Tantus Vibrating Progressive Beads Review: A Masterclass In Anal Awesome

I love my job. You know why? Because I receive deliveries like this.

Whilst some get junk mail and bills, I take delivery of Tantus products. It certainly brightens up a dull Monday morning.

What Are The Tantus Vibrating Progressive Beads?

No prizes for guessing they are vibrating progressive beads which are made by Tantus. What I didn’t realise was that these beads were big, even bigger than I thought possible to insert anywhere. I may have called on the Almighty to help me.

A Box More Boring Than A ‘Friends’ Repeat

When you are looking forward to some naughty anal fun, the last thing you want is your postman knowing about it. Unless he/she is hot, in which case you might. One thing is for sure, you won’t want your dog or psychopathic cat chasing him off when these beads are delivered. I’m building this up aren’t I? Suspense is good for you.

The beads arrived in a plain brown box so dull I nearly fell asleep. But wait! Inside this dull box lies a treasure.

The box is tough stuff and it was well packaged with sturdy brown paper. Because I’m overseas, and this delivery came from The States, there was a customs delivery label that stated ’massage accessories’ – which is no give-away. Thank you for respecting my privacy Tantus.

The vibrating beads box measures 14.5” by 5.5” x 3.5”. Inside, the beads were securely packed in tough, moulded plastic. It all looked very hygienic.

tantus vibrating progressive beads packaging

First impressions were Woo! Look at the size! I’m supposed to put them where? I admit I freaked out a little, but the thing is – you don’t have to use all the beads, not unless you want to. That’s why they are ‘progressive’. Start with the small and build up to the large.

There’s a lifetime’s work here for me. It’ll mean that I don’t need to buy any beads in the near future. These should do for most people’s size preferences.

Hands On!

The beads are jet black, matt and hard, yet they’re flexible. You can swing them around like a mini Indiana Jones with his trusty whip. The on /off switch is silver with a purple tip button. It all looks understated and quality stuff.

Running my hands over the material, it feels smooth but not slippery, not yet anyway.

tantus vibrating progressive beads

The four beads are pleasing to the eye because they seem to jump in size like a mathematical equation. Is each one double the size? Maybe. I’m no mathematician but they look like a proportioned sequence. In between each bead is a thin bendable stem, which reminds me of interval training on the treadmill.

Anal beads worry me because I think they might get lost ‘up there’. These are good because there’s a grip around the tip. It’s shaped like a study anchor, so there’s no way these can get lost, even with no hands. I ASSUME! I’ll test them in just a minute – if I end up at the hospital please put the kettle on and don’t tell my dad.

The Measurements

Measurements are important, and none more so than with an anal toy.

tantus-vibrating progressive beads measurements

The overall length of the beads is 11 inches. Don’t be scared. You can take your time. There are four beads as so:

1st bead (smallest): 0 .75”

2nd bead: 1″

3rd bead: 1.25″

4th bead: (largest) 1.4″

Base: 0.9″

Dividers: 0.25″

tantus vibrating progressive beads width

I double checked Tantus’ measurements and they are correct.

Onwards brave soldiers, to the practical testing area. Hold onto your backsides!

The Practical Exam

Lube It Up

As with all anal toys, lube is important. These beads are silicone, so don’t use silicone lube or it may damage them. Use some water-based lubricant instead.

The Bead Test

The beads are spaced roughly 1 inch apart so you can take a breather, have a drink, and get your breath back between insertions.

1st bead: Not much going on. But very easy to insert

2nd bead: OK, I felt that, some deep breathing required. It wasn’t uncomfortable though.

3rd bead: The third bead required some concentration but felt good.

4th bead: Both myself and my other half were too scared to try the 4th bead. This is for masters only, though who knows, red wine is a wonderful thing. I may come back with an update.

Good Vibrations

What About The Bullet?

Vibrations are created by Tantus’ 3 Speed Removable Waterproof Original Bullet. If you’re not into bottom vibrations, then you don’t have to turn the bullet on. It’s removable, you simply squeeze it out.

tantus vibrating bullet

The bullet vibrator measures 3” by 0.5” and it’s powered by a size N 1.5V battery, which are cheap and easy to find in the UK.

It’s very difficult to remove the battery from the bullet though. I used several choice swear words to aid me, neither of which helped. When I eventually managed to bang it out, I promptly put it back in the wrong way round and had to do it all over again.

The Vibration Test

There are three vibration settings. I tried each in turn, as did my other half.

1st Setting: This is a continuous vibration which doesn’t reach the smallest bead and barely moves the second. There are some vibrations on the third bead, but the largest 4th bead buzzes quite happily. This makes sense, because the top bead is closest to the bullet. I didn’t insert the 4th bead, though so can’t report on its internal vibration capacity.

