X4 Labs Penis Extender Review: NOT Recommended

Update March 2020: We no longer recommend this penis extender due to the lack of customer service. We have emailed them multiple times over the past months and never received a reply. But back in the days I was pretty excited about this extender. Phallosan Forte is still our n.1 choice

Here is a list of the best penis extenders on the market today.

Wooooah you guys!

I’m finally back with another epic penis extender review. This time the lucky device is the X4 Labs.

Definitely a cool name, some creativity is always nice… but let’s stop mental masturbation about penis extenders’ names and take a closer look at this American-made device. If there are any Chinese readers, you guys don’t take it personally, we’re not been racists here :) After all, I like asian girls!

Super Boring Delivery – Good!

For those of you who are scared of being caught up by their neighbors while holding a penis shaped box containing the X4 Labs, let me disappoint you. The device was delivered in a plain brown boring box. No penises on top, nothing at all. All plain, boring and completely anonymous ;) Yeah but of course these X4 guys are pros… I wouldn’t expect them to fail so miserably…

Package was anonymous, so yeeeah! that’s awesome. You can tell your mum you just bought some geeky encyclopedia stuff.

X4 Labs penis extender full package

The X4 Labs parts – Notice the DVD on the right… I wonder if anybody still uses them in 2015

The Box Inside The Box – Dude! Where’s The Case? Wtf!

The actual penis extender was inside some small white and blue package. If you have a fetish for penis extenders or wanna masturbate to your package, you’ll be disappointed with X4 Labs because pretty much there’s nowhere to store it after you open it, no case sir, you’ll need to throw it back in the white package. (If you wanna masturbate professionally instead, try one of these they are designed for it.). I know a leather case with some hot girl’s picture on top would have been nicer… but that’s what they got at X4 Labs.

As I say in the video above – go watch that video dude! It took me a while to edit and stuff, and you’ll get a much better understanding of this whole thing – I did like the fact that there’s no fluff coming with the X4 Labs. Sometimes it is a little annoying when penis extenders companies send random accessories that add no much value to the whole thing. Honestly I did prefer this X4 Labs minimalistic/focused approach. At least it doesn’t make you feel like they’re trying to rip you off or buying you with some useless stuff. You ordered an extender? That’s what you get. If you want a toy, don’t get X4 Labs, they’re not the right people for you.

x4 labs penis extender side view

Holding the X4 Labs extender after mounting the Quad Support

There are all sort of X4 labs “packages” you can order, I got a sample one from the X4 Labs guys which is a mix between the Deluxe version and the Premium one. So the number of actual parts in my package will most probably differ from the one you will have, therefore I’m not even gonna bother to count them. Anyways from this point of view, x4labs.com is your friend and you can take a look at your different options right here.

My X4 Labs package contained the infamous Quad Support system, which is kinda cool and unique to X4 Labs.

Quad Support And Why You Should Get One (Even Cheekily)

Yeah cheekily, I mean, for free.

X4 Labs in fact is throwing an offer out there, where if you keep track of your penis growth by using their penis extender they will pretty much refund you. They will get a free review that will help them make more ca$h and you will get a free device and hopefully a longer penis. Everybody wins!!!

Sure, not everybody has the balls, the patience, the time, to be there measuring himself and keep track of his growth etc. in order to qualify for the offer… but yeah, check it out if you think you got what it takes! And we may see your penis on national tv soon or later :) just kidding…

Quad Support And Why You Should Get One (Seriously Now)

If there was no Quad Support, the X4 Labs wouldn’t look much different from the SizeGenetics, Vimax, Jes-Extender or ProExtender. Sure when I was holding the extender in my hand and when it was holding my penis, I could feel the quality of the materials is at the highest standards in the industry, maybe just as good as the PeniMaster Chrome, but really the Quad Support is “the” key element of this device.

Quad Support is not just a well marketed name, but actually a very comfortable, smart piece of technology.

Quad Support System X4 Labs

Hybrid Support on the left and Quad Support on the right

If you’ve never tried a classic device before, like the Vimax or the Jes, you may not “get” it. But the thing is that sometimes the “mono” or as they call it at X4 Labs “Hybrid” (definitely this X4 guys are good at choosing names! I’m gonna tell my sister to give them a call to get help with her baby name’s choice…) support system sometimes can slip or it can really “feel” like not enough and get you tired more easily.

Pretty much simply doubling the grip points, the Quad Support gives you not just more comfort, but also a better grip (by grabbing your penis in two different areas). Keep in mind that we’re not talking about something trivial here. In order to extend your penis, you’ll need to be wearing the device for hours… for months…

A more comfortable device means, you’ll wear it more => more gains!
A better grip means, more effective traction => more gains!
Getting less tired means, you’ll wear it for longer => more gains!

So, yeah that all sounds awesome!

Of course you guys, don’t misinterpret me.

Quad Support is just a cool name for a simple double support piece, nothing too fancy, mystic or out-of-the-world about it. But thing is, we live in a world where people can “patent” stuff… so that means that in 2015 if you want a system like that, which is actually pretty cool, you need to get it from X4 Labs.

Seriously Bro, Is It Really That Comfortable??

Well, don’t expect to get an orgasm while wearing it dude. It’s an extender after all. It will stretch your penis, it’s not supposed to be fun. Just like Yoga is not supposed to be fun, or just like working out is not fun… unless you take off your shirt and do it in front of a mirror of course…

X4 labs base

A closer view at the base of the device

Penis extenders’s level of comfort is what it is… Some are better than others and X4 Labs is one of the best penis extenders I’ve tried. And especially it’s also dead-easy to use. No vacuum pumps, no belts, just a plain, focused, comfortable device. I was actually pleasantly surprised with it. No bs.

Which Of The X4 Labs Packages Should I Get?

Either Deluxe or Premium I’d say. Really there’s no need to waste your money on the Gold Luxury one, unless your dad is some arabic sheikh (in which case you could order a custom version with diamonds on top) and going for the Starter (affordable) one is not gonna work long-term because there are not enough metal bars/springs and you’ll end up buying them later on… which means it will not be that “affordable” anymore.

Deluxe or Premium are both good, probably Premium is the top. It’s a best seller so there must be a reason. Of course get the Quad Support add-on.

Other than that you guys, this X4 Labs review is over, my girlfriend just said in the video seems like I’m losing weight… hmm… I guess I should stop this vegetarian diet experiment I am trying… those salads are killing me!

Have fun, make it count and let me know how it goes with X4 Labs.

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