Top 18 Anal Fleshlights 2024 – The Best Pocket Butts Around

ice butt

Anal fleshlights are everywhere nowadays, and if you’re feeling left out and curious to find out more then you’ve come to the right place. The trouble with finding a butt fleshlight is that there are so many to choose from, and with so many options you’re bound to feel overwhelmed.

Maybe you don’t even know what type of toy you’re looking for, or how to even use one. Here, I’ve provided you with all the answers to your ass-related questions. Okay, maybe not all – just fleshlight specific.

On my quest to find the best of the best, I underwent extensive research, personally testing each toy individually to bring you a detailed and thorough review. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of butt stuff or a complete beginner when it comes to masturbation toys, I hope to help you on your way as you discover the joys of the anal fleshlight.

Top 3 Best Anal Fleshlights

  1. Lana Rhoades Fleshlight Sensation: Karma – best overall for most realistic anal sex experience.
  2. Stoya Epic – best anal fleshlight for the most intense orgasms with incredible textures in the inner sleeve.
  3. Fleshlight Classic Pink Butt – ideal for beginners with its smooth textures and low levels of intensity.

Table of Contents

Why Trust Us?

So, why should you trust me? I mean it when I say that I’ve searched high and low to find the best ass toys on the market today. I’m not here to sell you any product – I simply want you to get the most out of your pocket pussies.

And since I’ve gone through just about every anal fleshlight going, I’d like to think that I’m an expert on the topic. A connoisseur, if you will.

I’m not into biased reviews – I’ll tell you straight if it’s good or not. I’ve even thrown in a couple that I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of, but that’s all down to personal taste.

When it comes to testing, I explore every aspect from the design, packaging, smell, how easy they are to clean, and the overall experience. Some are better than others, but like I said, it’s all down to personal preference.

Keep on reading to find out about the different types of anal fleshlights available today, how to use them, and of course my own review of the top 18 anal fleshlights. I’ve even given you some top tips of things to consider when choosing your next toy.

Different Types Of Anal Fleshlight

Whether you’re looking for a generic toy, or a replica of your favorite pornstar’s behind – there really is something out there for all men. Some are tighter than others, whereas some offer a much more intense climax.

If you’re new to sex toys and feel a little intimidated by them, then there are butt fleshlight’s that offer a less textured sleeve that are also a lot easier to clean.

All it takes is research. Finding your next favorite toy can be rough because the options are overwhelming, but it’s mainly down to your own preference and what you like.

The Good

Listed below are 18 of the best anal masturbation toys on the market in 2024. I’ve tried and tested each one personally, both with a partner and by myself, to bring you an honest and unbiased review.

With so many options available, it can be tough knowing which one to buy, so I’ve made things a little easier by highlighting their good points and their bad points. So, buckle up and discover the ultimate list of the best butt fleshlight’s around.

1. Lana Rhoades Fleshlight Sensation: Karma – Best overall

lana rhoades sensation lana rhoades sensation inner

See on Lovehoney

One of my all time favorite pornstars has got to be Lana Rhoades so I was keen to get my hands on her fleshlight. All I can say is Lana – thank you. This was one hell of a ride with the sleeve that seems to get narrower the deeper you get into it, making for a seriously good time. Trust me when I say that this little sucker really gets a grip on you.

The opening looks realistic and a perfect replica of Lana’s sweet ass. Definitely worth the hype! There isn’t a great deal of variation texture-wise, but I wouldn’t really say this was a complaint.


  • Narrow sleeve
  • Nice packaging
  • It’s Lana Rhoades!!!


  • Not as much variation

2. Stoya Epic – Most intense

stoya epic stoya epic inner

See on Fleshlight Official Store

If you prefer more intense sensations, then the Stoya Epic could be the one for you.This toy teases your cock from the tip and all the way up your shaft with its unique textures designed to perfectly replicate the popular pornstar’s ass. It has a realistic look, and the material of the male masturbator itself feels very much like real skin.

The sleeve is made up of seven different chambers, bringing you a new sensation the deeper you go and stimulating each part of your penis. Honestly, this is a sensory overload, so may not be the best for people who prefer a less intense orgasm.

