Spice Up Your Sex Life (for Good) With These 3 Tricks

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Spice up your sex life for real

Do you yawn every time you get an erection? Are you so bored that for you sex is like a work shift without a lunch break? Would you rather study the biology of a Trochodendron Nastae than take off your clothes and have sex?

Stop right there, slap your face and get ready for a change!

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Since you’re lucky enough that I’m not there to help you out with my hands, I’m gonna leave you with this post.

Don’t read it all – unless you want to dramatically spice up your sex life, of course.

1) Spice Up Your Sex Life With The Diversion Tactic

Let’s play with awareness.

When you do the same routine over and over again, you lose awareness. You go into autopilot mode. It’s like if your mind says: “all right I am not needed here, the body is gonna do it, I can think about something else”.

Have you ever driven your car to work and found out that you got to your destination without even realizing it? You don’t remember the details of the trip, you don’t remember what was going on around you because your mind was thinking about your colleague’s mini skirt and your body was driving the car unconsciously.

Now, imagine that one day you jump in your car, you take the same street as usual, but that day someone decided to do a public protest in the streets against boring sex ;) and there is a pretty damn big road block.

You will need to take a different and unexplored route.

What would happen? I bet you’d be very careful of the streets around you, you’d be extremely aware of this brand new environment. The same thing happens with sex. If you keep following the same routine over and over, you’ll lose awareness, your sensations become numb, and sex gets boring.

Take a detour today!

Explore new territories (a Jack Sparrow hat will certainly help): have sex in different rooms. Be flexible and creative. Instead of using the kitchen to eat and the bedroom to have sex, reverse the roles.

If you, like most men, don’t care that much about the quality of your sex because you just want to dunk the biscuit, that’s ok, but remember that women are more sensitive and they love these things.

Nature wants to protect you, it wants you to survive. So when you are in an unexplored situation, it makes you more alert, more sensitive, that means you’ll feel new and stronger sensations.

Some of the things you can try are:

  • Sex in the kitchen, on the table
  • On the floor in the corridor
  • Against the wall, or against the front door (the risk of being caught by the neighbors will surely make you more aware)
  • In the bathroom in front of a mirror
  • On the bed upside down
  • In the fridge between the milk and the carrots :)
  • On a chair in the lounge room and so on

And you know what else is gonna happen? When you’re having sex in new unexplored places your usual positions will feel slightly different and even if you won’t notice it (especially if you’re drunk) she will (even if she’s drunk) and she’ll love it.

Note: I highly recommend you to wear some shining armor when trying these techniques in order to protect your back from her scratches.

So, explore new areas of your house, and have sex in as many corners as you can. Cover every square meter of your house with sperm love.

2) Be A Tourist With The Exploration Tactic

Now if you still have the Jack Sparrow hat I suggested you buy, hold on tight to it because today we are exploring new territories – soft, silky, round and sexy ones…

Be prepared and bring your wellies in case it gets wet. Actually, you should hope it does ;)

Right, so what happens to the couple that follows the same routine over and over again?

They become a bored couple. And sometimes even a cheating couple. Bring something new to the table, and I’m not suggesting you dye your teabags blonde, no no.

Spice up your sex life by surprising her – how?

Here’s a little geography lesson:

I’m taking for granted that you’ve grasped the areas of the two pointed mountains and the dark cave between the two pinky lips. Now that you have the basics, it’s time for you to move on and explore some other lands. All you need is curiosity, patience and calm (and a cheeky face). No, you don’t need your whip for now, pop that back in your belt.

Ready to start? Let’s go!

Look around her head, and you’ll discover a piece of body called a neck… Kiss it gently, touch it, grab it (this is actually pretty relaxing and primitive), then roll her onto her back.

Hey stop there!

Don’t jump to the round silky hills too quickly! Lick her spine, bone by bone, kiss her underarms and so on. These unexplored areas will give her incredible sensations and pleasure, and will actually set you apart from the 90% of the guys who go straight to the golf hole.

