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best prostate massagers

What’s the best prostate massager? Scroll below for both vibrating and non-vibrating top ranked prostate toys for men. 

In our male g-spot guide you’ve learned about prostate massagers and how they can help you experience your first prostate orgasm, also called “super O”.

Of course like most blokes you probably started stimulating your prostate with your fingers and that makes sense. It’s less intimidating and it’s free.

But then you always get to a point (maybe the day you forgot to cut your nails and scratched your asshole) when you realize that fingers aren’t comfortable enough and accept the idea that some people have designed prostate toys to perfectly fit a man’s anatomy and stimulate prostate and perineum beautifully.

A lot of sex toys companies have had this idea, so good for you, the market is flooded with prostate massagers with Aneros being the big leader. Beside Aneros there are other brands, sometimes unknown and a lot of options (hands-free, vibrating, non-vibrating, etc.) to help you in your prostate orgasm quest.

I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this article you’ve finally won they typical man’s fear of becoming gay by trying a prostate massager (in our poll at the bottom of this Aneros review you can see how a big percentage of men are still very scared of trying prostate massagers) and are ready to choose the right one for you.

So sit back, relax and find out which of these prostate toys is best for you according to your size, experience and wilderness.

What Is A Prostate Massager?

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about and are too lazy to read our male g-spot guide, it’s probably a good idea to explain what exactly a prostate is and what prostate massagers are.

Prostate massagers, also known as plugs, anal dildos, and P or male G-spot massagers are men’s anal sex toys which were developed from medical instruments used to stimulate the prostate gland.

The prostate gland itself is the organ which produces fluid that carries and protects sperm. It’s located a few inches inside the anus, and although it can feel good when stimulated, it can be difficult to reach with fingers.

Prostate massagers have been developed so you can reach your prostate with ease. When used well, the stimulation they provide can lead to a non-ejaculatory orgasm, a prostate orgasm, which most guys call the ‘Super O’. It’s widely accepted this is the most amazing feeling on Earth.


Vibrating VS Non-Vibrating Prostate Massagers

For convenience we have separated the 15 best prostate massagers into two groups: vibrating and non-vibrating.

In each mini review we have described the pros and cons, and then tabled which massager would best suit who. However, bear in mind that all people have different physiques, and have differing personal preferences, so the list is not written in stone. Play with a few and find out which you prefer – it’s hardly going to be a chore!

Non-Vibrating Prostate Massagers

Aneros MGX Classic

aneros mgx classic

aneros mgx classic

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The MGX Classic is a firm and fairly wide prostate massager from Aneros. It’s one of the originals, and many men find that this is still the best despite numerous new models on the market.

The MGX Classic has a ribbed stem with a solid round head that has no give in it whatsoever. Some men report that the ribbed stem is irritating and distracting in the anal canal, but others enjoy the extra stimulation. The Classic also has a perineum massager. Perineum massagers are included on some toys, and people tend to think of them as simply extras – don’t dismiss perineum stimulation though, as this provides a whole new world of pleasure. It’s easy to forget about it when the main event of anal insertion has distracted you.

Overall the MGX Classic represents solid middle ground and is a good choice for beginners with some experience due to the width. It’s also popular with those who like their retro classics.

Aneros Helix Classic

aneros helix classic

aneros helix classic

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The Aneros Helix Classic prostate massager is described as ‘more aggressive’ than its Aneros counterparts. This is because it is more angular and has a larger round head, which puts immediate pressure on the prostate. This means that you may get a stronger sensation in a shorter amount of time. This makes it a good choice for beginners who are not used to the time it takes to get good sensations from a prostate massage. The Helix Classic is also more focused with a larger head. The body of this prostate massager is made from medical grade plastic which adds to the firmness.

Some guys say that the stimulation from the Helix Classic is too strong and over-whelming for beginners, but overall it needs less practice and time to achieve results, and is popular for that reason alone.

Aneros Helix Syn

aneros helix syn

aneros helix syn

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Medium in size the Helix Syn, is based on the original Helix model, but the Syn is silicone coated for extra comfort. A thick layer of silicone padding makes this massager gentle, yet it will still stimulate the prostate because the inner core is rigid. Relaxation is paramount when using a prostate massager, so if you’re uncomfortable with the hardness of other massagers, the Syn is the perfect choice. The perineum massager is also gently rounded, silicone coated and named ‘the comfort tab.’

