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Realistic vaginas have pretty much become the go-to for men looking to spice things up in the bedroom, and for good reason. Available in all shapes, sizes, and textures, what makes the right realistic vagina is purely a matter of taste.

Just as each man’s taste in women will differ, so too will his taste in vaginas. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin looking. Fear not, this comprehensive guide to the best realistic pussies has got you covered.

realistic vaginas

Which Materials Make a Vagina Feel Realistic?

As part of your deep dive into the world of realistic pussies, you might be asking yourself what materials make them feel so real. Well, the answer lies in a number of factors.

The two most popular materials for realistic vaginas are TPE and silicone.

Both of these are materials of the thermoset elastomer variety, but they possess a few key differences:

Silicone is in fact a non-metallic element on the periodic table, belonging to the carbon family. It is known for its great strength and resistance to a number of intense environmental conditions, such as heat, pressure, and moisture. The elasticated nature of silicone gives it the same bouncy, fleshy quality that real skin has, as well as making it highly durable and easy to clean, and so a popular choice of material when it comes to realistic vaginas.

TPE, on the other hand, refers to a group of synthesized materials, generally constructed through styrene elastomer modification. Often this will be based on an inorganic silica gel (xSio2·yH2O). TPE is typically softer in texture than silicone, and so has become an increasingly popular choice for manufacturing durable sex toys that have the same fleshy feel as real human skin.

Both silicone and TPE can be made in any color, perfect for a customized doll or life-like pocket vagina.

What Features Make a Vagina Look Realistic?

Vaginas come in all shapes, sizes, and colors – meaning there’s a lot out there for you to explore and enjoy. What makes a vagina look realistic is the level of craft and detail that has gone into perfecting each of a vagina’s delicate features – the labia minora and majora, the clitoris, and the vulva.

Some realistic vaginas will go for small, closed outer lips (labia majora), but sex toy manufacturers have now created many realistic variations – like tantalizing prominent inner lips, juicy prominent outer lips, curved outer lips that expose the labia minora, or even an asymmetrical design.

All of these variations on the classic small, closed pussy (also sometimes known as the “Barbie vagina”) are well worth exploring if you want a realistic pussy different from the ones you see ten-a-penny in porn. That being said, no matter how they look, these pussies are going to feel amazing.

The 50 Most Realistic Vaginas You Can Buy Today

Enough with the science, at this point you’re probably itching to see just what realistic vaginas are out there waiting to give you pleasure. Without further ado, here are the 50 best realistic vaginas available on the market today.

1) Best Realistic Vagina Riley

best realistic vagina riley

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What makes her feel real?

  • Vagina & anus openings.
  • Soft material for a realistic experience.
  • Waterproof.

If you’re looking for something simple to begin your exploration into the world of fuck toys, this THRUST model is a great place to start. It comes at a great price point, and is both lightweight and completely waterproof, meaning you can enjoy her discreetly in bed or take her to the shower with you.

2) Real Vagina Solana

real vagina solana

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What makes her feel real?

  • Fully customizable hair, eyes, makeup, pubic hair.
  • Tiny details like freckles & piercings.
  • SenseX Bluetooth insert in her vagina.

Solana can move & blink. You can even customize her personality, and her AI program will be routinely updated. In truth, Solana is much, much more than a “realistic vagina”, she’s a fully-fledged sexual companion.

3) Fuck Me Silly

fuck me silly

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What makes her feel real?

  • Vagina, anus, & 36 DD breasts.
  • Waterproof.
  • Soft material for a realistic feeling.

The Pipedream Extreme is a half-body sex doll that ticks all the right boxes – and for a great price. One of the most reasonably-priced dolls on the market, this curvaceous model features everything you need for a realistic fuck – 36DD breasts, 8 inch deep anus, and a perfect pussy.

4) Alina Lopez Vagina

alina lopez vagina

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What makes her feel real?

  • Easy to carry around.
  • Lifelike vagina opening.
  • Suction control.

