The BEST Sex Dolls for You? 26 Realistic, Juicy, Irresistible Sex Dolls

sex doll

Sex dolls are slowly becoming the vibrators of the decade. I mean, they’re no longer secrets whispered about behind others’ backs. Everyone knows they exist and knows that they’re no longer used as just tools for sex.

Sex dolls are evolving, and if you want to hop on this train before it leaves the station, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’re going to teach you all you need to know about sex dolls, and we’ve even picked out a few of our personal favorites to show you. All aboard!

What is a Sex Doll?

A sex doll is your dream girl or guy, created by scientists to sex you up infinitely. That’s one definition, but let’s get serious. The sex doll is a male sex toy designed to resemble a human. They’re mostly anatomically correct, and some of them are made with materials that feel very close to human skin.

Sex dolls are designed to be perfect in every way to enhance their desirability. Every day, new models are designed with deeper orifices, more customizable parts, softer skin, more flexibility, and even some form of intelligence.

There’s a sex doll for everyone and for every fetish. There are black dolls, white dolls, mixed dolls, redhead dolls, lolita dolls, Asian dolls, etc. Whatever tickles your fancy. If it doesn’t exist yet, it’s probably in production right now.

People have undergone several changes in perception regarding sex dolls. First, they were taboo, a shameful thing that was never spoken about in public. Nowadays, that view has changed, and it’s much easier to talk about them.

They’ve even provided help in some relationships, especially for couples where one or both have sexual problems. Some people even keep them as companions. Sex doll sales have exploded with this perspective change with the sex toy industry making $26.8 billion in 2019 alone.

A Guide to Buying The Best Sex Dolls for Men and Women

Those are our top 23 sex dolls of 2020. But, you didn’t think we’ll just tell you which sex dolls are the best and toddle off. Good gracious, no. That’s like giving a boy a chainsaw and not telling him what to do with it. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Here’s our short guide to sex dolls. Our little contribution to you and your sex doll(s). Dive right in!

Categories of sex dolls

  1. Silicone Sex Dolls: These dolls are made of silicone, which is hands-down one of the best materials to use for any sex toy. Silicone doesn’t trap bacteria, so it’s much easier to clean and disinfect your doll after use. However, silicone does have a skin-like feel, but it can also be a bit hard.
  2. TPE Sex Dolls: TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomers. This is also a fantastic material for sex dolls. It’s also bacteria-resistant but not as much as silicone. However, it is softer and cheaper, so many sex toy manufacturers use this material. However, TPE does get stained by dye quite quickly, so white or light-colored clothing is preferred. These two materials make the mostrealistic sex dolls.
  3. Blow-up Sex Dolls: Blow-up sex dolls or inflatable sex dolls are just as they’re named. You literally pump them full of air and ta-da!– a sex doll. These dolls are usually made of vinyl (cheap), latex (better), and silicone (best). There’s no in-between in genital texture for blow-up dolls. Depending on the quality, it can feel pretty great or like you’re fucking nylon.
  4. Cloth and Stuffed Sex Dolls: These sex dolls don’t try to be realistic. That’s not their allure. They’re more for people with specific fetishes. To be blunt, they’re fuckable plushies. They’re usually created in the style of anime girls.

How to use sex dolls

The hardest part of buying a new sex toy isn’t using it. It’s assembling it. And most people that have assembled dolls before know it only takes a few minutes for you to have a perfect doll at your service.

Now, a doll can be used for many, many things (we’ll get to that later), but most people buy them for sex. And that’s okay, ‘cause they were made to be used for sexual activities. But,  there are a few things you need to know before getting in bed.

Sex dolls are fragile, so here are a few tips to get the most out of your doll while still keeping it in mint condition.

    • Test the limbs and flexibility before you begin having sex. This is to understand how flexible her skeleton is because it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
    • Wash your hands before touching, so you don’t stain it, especially if it’s made of TPE.
    • Only use water-based lube. Oil-based lube can accelerate wear and tear.
    • If you cum in it, it’s best that you wash it out quickly.

Apart from these tips, yeah, you’re free to go wild.

Why you need sex dolls

Real people are great, amazing, fantastic, awesome, etcetera, etcetera. But there are a few undeniable advantages that sex dolls have over them.

