Shower Sex Mastery: 22 Safe Tips & Positions for Orgasmic Showers

The first time I had shower sex it happened really fast…

Me and my boyfriend were in a hurry to go out and spend the day outside. I jumped straight into the shower and he joined me…

shower sex meme

*Not* me and my boyfriend

We just went about our business washing ourselves…

But then suddenly he started touching me, and everything kind of went upward from there.

I know the majority of people find it hard and even unpleasurable to have sex in the shower, not to mention the comfort and the risk of accident. Honestly, I find it really hot, so hot that we decided not to go out anymore and spend the day cuddling in bed.

11 Tips For Orgasmic Shower Sex

Here’s how to have the hottest shower sex you’ll ever have. I have prepared 11 tips that I know will be important for first-timers. So let go of that fear and stop thinking about it too much, jump in the shower and enjoy!

1) Make Sure To Use Warm Water

warm water

This tip might seem like a no-brainer but is always worth mentioning. Don’t ever forget to heat up the water first at the right temperature and let the bathroom be warm and comfortable.

You wouldn’t want to ruin the fun just because of the cold water or floor. There are people who have sensitive privates and they don’t get aroused due to the coldness.

It’s always better to turn on the warm water beforehand and set your preferred temperature. Then, turn the water down so both of you are not distracted by the heat, you can also direct the shower to the wall so it won’t be a great distraction.

2) Make Your Safety The Priority

You might think of safe sex as using contraceptives. Though that’s correct, we’d like to talk about your literal physical safety. To lessen the risk of injuries, invest in buying a non-slip bath mat that will stick to the floor. Make sure these mats can really suck to the bottom of your shower area yet are easy enough to be pulled out when you’re cleaning it up.

3) Enjoy Having Foreplay

If you immediately go straight to the end goal, then you just lost the purpose of having a novel sexual experience. Avoid the temptation of taking short-lived sex. Instead, enjoy each other’s bodies through foreplay.

Lather your partner’s body with water and soap starting from the front then go to the back. Watch how your partner reacts to the new sexual sensations to make your adjustment.

You can slowly stroke your partner’s skin with an exfoliant. Salt scrubs or sugar scrubs can also do the trick for better sensation and can get the blood flowing.

Take time and stay present during the foreplay to fully enjoy the process. Remember, sex in the shower is not always about penetration and orgasm. Other kinds of play such as oral sex and exploring each other’s erogenous zones will greatly add-up to the intensity.


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4) Frequently Rinse The Shower Area

One of the best things in the shower is that you can get extra creative with using soap, shampoo, or conditioner and make your sexual act more romantic. However, this also means the possibility of unwanted accidents.

Even if you already had the non-slip mat, you and your partner can still be injured with one wrong move. With that, you should not only focus on giving pleasure to your partner but also on keeping both of you safe from slippery.

And the easiest way to do that is to always rinse out. You might hold on to something to maintain balance when getting freaky only to realize that you have soapy hands. Speaking of soapy hands, don’t think you’re clever for using them as lube. Just don’t go there, please.

This is the great challenge of having sex in the shower. You have to always be mindful but also not to the point that you get all stiff and anxious. Relax and enjoy the moment while keeping an eye out.

5) Consider Using Lubricant


As mentioned earlier, you cannot use water with soap as a lubricant. Actually, it could back-fire and cause too much discomfort. If you still want to grab each other’s sensitive bottoms, then please prepare a silicone lubricant.

At this point, it is safe to say that water is not a very good lubricant. If your lubricant washes off, or if you don’t use any, you can potentially be risking getting hurt and not enjoying it at all.

Do you know what I think about when sex in the shower without lubricant is mentioned? A wet hand stroking a balloon. Now, are you cringing? It’s not a turn-on, right?

6) Add More Spice With Waterproof Toys

Toys come in many forms and all of them are meant to give more joy. This time, we’re talking about adult toys such as vibrating loofahs, waterproof vibrators, and butt plugs. Adult partners who want to make love while getting wet also have enormous options.

While trying different sex positions, you can try using wand massagers on your entire body for relaxation. Stay away from bullet vibes in the shower since they are small and can easily slip out of your hands.

As a general rule, use big toys in the shower.

If you are alone and want to masturbate in the shower, using a waterproof vibrator or masturbator with a suction cup can help you make it memorable!

7) Put Condom On A Dry Penis

Always put the condom on before entering the shower room or at least make sure you put it on while your penis is still dry. The problem with condoms is that it can break easily due to water.

Other liquids such as oil-based lubricants, chlorine, and other chemicals present in water can break the condoms. So, always be mindful of that as well.

8) Get Into Anal Play

As sex in the shower is an opportunity to find a new intimate way to pleasure, it can also be a great time to try out anal play. Going out of your comfort zone could give you pleasures you never thought of before.

Remember to use anal lubricant as the anus doesn’t produce natural lubrication like the vagina does. Start with slowly massaging the lower back, caressing the outside of the anus, and move at the pace right both for you and your anal partner.

9) Play With The Shower Head

play with shower head

Point the shower head to your partner’s back while he is giving you oral sex, to help him relax and give him goosebumps. Another thing is jet spraying the clitoris or the perineum.

