The Best Aneros For YOU? Buying Guide to Aneros Prostate Massagers

Find out which one is the best Aneros for you in this buying guide to Aneros.

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Which Aneros is the best for you?

Some men’s ears prick up when they hear the words “prostate massage” and some men leave the room. If you’re the type who hates the idea of anything going in the rear entrance, now’s the time to press that back button. It’s okay to leave if you want, but you’ll be missing out on one of the most intense orgasms that men can experience!

For everyone who’s still here, we’re going to be getting acquainted with the famous Aneros prostate massagers. These devices have been around for a while, and though they were originally designed as health aids, it was quickly discovered that they feel amazing when you start using them during sex or solo play as well.

Introduction to Aneros Prostate Massagers
How to Use Aneros and How It Works
Which Aneros Do I Need?
All Aneros Reviews
How Do I Choose Which Aneros is Best For Me?

Introduction to Aneros Prostate Massagers:

Aneros prostate massagers do exactly what they say they do. They are short plugs that are designed to stimulate the prostate gland, which is the organ that both stores semen and then pushes it out when ejaculation occurs. As you might guess, manipulating this organ when you are turned on and when you are ready to climax produces incredible sensations.

The prostate gland is located just a few inches inside the anus; while you can reach it with a finger, that’s not really ideal as it is not located straight back. Instead, manipulating this gland manually requires you or your partner to bend your finger, which might not be as comfortable as you would like.

Fortunately, all of the Aneros prostate massagers are designed with a crook in the plug to massage that sensitive area perfectly. They’re damn fine sex toys and masturbatory aids, and extended and careful use can get you to what aficionados call the Super-O, a non-ejaculatory orgasm to end all orgasms.

There are an impressive 12 different devices in 7 different categories to choose from, and after we’ve gotten some ground rules established about how to use any of the models, we can start talking specifics.

How to Use Aneros and How It Works:

If you go on the Aneros forums, you are going to find an active community of guys who have tons to say about this fantastic device. There are different positions to use and plenty of different accessories you might want to try, but here are the basics.

Remember to take your time. The first thing that any Aneros veteran will tell you is that this toy is not for someone who wants to orgasm and go. Set aside a few hours. Just about everyone who puts in the time ends up loves it.

This thing is going into the rectum, so do yourself a favor and take a shower first. Ideally, you’ll defecate about an hour or two before using it. This just makes sure that you’re relatively clean when you sit down to play. To be extra-careful, you may want to use a rectal syringe to rinse things out or have a shallow enema. Think about it as an investment towards an amazing orgasm.

Aneros Helix

With anal play there is no such thing as “too much lube”!

Use plenty of lube. There is no natural lubrication in the rectum, and lube makes it easier to slide the device in. You’ll hear a lot about what kind of lube to try, but as long as it’s water-based, you’re good to go. Skip the silicone- and petroleum-based lubes for your Aneros experience. Liquid Silk, ID Glide and KY Water-Based Lubricant are all good options.

Look at your Aneros toy. There is a plug that is designed to go inside, a thicker arm that stimulates the area between your anus and your scrotum, and a smaller arm with a curl that sits between your buttocks and points up towards your back. Be sure that you do not put it in upside down. Speaking from personal experience, not only does it not do any good, it hurts. If you go on the forums, you’ll find that people have a lot of different terminology for the arms. For this review, we’re going to keep thing simple.

The easiest way to insert the Aneros yourself is to lie on one side, and then bring the knee that is top as close to your chest as possible. Make sure that the arms of the Aneros are pointing the right way (thicker arm towards the penis, thinner curly arm towards the back), and insert it slowly.

Don’t rush, don’t force anything, and if there is any pain at all, relax and apply more lube. When it comes to anal play, there is no such thing as too much lubricant, ever!

Aneros Progasm Classic

Breathe, relax and enjoy

Once it’s in, take a deep breath, and relax. You might have the urge to urinate or defecate, but those are not “real” urges. You are just stimulating your body in ways that remind you of those urges. Lie still, and stay calm.

The Aneros official website suggests that it can take between 20 and 30 minutes to really get used to the sensation if you are a beginner, so just relax. Feel the toy inside you, get used to it, and stay relaxed. It can be kind of overwhelming, so concentrate on your breathing, deepen it, and do not allow yourself to start panting or to get too worried about things. Some guys don’t even think about sex at this point.

