12 Best Long Distance Sex Toys – Top Teledildonics For LDR in 2024

lovense hush

Picture this: You’re a caveman living a gazillion years ago (I’m a sex toy tester, not a historian), and you’ve met this hot cavewoman. Right off the bat, you hit it off. Man, you’re in love.

You embark on a wonderful relationship filled with animalistic sex and hunting and… whatever else it is that cave people do (still not a historian).

Top 3 Long Distance Sex Toys

  1. Lovense Max 2 + Lovense Nora – Best teledildonic combo overall
  2. Kiiroo Onyx+ & Pearl 2 – Best combo purchased together
  3. We-Vibe Chorus – Best app control

After you’ve been seeing each other for a few months, you think life couldn’t get any better than this. Sure, there’s always the threat of imminent death – whether it’s a giant man-eating predator, or a nasty infection. But hey, you’ve got yourself a smokin’ cave chick and while she’s a little toothy, she gives great head.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, she drops a bombshell. She’s moving outta town for… uh… unspecified reasons, leaving you devastated. With neither of you wanting to put an end to the relationship, and you unable to leave with her, you both decide to give long distance a shot.

You see, it’s at this point you realize that there’s a serious flaw to my tale (granted, the whole tale is filled with flaws, but stick with me). Unless you’re comfortable writing sexy letters to your cave lady and sending them via carrier pigeon (were pigeons around back then?), in the hope that she hasn’t been gobbled up by a saber-toothed tiger – you’d probably struggle to keep the magic alive.

Thankfully, things are different now. And technology has come a hell of a long way since the Neanderthals roamed the earth.

Nowadays, if you’re in a long distance relationship, you and your partner can pick up your teledildonic devices and get each other off while being thousands of miles apart.

Unsure of what the heck teledildonics are? No worries. I’ve put together a list of the best teledildonic sex toys of 2024 to help you figure out which works for you, what they are, and where to buy them.

What Are Teledildonic Devices?

Teledildonic devices are a savior for all couples in a long distance relationship. Just because you can’t physically be together, doesn’t mean your sex life has to suffer. Thanks to the invention of teledildonics, you and your partner can control each other’s thrusts, sensations, vibration levels, and ultimately, you can control how and when the other climaxes. This can be done either through a remote control, or, thanks to modern technology, an app on your smartphone!

Why Trust This Review?

I’ve tried and tested each of the teledildonic toys mentioned in this guide, reviewing them all with the same level of enthusiasm (meaning I was horny when I went in), zero bias, and zero expectations. I always like to test each toy that I try without reading anyone else’s reviews as I never want my opinions to be skewed. The same goes for why I never go in with any expectations.

Well, obviously I want there to be an end result (don’t make me spell it out), however, that’s the bare minimum. I want the product to look good, smell good, and most of all, feel good.

I’ve been using and reviewing sex toys for almost a decade. While my opinion isn’t gospel (what works for me may not work for you and vice versa), I’d like to think that I’m pretty sex-toy savvy. My aim for this guide is to help you get the most out of your teledildonic devices, and add a little bit of spice to your long-distance relationship.

1. Lovense Max 2 & Lovense Nora – Best teledildonic combo overall

lovense max lovense nora

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First up is the Lovense Max 2. Now, initially I tested this without pairing up with the Nora because I wanted to get a feel of how the Max worked on its own. Boy, was I impressed. The Max 2 is the perfect blowjob simulator that feels so realistic, that if I hadn’t known better, I would have thought it was the real deal.

The 7 different vibrating textures inside the sleeve feel amazing, along with the three settings to switch up contractions. This stimulated my penis in areas that I didn’t even know could be stimulated, with varying tightness and sensations that will leave you begging for more. And that was just on my own.

Teamed up with the Nora, and Lovense has created a force to be reckoned with. We waited for my partner to be out of town before we gave it a go, and found that pairing them up was really simple. All we had to do was log into the app, and we were on our way. The Lovense Nora is a vibrating rabbit that syncs up perfectly with the Lovense Max 2, and we had no connectivity troubles whatsoever. I would say, however, that if you have a girthier than average penis, then the sleeve of the Max 2 may be a little narrow.


