Sexual Supplements For Women Step Out Of The Shadows

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We all want a better sex life – more of it, to last longer, or well, just any sex at all. The web is full of sexual supplements that claim to boost your libido and improve your sex life no end, but what are these sex pills and creams that claim to give you the most mind-blowing sex you’ve had since that secret dream about Barrack Obama? (We recommend you eat less cheese before bedtime).

Let’s take a look.

Speak To Your GP Before Taking Sexual Supplements

Ingredients are generally organic and natural in sexual supplements, but it’s probably safer to speak to your GP before you take anything, especially if you are already on blood pressure medication or other prescriptions. Remember we are not PhDs here. We’re just reviewing what is out there in case you need the info. Plus, we like it.

Shhh! It’s a Sex Pill!

It appears that the taboo around sexual supplements is beginning to fade away. The most obvious public links into the supplement world are erectile dysfunction medications for men. This has brought about a new openness with libido enhancers, and a realization that a bad sex life, or lack of libido, can be turned around.

Exposure on the internet may also have made sexual supplements recognizable and more acceptable. Some supplements like Provestra have appeared on Fox News and HerSolution Gel appeared on The Doctors TV show. That’s not hiding them away until the rubbish adverts after midnight – they’re out there in the public glare.

What Do Sexual Supplements Claim?

Sexual supplements claim to boost your libido and improve your chances of orgasm. They are not prescription pills, but are more like multi-vitamins with a specific lean towards increasing sexual desire.

They may also boost other physical reactions. A dry vagina can cause no end of sex problems, and some sexual supplements state that their ingredients increase lubrication and blood flow to the pelvic areas.

What’s In Sexual Supplements?

All supplements, whether topical gels or pills, generally have similar ingredients. It stands to reason that the better quality ones will have better quality ingredients, but always research and check it out for yourself.

Here are a few of the ingredients found in sexual supplements. There are many more, and you’d be scrolling down until the end of time if we listed every single one. Here’s a taster, read up on more during your toilet break.


Improves energy levels and mood – just what you need for good sex. Getting out of puff when you’ve barely started is embarrassing. Ginseng is also thought to increase levels of nitric oxide, which is similar to ingredients in erectile dysfunction pills.

Black Cohosh

This may increase blood flow to the pelvis, which can stimulate women. It was used in the past to treat ‘women’s complaints’ as your grandfather might say. Black cohosh is currently under review as a menopausal treatment.


Yes it sounds like a brand of margarine, but it’s said to increase blood flow, and is often used in lubricating sexual supplements such as Vigorelle and Provestra. It’s an amino acid that helps immunity and generally stimulates the body.


Probably the most ridiculous name ever for a sexual supplement ingredient, but there you go. Chasteberry may block the chemical prolactin that is accused of interfering with desires. It also boosts dopamine. In Germany it’s medically used to help support menstrual problems. They are efficient over there – so chasteberry gets our vote.


What’s going on with these weird names? Wasn’t Gingko in the Beatles? That’s a true sexual stimulant if we ever saw one – you can’t argue with thousands of screaming women. On a scientific note, Ginkgo has been used as a sexual supplement for thousands of years. Chinese herbal medicine usually includes a great big dollop of Ginkgo. It’s said to increase mental alertness, and improve asthma and fatigue too – sounds like a good all-rounder. There are those who believe it’s a placebo, but can you argue with that amount of history?

How Do Sexual Supplements Work?

The ingredients listed above are said to stimulate estrogen, boost blood circulation, and encourage lubrication in women. Supplements can be taken two ways:

1. Topical Lotions

Topical versions applied straight to the vagina deliver a dose of stimulating ingredients just where it’s needed. They work as a lube, and last for a short time. Creams often tingle on application, and most claim that they dilate blood vessels. This may encourage blood flow, and ultimately lead to the big O. Or it may just be that your other half is rubbing your clitoris for once. Whatever works for you – stick with it!

2. Pills

Pills may deliver a dose of libido-boosting ingredients into your body on a daily basis. The gradual build up of L-Arginine, black cohosh, and others might lead to better long-term feminine health and sexual appetite.

If you choose a pill form of sexual supplement, it might take some time before you can expect any results. If you are trying to boost your blood levels then it’s going to take time. Taking one supplement won’t get you too far; you’ve got to be committed. If you are the type to eat one spinach sandwich and think you’ll lose weight over the coming week, then these probably aren’t for you. If you’re a short-termer, then a cream or gel might suit you better.

Will Sexual Supplements Work for ME?

They might work, is the honest answer. You can boost your chances by going for high quality. Some low-quality sexual supplements can contain parabens and other nasty stuff you won’t want to ingest or apply on a regular basis.

Many people choose to use these supplements, so a thriving market has sprung up around them. If they don’t work, would the supply and demand structure still exist? Perhaps they’ve got something going for them, or perhaps it’s a just a placebo. Still, most are safe to use, and the better ones have money-back guarantees, so it’s not a gamble.

Sexual supplements have come a long way in recent years. They are not a dirty secret hiding in the shadows as they used to be. If you are feeling the effects of a busy life, stressful job and have no interest in sex, then they could be worth a try. We bet some of your friends have already tried them out. Next time you’re at the water-cooler why not drop it into conversation? (not with your boss though, or creepy Brian from accounts).

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