If you’re looking for a toy that’s easy to take around – a realistic Fleshlight might be the way to go. This Alina Lopez Fleshlight is modeled after drop dead gorgeous pornstar Alina Lopez. Pleasure on the go, without fuss.

5) Lily Realistic Love Doll

lily realistic love doll

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What makes her feel real?

  • Life-size.
  • Realistic, sexy hair.
  • Adjustable positions.

Lily is a life-size realistic companion who can satisfy all your needs. Her stunning body is crafted out of a soft, lifelike TPE material, meaning she’s just as good to fuck as she is to cuddle up with afterwards.

6) Kendra Lust Lifelike Vagina

kendra lust lifelike vagina

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What makes her feel real?

  • Modeled after pornstar Kendra Lust.
  • Soft, fleshy TPE material.
  • 6.5” insertion.

Kendra Lust is one of the hottest porn actresses out there, and now you can intimately enjoy her in a whole new way. Every detail of this realistic vagina is made thanks to a precise casting process, allowing you to enjoy Kendra whenever lust takes you.

7) Riley Reid Realistic Vagina Stroker

riley reid realistic vagina stroker

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What makes her feel real?

  • Made from a soft, flexible TPE material.
  • Modeled after porn star Riley Reid.
  • Ergonomic and easy to adjust position.

Riley Reid has long been one of the porn industry’s top performers, and now you can enjoy her from your own bedroom. See for yourself why Riley has won so many AVN awards, including Performer of the Year and Favorite Female Performer when you lube her up and enjoy exploring her every detail.

8) Eva Real Doll

eva real doll

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What makes her feel real?

  • Full-body doll.
  • Customizable to your desire.
  • Highly realistic features.

2021’s third most searched for pornstar is now yours to enjoy at home. Named by AVN as “Europe’s Best New Starlet”, this Russian darling is impossible to resist. After having enjoyed her breakout porn performances, you can now enjoy Eva’s each and every hole all for yourself.

9) Real Doll Serenity

real doll serenity

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What makes her feel real?

  • Fully customizable hair, eyes, makeup, pubic hair.
  • Bluetooth insert vagina.
  • Life-like textured skin & hair.

Part of Real Doll’s futuristic collection, Serenity is much more than a doll. She listens, can speak, and is a realistic female experience – not just a vagina. Her AI-driven “X-Mode” allows you to assign her unique personality traits, so you can build up a sexual experience that extends beyond physical sensation.

10) TPE Sex Doll Torso

sex doll torso

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What makes her feel real?

  • Cute, bob haircut.
  • Realistic 17kg weight.
  • Easy to adjust position.

If you’re looking for something a little more portable than a life-size full-body doll, but still want a more realistic toy than a Fleshlight or pocket masturbator, a torso doll is the perfect compromise.

11) Kira Noir Best Realistic Pussy

kira noir best realistic pussy

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What makes her feel real?

  • Based on pornstar Ana Foxx.
  • Tight vaginal lips.
  • Stimulating inner texture.

Ana Foxx is currently one of the most popular ebony performers in the adult industry, having won all kinds of awards from just about every big name in the business. Known for incredibly sexy bisexual scenes, now you can enjoy Ana’s tight ebony pussy all to yourself.

12) Luxury Sex Doll

luxury sex doll

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What makes her feel real?

  • Easily portable 17kg weight.
  • Can be deconstructed for storage.
  • Soft TPE material.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good pair of soft, realistic breasts topped with tiny, pert, and pink nipples. The Qita model torso sex doll gets this down to a tee, and her two soft realistic holes will give you hours of added pleasure.

13) Large Breast Sex Doll Torso

large breast doll

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What makes her feel real?

  • Enormous breasts.
  • Suckable nipples.
  • Soft, realistic TPE material.

If the perfect end to your day is sucking on a nice giant pair of tits, this realistic sex doll is the one for you. Enjoy the giant boobs of your dreams and spend hours exploring her holes and sucking her large, erect nipples.

14) Mia Malkova Lifelike Vag

mia malkova lifelike vag

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What makes her feel real?

  • Based on porn & OnlyFans star Mia Malkova.
  • Super tight opening.
  • Easy to take on the go.

