Vigorelle Review – Women’s Libido Booster?


Vigorelle Women’s Libido Booster

There are a number of female libido boosters on the market, but Vigorelle claim that it ‘WILL WORK FOR YOU… OR YOU GET 100% OF YOUR MONEY BACK!’ (their caps, not ours), so it must be something special? Let’s take a closer look to find out what exactly this product is, how it works, and what it might do for you.

What Exactly Is Vigorelle?

It’s a pump vial of cream that women apply to their genitals. It acts as a lubricant and may boost libido. That doesn’t sound very sexy – but Vigorelle say that you’ll experience deeper, more intense sensations than ever before. We can go for that! So what else does it do? Well, it also acts as a lubricant in case you’re suffering from vaginal dryness. So, it’s a two-in-one, multi-tasking product that may help to enhance female libido – that sounds like something we can all do with as we rush through our busy and stressful lives.

What Does ‘Libido’ Mean?

Libido refers to your sex drive. If you don’t want to have sex, or you’re just never in the mood, then your libido may be low. It can happen for many reasons. Here’s a few:

1. Health Problems

Perhaps menopause is approaching. Menopause plays havoc with women’s hormones, and sex may be one of the first things affected. Poor health in general leads to low libido. Frequent colds, infections, or long-standing illnesses really take it out of you. It’s hardly surprising you don’t have the energy for sex.

2. You’re Just Too Busy

Stress from a busy life is draining and stops you having fun. A hard time at work, demanding families, and housework take up so much time there is not much left over to enjoy yourself. When life isn’t fun, sex is just another chore. How depressing… too busy for sex! Bet you never thought that would happen when you first got together! But that’s life; it gets in the way of having a good time. Vigorelle may help you get back that desire for sex.

3. Vaginal Dryness

This passion killer can happen for numerous reasons. Once you’ve rule out a medical reason, it may be just one of those things to work around.

4. Nervousness

Perhaps you haven’t really enjoyed sex before. You don’t like your body, you haven’t experienced good sex, you’ve been criticized or called frigid, and you just can’t relax. Being up tight guarantees that orgasms will remain elusive.

What’s In Vigorelle?

Vigorelle is an all-natural product with no fillers and no parabens. This is good news, as it’s a water-based cream that will absorb into your body.

Here are the main botanical ingredients:

L-Arginine. An amino acid that is said to increase blood flow. It’s used in Vigorelle as well as other female libido enhancers such as HerSolution Gel, as lack of blood flow to the vagina is one of the reasons women don’t get turned on.

Ginkgo Biloba. This is said to improve circulation, and it’s a natural remedy used in menopause treatments. Menopause is one of the explanations for a low libido.

Wild Yam. Wild Yam is reported to increase energy levels, and it’s used to fight drops in oestrogen levels.

Damiana Leaf. This is an old, old herb used centuries ago to boost female libido and fertility! See, even in the Stone Age we were worrying about sex, we haven’t grown as a race at all.

Aloe Vera Gel. Not only saviour of sunburn and eczema, Aloe Vera is a soothing gel on the vagina too. Plus, it helps get you slippery and ready for action.

• Others – Vitamins for general health.

How Do You Use Vigorelle?

If you already use a lubricant, then just swap and you’re off. Vigorelle claims to be an instant arousal cream, so you can apply and get down to it straight away. It needs to be rubbed into the vagina and clitoris, specifically under the clitoral-hood – you might need to Google that for a diagram, but don’t do it at work.

One of the benefits of Vigorelle is that it’s not a pill, so you don’t need to worry about when it might kick in, or worry about what happens if you don’t like the effects. If you don’t like it, simply wash it off. That said if you have an infection such as thrush, be sensible and don’t use it in case you develop even more irritation.

Vigorelle’s Side Effects

The official webpage says there are no side effects from using the cream topically. They use a naturopath to choose the right stimulating ingredients in the appropriate doses. The claims have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but that is generally standard for all female libido enhancing creams and pills on the market.

Vigorelle’s Money Back Guarantee

Vigorelle state that you’ll “Discover the big, robust, explosive orgasms (and even multiple orgasms!) that you’ve read about but never experienced” and that’s a direct quote from their webpage. They are so confident their cream is going to work on your low libido, that they offer a two month period to test the product out. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back.

Vigorelle is Not Just For Low Libido Sufferers

Vigorelle point out that even if you have no problems with your sex life, this libido-enhancing cream may make it even better.

Although Vigorelle is aimed primarily at women with sexual arousal issues, it can also be used to spice sex up even further. You don’t need to suffer from low libido to use it.


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