair of pants that you can fit a dildo into for pegging, lesbian penetrative sex, and gender-fluid couples fun.

Double Dildo

A double dildo is a dildo with two ends some are straight and can be used by two people at once sometimes called a double-ended dildo and others are u shaped for double penetration.

Double Penetration Toys

Dildo’s and vibrators with 2 arms that can be inserted into the vagina and ass at the same time. Or a wearable dildo a man use to penetrate both holes of his partner. One with his cock and the other with the dildo.


A douche is for cleansing an orifice for hygiene usually this is the vagina with the back passage looked after with an enema.

Drilldo Attachment

Drilldo attachments are dildos that feature a universal drill bit in their base allowing you to connect the toy to a regular drill.


Edible Panties 

Garments made from edible substances such as candy so you can eat them from your partners’ crotch.


An egg refers to egg-shaped toys and tools on the market some for pelvic exercising and others for masturbation. They could also refer to ovipositor products.

Ejaculating Toys

Ejaculating toys are toys that you can pre-fill with lubricants (some specially formulated to resemble cum) and they will release inside your body.


Electro-stimulation is the practice of electrically stimulating your partner with small shocks or a fluid flow of electricity.

Electric Vibrators

Electric vibrators are considered pretty extreme they are exactly as they sound vibrators that give off a small current that you can insert.

Electric Pinwheel

An electric pinwheel is a device that resembles a rotating pastry cutting wheel. It has a handle to hold and you can roll it over the skin. It emits electrical charges upon contact.

Enema Kits

Enema kits are for flushing out your anus a common liquid treatment for constipation that can help reassure that you are clean for anal play.

Enema Wand

An enema wand is a device for performing a quick, cleansing enema you insert the thin wand in your ass and let the water flow. Some can be attached to the shower or faucet.

Erotic Books

Erotic books are fiction novels that have an explicit nature. They have a focus on the sex-life of the protagonist.


Erotica is the official genre for erotic stories or books (see above), sometimes called Literotica.


butt peach

Face-Sitting Dildos

Sometimes worn for humiliation by a dominatrices slave. They are masks or gags that strap around the face and accommodate a dildo at the mouth or nose area for the woman to sit on.

Femdom Toys & Accessories

Femdom products are used by a female dominatrix, there is a huge variety, often CBT toys and strap-ons for pegging.

Fetish Toys

Fetish toy is a catch-all term for toys that fit a kinkier lifestyle. Anything from the world of BDSM from masks all the way to feet play.

Fetish Wear

Clothing for fetish lifestyles, generally PVC, latex and rubber or leather manufactured. From regular lingerie to entire bodysuits.


Figging is the practice of carving a DIY toy from a large ginger root to add a tingling sensation. Something that is not for everyone that can be replicated safely with stimulating gels and adult toys.

Finger Massager

A finger massager is a wearable miniature vibrator that you put on your finger to explore your partner with spicing up fingering and foreplay. Small enough to use on nipples and focus on the clit.

Fisting Toys

Fisting toys are large dildos for those who like a fuller feeling. Sometimes they are modeled on a real fist with a cast taken.

Flavored Condoms

Condoms that have a flavoring that allow for protected fellatio that doesn’t taste terrible.


An artificial vaginal/anus or mouth opening in the form of a sleeve within a hardy enclosure that can be used to stroke your cock with and simulate the real deal.

Flogging Toys

Shortened whips, sometimes leather thongs sometimes lighter fabrics. They may have knots tied for more impact.


A mechanical device with a piston-like arm for mounting toys on to thrust and penetrate you, that won’t tire.

FTM Stroker

FTM strokers are designed for those who were female at birth who are in the process of taking hormones and transitioning to male. They are cup-like and can be used as a male masturbator for those who haven’t got a penis.


G-Spot Stimulators

G-Spot stimulators are toys designed with curves in all the right places to seek out the sensitive G-spot areas in men and women for orgasmic experiences.

Genital Clamp

Just like the clamps we already described they pinch the skin and can be used with chains to clamp the genital areas open or closed or just plain squished.