In case you and your partner love to having sex in the shower, try and buy a dual shower head. It’s hard for two people to get sprayed under one shower head. A dual shower head is the best solution.

10) Remember The Bedroom

Unlike most movie scenes, making love in the shower doesn’t mean the sex should start and finish in the shower. Yes, you can still go to the bedroom.

You might find the shower as a more fun place but can always transfer if it doesn’t feel right anymore or if you’re too tired to continue in the same place. There’s no shame in being honest so know when to move and continue the groove somewhere else.

11) Don’t Take Too Long

For our last tip, I would suggest not taking too long in the shower. Around 15-20-minutes may be good because after 20-30 minutes, there will be a point where you may have trouble breathing. Especially if you are pounding hardcore in a small hot bathroom full of steam.

If you have a massive bathroom then maybe you can do it for longer.

There is also the possibility where the water might get too hot or too cold, which can potentially ruin the moment. I would recommend turning the shower off (depending on the temperature where you are) and continuing without water, or just continue in the bedroom.

Consider shower sex as a part of a bigger sexcapade, instead of it just being a one time deal. Treat it as foreplay or round one.

8 Best Shower Sex Positions

Now that you know how to have good sex in the shower, let’s talk about the positions that you can try. Come to think of it, almost every sex position that can be done in bed can also be done in the shower.

Don’t believe me? Well, all you need is a lot of guts and determination.

Always be careful of slipping down!

Additional Tip: Put a suction shower handle for extra support while having sex in the shower. For a cheap price, they’re reusable and a lot safer than the shower curtain or soap holder.

12) The Wraparound

the wraparound

Lean on the nearest shower wall for support. Your man will approach you for face-to-face penetration. Wrap one of your legs around him. This sex position is safe and romantic as you can caress and kiss each other in the meantime.

The man can hold on to the wall for better balance and additional support.

13) Standing Doggy-Style

standing doggy style

Turn away from your partner and place your palms against the wall. Lean at about a 45-degree angle with knees slightly bent for a comfortable position. Your partner will slide in from behind while grabbing hips.

The good thing about this position is that you and your partner are quite secured from slipping which gives you more confidence and comfort to focus only on having fun.

14) On Your Knees

on your knees

The person receiving oral sex is standing with his back towards the shower head to shield the giver from unwanted distractions. The giver can squat, kneel, or take other preferred positions to pleasure the receiver. This position works best if the room is hot and steamy to make sure the giver doesn’t feel cold.

15) Woman On Top

women on top

If you have a large enough shower you can try this.

Take a seat with your butt on the floor and legs stretched out. The woman sits on top of you with her butt facing you. In a sitting reverse cowgirl type of position. The man can control the pace and intensity. The warm water flowing on each of you will make intensify the sensations.

This position is good especially to take a break from the standing position. It’s also a very good workout for her. What’s better than squatting on your favorite penis?

16) The Hanging Garden


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If you are a bodybuilder with a good cardio or your girlfriend is very light, you can try this one.

Pick your woman up and holds her in midair she wraps her legs around your waist. It will require a little bit of strength and while it looks more of a workout, it’s totally worth the effort.

This sex position involves danger. Even though you consider yourself brave, you still need to consider the safety of your partner. Always ensure your feet had a steady grip on the floor.

17) Standing Splits

standing splits

If you are a very flexible woman standing splits in the shower can be awesome.

Face your man and raise one leg up and rest it on his chest. He slides inside you and stimulates your behind with his hands, or a toy.

This sexual experience depends on your flexibility.

As this position is more prone to slipping, make sure to use a non-slip mat as already mentioned in our tips.

18) The Love Chair

the love chair

If you have one of those large shower rooms with bench, then you can try this sex position.

The man sits on the bench. The woman sits on top of him with her back pressed against his chest.

Unlike in the hanging garden, this time the woman almost has control over the pacing. The man can access the woman’s back and can his hands to reach whatever he can. He can also kiss her neck and talk dirty on her ear if that is his thing.

19) All Hands on Deck

hands on deck

The idea is to masturbate each other using both of your hands under the cascading water.

Either sit side-by-side, or leaning against each other, sitting opposite to each other, and even lying next to each other if you have enough space!

You will get in the best mood when you can feel arms, legs, and other parts of your bodies gliding together. So get close! This position can take advantage of a small shower room in a great way!

Other Considerations and Precautions

As shower sex is riskier than conventional sex on the bed, it would be better to add these extra considerations and precautions to make sure you will not have any regrets.

You wouldn’t want to end up getting hurt instead of getting hot, right?

20) Use Condoms

Some people seem to think that semen is washed out from the vagina if you’re having sex in a shower. Pretty weird stuff found in forums, obviously not true.

If you don’t want to make babies and she’s not on the pill, then use a condom.

Of course she can be on the pill and you can be using a condom and things can still go wrong, but chances are very low.

21) Outside The Shower Can Also Get Slippery

Be careful when getting out of the shower. Wet floors, mats, and soapy feet can make you slide and fall. Walk with caution and avoid running.

22) Bacteria Could Build-Up If You Are Wet For Too Long

Take time for foreplay but don’t take too long or you may take a risk for your health. The nether regions can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

So, after your action-packed sex, be sure to dry well to avoid a bacteria party.

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