The Best Lube – 9 Hot Lubricants for Sex, Masturbation and Sex Toys

The best lube overall is ID Glide followed by Sliquid. This is the quick answer. Read below for 7 more alternatives and for help choosing the best sex lubricant for you.

If you’ve been a reader of ours for a while, you’ll know that we often talk about lube. When it comes to this stuff, some people just grab whatever’s on sale at the supermarket – and you know what? That’s fine.

As for me, I’m a lube connoisseur. I know lube, I love lube, and I teach lube. As a certified sex therapist I have helped many couples choosing the best lube for them.

Thick, thin, water-based, silicone-based lubricants, anal lubes, lubes for vaginal penetration, lubricants for masturbation, lubricants for women – there are more types of lube than you can count, and we are going to talk about ALL of them today.

Why Do You NEED Lube?

If you’ve ever had sex, or fooled around with someone else – hell, even if you’ve ever masturbated, you surely noticed one thing: dry friction will give you one hell of a burn.

Yes, burn.


It’s not comfortable, it’s not doable, and it’s not a good time.

If the type of sex you’re having is vaginal intercourse (or P-in-V, as I like to affectionately call it), chances are that there will be some self-lubrication present. If you’re fucking anything else, though – whether that’s an ass, a toy, or your hand – you’re going to need some slip.

Without the slip, you risk not only uncomfortable friction, but tissue tearing, and injuries.

Yes, it’s just as painful as it sounds.

How to Choose The Best Lubricant for You

Okay, but there’s like 48577536 types of lubricants out there. How the fuck do you choose just one? Well, that’s what I’m here for. Just call me Lube Lady.

No, seriously, don’t call me that.

So, how do you choose the perfect lube?

  • It must be the right kind for the specific sexual adventure you are about to embark on
  • It must be compatible with any partners-in-crime involved and any contraception you are using (the last thing you want is a swollen, itchy, burning, allergy-related nightmare – not that I have first-hand experience or anything)
  • It must be comfortable, and long-wearing
  • It must not taste like Satan’s sweaty, chemical-y balls
  • It must not be impossible to clean

Best Lube For P in V Intercourse

intimate earth gel


The cool thing with regular P in V intercourse is that you can use most lubricants, depending on need and preference. So, why not branch out with something a little crazy? And this thing is A LOT crazy.

Other “sensitizing” products are especially made for your clit, and we’ll talk about something like that, but this baby is for your G-spot. That’s right, if you can’t find it or stimulate it to your satisfaction, this thing can.

You will NOT be sorry, but you WILL be coming.

P in V is most straight people’s ultimate goal, right? It’s what so many teen movies are centered around.

Yes, the vagina is self-lubricating, and that is AWESOME. However, not all vaginas produce enough lubrication to ensure a good time, and sex without painful dry friction.

Note to all you virgins out there: THAT’s why sex is painful, not because it’s supposed to be. Lube that shit up, and I promise you your first time

Hell, even if the vagina you’re touching doesn’t have lubrication issues, using some lubrication is still a great sexual aid. You can use most types of lube, depending on preference (flavored, tingly, etc.), and whether or not you’re using condoms.

Main takeaway

The world is your (well-lubricated) oyster – you can pick and choose a type of lube, depending on need and preference. The best ones replicate a “natural” sensation. Mmmm, doesn’t sound gross at all.

Best For Anal

forbidden anal lubricant


This lube not only has a hilarious, cringy name, but it’s also as cheap as it can get, and comes VERY well reviewed. Over 1,200 people thought this is The Shit, and their assholes are happy as a clam. It’s water-based, doesn’t have a smell, and is thick enough without being a bitch to clean. I’ll take 3!

A lot of people watch exactly ONE (1) porno and they think they’re ready for anal. Those are the people who a) are 15 years old and b) end up with anal fissures and the wrong kind of lube.

Don’t be those people. If you ARE those people, LMAO.

Anal is very different than P-in-V sex and requires way more preparation, and that includes lubrication.

Because the anus and the anal cavity are, unfortunately, not self-lubricating (really, get it together, anus. #naturallylubricatedanus2020), they need A LOT more help in this department.

That means that the lubricant you choose must be thicker, and you’ve got to use a lot of it.

No, really, more than you think. Just like the bottle of whiskey that caused the horrific hangover after your 21st birthday, you need to keep pouring until you black out.

This is further complicated by the fact that anal sex can take place with or without a condom.

Thicker, higher viscosity lubes are generally silicone-based, but they are incompatible with latex condoms. So, you are tasked with finding a water-based lubricant that is thick and will stick around for longer.

Main takeaway

You are better off with a lubricant formulated specifically for anal play. If you must use an all-purpose one, look for one that is thicker and more viscous, and make sure it’s water-based if you’re using condoms.

Best For Oral

sliquid flavored lubricant


Sliquid is a top fave across multiple categories, because it ticks a lot of boxes. It’s water-based, it smells great, it tastes like pomegranate, AND it’s organic.

This site calls it “lickable”, which I guess is true, but like non-toxic glue or play-doh – fine to taste, but don’t replace your meals with this stuff.