  1. Always available: A sex doll always wants to hang out with you. You’re its one and only purpose.
  2. Raw: You can have raw sex without running about how you’re going to end up paying child support for eighteen years.
  3. No additional expenses: You don’t have to take it out on dates. You both can Netflix and chill every day, or do what you want
  4. No cheating: If you go and have sex with another doll, or a real person from time to time, that’s your business.
  5. Zero emotional expenses: No one to have to tell, “I love you.” You don’t have to consider another person’s emotions.
  6. No no’s: It’s always ready to have sex. No no’s, no excuses.
  7. Companionship: Having a doll’s presence sometimes helps people stave off loneliness.
  8. Health benefits: Sex is a great workout, stress reliever, and a form of catharsis. Having a doll to help you relieve some tension can help your body avoid the effects of a dry spell.
  9. As models: Some people like to dress up and photograph dolls. It’s a hobby.

Best place to buy sex dolls

While there are hundreds of online sex doll retailers, not all of them can be trusted with giving their customers the best. So, in the interest of you and your future doll, we’ve created a list of some of our favorite and trusted online sex doll stores.

Where to buy the best quality sex dolls

1. Sexy Real Sex Dolls

sexy real sex dolls

Reputation wise, this website is probably the best place to buy sex dolls on this list. Sexyrealsexdolls is a large website that’s tried its best to cater to their customers’ every need.

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    • Variety: They have a large selection of dolls. Every category of doll is accommodated.
    • User-friendliness: Their website is easy to navigate, with a good mobile site.
    • Shipping: Shipping is free to some countries.
    • Customer Service & Returns: They’ve provided an email address and a phone number to contact them, and seem quite responsive. However, there is a rather long procedure in place for refunds or repairs on damaged dolls.


silicon wives sex dolls shop

They’re a young but established sex doll retailer.

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    • Variety: A very large selection of full-body dolls but not a lot of exotic, mini, or torsos.
    • User-friendliness: Their site is extremely functional. Everything is labeled clearly.
    • Shipping: They offer free international shipping.
    • Customer Service and Returns: They can only be reached through email. Returns and refunds are only possible if your doll is damaged during shipping or delivery.


sex doll genie shop

The store is a certified seller of The Doll Forum, so they’re known to be extremely trustworthy.

View Latest Prices on Official Website →

    • Variety: They have loads of sex dolls in different shapes, sizes, and textures. You can even look at sex dolls by brand. They also sell some of the best TPE sex dolls around.
    • User-friendliness: They have a clear, straightforward user interface.
    • Shipping: This depends on how much you customized your doll.
    • Customer Service & Returns: You can send your sex doll back to sexdollgenie for repairs at any time. You can reach them through email, chats, or phone.


They’re a Japanese doll store, now expanded to accommodate other brands.

View Latest Prices on Official Website →

    • Variety: They have a large selection of dolls in every category.
    • User-friendliness: The website is straightforward, well-labeled, and uncluttered.
    • Shipping: Worldwide free shipping
    • Customer Service & Returns: They have an email and a phone number. They also have a 30-day guarantee or refund policy.


This online store is a tad more expensive than others but it’s worth mentioning it.

View Latest Prices on Official Website →

    • Variety: This store only sells what it makes: Realdolls. It doesn’t sell from other manufacturers. Its trump card is the customizability of its dolls. It also has some of the best quality sex dolls on the market.
    • User-friendliness: While it’s website is pretty, it can be a little confusing to navigate, and the mobile version could be better.
    • Shipping: Sales and shipping are discreet, but it might take longer because of customization.
    • Customer Service & Returns: You can get in touch through phone and email. RealDoll only accepts responsibility for damages made during shipping. However, there’s also a 30-day warranty on your doll’s skeleton.

Things to look out for when sex doll shopping

1. Budget

What type of sex doll can you afford? The sex doll type only depends on the depth of your wallet.

    • Torsos: These are the cheapest. They can range from a couple of hundred dollars to over a thousand.
    • Mini sex dolls: These small dolls can be priced as low as $500, but there are a few that cost nearly $2000.
    • Realistic sex dolls: You can buy one for $1600 and above.
    • Artificial intelligence sex dolls: The cheapest A.I dolls are over $3000.
    • Customized sex dolls: These start from $2500 and continues to soar as you add more features to your doll.

A cheap sex doll might look okay when it’s first delivered, but when buying a sex doll, the cheaper it is, the higher the chances that it’ll suck. Good materials make good sex dolls, and those are expensive.

2. Material

What sort of material do you like? Do you want it to feel as realistic as possible, or you have a particular fetish. The best materials for any sex doll is silicone because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t store bacteria. TPE is a good alternative, as it’s soft and pliable and still body-safe.

