10 Best Male Masturbators Reviews – Automatic, Hands Free, Cups

male masturbator

We’ve spent the past 12 days testing the best male masturbators in the world: from hands free automatic male masturbators to classic male masturbators cup. And voilà, we have a few winners.

Yes, you’re about to enjoy unlimited hand-jobs from the comfort of your own cave. Lucky you.

If you’re tired of using your hands (I know you are) and want to simply have some amazing orgasms on-demand, while avoiding the death grip and improve your stamina at the same time, you’re gonna love this round-up of the best male masturbators money can buy.

Here’s my advice in a nutshell:

  • Buy this toy (with a VR headset) if you want only the best for your dick and are looking for an automatic male masturbators that will blow your mind.
  • Buy this realistic male masturbator cup instead if you prefer a realistic pussy vibe.

Here’s 8 more options: vibrating, discreet and electric male masturbators for your own amusement.

Top 10 Male Masturbators in 2022

Male MasturbatorPriceInformation
Kiiroo Keon + VR
Best automatic male masturbator
kiiroo keon realistic sex
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Connects to VR porn
230 strokes per minute
Lovense Max
Best male masturbator
max masturbator for men
Check PriceLength: 9.5 inches
Width: 3.3 inches
Charging: 100 minutes
Waterproof: IPX6 Water-Resistant
Riley Reid Utopia
Best realistic male masturbator
riley reid male stroker
Check PriceLength: 7.75 inches
Material: Plastic, TPE
Width: 2 inches
Waterproof: Yes
Fleshlight Flight
fleshlight flight masturbator
Check PriceCanal Diameter: 0.5 in
Internal Length: 6 in
Material: Soft Plastic
Waterproof: Submersible
Allergens: Phthalate-Free
Go Surge
go surge stroker masturbator
Check PriceLength: 7.75 inches
Material: Plastic, TPE
Width: 2 inches
Waterproof: Yes
Tenga Flip Hole
Best discreet male masturbator
tenga flip hole male masturbator
Check PriceCanal Diameter: 1 in
Internal Length: 6.5 in
Material: Soft Plastic
Waterproof: Submersible
Lubricant: Included
Fleshlight STU
fleshlight stu male masturbation toy
Check PriceWidth: 4 in
Length: 10 in
Material: Plastic
Lubricant: Included
Features: Stretchy, Open-ended
Bangin Betty
Cheap male masturbator
banging betty penis masturbator
Check PriceFeatures: Lubricant Included, Realistic
Length: 8.75 inches
Material: TPE
Width: 11 inches
Sasha Grey
Best oral male masturbator
sasha grey deep throat pocket masturbator
Check PriceWidth: 2 in
Length: 5.5 in
Material: TPE
Features: Stretchy, Realistic
Allergens: Phthalate-Free
Vagina & Ass 2 in 1
Best double sided male masturbator
vagina ass masturbator
Check PriceFeatures: Stretchy, Realistic, Textured
Length: 5.0 inches
Material: TPE
Width: 2.50 inches

What is a Male Masturbator?

A male masturbator is a sex toy that is specifically designed to stimulate the penis. Male masturbator toys come in a diverse array of styles, but they all have one common goal: to provide men with the best possible masturbatory experience. They can also be used for partner play.

Male masturbators come in a variety of different materials, including silicone, latex, rubber, and even realistic flesh-like sleeves. They also come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, from small and discreet to large and life-like.

male masturbator toy

Types of Male Masturbators

There are many varieties of male masturbators, but they can be broadly broken down into four categories.

Male masturbator cups

Often the most basic and inexpensive type of penis masturbator, a pocket pussy is a small, handheld sleeve that simulate the feeling of penetration. They can be made of various materials including silicone, latex, and soft plastic. Using pocket pussies requires stroking the toy back and forth over your penis.

Lifelike male masturbators

For a more life-like experience, some men prefer sex dolls, which are full or partial-body replicas of real women. These can be expensive, but some men feel they’re worth the investment.

Sex dolls are fully customizable so you can build the woman of your dreams, if budget isn’t a concern. You can customize hair, skin, body type, eye color and even get a sex robot that can speak and has artificial intelligence.

You can also buy simple torsos, realistic vaginas or realistic butts which have the appropriate holes and nothing more.

Automatic hands free masturbators

As the name suggests, hands-free male sex toys provide all the benefits of traditional masturbators, without the need to use your hands.