  • Lovense Max 2 and Lovense Nora sync up perfectly
  • Max 2 has fantastic inner textures
  • No connectivity troubles
  • Inexpensive combo


  • Girthier than average penises may struggle with the tightness
  • Not as quiet as some of the other products

2. Kiiroo Onyx+ & Pearl 2 – Best combo purchased together

kiiroo onyx pearl

See on Kiiroo Official Store

The best thing about the Kiiroo Onyx+ and Pearl 2 is that you can buy them together. I found that they work really well, and have a sort of ‘bougie’ feel to them. The Onyx+ comes with 10 contracting rings, each feeling as good as the next. I found it to be extremely intense, and the fact that it gives 140 strokes per minute is a gamechanger. It simulates oral sex really well and it also comes with three replacement sleeves.

Paired with the Pearl 2, me and my partner both enjoyed what each toy offered. The app was really easy to navigate, and the vibrations on the Pearl 2 are wild. Another bonus is that they are touch responsive, meaning I didn’t have to mess around with any awkward buttons or switches.

For fans of VR, then these products also pair up seamlessly. I’m not really keen on VR, however, I can see why this would work really well. Just get yourself an oral POV video up and let the Onyx+ do the rest of the work. My only major complaint is that the battery life isn’t as good as some of the other toys tested. I found that after an hour or so, it needed to be charged again.


  • Simple to clean
  • Responds to touch
  • Powerful stimulation from both the Onyx and the Pearl 2
  • High quality materials used


  • Battery life isn’t great
  • Setting up can be finicky

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3. We-Vibe Chorus – Best app control

we vibe chorus

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See on Lovehoney

My partner and I had a lot of fun with this one. She inserted the vibrator as she left the house for the day, giving me full control back at home. The app was incredibly easy to use, but the remote control works just as well, too. My girlfriend raved about the vibrations, from the clitoris, to the G-Spot. In the end, she had to take herself off to a quiet place where no one could hear her getting off. We also used it in the bedroom to test it out together, and the vibrations that come off this little sucker felt amazing.

Another thing I like about the We-Vibe chorus is how the app integrates a sort of WhatsApp messaging style, meaning you can send filthy messages back and forth while controlling the various settings. The remote control also comes with a sweet squeeze feature that switches up vibrations depending on your grip.

The We-Vibe Chorus does get a little loud which isn’t a problem unless you’re out and about in public. The battery life on the We-Vibe chorus is also pretty good, but even if it runs flat, it takes barely any time to fully recharge again. Definitely worth checking out if you’re away from your significant other for long periods of time and looking to spice things up!


  • Quick charge time
  • Awesome vibrations
  • Waterproof
  • Great design
  • Easy to use


  • A little pricey
  • Can be loud

4. We-Vibe Bond – Best cock ring

we vibe bond

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See on We-Vibe Official Store

My partner is a huge tease, so you can imagine her delight when I told her about a cock ring that she could control. The We-Vibe bond fit comfortably around my penis and balls, and found that it was simple enough to get on. I took myself out for the day and gave my girlfriend full control. What. A. Ride.

Now, without wanting to look like the local pervert walking around with a giant boner, I didn’t last very long in public. I sat in my car and enjoyed every vibration that came my way. Honestly, I didn’t last 10 minutes before I took myself back home and, well, you can guess the rest.

The design is really sleek, and again it can be controlled either via the app or remote control. Vibrations on the We-Vibe are pretty damn powerful, but everything stays in place just nicely and it makes you dick stand tall with pride. The vibrations also drove my girlfriend crazy when she was on top – another big plus. It’s pricey, so if you’re on a budget I’d recommend looking at some other options, however, if you’re willing to spend a little extra for quality, then consider the We-Vibe Bond.


  • Can wear comfortably while out and about
  • App control
  • Nice design
  • Works well solo or with a partner


  • Expensive

5. Kiiroo Titan and Cliona – Most powerful vibrations

kiiroo titan and cliona

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The Kiiroo Titan and Cliona set offers some of the most powerful vibrations I experienced when testing teledildonic devices. Not just from the Titan, which is a vibrating stroker, but the Cliona, too – which is a clit stimulator.

My partner and I tested this both together and separately. We did struggle with the set up initially, I’m not sure where we were going wrong, however, it was a bit of a pain to sync the two up. Eventually, after a lot of failed attempts, we were able to pair them up. Once we got going, we enjoyed the touch responsive vibrations, and being able to control the intensity of the other was amazing.