However, plastic, vinyl, latex, and rubber are some of the absolute worst materials for sex dolls. If you choose one of these, I can’t guarantee your pleasure or your genital health.

3. Body type

There are many types of sex doll bodies. There are voluptuous bodies, small bodies, slim bodies, etc. Choose the one that’s best for you. You can now customize sex dolls to a certain extent.

4. Storage and temperature

If you live in a hot climate area, there are some materials that can easily warp or melt. Areas that are too cold may make steel skeletons stiff. The key is to keep your doll in a place that’s not too much of either.

Also, if you don’t live alone, it might be tough to hide a sex doll. Pick a doll that you can quickly put away.

Keeping your sex doll clean

A clean doll is healthy. And by healthy, I mean, your health. Male masturbators that aren’t properly cleaned can breed bacteria, smell awful, and can give you an infection. You need several items to keep your doll clean.

    • Antibacterial soap
    • Vaginal irrigator/ squirt water bottle
    • Microfiber or soft cloth
    • Powder and corn starch
    • Baby oil
    • Vaseline
    • Towel
    • Comb
    • Showerhead
    • Soft luffa on a stick

The process

1. Immediately after using your sex doll, take your vaginal irrigator (AKA douche or enema bulb) and fill it with a little soap and water. Insert the small, open end into the dirty orifice and use it to flush her out.

2. If you rested a bit after using the doll, you can soap up the luffa on a stick (just a little soap) and use it to gently wash your doll’s insides. Then, you can use the showerhead, or squirt bottle to rinse out the soap.

3. After doing this, remove your doll’s head and wrap some foil or plastic around its head to seal it off. This is because it’s important that water doesn’t get trapped inside the doll’s body. It can cause molding. You can now shower with your doll. A few tips for showering with your doll.

    • Never shower with your doll’s head.
    • Use antibacterial soap.
    • If your doll is made of TPE, hot water WILL damage it. Don’t do it.
    • Don’t set your doll on the ground while bathing it; you may scratch it. Use the towel to cushion her.

4. Now, carefully dry your doll with that microfiber cloth. Pay special attention to all orifices. Make sure they’re all dry. TPE can absorb moisture and start to breed bacteria, so be careful.

5. When it’s fully dry, massage it with cornstarch baby powder, and use the Vaseline to oil the orifices and joints. Cleaning your doll this way will help preserve it for longer. For optimal cleaning, you need to clean your doll every time you have sex with her.

Without further ado, here are some of the best sex dolls for men and women.

26 Most Erotic Sex Dolls

1. Best Customizable


daria customizable doll

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(more images available)

Customizable dolls can be designed into any kind of woman you want. Daria has been described as “perfect” by many of her confirmed owners, and I have to agree. This doll is all woman, with a voluptuous, banging body and three holes available for use.

She’s made from TPE, and you can customize her to your specific tastes. You can change her eye color, hairstyle, lip and nose shape, pubic hair, labia, shoulders, feet, areola color, nipple color, and type.

If you don’t like her face, you can even swap her head with another doll head. She’s yours to shape into whatever woman you want.

She can swallow pretty deep at 5.1 inches (13cm). Her vagina and oral depth are nothing to laugh at either; they both go 6.7 inches deep (17cm). This is the standard depth for most dolls.

But beware, she’s 5’4 and weighs 48.5kg (107lbs). She might not be as portable as you want. She’s pretty fairly priced at $2100, though.


    •  Quite heavy
    •  Voluptuous body
    •  Highly customizable

Auburn Redhead Sex Doll

auburn customizable doll
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They say redheads have fiery tempers. Well, there’s nowhere Auburn is hotter than in bed. This redhead is beautiful even with her default factory appearance, but you can customize her down to her eyeballs. If redheads aren’t really your thing, but you still like her face, you can change her hair color.

She also has a steel skeleton that allows her to have movable joints. Her orifices are also fairly deep, with her mouth at 5.1 inches (13cm), and her ass and pussy both accommodating up to 6.7 inches (17cm). Auburn isn’t a tall lady at 5’2, but she does weigh quite a bit – 28kg (62lbs).


    •  Highly customizable
    •  Steel skeleton
    •  Made of TPE

Reviewers like J don’t care about the weight, though, because she jiggles just like a real woman. And at only $1799. Can’t beat that.

2. Best Mini Dolls


London mini doll
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Some dudes are more into petite girls. And like I said before, there’s a sex toy to accommodate every preference or fetish. Mini dolls are even smaller than the average doll. They’re usually around five feet tall or below that.