Gimp Mask

A gimp mask is a slang term for a bondage hood (almost always a male submissive) they are generally tight rubber or leather and have zippers around the mouth area.

Girth Enhancer

Girth enhancers are soft wearable sleeves that you can wear on your cock to fatten up the shaft and give your lover extra width. Some have bumps or ribbing to add exciting textures.

Glove Massager

A wearable foreplay glove with textures to stroke and massage oiled-up skin. Some versions available are even a bit like vibrating mittens.

Glass Dildo

A hardened dildo sometimes called a crystal dildo. They are blown into various forms some have swirled ribbing patterns along the shafts.



A kinky set of metal police-style cuffs which usually lock- so don’t lose the keys. Some may be fur-covered for comfort.

Hands-free Toys

Hands-free toys are also sometimes called ridable toys. Expensive ones even come mounted on pillows, stools or chairs.


A harness is a wearable strap to place a dildo through to penetrate another person if you lack the required appendages.


Although they are a little gimmicky, a heeldo is a dildo with a strap attachment that you can wear on your foot to masturbate with.

Heterosexual Toys

Hetero sexual toys are designed for male and female couples, usually, they attach to a penis headed straight for a vagina.

Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi Magic Wand was intended to be a massaging device. Powered with strong vibrations and pulses through its bulbous head it was soon adopted as an adult toy.


A sub-genre of fetish, where the sub acts like a pony wearing fetish wear that fits the theme. They often have butt-plugs with long hair for tails and wear horse-bits as gags and controlled with riding crops.


A humbler is a bar-shaped device with a hole to place the testicles through it is twisted and pulled behind the person flat against the back of their thighs pulling their balls behind them.


Impotence / Erectile Dysfunction Aids

These are products and stimulants designed to help keep a flaccid penis erect. The most notorious being Viagra.

Inflatable Doll

An inflatable doll is a sex doll that you can blow-up or pump full of air into a human-like form. They have internal canals that you can penetrate.

Inflatable Plugs

Butt plugs that are made of a stretchy rubber that can be inserted and inflated from the outside to stretch your ass.


Jelly Toys

Jelly toys are usually made from TPE or TPR. In recent years the safety of these toys for bodily use is being heavily discussed as they break down over time.

Jiggle Balls

Jiggle balls are a weighted ball to insert in the vagina they are pretty much the same as a Ben Wa ball.


Kegel Balls

Worn inside the vagina to help strengthen the Kegel muscles at the opening of the genitals.

Kegel Eggs

An egg-shaped version of Kegel balls for exercising your vaginal muscles and keeping things tight downstairs.

Kegel Exercise Toys

Any toy developed especially for developing the Kegel muscles within the vagina, such as the balls and eggs but also some wands.


Latex Toys & Accessories

Simply put, things made from latex it is another polymer-based material and again you need to be wary of what lubricants you use with penetrating toys. Many enjoy latex clothing to dress up in.

Latex Gloves

A pair of medical-grade latex gloves can enhance fingering and foreplay for many people especially those with latex or medical fetishes.

Leg Spreaders

A BDSM favorite spreader bars keep the subs body parts where you want them and provide access to all areas preventing them from closing their legs.

Lesbian Toys

These toys are designed for two women to share, they include a huge range of products from-strap-ons to butterfly vibrators.

Libido Enhancers

A libido enhancer is an aphrodisiac, they can be additives in a personal lubricant or edibles to help get you in the mood.


A bullet-style vibrator disguised as a lipstick. They usually twist on and if you want to carry it in your handbag with your regular make-up we suggest one with a lock to avoid embarrassment.

Love Doll

A love doll is another name for a sex doll, whether it is inflatable or full-size and made from silicone.

Love Egg

Egg-shaped vibrating eggs that usually have a remote to control them with some are even app-controlled they can add fun for couples.

Lube Shooter

A lube shooter is a pipette for applying lubricant into harder to reach places. A little like a small turkey baster for your holes.


A moisturizer for personal areas to help things slide without any discomfort. There are many different types.


Magic Wand

A name for wand style vibrators that are a lot like the Hitachi and usually mains powered some with interchangeable heads.


