Aneros Progasm Junior Review – Big Butt Orgasm Machine

aneros progasm jr box

Aneros is known for their hands-free prostate massagers. Their massagers work by using the contractions and movements of your kegel muscles, and you don’t need to use your hands.

However, if you are a big guy, you might be disappointed at their product portfolio. Most of their massagers, like the Helix Syn Trident or the Eupho Syn Trident have a very narrow profile.

People with a bit of weight or a bigger butt won’t even feel these inside them. However, the Progasm is Aneros’ way of making sure that there’s something for everyone.

There are plenty of other butt plugs and prostate massagers designed for bigger butts. However, Aneros has been largely absent from this space. The Progasm and the Progasm Jr. are their only two offerings for people with larger butts.

The original Aneros Progasm is even bigger. However, if you need something that’s designed for a slightly bigger male butt, then the Aneros Progasm Junior is the ultimate choice. It looks simple, but there are several design elements that set it apart from others.

The Aneros Progasm Jr. – Nothing “Junior” About It

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Men with an ego might think that they don’t need a prostate massager with the name “junior” in it, but let me reassure you; this thing is a whole other ballgame.

The only thing that’s small here is the name. If you have used the Aneros Progasm but feel that it is too big to your liking, go for this one. The Aneros Progasm has the same design profile and shape.

However, the company has reduced the size and the girth of the device. They have made it more accommodating to people with slightly above average butts, but not overly big ones.

The Aneros Progasm Jr. is also cheaper than other Aneros prostate massagers, like the Eupho Syn Trident or the Helix Syn Trident.

The Progasm Jr. uses ABS plastic that’s slightly different from their velvety silicone material. However, the ABS Plastic offers additional benefits. It’s easy to clean due to its nonporous surface. More importantly, the plastic doesn’t bend when you are really going to town on this.

Let me tell you the main specifications of the Aneros Progasm Jr:

  • Length: 4 inches
  • Insertable length: 3.95 inches
  • Tip width: 0.92 inches
  • Head width: 1 inch

Essentially, this means that you will have to expand your anus by almost 1 inch to allow this bad boy to go in. As said before, there’s really nothing junior about this thing. It’s been ranked by Cosmopolitan as one of their top prostate massagers too!

My New Love Affair…

aneros progasm jr

The one thing that you will immediately notice about the Aneros Progasm Jr. is that it is incredibly firm.

It’s much, much sturdier than silicone, and it doesn’t bend or even flex a little bit. It’s got a large, angled head, which is a hallmark of Aneros prostate massager design.

This thing makes it easy to stimulate the prostate as it rests directly against the prostate. It doesn’t have a perineum tab either, but you really won’t feel the need for one.

There’s a tiny flat tab that will help in stimulation, though the real feel comes from the Kundalini tab. As the Aneros Progasm Jr. moves inside of you, the Kundalini tab sends electrical sparks up and down my back.

I have been constantly amazed and surprised at the thoughtful design philosophy that Aneros implements, and I have to absolutely hand it to these guys. It’s just phenomenal.

It’ll have you writhing in pleasure in no time.

A Direct Comparison with Its Bigger Buddy

progasm jr frontSee It

This review will not be complete without my providing a direct comparison to the original Progasm.

The Progasm is big, and it’s available in several colorways. It’s made from the same ABS plastic, but it’s also slightly more expensive than the Progasm Jr. There are plenty of things going on for the Progasm, but it’s just a tad bit bigger than most prostate massagers I use.

Here are the size specifications for the original Progasm:

  • Tip width: 1.15 inches
  • Mid-range width: 1.25 inches
  • Stem to perineum distance: 1.52 inches
  • Insertable length: 4 inches
  • Head width: 1.25 inches

As you can see, this thing is humongous. It may seem like an appealing option for people who are looking for a challenge, but trust me, it becomes painful after a while.

If you want something that has the same angled design as the Progasm but is more convenient and fun to use, you should make the sensible decision like I did, and get the Progasm Jr.

The Subtle Quality-of-Life Improvements

Another thing that you should know about the Progasm is that it is one of the few prostate massagers that does not fall in their Trident line, and it shows.

The design inspiration is clear and its evident once you look at the tabs. All of the Trident prostate massagers come with both P & K tabs; this one only has the Kundalini tab.

Another thing that you will notice about the Aneros Progasm Jr. is that there are no seams connecting the ABS plastic. These tiny seams may not seem like much, but trust me, you will feel them when the massager is inside of you.

The quality construction of the Progasm Jr. more than justifies its price. You won’t even feel a tiny bump on the massager when you insert it inside.

It just shows that Aneros pays attention to these tiny things to give you an unbelievable prostate massage. There’s another thing that deserves special attention, and that is the design of the head.

The angled head doesn’t just help with maximizing prostate stimulation; it also makes insertion incredibly easy. You just need to lube it up, and you are good to go.