London is 4 feet and 7 inches of well-crafted beauty. The fact that she’s short doesn’t mean she’s any less great to touch. She has fantastic D-cup boobs that go well with her small size.

This doll only weighs 23kg so you can pick her up, swing her around and fuck her in as many positions as possible without breaking a sweat.

She also comes with lots of tools for her care like a vaginal irrigator, TPE stain remover, and cleaner, etc. All for $1699.

London’s wig may not be the best, but that’s a problem that’s easily resolved. Despite that, she still leaves a big impression on her owners. As Darrin said, “Not sure why anyone would want a real woman. I’m sure it’s only because they haven’t had one of these.”


    •  Portable
    •  Comes with tools for care.
    •  Customizable

Mari Japanese Sex Doll

Mari mini doll
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Mari is a sex doll that’s positively tiny. She’s only 3 feet and 3 inches tall. However, she’s a Japanese sex doll, so she’s as well made as they come with a full skeleton and flexible joints. I mean, flexible to the extent that she can almost move like a human.

Because of her size, her orifices are smaller than normal. Her mouth is 4 inches deep (11cm), her pussy is 6 inches deep (16cm), and her ass is 5.9 inches deep (15cm). Her pussy may not be deep, but it is exceptionally anatomically correct, and therefore feels fantastic.

Plus, she’s only $899. Practically a steal for a sex doll.

She’s so good that one of the reviewers, a satisfied Brian, said he’s going to make a few videos of him and Mari and post them. We hope you had fun, Brian.


    •  Portable
    •  Very flexible
    •  Customizable

3. Best Thicc Dolls


Crina thicc doll
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This one is for the guys who like watching that ass clap. Thicc dolls have huge breasts, teeny tiny waists, and huge asses, hips, and thighs. They’re the classic figure eight. If you like BBW women, then thicc dolls are for you. Crina is a classy lady with the classic thicc body.

This huge tits sex doll has a 37.4-inch bust, 44.8-inch hips, and her waist is the coup de grâce at an itty bitty 20.7 inches.

Her orifices are the standard depth. She’s only 4’11 (150cm), but that ass and boobs do add up, so she’s quite heavy at 42.5kg (93.6 lbs). However, they jiggle like no man’s business as reviewer Dexter can testify. She’s definitely worth $2099 to him.


    •  Voluptuous body
    •  Standard orifice depth
    •  Heavy


Dominique thicc doll
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Dominique has an ass that can achieve world peace. Okay, not really, but it’s really close. She has H-cup breasts (37.8 inches), hips, and ass are 43.3 inches and her waist measures at 26.4 inches. So yeah, she’s thick as hell. She’s made of TPE, and the depth of her holes are standard.

She does have a steel skeleton, and her joints are movable so that you can place her in any position. However, this might be a bit difficult as she weighs 48.5kg (107 lbs).

But even with that, owners, such as Uncle Aaron, are still grateful for her. Big booty sex dolls like Dominique aren’t easy to find, after all. Even if they do cost $2199.


    •  Voluptuous body
    •  Steel skeleton
    •  Made of TPE

4. Best Japanese Dolls


Kiyoko Japanese doll
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Kiyoko is a beautiful high-quality Japanese housewife, praised for being a quality product. Kiyoko’s body is nothing to shrug at; she’s real thick. Her body dimensions are 36 inches (91cm) at the bust, 24 inches (60cm) at the waist, and 35.5 inches (90cm) at her hips.

Kiyoko has a real banging body; the depth of her holes are standard size. But, she’s tall for a doll, standing at 5’6 (168cm). Despite that, she’s still reasonably movable at only 40kg (88 lbs). In both weight and dimensions, she’s one of the best real-life sex dolls I’ve seen.

She costs $2050, but she’s also super customizable so that you can turn her into your perfect woman, at no extra cost.


    •  Standard depth
    •  Highly customizable
    •  Made of TPE


Sumie Japanese doll
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Sumie is a Japanese girl with a lot more sass to her than Kiyoko. Reviewers agree that Sumie is beautiful, but definitely not for the faint-hearted, and she’s not for the BBW kings, either. Sumie is a more traditional Japanese beauty, with her slim body topping out at 5.5 inches (165cm).

She’s a more streamlined girl, but she holds her own on the boob front.

Her body dimensions are 31 inches (79cm) bust, a 21-inch waist (53cm), and 30 inches (76cm) around her hips. Despite her slight appearance, she’s built sturdy and strong and as malleable as possible.