When you’re totally relaxed, start contracting your anus. Contract on the inhale, relax on the exhale, and now you can start thinking about whatever you like. Stay steady, don’t make yourself hyperventilate, and just focus on your body and how it feels.

Now, real fans say that you shouldn’t touch your penis at all at this point, and yes, to get to a Super-O, it does need to be done hand-free. However, prostate massage is a fantastically pleasurable thing, and we’re not going to tell you how or how not to use it short of telling you what will and won’t hurt you.

That’s it! There are ways to extend the pleasure, plenty of options to enrich it, and different positions to try, but just about everyone agrees that this is the basic way to get started.


While the position on your side is a good choice to start with, don’t forget that there’s still plenty of different things to try as well. For example, some men find that getting up on their hands and knees and pushing their massager in from behind provides the best sensations. They talk about it allowing for a deeper penetration and a more “whole-body”feeling. Still others suggest at least starting from a standing position and resting one foot on a chair to make access more easy, though they do say to continue by lying down.

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Which Aneros Do I Need?

There are a lot of Aneros prostate massagers to choose from. Some are for total newbies,and others are sort of like graduate-level anal play. Check the table for a quick idea regarding what you want, and how it might work for you.

Aneros Prostate MassagerExperience Level 
Helix ClassicTotal BeginnerGet it!
Helix SynTotal BeginnerGet it!
Eupho ClassicIntermediateGet it!
Eupho SynIntermediateGet it!
ViceExpert/Sensation SeekerGet it!
DeViceExpert/Sensation SeekerGet it!
MGX ClassicBeginners With Some Anal Play ExperienceGet it!
SGX ClassicTotal BeginnerGet it!
Maximus ClassicExperts Only!Get it!
Progasm ClassicIntermediate With Some Anal Play ExperienceGet it!
Prograsm IceIntermediate With Some Anal Play ExperienceGet it!
Prograsm JuniorBeginnerGet it!

All Aneros Reviews:

So now you know which ones are right for your experience level, but what about the individual models themselves? A quick talk with anyone who’s really into the Aneros experience will tell you that everyone has their favorites, and honestly, the best way is to buy a few. While the prostate is in the same place for just about everyone, there are some slight variations that make one device fit like a dream and other devices just kind of uninteresting.

Check out the models below to learn a little bit about what makes each one special.

Aneros Helix Classic

As mentioned above, this is the toy for beginners, and it is actually identical to the original prostate massager that was used to treat medical issues. It’s definitely modestly-sized, but the tilt of the shaft makes it just as good as the rest when it comes to getting a lot of sensation. It’s made out of a medical grade plastic for easy cleanup.

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aneros helix classic

Aneros Helix Syn

At first glance, the Helix Syn looks like the Helix Classic except that it’s black and red. However, if you touch it, the difference becomes very clear. The Helix Syn has a silicone coating that makes it a lot softer to the touch, though it is exactly as rigid. If you thought the Helix Classic was a little harsh, choose the Helix Syn.

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aneros helix syn

Aneros Eupho Classic

People are of two minds for the Eupho models. Some people claim that they are the perfect beginner’s toys because they have a less extreme tilt than the Helix toys, while others claim that the tilt makes for a more subtle experience that is best saved for people who are more practiced with Super-O techniques. Insert the line here about apples and oranges; it all feels good! The Eupho is more slender than the Helix, and overall, it just seems to suit some body types better. If the Helix didn’t work, try this one.

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aneros eupho classic

Aneros Eupho Syn

Like the Helix Syn, the Eupho Syh has a silicone coating that gives the toy a different texture. The rigidity is the same, but if you object to plain white plastic, pick this snappy black and red number instead.

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aneros eupho syn

Aneros Vice

Some people just can’t get enough of a good thing, and when you are ready for the next level of anal play, there’s the Vice. The first thing you notice is that this model is a lot wider than the other toys, and that’s because it needs to fit a stainless steel vibe into it. It’s fairly rigid, but the vibrations are intense, leading to a teeth-chattering orgasm. Purists have a tendancy to shun the Vice because they say that it dilutes the experience to have the vibrations, but if you like vibrations, this is the toy for you.