The battery life is pretty good, but even when you’ve run it flat the recharge time is quick. I did find that they were a little bulky, so maybe not ideal for traveling. All in all, the Kiiroo Titan and Cliona are a great addition for any long distance couple looking to keep their sex life exciting – whether you’re out and about or at home, plus I found that cleaning was nice and easy!


  • Powerful sensations
  • Simple to clean
  • Quick recharge
  • Touch sensitive


  • Quite bulky
  • Can be tricky to figure out initially

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6. Lovense Edge 2 – Best prostate massager

lovense edge

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Prostate massagers (like Aneros for example) really are an awesome addition to anyone’s sex toy kit. Well, anyone with a prostate anyways. I was stoked when I bought the Lovense Edge 2, considering I was a huge fan of the Lovense Edge 1. It’s a great design that can bend and adjust to suit you, meaning that most men will comfortably be able to use this.

I found that the connection to the Lovense app was seamless enough, giving my partner full control of the powerful vibrations that this product has to offer. The sound activation and the fact that it can sync up to your favorite songs (anything from Celine Dion’s back catalog if you like things a little more romantic).

The battery life is good, too, with about 1 hour and 30 minutes worth of playtime before you need to recharge again. I did find that when I used it out and about, it did tend to come a bit loose and fall out with each step. Something to consider if you plan on using yours whilst running your daily errands. Also, it isn’t the most discreet toy around, but it certainly packs some punch with those vibrations.


  • Can sync with music
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Connects easily with Lovense app
  • Decent battery life
  • Sound activation
  • Ideal for most men
  • Versatile


  • Not the most discreet toy on the market

7. Kiiroo Keon and OhMiBod Fuse – Best couple set including teledildonic stroker

kiiroo keon and ohmibod fuse

See on Kiiroo Official Store

Now, I can only speak on behalf of the Kiiroo Keon, but for any ladies out there reading this guide and interested in buying a couple set, then my girlfriend gave high praise to the OhMiBod Fuse.

When I opened up the Kiiroo Keon, I was impressed with the look of the toy. In addition to looking good with its realistic vaginal orifice, the texture of the sleeve felt authentic, too. As you can guess, I was keen to get going. Honestly, the Kiiroo Keon is great to use on its own. But since we’re testing teledildonics for couples, we won’t focus too much on solo play.

This couples set includes a touch responsive feature, which I really do enjoy. It makes things so much easier when playing. I also really enjoy the LED lighting that comes with the Keon as I’m someone who enjoys the visual aspect. As soon as my partner slipped the Fuse inside her, it triggered something in the Keon that made it feel like we were together. The bi-directional functionality also allowed each of us to control the speed. My only real issue with this set is how fucking expensive it is.


  • Realistic vaginal orifice designed with skin-like material
  • Intense strokes
  • LED lighting
  • Bi-directional control
  • Touch sensitive


  • Expensive

Read my full Kiiroo Keon review.

8. Lovense Hush – Best for butt play

lovense hush

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My partner and I were on the hunt for an anal sex toy, primarily because she loves butt play – and I’m a man who likes to accommodate. Since I was looking into teledildonics, the Lovense Hush caught my eye right away.

The Lovense Hush can be used at home or on the move, and is easily controlled by the Lovense app. My partner really enjoyed how much use you can get out of it – it literally goes for hours. Since my partner isn’t new to anal toys, she found that it was comfortable to wear and easy to insert. However, she did state that if you’re new to anal play, then she suggests starting off with a much smaller toy. Thankfully, these come in four different sizes.

App control made this super easy to use, and we found that it connected seamlessly so I could control the vibrations of the butt plug almost instantly. My partner did also state that while the spiral effect feels good, too much for too long can get a little uncomfortable after a while. Another bonus is that it’s really discreet. In three words, my girlfriend sums this toy up nicely with “hits the spot”.