Mia Malkova is one of the world’s most popular adult performers, and now you can not only see, but feel why. This Fleshlight girl toy was crafted with care to perfectly replicate what it’s like to explore the soft, tight, supple vagina that has brought Ms. Malkova to global fame.

15) Sex Robot Harmony X

sex robot harmony

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What makes her feel real?

  • Controlled motion and speech.
  • Completely customizable.
  • Her vagina has a SenseX Bluetooth insert.

Harmony is one of the most impressive models that the Real Doll range has to offer. She’s 100% customizable, so you design her to be the doll of your dreams. She speaks to you, listens, reacts to what you do, and best of all she feels incredibly realistic.

16) Realistic Vagina Stroker Lisa Ann

realistic vagina stroker lisa ann

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What makes her feel real?

  • Based on MILF pornstar Lisa Ann.
  • Realistic inner texture.
  • Easily portable.

Queen of the MILFs, Lisa Ann, is now available to enjoy as a realistic personal Fleshlight. The stimulating inner ribs will tantalize you with every stroke, pulling you closer and closer to the edge until Lisa Ann finally becomes too much and draws you over the edge to an unimaginable climax.

17) Nova Real Vagina

nova real vagina

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What makes her feel real?

  • Fully customizable hair, eyes, makeup, pubic hair.
  • You can add tiny details like freckles & piercings.
  • Her vagina has a SenseX Bluetooth insert.

Looking at Nova, you’d genuinely expect her to be a real woman. Down to the very smallest detail, Nova is hyper realistic and totally customizable. Like the rest of the dolls on the Real Doll line, Nova can be controlled via the AI-powered Real Doll app, and is given regular updates to make sure both her personality and her every hole are giving you the maximum pleasure imaginable.

18) Air Tight Vagina Stroker

air tight vagina stroker

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What makes her feel real?

  • Lifelike clitoris and labia details.
  • Tight suction action.
  • Generous 7” long & 3” wide measurements.

The ultimate handheld device to achieve your next realistic fantasy. The Air Tight Vaginal Stroker is specially crafted to give an ultra realistic penetration experience that more than rivals the real thing.

19) Top Realistic Pussy Tamara

top realistic pussy tamara

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What makes her feel real?

  • Heavily textured inner canals for ultra stimulation.
  • Tight holes.
  • 10-function double bullet vibrator.

Tamara comes equipped with a powerful 10-function vibrator that can be inserted into the masturbator to add a whole extra dimension of sensation to your hands-free play.

20) Tiana Ribbed Vagina

tiana ribbed vagina

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What makes her feel real?

  • Comes in two realistic skin tones.
  • Textured canal for extra sensation.
  • Positioned in doggy for easy penetration.

Unlike a lot of the realistic vaginas on this list, the Tiana model is here to cater to those with a taste for the dark and delicious. Available in a caucasian skin tone, as well as her popular ebony variety, Tiana is a realistic vagina and ass that will give you countless hours of pleasure.

21) Mini Ella Realistic Pussy

mini ella pussy

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What makes her feel real?

  • Highly textured inner canals for stimulation.
  • Realistic inner and outer lips.
  • Super lightweight & easy to adjust position.

The THRUST Ella pocket is the perfect pussy companion, no matter where you go. She’s ultra lightweight, and can be discreetly taken wherever you need her. Have a long car journey and feel like taking a stop to blow off some steam? Ella’s got you covered.

22) Stamina Training Unit Lady

stamina training unit

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What makes her feel real?

  • Tight inner tunnel.
  • 8.5” insertable length.
  • Perfectly puffy outer lips.

Whether you’re look looking to build up your stamina in the bedroom, or simply after a realistic toy for some satisfying solo play, the stamina training unit is your new best friend. This toy perfectly replicates all the best sexual sensations and is the perfect way to prolong your stamina in the bedroom.

23) Eva Lovia Vagina

eva lovia vagina

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What makes her feel real?

  • Modelled on porn star Eva Lovia.
  • Textured canal for a sugar sensation.
  • Submersive in water.