2nd Setting: This is a faster and more intense continuous vibration. Same as above with regards to where it buzzed well though. There’s not much going on with the first two beads, but the third bead produces some pretty good sensations. My other half concurred.

3rd Setting: This is a pulse vibration which is pretty strong. I can feel buzzing on the second to smallest bead. It feels more powerful than the previous two settings. I found it a bit irritating though, as did my other half.

I have to say that overall the vibrations were not as strong as I would have liked. The first vibration setting doesn’t move much at all when it’s inserted, although if you put it on your table it will sound like a pneumatic drill and move like a snake.

The third setting is, well, annoying. The second setting is the best. My other half liked it too. I reckon the only thing we’ve ever agreed on is that 3rd bead on the 2nd setting is the best combination.

With regards to his ‘P’ spot, we found it very quickly. It was lightening fast in fact, which took us both by surprise. I won’t go into details!


Oh yes. The progressive vibrating beads are bendy. You can make a circle tip to tail with them.

tantus vibrating beads bending

The interconnecting stems are pliable and bend with no pressure. They are pretty tough, so I pulled them as hard as I dared with my hands and they stretched out. If you’re not relaxed then your sphincter muscles grip the stems; it worried me they might snap. Whether they actually would I’m not sure. Perhaps I was too uptight. I am a Brit after all.

Despite what Christian Grey says about yanking beads out at orgasm I think that’s odd and frankly it put me off.

Where Else Can You Put Them?

It occurred to me that these beads are ‘progressive vibrating beads’, not just ‘progressive vibrating anal beads’, so after a thorough washing, sterilization, and cycle through the dishwasher, I used them as a dildo.

It turned out to be a fun afternoon. I like that you can insert the first few beads and then, because they’re so flexible, use the 4th bead as a clitoral stimulator.

Overall it’s not really strong enough for an orgasm so I pulled out the bullet and used that on its own. Wow! The vibrations doubled.

Temperature Play

Temperature play is fun. I always like to test out toys with hot and cold experiments. There’s nothing on Tantus’ website about their ability to hold temperature, but why not give it a go, eh? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Heat: The beads heated up nicely in boiling water, but after a few minutes they had lost most of the heat. Here’s a tip – if you put these beads in boiling water remember that they are hollow and will fill up. Don’t be like me and cause a flood on the kitchen floor, especially with boiling water.

Cold: The beads froze up nicely but body temperature warmed them up within a few minutes.
So much for temperature play – but to be fair, Tantus don’t recommend them for temperature play. That’s just me being nosey.

Clean Up

Clean up is simple, but always remove the bullet first.

Because these beads are medical grade silicone you know they’ll be hygienic if you treat them right. You can bleach them, boil them, and put them through the dishwasher.

The silicone is smooth, there are no notches to clean out or rough surfaces to harbour germ-breeding bacteria.

Cons Of Tantus’ Progressive Vibrating Beads

The beads are a bit tricky to turn off. You need to press and hold for about 3 seconds. This is easier said than done with slippery hands. The button is quite small too; if you’ve hand difficulties you may struggle a bit.

If you like anal vibrations then you’ll have to use at least the third largest bead, which is a big ask if you are not an anal master. Even when harnessing ‘The Force’ Yoda-style I couldn’t bring myself to attempt the largest bead. My husband’s words were ‘What the ******* is that and where the ****** are you going to ****** put it? So that was a no-go.

I reckon a more experienced anal prober would rate this higher than me, I feel a bit bad because the 4th bead defeated me, but then if I can’t do it, then I suspect there are many others who can’t either.

Pros Of Tantus’ Progressive Vibrating Beads

Overall the beads are good quality. Tantus does make quality sex toys, and these beads are no exception.

They feel like velvet, the sizes are pleasingly ranged and the flexibility is spot-on. I like that there are 3 vibrations settings too, and that the bullet comes out for fun on its own.

As a dildo it’s just OK, but using the bullet as a clitoral vibrator is fab. The beads are made from ‘100% Ultra Premium silicone’. So if you are allergic to latex, plastic or whatever, these beads are a good bet.

So does that make them a great value toy? I think so.

Overall Conclusion

The beads are big. Even when using only 3 beads out of 4 it’s a bit intimidating.

Some reviews say this is not a beginner toy, but you don’t have to use all of the beads in one sitting. The 1st bead is small. Granted there’s not much in the way of vibration, but it’s not hard to insert the first bead, and that builds confidence.

When the beads first arrived I was scared. I admit it frightened me to death, but after getting to know them, I’d say they are great fun. As an anal toy they have plenty to offer and the largest bead will keep give you something to aim at.

Overall, I’d say this is a good purchase for beginners and more experienced users alike. I like that it’ll grow with you on your anal adventures. You won’t have the cost of improving your toy after a few weeks.

Nice work, Tantus.

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