  • Discreet toy
  • Syncs up seamlessly with the Lovense app
  • Strong vibrations
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Sleek design means its easy to apply


  • Not for people who are new to anal sex toys

9. Svakom Sam Neo App Controlled Suction Male Masturbator – Best suction on a teledildonic

svakom sam neo app controlled suction male masturbator

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I’m a hot blooded male, and when my girlfriend is out of town for work, there’s one thing I miss the most. Well, there’s a few things I miss, but one of the biggies is a blowjob. My first impressions of the Sam Neo is that it is a bit bulky, so maybe not ideal if you’re looking for a compact travel toy. However, once I inserted myself, all I could think was that this toy somehow seemed to want my penis inside of it. Crazy, I know.

The suction is incredibly powerful, and my partner was able to control the varying levels from a distance. We found it really simple to use and the sensations were amazing. I did find it to be a lot heavier and bulkier than some of the other toys mentioned, so be sure to consider this if you’re looking for something more lightweight, plus it can get quite noisy.

If you’re looking to use this for a prolonged period of time, then bear in mind that the battery life does run out quite quickly. I found the clean up to be easy and overall find this to be a good purchase for those who are willing to pay a little extra.


  • Powerful suction
  • App control for long distance
  • Vibration settings
  • Good design
  • USB charge
  • Silicone material
  • Realistic blowjob simulator


  • Noisy
  • Expensive
  • Bulky

10. Lelo Tor 3 App Controlled Cock Ring – Most discreet teledildonic

lelo tor app controlled cock ring

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See on Lelo Official Store

If you’re looking for a discreet teledildonic toy – one that you can wear out and about all day while going about your business – then the Lelo Tor 3 is worth taking a look at. I really liked the feel of the Lelo Tor 3, it sort of has a luxurious quality to it that right away you know that this is going to be good.

It comes with 8 different vibration settings that can be controlled via the app – putting the power of your pleasure in the palms of your lover. Each vibration offers a different degree of intensity. For instance, if you’re after a subtle buzz, then you can enjoy a lower vibration setting. Although you can amp it up in no time if you’re looking for something stronger.

When applying the Lelo Tor 3, while it went on fine I did struggle initially because of its lack of stretch. I do think that this would fit most men quite comfortably, but it can be slightly fiddly at first if it’s your first time using it. Not only is it discreet for wearing outside of the house, it also highly benefited my girlfriend during sex.


  • Luxury feel
  • Discreet
  • 8 different vibration settings
  • Silicone
  • Rechargeable
  • Simple app control


  • Could be stretchier

11. Lovense Gemini – Best teledildonic device for nipple play

lovense gemini

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In this guide, we’ve mainly focused on toys for the genitals. But what about your nipples that are crying out for some attention? Whether you’re male or female, this device offers a fantastic amount of power to get you aroused.

These too work seamlessly with the Lovense app, and can be used in both close range or from a distance. My girlfriend also loved the fact that the Lovense Gemini doubles up as a clit stimulator.

I’m not really into heavy BDSM gear, a little pain doesn’t bother me so I found that this device gave me just the right amount of pain/pleasure without making me have to cry out with our safeword. These clamps are also really easy to use and they’re adjustable. I found that they gave approximately 2 hours of battery life before having to recharge. My only real issue is that they can’t be separated as they’re conjoined. Not a big deal but if I’m having to be nitpicky – that would be it.


  • Good materials used
  • Connects easily to Lovense app
  • Can be used in close range or from a distance
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Decent battery life
  • Can be used as a clit vibrator
  • Can sync to music
  • Sound responsive


  • Clamps can not be utilized individually
  • Vibrations may not be intense enough for kinksters

12. We-Vibe Melt – Best clitoral stimulator with app control

we vibe melt

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See on We-Vibe Official Store

My partner suggested we try out the We-Vibe Melt as she’d heard good things from her girlfriends. I have to mention that she was overjoyed to discover that this toy came with its own little cosmetic bag for storage – but that’s not why we’re here.

I had high expectations after trying out other We-Vibe toys, and it’s safe to say that they delivered yet again with the Melt. App control is seamless and there are a staggering 12 varying intensity levels to pleasure and stimulate every nerve ending. When we were testing this out, I started off low and slow, and then amped up the intensity once I saw how crazy it was driving her. Honestly, I’m getting hot just thinking about it.

