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47 Hour


a P.E. Survivor’s Step by Step, Honest, Inspiring, Motivating, Fun, Complete, 100% Natural, Empowering Program to Train your Mind, Body and Soul to take Full Control of your Ejaculation and become a Man in Control.

By Deon Black
Founder and creator of Let’s Talk Sex.

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I know how it feels. I suffered from chronic P.E. and I’ve spent years trying to find a solution.
I’ve bought every possible book and tried everything.
After a decade of research, experimentation, tests and trial and error, I found the cure. I cured myself. For good.
47 Hour is the cure.

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This program takes you through one little step at a time to master all of the mental, emotional and physical aspects of ejaculation.
Nothing is taken for granted and you’ll learn easily, quickly and naturally.

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Most of the programs out there contain hyped and outdated information based on myths instead of facts.
Like Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are 1/4 of the equation. They don’t work on their own and actually worsen your P.E. if you don’t train the rest of your pelvic floor muscles using the 4 singular pelvic exercises I teach in this program.
Kegel by itself = Worsens your P.E.

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Have you ever felt that burning desire inside you to achieve something? Maybe it happened after you watched a movie or you heard a story of success. This is what you’ll experience by reading this book. The words, the images will totally push you to get started and take control of your sex life for good.

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Imagine a personal coach motivating you when you don’t want to practice. Imagine reading something that really kicks your ass and motivates you to train and take full control of your ejaculation once and for all. This is it.

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Why do you think kids learn so quickly? The emotional aspects of a fun/playful experience opens your mind to absorb information rapidly and efficiently. You’ll learn naturally, instinctively and have a laugh too.

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Here is everything you’ll ever need to know for the rest of your life to be able to last longer and take definitive control of your ejaculation. This innovative program is solid (about 24,000 words) and very easy to read. You’ll be taken on a fast journey to master your ejaculation and apply your new sex power in real life with real women.

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All you need to perfectly execute this program is your body and your mind. If you have a body and a mind you can do it. That’s it. You’ll never find hyperlinks to sex shops or to other products in my book.
You’ll have a totally natural strengthening experience.

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You’ll feel empowered after reading this program. You’ll feel in absolute control of your intercourse, and this feeling of control will unveil the huge potential you have within you. You’ll clearly see with your own eyes that you can master your ejaculation but also your social and financial life. 47 Hour is the first massive step towards your new lifestyle.

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You don’t want a list of tricks and tips but a solid efficient path. You want to know exactly what to do and want a simple but effective strategy that gives you the control you need with fast and decisive improvements. And this is what 47 Hour is designed for.

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Most programs give you a list of exercises but don’t train you. 47 Hour is going to train you pretty hard. You’ll learn the 1 unique secret to take control of your mind during sex and the 3 strategic areas of your body that need your full attention. You’ll find a proper work out program to take steady, absolute and permanent control of your ejaculation.

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Full, lifelong control. After following this program you won’t need any additional training or books.
You’ll be in control for the rest of your life.

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Ultimately this is who you’ll become: a Man in Control. A man who is master of his own body and carries it with pride and confidence. A man who can thrust into any woman keeping his cool when they scream and beg him for more. A man who can also take control of any other aspect of his life with ease. This is who you’ll become.

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