Manacles are a type of heavy metal cuffed shackle with chains that may be used in BDSM relationships as a restraint.

Male Masturbator

A male masturbator is designed for men to penetrate, sometimes called a pocket pussy most are tube-like and discreet others are shaped like a body portion with a realistic ass and pussy.

Marital Aid

Adult toys are sometimes called marital aids they help bring the excitement back into the sex lives of couples who have become disinterested.


Face coverings worn for sexual activities are called masks. Dated back to masquerade orgies they would have sex with one another and keep identities hidden to prevent envy.


An innocent description for a vibrator, quite often a discreet shipping label for a sex-toy will state massager as the contents.

Monster Dildo

The name given to a dildo of unnatural proportions, huge girth, and massive length or a large dildo designed to look like the genitals of a monster or demon.


Muzzles are worn on the face much like an animal muzzle in the B& D world some are animal-themed.


Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are clamps for the nipple like a clothes peg. Some come in pairs chained together, one for each nipple.

Nipple Pumps

Pumps to attach to nipples and perform suction on the area, pulling them sometimes quite extremely.



Oil is often used as a lubricant for sexual activity or for massaging. Plenty of people oil their entire bodies giving them a slippery sensation.

Oil-Based Lubricant

An oil-based lubricant features oils within its formula. Oil is water-resistant so it can be used in the tub or shower.


A newer fetish item that implants eggs into your orifices. The eggs are either jelly lubricants or are hard so that they can be pushed out or “laid”.


cucumber measured


Paddles are a handled spanking device usually with a large surface area to give a good spank. Some are textured to leave a mark.

Packing Pants

These are underwear for keeping a packing penis in for women who don’t identify with their gender assigned at birth.

Packing Toys

A flaccid silicone phallus for everyday-wear by FTM people before they have surgery or if they don’t want surgery and gender-reversal-role-play.

Panty Vibrator

A low profile vibrator that can be used with underwear on a little plug like in appearance. There are also panties with a small flat vibrational area in the gusset.

Pegging Toys

Toys that allow a woman without a penis to give a man anal sex. Some strap on with a harness. Others are strap-less, triple-ended dildos to insert in the ass and vagina with the third used on the partner.

Pelvic Wand

Designed with anatomical forms to reach sensitive areas deep within the pelvic floor muscles.

Penis Cloning Kits

These are kits that let you cast someones’ penis first you get an impression of it then you fill it with silicone to set. Some come with a vibrational motor you can add inside before it sets.

Penis Enlarger

Penis enlargers are longer phalluses that can be worn over an erect cock to add length and sometimes girth too.

Penis Extender

Devices to help lengthen or straighten a penis. They usually have rubber resistant parts that stretch the muscles over time. Some have hard rods that hold the penis stretched for longer durations.

Penis Pump

A pump that provides suction when placed over the penis. Some are for the entire thing others are smaller for just the head. Some are marketed for penis enlargement others are for CBT.

Penis Sleeve

The name given to a rubber or silicone sleeve that fits inside a male masturbator or just a sleeve that can be used as a stroker. Some are textured to match vaginal walls or the rectum.

Penis Stroker

These can be fleshy sleeves that you plunge your penis into and use a stroking motion to create suction or palm-sized textured silicone that you can use in your hand to masturbate with.


A device that you can roll across your partner some have sharpened points along the wheel/disc to inflict a little pain.

Pocket Rocket

A compact vibrator with its main focus at the flattened tip which has removable and interchangeable tip-coverings. They are nubbed with different patterns.


Visual, sexual depictions, either in a picture or video format. To stimulate erotic and sexual arousal.

Power Spinner

Another drill attachment for getting your partner off. Some are insertable and dildo like and others are for external use and are like textured discs of donuts.

Prostate Stimulators

Orgasmic toys designed ergonomically to stimulate the male prostate or g-spot inside the anus.


A pulsator is an electronic vibrator that has a pulsing electronic current for an interrupted vibration.

Pulsating Shower head

A shower attachment that runs the water in pulsating bursts for some pretty fantastic shower time.

Pussy Cloning Kit

Like the cock cloning kits but made to take an internal negative cast of a vagina to reproduce in silicone.