We also liked that it came with a little sample of lube. While it’s not bucket loads, hey, I’m never one to disregard a free sample. What with that and the drawstring bag that comes with it, you’ve got yourself a good toy with the We-Vibe Melt. It’s also really quiet, too – so no need to concern yourself with annoying vibration sounds. My only real complaint is that I did find that it got in the way a bit when we used it during sex, and the on/off button is a bit tough to use.


  • Comes with a drawstring bag
  • No noise
  • Easy to use
  • 12 different intensity levels
  • Good amount of battery life
  • Comes with lube sample
  • Quick connection through app
  • Results in a powerful orgasm


  • Tricky to use during sex
  • On/off button can be fiddly

How I Ranked The Best Long Distance Sex Toys

I tested each toy mentioned on this list with the same set of guidelines as a point of reference. The first thing I considered was what is the ultimate purpose of a teledildonic device? Well, it’s to provide pleasure for couples that aren’t necessarily able to rip each other’s clothes off and simply have sex – whether it’s due to frequent trips out of town for work or extended travel periods.

Why should the sex life of long distance lovers suffer? Exactly. It shouldn’t. The main things I looked out for when reviewing each product are as follows:

  • Packaging
  • Quality of materials used
  • Overall design
  • Any distinct smells
  • Variety of sensations available
  • Ease of use
  • Maintenance
  • App synchronization
  • Simplicity of controls
  • Fit and application
  • Set up required
  • Pairing

These key points helped me to decipher which teledildonics made the cut in my list of the best. While everyone has their own unique preference as to what they like and what they like less – ultimately it all comes down to the same thing. Does it help you achieve a fucking awesome orgasm?

With all things considered, and the final box being ticked, I was able to create this list of the best long distance sex toys.

While we’re all keen to know about the good stuff, I also find it super important to note down the bits that didn’t necessarily work for me. But obviously the list of pros and cons will look different for everyone.

Tips On Buying The Best Teledildonic Devices For You

If you’re thinking about purchasing your own teledildonic toys, then we’ve put together a few tips of things to consider in advance. The market is booming with adult sex toys catering to every fetish and preference, meaning you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for you. However, with so many options, you can feel a little overwhelmed with where to start. Keep the following bullets in mind when shopping for your next teledildonic:

  • Materials used – Whatever kind of sex toy you’re using, you want to be sure that it’s designed well with materials that are safe for you. Be sure to research the materials used for clarity, and avoid toys that use phthalates as they can be harmful.
  • Is it discreet? – This depends on how and when you’re going to be using your toy. If you’re planning to use it on your travels, then you ideally want to be looking for something that is compact and relatively noise-free.
  • Connectivity and control (app controlled or remote controlled) – Not everyone is tech-savvy and therefore may not feel comfortable syncing up their teledildonic to a smartphone. In that case, have a look out for devices that come with a remote control. You also want to ensure that the connectivity between the controller (whether it’s an app or remote) is seamless – there’s nothing worse than lag, especially when you’re trying to get yourself off.
  • Budget – Some of the price tags on teledildonics do tend to get quite steep, so always consider your budget before making a purchase.
  • Can you use it alone? – And last but not least, while you may buy your new device with your partner in mind, there may be times when you want to test it out and use it for yourself. Take this into account when on the lookout for your next toy.

Where To Purchase Your Own Long Distance Sex Toys

Teledildonics are very popular gadgets nowadays, meaning most online adult stores will sell them. I’ve linked a few reputable sites above highlighting where you can find each toy, however, listed below are some of my personal favorites.

  • Lovense – One of the most popular adult online stores around, Lovense boasts high quality teledildonic sex toys. All packaging is discreet and delivery times are prompt.
  • Kiiroo – The kings of long distance toys, Kiiroo are a top brand in the industry.

Tips On Using Teledildonics

Teledildonic devices were invented to help keep the spark alive for long distance couples. Many of them are now designed with app control, meaning all you have to do is sync the device up to your smartphone through an app, and then you have full control over each of the settings.

My partner and I use teledildonics frequently, as she is away a lot for work. Some of them are really compact, making them perfect for travel. While they were made with long distance couples in mind, there’s really no reason you can’t use them together at home. In fact, we often use some of the vibrating cock rings when we have sex because of how good it feels, not only for me, but for her, too.

A few of the teledildonics mentioned in the page are also waterproof – so why not have your partner control the device from outside the bathroom while you have the time of your life in the shower?