The packaging that the toy arrived in was discreet yet pleasing on the eye and the overall experience was very good, however, I did find that the various textures were a little tricky to clean, which could be an issue for some people.


  • Compatible with attachments including a mount for use in the shower
  • Several chambers for intense stimulation
  • Long sleeve suitable for most penis lengths


  • Possibly too intense for some people

3. Fleshlight Classic Pink Butt – Ideal for beginners

classic pink butt classic pink butt inner

See on Fleshlight Official Store

The Fleshlight Classic Pink Butt is a classic for a reason. It’s super smooth and easy to use, making it the best Fleshlight on this list for beginners. This product is also recommended for men who like their masturbation sessions to last a little longer – its lack of texture on the inner sleeve means that your orgasm will be a lot less intense.

With the Classic Pink Butt, you can adjust the cap to reduce the suction – perfect for edging. It comes with a sleek black casing and it’s easy to clean. I definitely recommend this toy if you’re new to sex toys or curious about anal sex in general.


  • Simple to clean
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Water-resistant
  • Tight and smooth


  • Lacks texture

4. Madison Ivy Wonderland – Most realistic looking fleshlight

madison ivy wonderland madison ivy wonderland inner

See on Fleshlight Official Store

Madison Ivy is a top German pornstar with an incredible ass, so when I saw that she’d had a mold of her anus made into a fleshlight – I was beyond stoked. The realistic looking entry hole adds to the realism, so when I was watching one of Madison’s videos and using her Fleshlight Girl at the same time – well, you can imagine how good it was.

Its ribbed case makes handling simple, and there are some nice textures within the sleeve that make for an overall good experience. It doesn’t offer a crazily intense orgasm, so those who prefer a lot of texture may find it a little underwhelming, however, all in all – it’s a perfectly good anal fleshlight.


  • Realistic looking entry-hole
  • Simple to clean
  • Ribbed case makes the toy easy to handle


  • Less textured sleeve compared to other toys on this list

5. Megan Rain Thunder – Best for people who prefer a loose canal

megan rain thunder megan rain thunder inner

See on Fleshlight Official Store

The Megan Rain Thunder is ideal for men who prefer less tightness. So, if you’re on the girthy side – this toy could be for you. The sleeve consists of exciting textures that keep things interesting. My partner especially enjoyed using this male stroker in the bedroom because she got so turned on seeing how much I was loving it, and it’s equally as good when you’re going solo.

Simple to clean and a high-quality product, the Megan Rain Thunder is definitely worth checking out.


  • Looser (but still tight enough) sleeve that will fit the majority of men
  • Exciting textures
  • Nice quality and design


  • Wouldn’t recommend for men who prefer it tighter

6. Ana Foxxx Velvet – Best for tightness

ana foxxx velvet ana foxxx velvet inner

See on Fleshlight Official Store

If you’re wanting a super tight sensation, but aren’t looking for much texture or curve within the sleeve itself, then the Ana Foxxx Velvet could be the toy for you. It’s made up of high-quality materials and it’s a hell of a ride, there’s no denying that, however, if you’re looking for more of an intense sensation to stimulate all areas of your penis then maybe pass on this one.

Ana Foxxx has a perfect ass, which is why this toy is great, and it’s without doubt the best black fleshlight around right now. It comes in a sleek casing and it’s simple to clean. Personally, I need a little more texture – but for tightness, this is a winner.


  • Super tight
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Easy to clean


  • Lacks texture

7. Alexis Texas Tornado – Best suction

alexis texas tornado alexis texas tornado inner

See on Fleshlight Official Store

One of the more realistic fleshlight’s around, the Alexis Texas Tornado is definitely worth checking out. Molded on the sexy pornstar’s ass, the Tornado brings us that good ol’ Southern charm, with unique textures and curves in all the right places. It looks smooth, but there’s more to it than meets the eye – it should be boring, however, it’s anything but.

The SuperSkin material adds to the realism, and its ribbed chambers make for an intense masturbation session. I like the Tornado because it feels realistic, rotation isn’t necessary but boy does it feel amazing. The texture inside the sleeve twists, stimulating all angles of your penis. Hence the name Tornado.