She’s also very customizable, so if you want a Japanese girl with a different shape, you can change her slim, long-legged body to build one worthy of your $2100.


    • Lean body
    • Customizable
    • Made of TPE

5. Best Celebrity Dolls


Taylor celebrity doll
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Yes, you know exactly which Taylor I’m talking about. The one that sings pop and country, rocks short skirts and hasn’t aged since she turned seventeen. Taylor Swift. You can’t have her, but with this doll, and for the price of $1899, you can.

That’s the point of a celebrity sex doll. To make your hidden fantasies with the stars turn into realities.

Well, to kinda turn them into reality. You get my point.

This Taylor doll is here to serve you the way you’d want the real Taylor to, and she’s entirely at your command. Her body is slim yet still sexy. Her bust is 33 inches; waist is 21 inches, and hips are 34 inches. That’s not the best thing about her measurements.

The Taylor doll goes above and beyond the standard orifice depths. All her holes are deeper than the standard measurements. Her vagina can take up to 7 inches of dick, her mouth can take 5 inches, and her ass can take 6 inches.

She’s even customizable to a certain extent. You can turn her into your dream lady and have her put on a private show just for you.


    • Modeled after a famous musician
    • Orifices are deeper than average
    • Customizable

Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels celebrity
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If you’re one of the billions of people that watch lots of porn, then you’ll know who Stormy Daniels is. You don’t know her? Google her name. I’ll wait.

Know who she is now? Great. Stormy Daniels is a living legend of the adult film industry. She’s been doing porn for years, and her track record is unbelievable. If you’ve ever watched any of her movies and fantasized about playing with her perfect, flexible body in real life, well, you can’t. Sorry.

What you can have, though, is an exceedingly well-made doll replica of her. This doll is built to be customizable, with loads of inserts. You can even change the way the pussy looks.

Her body dimensions are 36 inches at the boobs, 26 inches at the waist, and 36.5 at the hips, which is pretty spot on. She’s priced at $6500. Fulfilling your Stormy fantasies never looked so possible.


    •  Modeled after a famous porn star
    •  Voluptuous body
    •  Made of silicone

6. Best Fantasy Dolls

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn fantasy
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The Joker might look a little grim (and crazy) sometimes, but all I think about his girlfriend is that she’s super hot. Fantasy sex dolls are created so that you can live out and fuck all those girls you secretly fancied from TV, video games, and movies.

They basically allow you to live your dreams, and if your dream is to fuck Harley Quinn (whose isn’t), then you’ve come to the right article.

In Batman, Harley was a gymnast before she got the job that got caught up with the Joker. So you can bet your left ass cheek that she’s flexible. And so is this doll.

It’s got a steel skeleton and joints, which allow it to move like a human. Her holes are standard depth, but since you can position her however you want, you’ll get maximum pleasure.

Harley’s tall for a doll at 5’7, but she weighs 40kg, so she shouldn’t be too hard to move around. After all, she can’t be too light and still remain a badass. If you’ve been wanting one of the best life size sex dolls, then Harley’s it. For $1750, she could be yours.


    •  Tall for a doll
    •  Flexible skeleton
    •  Slim physique

Lyniel (Elf)

Lyniel Elf fantasy
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For those of us who played Dungeons and Dragons, watched fantasy movies or anime, fucking an elf is pretty high on our bucket list. As one of those fantasy nerds myself, only the prettiest, jiggliest elf would do. And then I saw Lyniel. *cue lovesick sigh.*

Lyniel’s an archer elf with some huge tatas. She’s made of soft silicone and is as flexible as they come. She also comes with unique options. For the standard price, you get Lyniel with textured skin, rotatable eyes, and soft boobs.

However, for an extra $250, you get Lyniel Deluxe, which includes all the things in the standard plus jiggle boobs, mildly soft butt, soft belly, pigmentation on both the areolas and the nipples, a hymen mod, and standing feet with pegs.

For an extra $450, you get a maxed out Ultra Lyniel with all the things in the Deluxe package plus a mildly soft butt and pigmentation on both labia and vagina (single color).

Plus, you can still customize her boobs, face, vagina, nails, etc., as normal. It might just be my horny inner nerd talking, but Lyniel sounds incredible to me. And she’s only worth $2400 with the regular package.


    •  Customization is expensive.
    •  Made of silicone
    •  Flexible edition skeleton

7. Best Half-body Sex Dolls

Sex Doll Torso with Arms

Torso Arms Half body
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A half-body sex doll only has either an upper or lower body. These kinds of sex dolls tend to be cheaper, but some are no less in quality than a full-sized doll.