The Fleshlight Launch is one of the most popular hands free male masturbators on the market. It is a fully automated device that stimulates your member with a realistic suction sensation. The Autoblow is another hands free male masturbator that works your penis to realistically simulate the feeling of receiving a blowjob.

Vibrating male masturbators

Male Vibrators are simply masturbators that feature vibrations. This could be a pocket pussy with built-in vibrations, or other specialized products like the Manta and the Cobra Libre which aren’t meant to be penetrated, but rather use vibrations to stimulate your frenulum or shaft. Vibrating male masturbators can be a great couples sex toy as well.

fleshlight ice pocket pussy masturbator

How to Choose the Best Male Masturbator For You

Male masturbators represent a broad range of products. Here are a few tips to help choose one that suits you best:

1) If you want to emulate realistic sex, buy a life size male masturbator

A sex doll can provide you with the experience that is closest to real sex, without having another person present. You can choose the doll that looks and feels most like your ideal partner, and then enjoy all of the sexual activities that you would normally do with them. You can touch, stroke and talk to your doll while you do it. Sex dolls are perfect for those who want to experience everything that real sex has to offer, without any of the hassle or commitment.

2) If you want to experience new sensations, buy a vibrating male masturbator

A male vibrator is designed specifically for men’s pleasure, and can offer a wide range of new and exciting sensations. Whether you’re looking for something gentle and soothing or something more intense and stimulating, there’s definitely a vibrator out there that will suit your needs. Male vibrators aren’t necessarily designed to emulate the feel of a vagina, for example, but rather to stimulate specific areas of the genitalia.

3) If you need something that can be stored privately, buy a realistic male masturbator

A pocket pussy is small and discreet enough to be stored away without anyone knowing about it. Whether you’re on the go or at home, a pocket pussy is the perfect way to enjoy some solo time without anyone else finding out. They’re also portable, so taking them on vacation or to a friend’s house is never an issue.

4) If you want to let the machine do all the work, buy an hands free masturbator

When choosing a male masturbator, you’ll want to consider whether or not you want it to be hands free. Hands free masturbators vary in how much they automate the experience of masturbation. They usually come with built in mechanisms that stroke and thrust for you. Usually there are options to control speed and intensity.

One advantage of going for a hands free option is that it can provide a more realistic experience. Many men enjoy being able to sit back and relax while their masturbator does all the work. This can also be great if you have limited mobility or if you simply don’t want to use your hands.

5) If you’re new to male masturbators, buy a classic male masturbator cup

Pocket pussies are a great choice for newbies because they’re simple, affordable and portable. They’re also a tried and true masturbation toy that usually don’t have any complex features. Once you get the hang of a pocket pussy, you can move on to more advanced toys.

male masturbation toy

What to Look For in a Male Masturbator Toy

When looking for a decent male masturbator, there are a few key features to look out for:

  • Price that you can afford

The most basic male masturbators cost just a few dollars and a high-end sex doll can cost thousands. So there is a male masturbator to fit any budget. It really depends on what you want to get out of your toy. If you’re looking for something to experiment with, the cheap Fleshlight alternatives or cheap sex dolls ranges are probably best for you. If a sophisticated toy is something you know you’ll use for years to come, it’s probably safe to invest in a higher-end toy or doll.

  • Made from body safe materials

Body safe materials which are phthalate-free are always best. Material which is non-porous has less opportunity to develop dangerous bacteria. Silicone is usually a great option for sex toys. It’s body safe, non-porous but also squishy and lifelike.

  • The perfect fit

When choosing a masturbator that you stick your penis inside of, it’s of the utmost importance to make sure it will fit. You can measure your length and girth with measuring tape and compare your numbers with the product specifications. Sex dolls, pocket pussies and other penetrable toys usually list their insertable length. If you’re looking for a pocket pussy that mimics the feel of anal, you’ll want to make sure it’s tight enough to do the job correctly.

  • Waterproof materials

If you want to use your masturbator in the shower, make sure the manufacturer lists the product as being waterproof or submersible.