  • Good for longer sessions
  • Intense stimulation
  • Incredible suction
  • Twisting sleeve stimulates all angles of the penis


  • Repetitive which may not satisfy some users
  • Not as tight as others

8. Fleshlight Vibro Butt – Best for vibration

vibro butt vibro butt inner

See on Fleshlight Official Store

I wasn’t so keen on the idea of a vibrating anal fleshlight, but honestly, this one swayed me a little. The Fleshlight Vibro Butt has three vibrating bullets (batteries included which was a nice touch!), and a touch texture sleeve.

It comes in a gunmetal casing, and it looks good overall – plus the entry-hole is super tight. However, the novelty of the vibration does wear off after a while. In fact, it even hurt a little on my first couple of goes – so if you have a larger penis then this may not be for you, but once I took the vibrating bullets out, it was perfect.


  • Batteries included for three vibrating bullets
  • Intense orgasm
  • Bullets can be removed if user prefers


  • Restricting for men with a larger penis
  • Not so easy to clean

9. Adriana Chechik Next Level – Best for men with a larger penis

adriana chechik next level adriana chechik next level inner

See on Fleshlight Official Store

Famous for her love of anal, fans of Adriana Chechik can now experience what it feels like to have her behind sliding up and down their penis from the comfort of their own home. The sleeve comes with insane textures, nubs, and ridges to satisfy every angle of your penis.

My partner and I had a lot of fun with this one, and I really like how tight it is. It’s not the tightest Fleshlight on entry, however, it tightens up once you’re in. The only real downside is the cleanup afterwards. Because of all the nubs and ridges, I did find that the Next Level was harder to clean than the others.


  • Long sleeve that will fit most penises
  • Intense stimulation with its variety of textures
  • Good amount of tightness


  • Difficult to clean in comparison to others on this list
  • Possibly too intense for some people

10. THRUST Pro Coco – Best for those on a budget

thrust pro coco thrust pro coco inner

See on Lovehoney

While it’s not the most realistic looking, the Thrust Pro Ultra Coco Ribbed and Dotted Ass Cup does provide a good amount of stimulation. I’d recommend this product for people who are just starting out with sex toys and looking for something inexpensive but good quality.

There’s room to add a bullet vibrator for extra stimulation, if that’s what you’re into. The intensity can be adjusted by the cap, and there are some awesome textures on the inside to give you an incredible orgasm. The overall quality is good, and it’s nowhere near as expensive as some of the others on this list. Perfect for beginners.


  • Inexpensive when compared to other anal fleshlights
  • Intensity of the product can be adjusted
  • Room to add a vibrating bullet for extra stimulation
  • Two great inner textures


  • Doesn’t look real so not ideal for people who prefer a realistic looking fleshlight
  • Larger penises may struggle to fit inside completely

11. Heavenly Pink Sleeve – Ideal for beginners on a budget

heavenly pink sleeve heavenly pink sleeve inner

See on Fleshlight Official Store

I’d heard that the Heavenly Pink Sleeve was the tightest anal fleshlight going, so I was excited to try this baby out. First impressions when using this toy though weren’t exactly great. It didn’t really feel like it offered any more tightness than any of my others. Second time I used it was with my partner, and this time I enjoyed it a lot more.

This just goes to show that some toys really need to be broken in. I’ve used it alone since and the tightness is definitely there and the suction is incredible, but it doesn’t feel rip-your-penis-off tight.

The only major downfall is that it doesn’t come with a case – other than that it’s a good all round toy with some decent textures on the inside of the sleeve.


  • Made with high quality materials
  • Less expensive than others on this list
  • Different textures for a good amount of stimulation


  • Doesn’t come with a case (although users can switch up the intensity of their grip this way)

12. THRUST Pro Elite Anal Masturbator – Most realistic design

thrust pro elite thrust pro elite inner

See on Lovehoney

Now, this one’s cheating a little bit as it’s not technically a fleshlight – but I thought I’d throw it on this list for good measure. The design is different in that it’s a replica of an anus but also has an entry hole for vaginal penetration – as good as it gets without having to go full throttle and order yourself an entire sex doll.