Overall the Syn is about extra comfort and allowing the user to relax.

Njoy Plug – Medium

njoy pure plug

njoy pure plug

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The Njoy Plug – Medium prostate massager has a large head and is best used by those with some experience of anal play. It’s made from stainless steel and looks very stylish.

The bulbous head is perfectly smooth for easy insertion, and its stem is tapered and curved to easily reach the prostate.

The Njoy plug can be heated or cooled to enhance the experience. If you’re a beginner it is worth heating the massager to body temperature before use, as some men say that stainless steel is cooler to the touch than other silicone coated plugs. It may give you a bit of a shock at first if you aren’t aware of that.

Njoy Fun Wand

njoy fun wand

njoy fun wand

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The Njoy Fun Wand is a multi-tasking prostate massager. One end is a rounded head that can stimulate the prostate, whilst the ‘handle’ end is a series of graduated anal beads ranging from ¾” to 1”. This toy is for men and women and works well for both sexes. It’s a good choice for beginners as the width is relatively small, but experienced anal players shouldn’t dismiss the Fun Wand because it’s so versatile. Those bumps can stimulate in all kinds of places.

The Fun Wand is made of stainless steel which enables temperature play. It’s very versatile and is popular as a result. It also looks stylish and cleans up easily.

Aneros Progasm Classic

progasm classic

aneros progasm classic

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The Aneros Progasm Classic is a big prostate massager that will appeal to those looking to further their anal adventures. Aneros says that although the Progasm Classic is their largest model, it is still fully mobile. Users recommend getting some anal experience before moving onto this model, and even starting a session with smaller massagers before working up to accommodate the Progasm’s size.

The Progasm Classic has a rounded perineum tab and also a Kundalini tab or ‘K’tab which massages a point on the lower spine in place of the usual curved handle.

It’s said to provide a ‘robust’ massage. It’s a favourite with experienced converts to anal play and prostate massage.

Which is For Me?

Non-Vibrating Prostate MassagerExperience Level 
Aneros MGX ClassicBeginner/IntermediateGet it!
Aneros Helix ClassicBeginnerGet it!
Aneros Helix SynBeginnerGet it!
Njoy Plug MediumBeginner/IntermediateGet it!
Njoy Fun WandBeginnerGet it!
Aneros Progasm ClassicIntermediate/ExperiencedGet it!

Vibrating Prostate Massagers

Vibrating prostate massagers are generally bigger in girth than standard massagers because they need to incorporate a battery source. If you’re an anal play beginner you could start with a non-vibrating model as they are less intimidating in girth and length! We don’t want you put off before you’ve even started your fun!

Nexus G-Play – medium

nexus g-play medium

nexus g-play medium

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The Nexus G Play- medium is a vibrating prostate massager that can also be used as a G-spot vibrator for women, making it a good buy for couples. It is silicone-based, and non-threatening in size.

There is no handle to this toy, but there is a flat end to prevent any accidental loss. Some men have found that the lack of handle makes it difficult to correct if it slips sideways and away from the P or G spot, particularly when hands are covered in lubricant.

There is one vibration setting which is limiting, but that said, the G-Play – medium is a good price and a very popular way to introduce further anal play. If you’re a beginner you may be more comfortable with the smaller size.

Rocks Off Rude-Boy

rocks off rude boy

rocks off rude boy

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The Rocks Off Rude Boy is a prostate massager that looks different to other offerings. This C-shaped massager is designed so you can rock back and forwards on top, and achieve a firm hands-free prostate and perineum massage. The Rude Boy is a little bigger than average beginner toys, and the stem is the same diameter along the length, rather than tapering to a small circumference. This can provide more sensation in the anal canal, and makes it preferable if you like a stretched, fuller feeling.

Some people complain that the C-shape makes the Rude Boy slip out, especially during sex, whereas others love the curved experience as it is more flexible and makes it easier to sit on.

The Rude Boy has a practically silent vibrating bullet which rests against the perineum and has seven speed settings to suit most tastes. It’s 100% waterproof too.

Rocks Off Naughty Boy

rocks off naughty boy

rocks off naughty boy


The Rocks Off Naughty Boy is a male vibrator model that’s based on its Rude Boy cousin, but is constructed in a less
curved shape, and has a thinner circumference. Rocks Off say this design change makes a perfect fit for P-spot and perineum massages, and is especially good for beginners. The Naughty Boy is designed so you can rock back and forwards on it when sitting down, and is made of flexible silicone to suit this motion.