Here’s a secret: little powerful treasures are hidden in her joints.

  • Kiss and suck gently inside her elbows
  • Touch slowly between her fingers
  • And try behind her knees… (Do it gently though or she’ll jump
    off the bed)
  • Caress around her nipples
  • Kiss her eyelids very softly
  • Massage her nails with a toothbrush and then bite them! (I’m
    joking, don’t do that… Even though it would probably be pretty

Be a tourist! Instead of going straight to the main attractions, have a wonder around and if you get lost just ask for directions.

Also touch the same areas in a different ways:

Use ice cubes, feathers, credit cards or even simply the back of your hand. How many men do that? Pffffheeww 1% maybe?

3) The Creativity Tactic

The old sage said once (cue traditional oriental music):

“Will power is the ability to look at a naked woman in the eyes”.

Now, let’s do a little personality test:

If exposed to an heavy, dusty, 2900 pages Chinese grammar book, what is the first thing you would think?

A) Oh yeah, man! Finally something exciting in my life! Let me study it!

B) Oh nooo, chinese grammar is so boring, almost like having sex with my partner!

C) Chinese? Why not Korean? At least I could have translated Gangnam Style!

Whether you chose A,B or C you urgently need to read this post. Actually I suggest you to print it, to cut it in tiny little pieces, put it in your tea and drink it all in once! (maybe add some lemon :))

We want to spice up your sex life, and tonight we are going to use the creativity tactic.

Creativity can make things very exciting if properly used, and get ready to discover 4 sexy, cheeky games you can enjoy with your partner:

  1. The warm alphabet
  2. The sweet honey
  3. The crazy candle
  4. The hidden chocolate

After you read the instructions for each game below, write them on 4 little pieces of paper with your own hand (no computer and no printing, right?), fold them and place each underneath a candle.

Try to choose 4 different candles in different colors and shape…

I know what you are thinking: “Come on, man, do I really need to do all of this??”

This is my answer: no, you don’t need to.

You can just dunk your spoon in the milk like anyone can do, or break up with your partner, find someone else, wait for your new exciting sex life to become boring again and come back on this website, read this post once more and go for the candles this time…

I don’t know, if I were you, I would give it a try tonight.

And by the way, if real candles are too expensive for you, just draw candles on a piece of paper she’ll smile 100% guaranteed.

Take her in a room of your choice with a comfortable surface for laying down. Switch off the lights, and light up the candles (that at this stage should already be on the table or floor with the instructions underneath them).

Play some soft music, ideally from a female singer and explain the rules to her: each of you has to choose a candle (of course she starts) and follow the instructions underneath them.

The Warm Alphabet:

Have your partner to take off their underwear and to lay down. Then unfold your tongue from your mouth and draw the alphabet on your partner jewelry. Do it very slowly and let the jeweler choose the letters.

The Hidden Chocolate:

Blindfold your partner and turn them around (just to be sure they can’t see you), hide a little chocolate somewhere on your body. Then, have them finding it – with their tongue. Hands are strictly not allowed.

The Sweet Honey:

Undress your partner and put them to lay on their side, naked. Squeeze some honey on their body, starting from the ankle and going up to the tights and hips and underarms and neck. Then slowly lick it away. Have fun!

The Crazy Candle:

Grab the candle who was covering this piece of paper and put it next to your partner. Have them to lay down and open their legs. Then, mirroring the movement and rhythm of the candle, lick your partner’s piece of cake till you drive them crazy.


All of these games are about oral sex, so tell her to warm up her tongue before starting out, maybe give her something warm to drink.

Since you know what’s underneath each candle let her choose first. If you have troubles arriving at the end of the game because you are too horny, just calm down (cue oriental music) and meditate on what the old sage said:

Will power is the ability to look a naked woman in the eyes

Repeat this sentence in your mind over and over again like a mantra. This should give you the inner strength you need to get to the end. But if it doesn’t work, free the beast inside you!

Spicing Up, Lasting Longer and Fun Seekers

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Have fun!

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