  • Stimulates the areas you crave

Make sure the masturbator you buy is designed to stimulate the parts of your genitals that turn you on. Pocket pussies stroke your entire penis while vibrators can be used to stimulate your shaft, your frenulum, your glans or your testicles. Different pocket pussies and sex dolls have textured cavities. Make sure the unit you choose features a texture that feels right for you.

male stroker

How To Use a Male Masturbator

Most male masturbators are pretty straightforward, but here are some general guidelines for putting them to use:

1) Lube up your penis and your masturbator

You’ll want to put plenty of lube on both your penis and the interior and entrance point of your toy. It will make the experience far more pleasurable and extend the life of your toy. If your masturbator is silicone, make sure to only use a water-based lube as silicone lube can damage the toy.

2) Penetrate or play with your masturbator

Make sure you’re in a private place and reserve a good amount of time to get in the mood and use your toy. Always start slow.

You can penetrate the hole in your toy, or in the case of a vibrator, stimulate the chosen area of your genitalia. Once you feel comfortable with the sensations your toy provides and you are accustomed to its workings, you can play with it at any speed and intensity you see fit.

Just keep in mind, if you experience any pain or discomfort, it shouldn’t be this way. Stop use of the toy and refer to its manual for proper use.

3) How to clean a masturbator cup

It’s very important to thoroughly clean sex toys after each use. Your pocket pussy or sex doll could be filled with lube and bodily fluids which you’ll want to get rid of quickly to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

Your toy will come with specific cleaning instructions. Usually warm water and a mild soap will be involved in the washing process. Some sex toys have proprietary cleaning solutions and powders which should be used to properly maintain the life of the toy.

male masturbation device

Benefits of Using Male Masturbators Toys

Male masturbators have a bevy of fun benefits:

  • They can help you achieve a more intense orgasm
  • They can help you experiment with new and different sexual techniques
  • Enjoy sex without the risk of disease from another person
  • Experience new pleasurable sensations
  • Have fun with a partner during foreplay


Male masturbators also have some negative elements. They include:

  • Must be very thoroughly cleaned after each use
  • Can be loud
  • Some vibrating models are too subtle to feel intensely
  • Lifesize sex dolls can be difficult to store
  • Male masturbators have a finite lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced


Are male masturbators safe?

Yes, male masturbators are generally safe as long as you only use them as intended and clean them thoroughly following the manufacturer’s instructions after each use. Neglecting to clean your male masturbator can result in the proliferation of bacteria which can cause infection and disease.

Can I use a male masturbator with a partner?

Yes, you can use a male masturbator with a partner. Many people find that masturbators can add a new level of excitement to their sex lives. They can be used to stimulate the penis during intercourse or foreplay. Male vibrators like the Manta can be used to stimulate the shaft of a man’s penis while his partner gives him a blowjob. Some male vibrators can be used to simultaneously stimulate both partners at the same time.

Do I need to use lube with my male masturbator?

Yes, you should use a good lube with your male masturbator. Lubricant can help reduce friction and make the sensation of your masturbator feel more pleasurable.

Lube will not only make your experience with your masturbator more pleasurable, it can also help to extend the life of the toy by preventing rips and tears. Masturbators can be costly, and properly using lube can be a good way to protect your investment.

If your masturbator is silicone, keep in mind that a silicone lube won’t work and you should go for water-based.

Do male masturbators feel like the real thing?

Yes and no. Some male masturbators, like pocket pussies and sex dolls are specifically designed to mimic the feel of penetrating a vagina or asshole.

Usually the anal and vaginal cavities are supplemented with ridges, bumps and other textures to amplify the realism and the sensation. There are an entire line of Fleshlight products, called Fleshlight Girls, that are modeled on the vaginal and anal cavities of specific pornstars.

Some hands free masturbators, like the Autoblow, are meant to specifically simulate the feel of receiving a blowjob. It’s a mechanical device that automatically strokes your penis.

Certain male strokers and male vibrators aren’t meant to specifically mimic the feel of actual penetration, but rather to enhance stimulation to specific regions of the genitalia.

How do I clean and maintain my male masturbator?

The best way to clean and maintain your male masturbator is to use a mild soap and water solution. Rinse the masturbator thoroughly and allow it to air dry. Some masturbators will have specific soaps and powders designed specifically for their use. Always follow the cleaning instructions provided with your toy carefully or read how to clean a Fleshlight.

Pocket pussy sleeves can usually be removed from their case so that they can be rinsed of lube and bodily fluids. Sex dolls also come with removable fake vaginas so they can be thoroughly cleaned.

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