The RO-80MM Power vibrating bullet has seven speeds and rests against the perineum. If you’re a beginner tempted by the famous Rude Boy, you may be better off starting out with the Naughty Boy, as it is reported to be an easier fit and is smaller in girth.

Rocks Off Cheeky Boy

rocks off cheeky boy

rocks off cheeky boy


The Rocks Off Cheeky Boy is a flexible prostate and perineum massager that is based on the ‘C’ shape design of other Rocks Off products. Unlike the other products it has three anal beads below the prostate massaging head. Men like these beads as they give anal stimulation either before or during prostate play. As Rocks Off products are designed to move (or rock) back and forwards on, these anal beads can provide a good deal of pleasure.

Some blokes complain that the stem is too flexible and does not apply enough pressure to the prostate, but for some beginners and intermediate users, the moveable stem is welcome as it bends with the body and does not give heavy and overwhelming prostate pressure.

The vibrating bullet has seven speeds, and presses against the perineum, but it is reported to have slighter vibrations than other Rude Boy models.

Rocks Off Butt Boy

rocks off butt boy

rocks off butt boy


The Rocks Off Butt Boy is also a curved C shape, based on the original Rude Boy, but this one has a butt plug instead of the usual rounded prostate massager. It’s designed to be used in the Rocks Off fashion of rocking back and forwards with no hands. It has a perineum massager and vibrating seven speed bullet for good measure too.

A lot of dudes say that the plug shape takes some getting used to, and that it’s very large and sometimes difficult to insert, although once in place, it is firmly there because the tapered end prevents accidental escapes.

It takes patience to use this toy, and it’s an acquired taste, but once used to it many men say it offers unrivaled pleasure. It is best suited to more experienced users as the wide plug and the forceful design can be uncomfortable to begin with. Oh, and it comes in red too which is a nice touch.

Tantus Prostate Health Butt Plug

tantus prostate health

tantus prostate health


This prostate massager is advertised as a health aid, rather than a sex toy, but it’s still excellent for pleasure. Tantus Prostate Health Vibrating Butt Plug massages the prostate and is said to teach the muscles to relax. Tantus says that as a result the risk of prostatitis, which causes problems with urinating and sexual health, is reduced.

The shaft is flexible, of a small to medium width, and made from medical grade silicone that is so hardy it can be bleached.

There is no perineum massager, as might be expected with a product aimed more at the health market, but there is a thumb grip which makes it easy to hold and insert. The vibrating bullet is removable for cleaning too.

Some people say that the vibration is on the weak side, but that it provides a very good prostate massage that is gentle and firm. This is a great starting out point if you are new to vibrating anal stimulation.

Aneros Vice

aneros vice

aneros vice

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The Aneros Vice is a big toy, and will clench your butt cheeks with either fear or anticipation.

Aneros developed this prostate massager to meet consumer demand from lovers of vibrating anal play. The Vice is ergonomically shaped to reach the prostate with ease, plus the Aneros perineum massager is in place. There are three vibration patterns on the Vice, with three levels of intensity that cater for all tastes. To ensure gentleness on the prostate the Vice is silicone-covered.

Most guys say the Vice is big (sometimes unnervingly so) and that the different vibration settings are all very different. It is more expensive than other vibrating prostate massagers, but the consensus is that the Vice is worth the money due to its comfort and vibrating speed patterns.

Rocks Off Bad Boy

rocks off bad boy

rocks off bad boy

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The silicone Rocks Off Bad Boy model is made especially for the more experienced user. It has bumps and contours along the length to provide a fuller feeling on insertion, plus the length is fatter than other prostate massagers in the Rocks Off range.

As with all Rocks Off massagers, it’s designed to sit on and rock away, leaving you with both hands free.
Some men complain that the last bulb can be difficult to insert, but with the vibration on and lots of anal lube and patience, it’s worth the effort. It’s a toy for the more experienced, and possibly one to graduate to if other Rude Boy’s leave you wanting more.

Rocks Off Big Boy

rocks off big boy

rocks off big boy

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The Rocks Off Big Boy is a seriously big anal toy for experienced users.