I liked the simplicity of the THRUST Pro Elite, although it is a little bulky. It looks realistic enough if you’re looking for something to grab onto (or give a spanking to). This realistic butt is also on the more expensive side, and fairly bulky, but there’s some good textures and it’s a little different.


  • Realistic looking
  • Simple to use


  • High in price
  • Bulky

13. Fleshlight Ice Butt – Best for using with a partner

ice butt ice butt inner

See on Fleshlight Official Store

The clear casing and sleeve on this toy makes it perfect for using in the bedroom with your other half. Being able to see what was going on inside the sleeve as my penis plunged deeper through all of the textures was awesome, and I think the visual aspect was a huge turn-on for my partner, too.

While not as tight as other fleshlight’s on this list, the Ice Butt does offer some nice textures – and being able to see what was going on down there was fun. I did find that the Ice Butt did attract a lot more dust than the others, but I’m not sure if that was down to the material. It is, however, easy to clean – so not too much of an issue.


  • Transparency of the casing and sleeve added a nice visual aspect which made it even better when using with a partner
  • Interesting textures for all round stimulation


  • Found that it attracted quite a bit of dust
  • Not as tight when compared to other fleshlight’s on this list

14. Fleshlight Elsa Jean Treat – Best for medium intensity

elsa jean treat elsa jean treat inner

See on Adam&Eve

See on Lovehoney

See on Fleshlight Official Store

If you’re a fan of Elsa, then this toy could be the one for you. It comes with four different chambers, each more exciting than the last. However, if you have a smaller penis length then you may struggle to reach the final chamber. I also found that the suction was a little loud compared with others.

You should try this out if you like some intensity, but not too much. There’s enough textural variation to keep things interesting, and as with all fleshlight’s, you can control how and when you climax.


  • Four different chambers each with their own texture
  • Medium intensity


  • Noisier than others
  • Shorter penises may not be able to reach the final chamber

15. Joanna Angel Punk – Best for men who enjoy one texture

joanna angel punk joanna angel punk inner

See on Fleshlight Official Store

The buttocks of the wild babe from Brooklyn is now available for you to enjoy at home, and it does not disappoint. Some users who want a bit of variety might find this toy to be a little repetitive, but each chamber has a wavy ridge that feels incredible the deeper you go.

The tight entrance engulfs you as you plunge in, and it massages your penis the further you go in – never losing its tightness. The wavy texture feels incredible, with the cross ribs varying in size for extra intensity.


  • Maintains the same texture throughout the entire sleeve
  • Tight entry hole
  • High-intensity


  • Repetitive texture can be boring if you like multiple different textures

16. Lisa Ann Savage Fleshlight – Best for improving stamina

lisa ann savage lisa ann savage inner

See on Fleshlight Official Store

If you’re looking to build on your stamina, then the Lisa Ann Savage Fleshlight is worth looking at. The sleeve is made up of a single chamber that’s lined with thick ridges lined out in a zig-zag. The unique feel of the singular chamber makes for a great climax that won’t disappoint.

It could potentially be over-stimulating for some users, which is why I wouldn’t recommend this to people who have never used an anal fleshlight before. Its single chamber will be useful if you’re looking to lengthen your sessions.


  • High-intensity
  • Tight
  • Unique textures for intense stimulation
  • Good for building stamina


  • Textures may be too stimulating for some users

17. Brandi Love Shameless Fleshlight – Most realistic

brandi love shameless brandi love shameless inner

See on Fleshlight Official Store

MILF fans, listen up. Who hasn’t fantasized about Brandi Love? The Brandi Love Shameless Fleshlight comes with numerous textures that feel incredible as you slide your penis into the realistic looking hole.

This toy is perfect for all round sensations, and while it did take some time to break it in, I’d say that the Brandi Love feels closer to the real thing than any of the others.

It is a little on the pricey side, however, it’s definitely worth it. The sleeve is ribbed and textured, plus the adjustable cap means you can control how and when you climax, or to reduce the suction.