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aneros vice

Aneros DeVice

The DeVice is more or less the Vice with one key difference. Instead of being rigid, it’s completely made of silicone. If you think that other Aneros products are too rigid for you AND you crave more stimulation, this is your top pick.

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aneros device

Aneros MGX Classic

This toy is advertised for both experts and beginners, but the slight increase in girth makes us suggest for beginners who already like a little bit of anal play. We all have to start somewhere, and if you are a little nervous, this may be a little intimidating. However, there are some people who state definitively that this is the only one that works for them and that it has something to do with how much space this model takes up. Something to keep in mind as you shop!

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aneros mgx-sgx classic

Aneros SGX Classic

This is one of the top sellers at Aneros, and it’s easy to see why. This is one of the least threatening anal toys around. Along with the Helix toys, it’s the one to begin with if you’ve never even thought about anal play before this. Aneros mentions that it’s one of the top sellers in Asia, and though they don’t have a reason for that, it might be something that our Asian readers should take note of.

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Aneros Maximus Classic

As the name implies, the Maximus Classic is a toy designed for guys who want a little more girth to their anal play experience. This is not for beginners, and if you’re not relaxed, you can actually hurt yourself with it. This toy has people who love it, people who hate it, and very few who are on the fence. If you’ve done a lot with anal play or pegging, however, this toy is the one you are looking for.

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maximus classic

Aneros Progasm Classic

Like the Maxiums Classic, the Progasm is designed for girth. With this toy, we can see Aneros getting away from its health-supply roots. This toy is thick, and the handle, instead of being a curve, is a ball. If you have tried the other Aneros toys and found them too “sharp” around the perineum (the area between the scrotum and the anus), this is a good choice. Remember that this is a toy that’s thick, so lube up, and maybe even start with a smaller toy. This toy comes in the classic white and in hot-rod red.

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progasm classic

Aneros Progasm Ice

In shape, this toy is exactly like the Prograsm Classic, but the Progasm Ice is actually made from a very clear, very-hard plastic. It looks a lot like glass, it’s still extremely rigid, and it’s a great choice when you want something with a different look. Hey, appearances matter, and if you want some class with your toys, the Progasm Ice is perfect. It comes in clear, black and red.

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aneros progasm red ice

Aneros Progasm Junior

The Progasm Junior is perfect for people who love the shape of the Progasm Classic but find themselves a little intimidated by the girth and length. It’s less “pointy” for want of a better word than the Helix or the SGX, and some people call it another great beginner toy. Aneros experts chime in and say that it’s a little tougher to get to the Super O with this toy, but once again, it’s all in why you want it.

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aneros progasm jr

How Do I Choose Which Aneros is Best For Me:

Now that you know a little more about the models themselves, you’re equipped to make a choice. Check the chart below if you need a quickie reminder about what’s what and to get a quick idea on who the model is designed for.

Here’s a note that comes up a lot on the Aneros forums: get a few. If you want this kind of sensation play, it’s entirely worth picking up a few to get started. Our bodies are similar enough that we can buy prostate massagers and expect them to do something, but in all honesty, there are enough minor differences that you may not discover what’s really perfect for you until you’ve done some experimentation. Some guys talk about keeping a stable of prostate massagers, and that’s a fantastic idea if you can afford it.

Aneros Prostate MassagerReason to Purchase 
Helix ClassicI am just dipping my toe into anal playGet it!
Helix SynI am a total beginner, but I know I don't like hard, slick plasticGet it!
Eupho ClassicI like things a little more subtleGet it!
Eupho SynI like things a little more subtle, and I don't like hard, slick plasticGet it!
ViceI'm a total sensation junkie, and I know I love anal play!Get it!
DeViceI'm a total sensation junkie, and I want something softer.Get it!
MGX ClassicI have some experience with anal play, but I am new to prostate massageGet it!
SGX ClassicI don't even know where I am, but all this talk about prostate massage and anal play intrigue me. Get it!
Maximus ClassicI like a challenge!Get it!
Progasm ClassicI love girth, and I want something comfy on my perineum.Get it!
Prograsm IceI like the Progasm Classic, but I want something a little more slippery and even shinier.Get it!
Prograsm JuniorI like anal toys that are easy to insert and just a little bit less intimidating.Get it!
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