It has three large bulbs for a full feeling and extra stimulation on insertion. As with other Rocks Off models, the Big Boy is nicely curved for sitting on, and rocking back and forth. The firm perineum massager is powered by a vibrating bullet, which is easily removed for cleaning.

The top bulb on the Big Boy is slightly angled to give a firm prostate massage which guys appreciate. Some complain that it is too difficult to insert the final bulb, but with a good deal of lube it is achievable. There is a tendency for it to slip out without the final bulb inserted, so it’s worth trying a little harder.

At its widest the Big Boy measures 5 inches, so it’s not for the faint hearted or tightly clenched.

Which Is For Me?

Vibrating Prostate MassagerExperience Level 
Nexus G-PlayBeginner/IntermediateGet it!
Rocks Off Rude BoyIntermediateGet it!
Rocks Off Naughty BoyBeginnerGet it!
Rocks Off Cheeky BoyBeginnerGet it!
Rocks Off Butt BoyExperiencedGet it!
Tantus Prostate HealthBeginnerGet it!
Aneros ViceIntermediate/ExperiencedGet it!
Rocks Off Bad BoyExperiencedGet it!
Rocks Off Big BoyExperiencedGet it!

Choosing the best prostate massager can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the world of anal play. It’s a good idea to buy a few and experiment because the prostate gland can be located in slightly different areas in a man’s body.

Read reviews, try them out and enjoy the experimentation, but whichever model you chose, there is always one constant – there should always be too much lube. You can never have enough during anal play, because the anal canal does not produce any natural lubrication, and without it friction and soreness can be a problem.

If you are looking for a prostate orgasm (the Super O) you should start slowly, become accustomed to the new sensations, and above all relax – don’t get uptight and worried about any feeling that you need to urinate or defecate. Some sensations you’ll receive from your prostate massage can make it seem like you’ve got to go. Use the bathroom before you begin playing just to be sure, but if you’ve done that, then just breathe through the feeling and you’ll be fine.

For most, the price of a good prostate massager is an investment worth making. We all need more pleasure in our lives.

Why Should You Trust Us

Growing up in a family-owned sex store, learning invaluable insight into the world of adult toys Daniel was the obvious choice for our best prostate massager article. Having reviewed thousands of male toys, he had the all-important experience to lead a team of testers analytically.

Despite a shed-load of prior knowledge on the subject of prostate pleasure, he enlisted the team behind our Male G-spot guide. The senior writer for which was our resident AASECT certified sexologist Jenny.

In her experienced hands and armed with our previous evidence we sought out more reliable information to quash and biological safety concerns and support P-spot stimulation.

Searching for all medical resources available on the US National Library of Medicine and published journals on research gate we learned a lot about the benefits and risks involved. We scoured health line and found 2 eye-opening articles.

To exhaust the medical and scientific side of things in addition to the above links we skimmed through WebMD. We also found other reputable articles that were medically reviewed by Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, RN, IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT on Medical News Today and Caitlin Kelly, MD writing for Very Well Health.

Next, we checked popular publishings from trendier sources for balance. This ranged from private forum posts and social media sites to online magazines, articles, and blogs.

If you have read any of our related articles then you will know what we learned. From a historical and biological perspective, prostate massage or milking is a largely therapeutic practice, in some cases considered essential for health.

The main risks involved are tied-in with over-stimulation or being too vigorous. Although today it is not officially sanctioned in western medicine it was a practice routinely used in the past by medical professionals to prevent prostate enlargement.

Health issues aside, prostate stimulation can be the ultimate release for men. John Millward data Journalist discloses plenty of stats to suggest there is far less stigma surrounding heterosexual couples and we are becoming far more adventurous as a nation in general.

That said, we still had a few straight team members who bowed out and others that took a little convincing. With that in mind, a lot of the products selected to trial were beginner-friendly. Our same-sex couples took on the task of the larger and more powerful massagers.

After a little impromptu counseling from Jenny drawing on her EFS ESSM Psycho-Sexology skills and a fun demonstration, we embarked on the physical testing process- a completely new venture for some.

Single users and couples were chosen to give a wider demographic and toys were used in a masturbatory and coital manner (with the hetero-couples). The testing took place over several months with 10 minutes of use, then 15 and a final 30-minute session being recorded and ranked. The 20 initial products were whittled down to a final 15 based on our findings and all objective opinions were written into our reviews.

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