This torso with arms doll is a fantastic example. Some people prefer to look at a great pair of tits or a bouncy ass when they’re fucking. But, other people also prefer the option to look at a face or grip some well-made arms while they’re at it.

The torso with arms has a pretty face and big boobs with a bit of a bounce to them. There’s not a lot of focus on her ass because she’s just a torso. However, her pussy, ass, and mouth are as high quality as the rest of her, and in our opinion, totally worth $1400.

Take it from one of her satisfied owners, a guy called Joey, “This is my second doll, and I wish it was my first. It’s more realistic and beautiful than it looks.”


    • Made of TPE
    • Jiggly
    • Realistic features

Climax Doll

Climax doll half body
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I realize that you might be more of an ass man, and as I am supportive of most fetishes and preferences, I added the Climax doll as the best doll for lower body sex doll.

The Climax doll starts at a slender waist but drops down to a genuinely magnanimous ass with hips that are just shy of 80 inches long. It’s one of the best TPE sex dolls around, so expect some softness and jiggle.

At $1775, the price of this doll may be an impediment to some ass men. A half-body doll is generally chapter than a full doll, but this one isn’t. However, when it comes to sex dolls, if something is expensive, there’s probably a reason for it.

Who knows, it might be the jiggle.


    •  Made of TPE
    •  Jiggly
    •  Expensive for a half-body doll

8. Best Luxury Sex Dolls for Men

Asa Akira

Asa Akira luxury
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Luxury dolls can only be bought by people with a certain amount of wealth. They’re the most expensive dolls out there, and for a good reason, too; most of them are so realistic that they can only be differentiated from humans by their silence.

Asa Akira is a sex doll made from a real Asian porn star. She was built with extreme care, only using the actual Akira’s measurements. You could say she was created to satisfy all Akira fans, where the real Asa can’t or won’t.

However, fulfilling dreams and fantasies aren’t cheap, and this fantasy costs $6500. Customization costs a few hundred dollars more. But since ALL parts are built according to the measurement of the user, I think it’s well worth it. Definitely one of the best silicone sex dolls out there


    •  Modeled after a famous porn star
    •  Made of silicone
    •  Customizable

Build Your Realdoll

Build Realdoll luxury
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I’m not sure there’s a greater luxury than being able to make your own doll from scratch. With Build Your Realdoll, you can make your new companion from the quality materials that Realdoll is known for. You get to choose everything about your new doll.

From her face to her hair, to her eye and skin color, body shape, makeup, breast size, nipple color, and even her vagina style, they’re all yours to shape. You have the tools to make the best realistic sex doll you can.

However, with almost every pick, you’ll be increasing your final cost. You’ll get a doll that you created specifically for yourself at the end of it – your perfect woman. However, you might be $6000 to $8000 short.


    •  Extremely customizable —make your own partner
    •  Expensive
    •  Uses quality, high-tech materials.

9. Best Cheap Sex Dolls

Silicone Sex Doll Torso

Silicone Torso cheap
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As I said before, sex doll torsos are generally cheaper than a full-body doll. Not everyone has over $1500 to spend on a full-sized doll. Plus, unless you have an extra room or something, finding a space to keep a full body sex doll can be challenging.

Sex doll torsos provide a good alternative. They’re much cheaper, but they can still be made of good quality materials like silicone and TPE, so they make some of the best budget sex dolls. They’re also smaller, but they’re easier to store.

The silicone sex doll torso is soft and looks and feels realistic. It can also be used in all three orifices. And she’s only worth $1000.

But, reviewers have mentioned that the torso is a bit heavy, so it’s not as easy to maneuver her into different positions.


    •  Made of silicone
    •  Has a bit of weight
    •  It’s easier to store than a full-body doll

Becky Japanese Royal Princess

Becky princess cheap
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Becky’s a woman of the people. She has our best interests at heart, which is why, even though she’s a princess, she’ll allow herself to be bought at a commoner’s price.

But seriously, Becky is one seriously good looking doll, and for the price they’re asking, it’s nearly a steal. She may be only 4’5 (140cm), but she can take up to 8.27 inches (21cm) of dick up her vagina. She can take up to 7.08 inches (18cm) in her ass and 5.12 inches (13cm) in her mouth.

Pretty deep for a little princess. At only $799, Becky is one of the best and cheapest sex dolls on the market.