Enjoy sliding into all 9 inches of porn star Eva Lovia’s custom Fleshlight. Designed with a whole range of ridges, bumps, and nodes to give you an out of this world combination of sensations.

24) Lela Star Pussy Lifelike

lela star pussy lifelike

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What makes her feel real?

  • Modeled directly on porn star Lela Star.
  • Inside is warm to the touch.
  • Soft, body-safe TPE material.

The Lela Star model of pocket pussy is uber-realistic thanks to her soft, supple TPE material. The soft, fleshy quality of pornstar Lela Star’s pocket pussy means that she’s easy to glide into and warm to the touch, even without lube or preparation.

25) Sex Doll Tanya

sex doll tanya

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What makes her feel real?

  • Fully customizable features.
  • Life-size & ultra realistic.
  • Compatible with Real Doll AI remote control technology.

Tanya is a shining star of the Real Doll Model X life-size sex dolls. She is fully customizable, so you can choose her hair, eye color, makeup, and even change tiny details such as freckles and nipple color. She can be placed in any position so the sensation possibilities that you can achieve with Tanya really stretch as far as your imagination.

26) Real Looking Vagina Dillion Harper

real looking vagina dillion harper

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What makes her feel real?

  • Moulded to mimic Dillion Harper.
  • Soft outer lips.
  • Intense inner texture.

Dillion Harper is known for having one of the prettiest pussies in the industry, and now she’s yours to enjoy at home. This model of Fleshlight is modeled directly on Dillion’s vagina, and combines the 5 most popular inner Fleshlight textures for your pleasure.

27) Fleshlight Original Vagina

fleshlight original vagina

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What makes her feel real?

  • Moulded directly.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Soft and realistic texture.

Ultra sexy, the famous Pink Lady Fleshlight is a titan of the sex toy industry and now she can be the star of your bedroom, too. With this super tight and realistic pocket masturbator, you’ll feel like the girl of your dreams is right there with you.

28) Alana Best Realistic Ribbed Vagina

alana best realistic ribbed vagina

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What makes her feel real?

  • Inner texture.
  • Doggy position.
  • Round, soft ass.

If you like hitting it from behind, this personal masturbator is an absolute must-have. With a soft pussy and juicy ass to fill, you won’t get bored with the Alana model of THRUST realistic butts.

29) Emily Willis Pussy

emily willis pussy

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What makes her feel real?

  • Moulded to mimic Emily Willis.
  • Adjustable cap for suction action.
  • 9 inches deep.

Enjoy Emily Willis’ perfectly puffy pussy lips in the comfort of your own home with this irresistible squirt model of Fleshlight. The squirt models are designed to allow you experiment to your heart’s content with different stroke techniques.

30) Riley Reid Real Vagina

riley reid real vagina

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What makes her feel real?

  • Exact replica of Riley Reid.
  • Tickling inner tunnel.
  • Soft SuperSkin material.

Your favorite girl Riley Reid strikes again with this Fleshlight that perfectly replicates one of the world’s most desired pussies. Featuring an inner tunnel filled with ticklers and teasers, just thinking about Riley as you pump away will be enough to send you over the edge.

31) Realistic Torso Eve

realistic torso eve

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What makes her feel real?

  • Prominent inner lips.
  • Big suckable tits.
  • Round hips for grip.

If you’ve always fantasized about fucking the hot girl next door, this torso doll is the answer to your prayers. With big juicy tits just waiting to be squeezed and sucked, you can enjoy filling up the girl next door in her tight vagina or even tighter ass.

32) Katya Realistic Vagina

katya realistic vagina

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What makes her feel real?

  • Curved inner tunnel.
  • Stimulating inner canal texture.
  • Super tight vagina opening.

This beautiful ass is super fleshy and just waiting to be squeezed and spanked. Her inner texture is full of ribs and dots to stimulate every inch of your shaft. Lube her up with water-based lubricant for an extra satisfying plunge into her tight holes.

33) Pussy Jessie Andrews

pussy jessie andrews

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What makes her feel real?