Pyrex Toys

Toys formed from a non-shatter glass material formed with borax but totally body-safe.


Queening Stool

A stool for a dominatrix to sit on with a hole for a slaves face below.


Rabbit Vibrator

A vibrator that features a secondary smaller arm that is angled toward the clitoris. They usually have two small fronds that resemble bunny ears.

Rechargeable Toys

Fairly self-explanatory, toys that use rechargeable batteries that don’t need replacing.

Remote Control Toys

Toys with controls that are separate from the toy itself, sometimes they are wired and sometimes wireless.


Anything you might use to tie a sexual partner up with, ropes, bondage tape, chains, and cuffs are all included.

Ribbed Condoms

A condom with raised thickened bands/rings along the shaft area to provide additional sensations during sex.


A good old fashioned restraint for bondage. Varied thicknesses are available and a variety of knots can be used.


A rotobator is a male masturbator or stroker that rotates as the name suggests. It provides hands-free automated relief.

Rubber Toys

Toys that are made from rubber or elastic polymers such as latex typically they are dildos and artificial pussies they have a fleshier texture.

Sensual Intelligence Technology

A technology that SaSi vibrators are programmed with to respond to the user and learn what they like it has a don’t stop button that forces it to continue with the pattern it has randomly chosen.


Sex Cage

A sex cage is for keeping a consenting sexual partner in some are very large and others on the smaller side. Most are metal and many incorporate locks and cuffs.

Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are inanimate partners. Expensive models contain skeletal armature structures and can be positioned. You can choose every last detail and use every hole you can afford to install.

Sex Drills

Drill and sometimes gun-style dildos mounted on a handheld spinning or thrusting device.

Sex Machines

Various robotic and mechanical devices for mounting sex toys to thrust and penetrate the body, often at very rapid speeds. They can be free-standing or mountable chair-like structures.

Sex Pillow

A sex pillow can help position you more comfortably for attempting a variety of sex-positions they are very useful for the less able-bodied.

Sex Ramp

A sex ramp can be like a sex pillow in a wedge shape. Some are hardened and wooden and installed in sex-rooms by sadomasochists.

Sex Swing

A ceiling mountable swing harness popular with couples who indulge in kinkier sex. It provides natural back and forth motions and takes less stamina.

Sex Stimulants

These are edible stimulants that get the libido going or added ingredients to lubricants that give pleasurable sensations.

Sex Toys For Men

In spite of gender fluidity, these toys require a penis to use them practically.

Sex Toys for Non-Binary & Transgendered

Toys specifically designed with gender transition or role-reversal in mind such as FTM strokers, packing toys and harnesses.

Sex Toys For Women

Toys that are for vaginal use or toys that need two holes to fill are often labeled as toys for women.

Sexy Gifts

These tend to be on the lighter side of things, novelty toys or lingerie and even games with an adult theme.


Shackles are a hardcore style of cuff restraint for practicing bondage. Some are fabric imitations and others are metallic and weighted.

Silicone Toys

Toys made from silicone give a realistic, flesh-like feeling and can be more pleasurable than a plastic toy.

Silicone Based Lubricant

Lubricants with a silicone-based formula are long-lasting and very water-resistant. They are thick enough for anal but cant be used with silicone toys and are tough to wash off.

Silver Bullet Vibrator

A popular branded style if bullet vibrator. With a discreet, tiny size but deceptively powerful vibrations.

Sleep Sack

Sometimes called a body-sack, used for putting a bound sub inside and zipping up. Some are airtight and have a mouth-hole for breathing. They can be vacuumed tightening over the body.

Smart Toys

There are a variety of vibrators and masturbators that come with apps to control them. Some can sync with pornographic videos and replicate on-screen action. This can be enhanced with virtual reality.


Sounds is the name given to a thin probe that can be inserted into the urethra (male or female) they come in sets that increase in size – not for the faint-hearted.

Sperm Stopper

A metallic cock ring device that sits behind the head of the penis. It has a small smoother hook that reaches up and over with a ball-shaped that is inserted into the urethra.