    • All orifices are deeper than average
    • Made of TPE.
    • Can also be considered a mini-doll

10. Best Chinese Sex Doll

Mei Lien

Mei Lien Chinese
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Another sexy Asian doll! Mei Lien looks like a disheveled queen, and that hot, sophisticated vibe she gives off is almost guaranteed to turn you on. A doll shouldn’t be able to do that, but she does.

Mei Lin has big boobs, and her body is reasonably voluptuous. Her measurements are 33.5 inches (85cm) at the boobs, 22 inches (56cm) at the waist, and 34.3 inches (87cm) at the hips.

However, Mei Lin’s most unusual feature is that, unlike most dolls, she can take more dick up her ass than in her pussy [7 inches (18cm) of dick up her ass and only 6 inches (15cm) in her vagina].

She can also take 5.1 inches (13cm) down her throat. Mei Lin is sexy and sophisticated and also an anal sex queen. And she sells for the queenly price of $2850.


    • Looks like she was built for anal sex because her ass orifice is deeper than other ones.
    • Voluptuous body
    • Made of silicone

11. Best AI Sex Dolls


Marvella AI doll
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While we’re all busy with our daily lives, sex science is busy trying to figure out how to give us our own custom-made soulmate. AI sex dolls (alternatively, sex robots) are dolls created with artificial intelligence for sale.

The concept is to allow these dolls to learn like humans as they live with their owners, and they’ll evolve their personalities to match their owners, thereby creating a soulmate.

Manufacturers are not there yet, but Marvella’s an example of the great progress they’re making. She’s made of silicone but has an internal heater that keeps her body at human temperature. She can move her neck, wink, smile, and moan in response to touch.

She can also respond to questions in Chinese and English (you can command her to switch), and the more you converse with her, the faster she learns.

However, because she can speak, you cannot have oral sex with her. Well, you can, if you’re willing to let the electrical current fry your dick. All of this for only $3400, folks!


    •  Can learn
    •  Can speak and move
    •  Only has two entry holes, vagina, and ass.


Emma AI doll
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Emma is the real definition of a companion. She’s a sex doll that’ll talk right back at you. If she could speak without being spoken to and didn’t need updates, then she’d be a human.

Emma can rotate and tilt her neck and make several facial expressions, wink, recognize your voice, answer your questions, and for a yearly subscription, she can even text you.

She’ll also make different moans depending on where you touch her and has a system that heats her “skin” to human temperature.

What’s that you say? She’s not a real girlfriend? Even with all that? Well, you can piss right off. Emma might not be real yet, but she is one of the best life-like dolls around right now. And she’s only $3650.


    •  Can speak, and move.
    •  Can learn
    •  Only has two entry holes, vagina, and anus.

12. Best Male Sex Dolls


Jake male doll
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Now for the penis lovers. Male sex dolls aren’t as standard or as varied as female dolls, but they’re there, and they are hot. They also have a pretty funny history.

Jake is a premium example of one. He’s only 5’2 (160cm) and 38kgs (83.78 lbs), so he’s very portable. His dick, though, isn’t small at all. He’s a sturdy and thick 7 inches (18cm).

His muscular skin is made of TPE for caressing pleasure. And just like his dick, the rest of him is quite strong, so he doesn’t need you to be gentle. He lives up to his title of best male sex doll. And the price tag fits that title at $3200.


    •  Made of TPE
    •  Strong skeleton
    •  Customizable


Hunter male doll
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Hunter’s ready to be your young, hung, pretty, boy toy. He’s slim with a ribbed body. His skin is made of soft, tan TPE, but you can easily change the color if you want.

Hunter can give and receive anything you want him to with his 8-inch dick and ass that can swallow up to 7 inches. Plus, his dick is removable for easy cleaning, so he’s as low maintenance as they come. Only $2000.


    •  Smaller doll.
    •  Removable penis.
    •  Made of TPE

13. Best Inflatable Sex Doll


miko inflatable doll
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Inflatable dolls or blow-up dolls are great for those on a budget. In fact, most sex dolls under 100 dollars are inflatable ones. And, dolls like Miko, prove that they don’t have to be inferior.

Miko, when fully inflated, stands at 5’2 and has three fully functional entry points; her mouth, anus, and vagina and is the best blow-up sex doll I’ve seen.

Miko is made of thermoplastic rubber, so she’s made to feel as real as possible. This realistic feel is what makes her the best inflatable sex doll plus the fact that she’s also foldable and easy to pack away after use. However, reviewers do say that her mouth is a bit too tight. She’s worth $169.95


    •  Made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
    •  Can be easily stored
    •  Mouth is small.