  • Beautifully fleshy texture.
  • Tight vaginal opening.
  • Prominent clitoris.

Modeled after super-hot pornstar Jessie Andrews, this pocket pussy makes for amazing orgasms, both at home and on the go. A pretty small model, you can take Jessie with you wherever you go – and boy, she never disappoints.

34) Faye Reagan Vagina

faye reagan vagina

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What makes her feel real?

  • Petite pussy lips.
  • Tight inner tunnel.
  • Realistic fleshy texture.

This pocket pussy, based on legendary pornstar Faye Reagan, is an investment into your pleasure that you won’t regret. Her realistic, fleshy texture and tight inner canal will open up a whole new world of satisfaction.

35) Alicia Realistic Masturbator

alicia realistic masturbator

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What makes her feel real?

  • Big, juicy breasts.
  • Plump outer lips.
  • Tight anus.

How would you like to have a perfectly tight pussy waiting between a pair of legs spread wide just for you every evening? With the Alicia model of torso doll, you get all this plus a tight anus and big juicy breasts to suck on.

36) Lexi Rechargeable Vag

lexi rechargeable vag

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What makes her feel real?

  • Vibrator compatible.
  • Round, smooth hips.
  • Pert nipples for sucking.

Lexi’s smooth pussy is not only highly realistic, but also super tight, making for a penetration experience you’re not soon to forget. You can up your solo play game with Lexi’s exciting inner pocket. Simply slip in a vibrator for an extra buzz of pleasure.

37) Mini Mona Pussy

mini mona pussy

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What makes her feel real?

  • Easy to adjust position.
  • Super tight opening.
  • Textured inner canal.

The Mona pocket pussy is super easy to use, fitting perfectly into the palm of her hand. Because of this, it’s super easy to explore her at every angle, just lube her up and leave her dripping.

38) Natalia Lifesize Doll

natalia lifesize doll

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What makes her feel real?

  • Long, realistic blonde hair.
  • Full body to explore.
  • Realistic details.

Imagine having a smoking hot blonde waiting to pleasure you whenever you feel like it. That’s exactly what you get with Natalia. She’s happy to get on her knees or spread her legs any time of the day.

39) Roxy Sex Doll

roxy sex doll

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What makes her feel real?

  • Full, juicy breasts.
  • Long, realistic brunette hair.
  • Soft, fleshy skin.

Roxy is an irresistibly hot full-body doll just waiting for you to fill her each and every hole. Pussy, ass, mouth – take your pick. Lube Roxy up and let her tight openings squeeze your troubles away.

40) Alektra Wicked Realistic Vagina

alektra wicked realistic vagina

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What makes her feel real?

  • Unbelievably round breasts.
  • Realistic hair and nails.
  • Customizable openings.

Alektra is ultra-sultry and, as with all of the dolls on the Real Doll line, she is of super high quality and can be paired with the continuously-updated Real Doll AI app – meaning if you look after her, she’s an investment for lifelong pleasure.

41) Real Doll Asa Akira

realdoll asa akira

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What makes her feel real?

  • Lifelike, Japanese features.
  • Soft, smooth skin.
  • Optional details such as freckles.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a super hot Japanese sex doll of your own, Asa Akira is the one for you. With incredibly realistic features, Asa Akira will make all your fantasies a reality.

42) Petite Quinn Sex Doll

petite quinn sex doll

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What makes her feel real?

  • Highly realistic facial features.
  • Customizable body parts.
  • Vagina, ass, and mouth openings.

Just one look into Petite Quinn’s eyes and you’ll be throbbing with desire to explore her holes. Her petite body can be customized exactly to your liking, so you can have your very own dream girl whenever you feel like it.

43) Samantha Saint Realistic

samantha saint realistic

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What makes her feel real?

  • Realistic, fleshy skin.
  • Squeezable breasts.
  • Realistic hair & facial details

Real Doll’s Samantha Saint has a perfect body, and is just begging you to use it. She can be adjusted into pretty much any position your imagination can conjure – just bend her over, lube her up, and enjoy a world of pleasure.