There’s a deep groove right after the first bend that helps “capture” the head once it goes in. Once this thing goes inside, you don’t have to worry about it popping out after every few thrusts.

Daily Care and Cleaning for the Aneros Progasm Jr.

Progasm jr tilted

The ABS plastic of the Aneros Progasm Jr. makes cleaning an absolute breeze. You don’t have anything to worry about at all. You can either use your conventional sex toy cleaner on this, rub some handwash, or just chuck it in a cooking pan full of boiling water.

I’ve heard many people complain about smells from their Aneros. Personally, I believe that’s because people simply do not know how to store their Aneros properly.

Some people even like to clean theirs by putting it in boiling water. And while that is going to clean your Aneros, you should be mindful that the water does not rise above 221 degrees F.

Otherwise, the material will begin to melt.

Personally, I’d never recommend that you put this baby in boiling water. The company has made it so easy to clean the Aneros Progasm Jr. Why go through the hassle?

Just remember to clean it right after use instead of putting it away. You don’t want to deal wit the bacteria build-up later on.

Trying Out the Progasm Jr. – The Next Best Thing to a Threesome…

aneros progasm jr box

So, fair warning: I tried this thing with my partner.

If you really want an amazing mind-blowing experience, I will absolutely recommend you to do the same. This thing works by clenching and squeezing your anus. As a result, this thing is always in your control.

We decided to try it one night after drinking more than we should have, but we were both feeling frisky and hot afterwards. I was a bit wary about trying this new device because I really didn’t want my impaired senses to affect the objectivity of my review.

However, I only decided to go ahead with it because I was very much in control and knew what was happening. We started getting frisky and it wasn’t long before we were 69ing each other.

She had the Progasm with her, and she gently inserted it in after lubing it up. The preceding ri job before entry also helped the cause, I have to say.

You get a feeling of fullness as soon as this thing enters. The little electric shock that you get as your ass swallows this thing is instant and jolts your senses right away.

69ing with this thing is a whole other experience, I won’t even lie. My girlfriend’s lips on my cock and the gentle thrust provided by the Progasm Jr. both combine to provide a phenomenal experience.

However, I wasn’t ready to come yet!

Upping the Ante

You get to know whether you have made a good purchase or not almost immediately. I could feel the angled head stimulating my prostate gently, and it felt oh so good.

Within a few minutes, she got on top of me, and as I began thrusting, I could feel the Aneros Progasm Jr. working its way inside of me. It’s hard to put the feeling of a good prostate massager into words.

That angled head slowly moves inside and outside, but it never really pops up. It goes as far as the first groove, and then backs in.

It’s a wonderful experience.

It’s amazing to think that this thing works on its own. It’s almost as if a part of my body knew what it wanted, and was doing its own thing.

For a while, I didn’t even know that I was consciously making an effort to make this thing move inside of me. I was only focused on banging the daylights out of my girlfriend and her moans.

And yet, almost as a reward, I could feel the Aneros Progasm Jr. work its way inside of me.

Even though my girlfriend would never admit it, I am pretty sure I made her come thrive that night. It was insane. I could feel that she was pleased with the experience.

Sex like this doesn’t happen all the time. I’m sure those who have had a long-term girlfriend will agree with me.

But, when it does, it’s just amazing. That Kundalini tab sent waves of pleasure tingling my spine. The whole point is that even though I was more focused on pleasuring someone else, I was receiving lots of it from a device.

The Super Super-O!

Yes, there are two supers in the title because goddamn, it was just that good.

My girlfriend was spent halfway, and decided that she was going to blow me off. If you have a partner who likes the freaky stuff, go for it.

Blowjobs and prostate massagers are a deadly threat and will make you come even if you feel that all your sexual engines are turned off.

Yep, it was an unbelievable shag.

I know, I am living my porn star fantasy, but you need a good shag now and then to clear the mental fog. The Progasm Jr. is just what I needed in my life after the fuckfest that was 2020.

Keep in mind that there’s a slight difference between a prostate massage and your normal orgasm. So, don’t worry if there’s not much discharge.

What About Using the Aneros Progasm Jr. Solo?

This thing, that’s made of ABS plastic, is guaranteed to give you throbbing orgasms even if you use it solo. I can bet my left nut in a jar on that!

It’s insane how amazing this thing feels when it starts working. Before you know it, your ass will develop a brain of its own and will continue to move it on its own.

This leaves you free to rub your cock and watch some porn to maximize the sensations and get aroused properly. I haven’t tried it solo, but I’m sure it will work great.

Should You Buy It?

donald trump meme

Are you kidding me? Hell yes, you should! It’s one of the best investments that you will make, and I’m not even joking. The orgasms that it offers are next to none, and I’m so not done with this. I will continue to explore this thing further, but my first impressions are simply 10/10.

Don’t think twice, get it. It’s like the Progasm, but smaller, and that’s all you need if you are a guy with a bigger butt, like me. Go for it!

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