Overall, it’s an awesome toy for both solo use and with a partner, and it comes with fast shipping. Plus, this is the ultimate MILF we’re talking about, so you know it’s gonna be good.


  • Realistic looking
  • Tight entrance
  • Various textures for all round sensation


  • Cleaning isn’t as easy as the other
  • Takes a few uses to break it in

18. Fleshlight Butt Riley Reid Euphoria Texture – Best combo of tightness and texture

riley reid euphoria riley reid euphoria inner

See on Lovehoney

See on Fleshlight Official Store

I think it’s fair to say that Riley has the best behind, and I don’t think that’s too much of a bold statement. Every warm-blooded, straight male has wanted to know what it feels like to spend one night with Riley. And now you can! Well… kind of.

The design of the toy is incredibly realistic, giving you a life-like pleasure that’s almost as good as the real thing. The textured sleeve offers fantastic stimulation wrapped up in a pearlescent casing that makes it a perfectly discreet Fleshlight. The sleeve can also be removed which makes it easy to clean. The only downside is the high price.


  • Molded on Riley Reid
  • Simple to clean
  • Good amount of tightness and texture
  • Realistic


  • High price

The Bad

Since we’ve looked at the best toys for anal sex simulation, I thought it was worth mentioning a couple that didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

Fleshlight Boost Blast

The idea behind the Fleshlight Boost Blast sounded good on paper, but the execution was all wrong. The inner rings as you pass through the entry hole are meant to feel like the opening of a rectum – but to me they felt a little flimsy. This toy didn’t really offer much texture-wise either. As for any good points, I guess the purple casing is pretty cool.

Tera Patrick Twisted Fleshlight

As much as I like Tera Patrick and her content, the Twisted Fleshlight just didn’t live up to my expectations. Aesthetic-wise, it looks good with the hint of labia below the entry hole – it doesn’t really offer anything else other than an enhanced visual aspect. I struggled with insertion so that took away some of the enjoyment, even with the addition of lube.

How I Tested Each Anal Fleshlight

When it came to testing, I noted down what I wanted most out of the toy – and what I feel the majority of men want from their anal fleshlight. This included a tight entrance, how realistic the product felt, interesting sensations caused by different textures, and overall experience.

All of the products listed are some of the most popular toys on the market, so it made sense for me to test each of them. I also considered opinions from other people who have used the same toy, sexual partners, as well as reviews found online.

Choosing Your Next Anal Fleshlight And Where To Purchase

Now that you’re fully clued up on the best (and worst) butt fleshlight’s – why not try one for yourself? The best thing to do when deciding on which toy to choose is to honestly ask yourself, what do I want out of it? Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I enjoy multiple textures and an intense orgasm?
  • Do I enjoy one consistent texture?
  • Is it extra tightness that I’m looking for?
  • How much time do I want to spend cleaning the product?
  • Is it easy for me to store?
  • Can the toy be used with a partner?

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, look online to see where you can purchase your choice of toy. There are plenty of adult sex toy websites available, including Lovehoney, Adameve and many others.

Be sure to use a legit site – but that goes without saying. Do your research, look up different reviews and unboxings, and you’ll be sure to find your next best toy in no time.

Take Things Up A Notch With Accessories

While there’s no real need to purchase additional accessories (butt fleshlights offer an incredible masturbation experience on their own), there are options out there to take things to the next level. I’ve listed a couple of them below.

  • Water-based lube – this goes without saying, you’ll no doubt need this anyway. Some toys come with a sachet sample of their own.
  • Heating rod – honestly, the heating rod is a gamechanger. Once you’ve tried a warm fleshlight, you’ll wonder what the hell you’ve been doing this whole time. The heating rod increases the temperature of the fleshlight ever so slightly, creating a more realistic and welcoming feeling.
  • Shower mount – not much to say about this other than if you like jerking off in the shower, a shower mount is worth purchasing.

How To Use An Anal Fleshlight

It seems simple enough, you just insert your rock-hard penis into the entry hole, right? Well, yeah – that’s the basis of it, however, if you’ve never done it before then you may be looking for Fleshlight usage tips.