44) Sky Petite Real Doll

sky petite realdoll

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What makes her feel real?

  • Realistic skin tone.
  • Detailed face.
  • Squeezable, spankable ass.

Sky is a super seductive full-body doll with bedroom eyes that just beg you to fuck her. With a mouth, vagina, and ass to explore – you’d better make sure you have enough spare time to get the most out of her unbeatable body.

45) Thick Doll Dominique

thicc doll dominique

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What makes her feel real?

  • Thick, full bodied figure.
  • Grabbable ass.
  • Flexible.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a thick, voluptuous girl waiting at home to satisfy your every desire – look no further. Dominique’s thick BBW doll curves are just begging to be grabbed, so you can push deep into her tight holes.

46) Ready Realistic Doll Julia

ready realistic doll julia

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What makes her feel real?

  • Amazing hourglass figure.
  • Tight vagina opening.
  • Realistic facial features.

Just one look at those incredible curves and you’ll understand the immense popularity of the Julia full-body doll. Her huge breasts and grabbable hips are just begging to be squeezed and spanked.

47) Realistic Silicone Vagina

realistic silicone vagina

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What makes her feel real?

  • Doggy position.
  • Realistically detailed lips.
  • Round, fleshy ass.

Imagine coming home every night to a tight pussy and ass arched into doggy, just waiting to be penetrated. With this masturbator’s extra tight and textured holes – every night can make this fantasy come true.

48) Virginia Realistic Black

virginia realistic black

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What makes her feel real?

  • Ebony skin tone.
  • Petite pussy.
  • Perfectly pert nipples.

Virginia is an ultra-hot ebony doll just begging for you to explore her. Her smooth, dark skin is lickable, kissable, and spankable, and her realistic TPE texture makes her entire body soft and supple to the touch.

49) Fleshlight Ice Lady

ice lady fleshlight

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What makes her feel real?

  • Textured inner sleeve.
  • Soft, flexible material.
  • Tight vaginal opening.

For a realistic sensation of penetration with an added level of visual excitement, try the Fleshlights Ice Lady model. It features a transparent sleeve that lets you or your partner see all the action, while providing a realistic and textured fuck.

50) Vibro Lady Fleshlight

vibro lady fleshlight

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What makes her feel real?

  • Plump, fleshy lips.
  • Tight inner canal.
  • Vibrating sensations.

The Vibro: Lady model is the perfect example of a realistic feeling vagina with a little added oomph. With concentric fingers running down her inner canal that send vibrations and pulsations to your shaft as you stroke, Fleshlight’s Vibro: Lady combines reality with fantasy.

How to Make Her Feel as REAL as Possible

Even when you’ve found the perfect realistic vagina to fulfill your pleasure needs, there are tips and tricks you can use to push that realistic sensation even further. Here are the must-know tricks to ensure you’re getting the most out of penetration with your realistic vagina.

Tip #1: Warm her up 

Getting penetration to feel real is not all about texture – other features such as warmth also contribute to how realistic the experience of your toy feels. Next time you use your realistic vagina, heat her up with some warm water first for an extra dimension of pleasure.

Tip #2: Use an appropriate lube 

Lube makes everything in life better. The same goes for your realistic vagina toy. Just make sure to check that you’re using the right kind of lube, as most toys work best with water-based lubricant.

Tip #3: Experiment with positions

No matter how great the toy, a craftsman must know how to use his tool. Don’t be shy with your realistic vagina – whether it’s a Fleshlight or a life-sized model, make sure to experiment with different positions to ensure you’re experiencing the full scope of sensation.

Tip #4: Take it to the water 

Just about all of the toys listed here are waterproof – a fact not to be overlooked! To get the most out of your realistic vagina, take it to the shower for a whole new dimension of wet and wild play.

Tip #5: Combine toys

Many of the toys listed here can be combined with vibrators, wall-mounts, or shower-mounts to expand the range of activities and sensations that each toy can bring. Combine different toys to make your realistic vagina a truly extraordinary pleasure experience.

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