14. Best Silicone Sex Doll


harielle silicone doll
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Silicone sex dolls are generally more realistic than TPE, and Harielle is a prime example. She’s one of the best real life sex dolls around, and if you don’t look closely enough, all you’ll see is a sophisticated looking, young woman. She’s a tall girl at 5’6, but she’s not all that heavy, only weighing 36kg.

In the way of Sex Doll Genie, she’s also customizable to a certain extent. You can even swap her head out for another silicone doll head. She’s well-made, so with proper care, she can last for years. You can have her for $5119.20


    •  Made of TPE
    •  Customizable
    •  Tall

15. Best Realistic Sex Doll

Stephanie 1.0

stephanie realistic doll
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Stephanie looks like the love child of  Kim Kardashian and some Real Housewife. In short, she’s a complete knockout. She’s 5’1 with three orifices available. Because she’s a RealDoll, it’s extremely easy to customize her. Not cheap, but easy.

Her head uses magnetic inserts to attach it, so if you get another head, you can attach it the same way.

You can also change things like nipple color, add piercings, freckles, change her hairstyle, and eye color. You can even buy her Hi-Realism eyes that reflect light.

It’ll serve to make her even more realistic. Stephanie is one of the best-rated, real sex dolls, so if all her many, many qualities don’t speak for her, judge her by public opinion. Or you can judge by her $6524.99 price tag.


    •  Made of silicone
    •  High tech parts, such as head and vagina
    •  Customizable

Frequently Asked Sex Doll Questions

Q1: How long will a sex doll last?

A sex doll can last anywhere from two to ten years, with proper care and depending on the materials it’s made of.

Q2: How realistic does a sex doll feel?

Depending on the materials and the heating mechanism and type of lube, a sex toy can feel very close to a woman’s vagina. The best lifelike sex dolls are usually made of TPE or Silicone.

Q3: What’s the difference between the best TPE sex dolls and the best silicone dolls?

    1. Silicone is harder than TPE, but TPE is more flexible.
    2. Silicone is more expensive than TPE.
    3. TPE jiggles more than silicone.
    4. TPE stains easily. Silicone does not.

Q4: Can my sex doll stain?

If your sex doll is made from TPE, it can stain. Easily at that. Silicone is only a little bit better at resisting stains. Never store your dolls with dark clothing on them. Only light clothes are acceptable for storage.

Q5: What is the best material for a sex doll?

The best and most durable materials for sex dolls are TPE and silicone.

Q6: What is the best sex lube to use on a sex doll

Water-based lube. It’s the only kind of lube that won’t stain or degrade your sex doll.

Q7: Do they come with clothes, hair, or other accessories?

Most sex dolls come with a wig, blankets, blow dryer, etc. This little tool kit differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, but there are almost always extras.

Q8: How to care for your sex doll?

Taking care of your sex doll is akin to taking care of something precious. Your sex doll needs to be properly stored in a place with good temperature and cleaned regularly. Sex dolls are rather fragile, so they need to be treated gently.

Q9: How to store and hide sex dolls?

Most people buy a case to store their full-body sex doll in. You can then keep this case in the closet or in a cool room. Some people choose to leave them out. Either way is fine, as long as they’re not wearing dark clothing and are in a cool environment.

Q10: Who makes the best sex dolls?

Several companies make sex dolls, and each has its own pros and cons. These pros and cons depend mainly on material, shipping, price, and the prospective buyer. We’ve listed the five best companies that sell sex dolls, however.

Q11: Which sex dolls are the best?

Silicone and TPE sex dolls are the best quality sex dolls. These dolls can last for a very long time if well taken care of.

Q12: Who makes the best high-end Japanese sex dolls?

Once again, the answer to this question is subjective and depends on what you’re looking for. The stores we mentioned all have several Japanese sex dolls on hand.

Q13: What is the best realistic sex doll?

Artificial Intelligence sex dolls are the most realistic sex dolls there are.

Q14: What is the best powder for sex dolls?

There are several doll powders around, but the tried and true powder is cornstarch. Cornstarch or any cornstarch-based powder softens the material of a silicone or TPE doll. It’s also light enough not to scratch it, unlike talcum powder.

Q15: Where are the best value sex dolls?

You can find a great value sex doll on the list we gave you or at one of the shops we talked about in this guide.

In conclusion

The best sex and love dolls are great companions and awesome sex partners with some equipment and imagination. There’s a lot of misinformation about dolls, and we hope our guide has helped you pick a doll, learn how to choose a doll, or learn the proper way to clean your doll.

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