Luckily for you, tips I’ve got. Begin by lighting a candle, running a bath, relaxing your mind… OR, go to your preferred adult website and grab your new anal fleshlight with some water-based lube and get yourself in the mood.

Before any of that though, give it a quick clean before you use it – you should be doing this before and after every use anyway, so it doesn’t do any harm to clean it before getting started.

Add a little lube to the entry hole (and to your penis if you’d like), then the rest is pretty much self explanatory. Insert your erect penis into the hole, gripping the toy as you would if you were giving yourself a handjob, and work it up and down as fast or as slow as you’d like.

If you want to try edging (prolonging climax for a more intense orgasm) then most anal fleshlights will come with an adjustable cap that can be loosened or tightened. This helps to control the suction of the sleeve, ultimately controlling how and when you climax.

Then, after you’ve finished, all you’ve got to do is clean it up. Empty the contents into the sink or toilet, and rinse it out with warm (not hot) water.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to make the most of your anal fleshlight, then one of the best ways that I’ve found is positioning the toy between two cushions. In my experience, I’ve found that an armchair works really well as it stays in place allowing for deep, hands-free thrusts.

If you’re wanting to introduce your butt fleshlight to your girlfriend, then let them use it on you. You can sit back and enjoy the ride as she takes control, or you can act out an awesome threesome fantasy.

These are just some ways of using your anal fleshlight. The opportunities are endless, and the best thing about them is that they can be enjoyed both with a partner or by yourself. Introducing sex toys into the bedroom may feel a little intimidating, but once you realize how good sex can be – you won’t look back!

A Brief History Of Anal Fleshlights

The common fleshlight has undergone many changes over the years, with adjustments and improvements being made for a more intense orgasm. The first ones had a smooth inner-sleeve, whereas now they come with multiple ribbed edges and unique textures that stimulate all areas of your penis.

The original fleshlight was invented by Steve Shubin, a former police officer based in Austin, who didn’t like the idea of going without sex while his wife was pregnant (because of the age they fell pregnant, the doctor recommended going without intercourse for the duration of the pregnancy).

Ol’ Shubin therefore took it upon himself to invent a male masturbation toy that provided a similar sensation to sex by replicating a woman’s vagina, which was patented in July, 1995. The lengths men go to when told they have to go without sex – it’s ingenious, really. The wonders of the male mind.

From that, the fleshlight has become one of the most popular sex toys ever. It’s evolved many times as the years have passed using Shubin’s creation of SuperSkin, including the introduction of oral fleshlights, and, of course, anal fleshlights.


How do I clean my anal fleshlight?

After using your toy, remove the sleeve from its case and empty the contents into a sink/toilet. Rinse the sleeve and the case with warm water for 30 seconds each and wipe away any excess dirt with a towel. Once you’re satisfied that your toy and the case is clean, wipe the exterior with a damp (clean) cloth.

Which lube is best when using an anal fleshlight?

When it comes to using fleshlights, water-based lubricants are best as they are free from any ingredients that may cause irritation if you suffer with sensitive skin. There are lubricants that cater more to anal penetration – these tend to be a lot thicker than regular lubes.

Which anal fleshlight has the tightest hole?

During research for this review, I found that the Ana Foxxx Velvet offered the tightest experience. Additionally, the Joanna Angel Punk was great for men who prefer a tight sensation.

Where do I store my anal fleshlight?

After cleaning, store your toy in a cool and dry area of your home. Many of the toys mentioned on this list come with their own packaging, making it easy to store them away – however, if not, an old shoebox works fine.

How are anal fleshlight molds made?

Typically, if a pornstar is offering their asshole to be made into a replica, silicone is spread across the orifice before applying a hardening substance that helps to solidify the mold. Nowadays, this messy process isn’t even mandatory as technology has advanced so much that digital scanning enables the mold to be made without as much hassle.

How close is my anal fleshlight to the real thing?

Different anal fleshlights will offer a different sensation. Some are more realistic than others, whereas some offer a more intense orgasm than others. I found that the Stoya Epic offered a really intense experience, although it wasn’t the most realistic. Overall, the Brandi Love Shameless Fleshlight felt the closest to the real deal, but by no-means was it the most intense.


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