If you like to be teased, then these devices are also ideal for you as the power is taken away from you.

The History Of Teledildonics

Before we get into where they came from, let’s break the word down a little. ‘Tele’ – meaning distance, ‘dild’ – a shortening of the word dildo, and ‘ic’ meaning pertaining to. Don’t say we don’t teach you anything of use around here.

The idea of teledildonics has been around for decades, although nowhere near as advanced as they are now. In fact, the term ‘dildonics’ at least was originally coined by Ted Nelson in his book, Dream Machine.

Fast forward to the early 2000s (what a time to be alive, eh?) came the introduction of the first remote controlled sex toy that was originally operated by being plugged into a computer. A revelation at the time, a period when the internet was fresh to us all and cat videos were the epitome of entertainment.

In 2007, three years after the first remote controlled sex toy, came the first ever wireless teledildonic.

With bluetooth and apps, technology has now reached a point where it has become easier than ever to connect to anything, whether it’s a smartspeaker, room lighting, and even our favourite sex toys.

Tips On Keeping The Magic Alive

Now, if you’ve found yourself on this page, then chances are you’re in a long distance relationship and looking for ways to keep things sexy. If not, then maybe you’re down a teledildonic rabbit hole after only learning the definition as of today.

Whatever reason you’re here, I’ve got some good tips on how to keep the flame burning after being in a long distance relationship myself. Keep on reading to find out some useful tips on surviving long distance relationships.

  • Teledildonics/long-distance sex toys – For those at the back who haven’t been listening, this article is all about teledildonics. Seriously, consider buying you and your partner toys that can sync up and drive each other wild regardless of how many miles apart you are!
  • Sexting – If you’re not ready to purchase teledildonics just yet (we get it, times are tough and some of them aren’t exactly cheap) then go back to the good old days of sexting. Now, I’m not advising you to send unsolicited dick pics (surely you’ve outgrown them by this point?), but drop your partner a flirty message. Let them know you’ve been thinking about them, ask them what they’re wearing, tell them what you want to do to them… And if all goes well – good lighting and up angles for the dick pic. Don’t be an amateur.
  • Video calls – Many of us are visual creatures, and using our imagination when sexting can often be a little tricky. We’re not all literary experts and are restricted in how many creative ways we can tell our partner that we want to fuck them. Sometimes, we just want to see our partner get off. But if you’re long distance, then it’s not always that easy. I suggest having a video call when you’re both feeling horny and decide together on what porn you’re going to watch.
  • Clone-A-Willy – If you’re away from your girlfriend, then why not make it so that she always has a part of you with her? Clone-A-Willy allows you to mold an exact replica of your penis, and all you need is water. And a penis, obviously. The Clone-A-Willy perfectly (and safely) creates the perfect replica of your penis and turns it into a dildo. There are also vibration settings to take things up a notch. Your girlfriend will then be able to use this whenever you’re apart, and while technically not a teledildonic device, the sentiment is still the same. Check out these sites to get your very own Clone-A-Willy:

See on Lovehoney

See on Clone-A-Willy Official Store

Frequently Asked Questions

What are teledildonic devices?

Teledildonics are adult sex toys designed for couples in long distance relationships, allowing you to ultimately control the sensations that the other is feeling whilst using the device either through a remote control or an app.

How do I clean my long distance sex toys?

Clean-up time may vary depending on the type of toy you have. For instance, a male masturbator sleeve may take longer to clean than a silicone cock ring. Always read the manual that comes with the toy to help guide you on how to clean the device effectively.

Are teledildonics waterproof?

Many teledildonics are now waterproof, meaning you can insert/apply them for use in the shower, while your partner controls it in the next room.

What’s better: app controlled or remote controlled?

This mainly comes down to personal preference. With app controlled teledildonics, there’s a small amount of set up which requires you to download the application to your smartphone. If you don’t own a smartphone or don’t want to download an app, then remote controlled toys will also achieve the desired outcome. Just be sure to check that the toy offers the control method you prefer.

Do I need a smartphone to use long distance sex toys?

Not necessarily. While many of the toys reviewed in this guide are app controlled (meaning you need a smartphone to download the required app), there are other alternatives including remote controlled devices.

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