Spider Gag

A type of mouth opener with arms that hook inside the cheek and an elasticated strap that goes around the back of the head and a second set of hooks for the other cheek. They spread the mouth open for oral sex.

Spreader Bars

Hardy bars with cuffs and chains that spread legs or ankles apart that can chain to arms and neck or ceiling and bed mounts to keep a partner in a submissive position.


Modeled on ye olde punishment restraints, stocks and pillories are wooden devices with holes for the head and hands to go through. They close over the neck and wrists or they are for the feet closing at the ankles.


A strap-on is a dildo that you can strap to yourself to have sex with a partner. They can be for females to penetrate with or for males to double penetrate with.

Strapless Strap-On

A dildo for pegging a partner that is attached with no harness but is inserted by the penetrator instead. They can be double-ended or triple-ended.

Stretching Toys

Toys to stretch holes with, they may come in sets of progressing sizes like plugs for your arse or may just be very large dildoes or rubber fists.

String of Pearls

A string of pearls is another name for a set of beads or balls strung together. Sometimes in varying sizes, usually for anal stimulation.

Suction Cups

Suction cups are cups that you can draw the skin into by pulling the top layer and vacuuming the air.

Suction-Cup Based Toys

Typically dildo’s (some male masturbators too) that have a suction cup so you can stick them to a surface and screw them silly. Eliminating the need to hold them.



Are tails made of wool, fur or hair they are either sewn onto panties or attached to an anal plug that you can insert into your ass.

Tenga Egg

An egg-shaped men’s toy that caps over the head of the penis and can be manipulated by hand. Available with a wide variety of internal patterns and very stretchy.

Thrusting Toys

Vibrators that have an end that lengthens and shortens concertina-style inside of you giving a thrusting feeling.

Thrusting Chair

A chair with a motorized piston, you can sit on a toy and it will do all the work. Some have restraints as well.


Like a feather duster and used to tickle a partner great in a pleasure-pain situation.

Training Beads

Beads of varying sizes to insert into the ass and stretch the sphincter muscles.

Training Plugs

Usually sold as a set of 3 or 5 these plugs go up in size to train your anus muscles into relaxing enough for anal sex. Some are stand-alone plugs with three bulges that increase in girth.

Toy Mounts

Pillows or chairs and wall mounts that can hold a toy still for you.

TPE Toys

Thermoplastic elastomer is a man-made material used for sex-toys there is a little debate on how long they can safely be used before they begin to deteriorate.


Urethra Probes

Long thin (usually stainless steel) rods of varying sizes that can be inserted into the urethra.

Urethral Stimulation

The practice of stimulating around and placing things within the urethra such as sounds to stretch them with.


Vaginal Toys

Toys for vaginal insertion, typically those which wouldn’t fit an ass, for example, a rabbit vibrator which is ergonomically curved for a women’s body.

Vibrating Cock Ring

A cock-ring that sports a miniature vibrator that can stimulate a clitoris when deeply penetrating.

Vibrating Plugs

Plugs for your butt that can also vibrate. Some have a wired separate remote, they usually have many settings to explore.

Vibrating Tongue Bar

Vibrating jewelry for people with tongues piercings to make cunnilingus or fellatio more interesting.

Vibrating Tongue ring

A vibrator with a sleeve or ring that you can slip onto your tongue to pleasure partners orally with.


A device that contains a motor and producing vibrations. Many have selectable patterns and speeds to choose from.


Long thin vibrators, most shaped for accessing g-spot areas.

Wahl Vibrator

Another tool originally innocently developed for alleviating muscular pains now very popular in the bedroom. Mains-powered with multiple attachments.

Warming Lubricant

A lubricant that warms with air contact providing tantalizing sensations on external body parts.

Water-Based Lubricant

A lubricant that has a water content of around 60% or higher very safe, and versatile but quickly absorbed.

Waterproof Vibrator

A vibrator that has sealed electronics that can be submersed, perfect for taking to the shower or using in a pool or hot tub.

Wearable Vibrator

A wearable vibrator is one you can slip inside completely with little or no external parts.


A thin handled flogging toy with long thong, fall, and cracker for causing pain or demanding respect.

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