I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a mouthful of lube, but I have, and lemme tell ya, I will never complain about the taste of other personal juices again, because that shit was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted.

Both during sex and outside of it.

Let’s just say that sex was over.

Most people would probably not think about it that much, but consider all the different ways you and your partner are exploring each other – one or both of you will, probably, end up tasting the lubricant, and you know who made the taste for lube?

The devil.

Enter flavored lube. Like flavored condoms, flavored lube comes in fun colors and enticing flavors to your heart’s content. Banana, strawberry, melon, bacon, cake, weed…it’s funny cause you think I’m joking, when I am actually tragically not, and someone did make a bacon-flavored lube. Bon appetit!

Main takeaway

Most lube tastes awful and chemical-y and decidedly un-sexy. Spare yourself the retching and pick a flavored one – fruit for the vegans, bacon for the carnivores.

Best Lube For Toys

fleshlube water


Gotta give this one to the masters – if you’re using toys, the best lube will always come from the same company manufacturing them. So here is the best lube for Fleshlight for example.

This baby is water-based, so you know it won’t eat into your toy. It’s also a dream to clean, because cleaning Fleshlights is a fucking ballache, so they had to make it easy. You can squirt this shit all over your respective private parts and assorted toys – you won’t be sorry.

All sex toys are not made equal, and that means that different toys will work best with different types of lubricants.

If you’ve ever trolled sex shops late at night (I’d ask for a show of hands, but we all know you’re probably browsing a sex shop right now), you will know that a lot of them are made out of silicone.

That includes male toys, like sex dolls and masturbators, and female toys, like dildos and vibrators. What this means is that you generally need a water-based lubricant for these.

But of course, not all toys are made of silicone. There are also glass toys, metal toys, wooden toys, etc. You have a choice of using a silicone lube with these, as it will not destroy the material.

Main takeaway

You have a choice of water-based or silicone-based lube, depending on your toy. The most important thing is to check what your toy is made from, whether you’re using a condom with it, and what kind of lube is compatible with it.

If you’re ever unsure of what type of lube you can use with a toy, the website usually makes a mention. If not, customer service will always be able to help you out.

Best Lube For Condoms

id glide water based lube


Look, when it comes to water-based lubricants, a lot of the stuff on the market is the same, so it no longer comes down to just quality, but other features.

Case in point: I picked this because it’s excellent (good consistency, easy to clean, no shitty taste), but mostly because this stuff comes in a hilariously sized jug. Yep, it’s a Big Boi lube. 64.25 lovely ounces – I dare you to finish this up.

When it comes to sex with condoms, then your only option is water-based lube. As you already may know, silicone lubricants will wear down the latex in the condom, and you WILL have a really bad time.

Not pleasure-wise, but accidental-parenthood-wise or STD-wise. Nothing like a romantic emergency walk to the Sex Clinic to top a great evening.

Other than that, your range of options is vast and exciting, unlike your dating life. Sorry, pal.

Main takeaway

Water-based Lube + Latex Condoms = YES

Silicone-based Lube + Latex Condoms = NO

Best For Water Play

gun oil silicone lubricant


This stuff is AMAZING – so good, in fact, that it is FDA-approved as medical-grade lube. High-quality, thick, smooth, long-lasting silicone that is latex-friendly; you won’t find this just anywhere.

Sure, the marketing is a little embarrassing, but you don’t need to show it to anyone, just use it.

It sure as shit ain’t cheap, but neither is your vagina. So hey, treat your genitals to something nice. They deserve it.

If you’ve ever had sex or even masturbated underwater, you will know that friction becomes a bigger problem than normal. Any natural lubrication washes away almost instantly, leaving you dry and raw.

No one wants to fuck that, not even you.

That’s why the most important quality you should be looking for, in a lubricant for water play, is that it’s silicone based. Silicone lube is generally thicker and has a higher degree of viscosity. That helps it wear stick around for longer. Water-based lube, on the other hand, dissolves and wears away fast, making it incompatible with use underwater.

Main takeaway

Silicone-based Lube + Water = YES

Water-based Lube + Water = NO

Best For Sensations

supersex orgasm lube gel


I don’t know what the secret ingredient in Tracy Cox’s sex juice is, but women are creaming themselves over this thing left and right.


Hundreds of women swear that this not only offers some intense cooling and heating sensations, but it actually takes you where your high-school boyfriend has ever taken you before.

I’m usually skeptical about anything that guarantees you’ll come (especially Gary, who you met in a badly lit dive bar), but I can’t argue against THAT much enthusiasm.

Arguably, if the sex you are having is not giving you enough “sensations”, then you’re doing the sex wrong.

Who’s fucking you, that you need to “enhance” your experience with the equivalent of sexual hot sauce?

Either way, if you feel like your sex is bland, tasteless, vanilla, and you can’t upgrade the acts or the partner, or you’re just looking for something new to literally spice things up, then you may be interested in lube that offers different “sensations”.

Hot, cold, and everything in between, these slippery products will make your bits shiver, sweat, and tingle, and not in an STD kind of way.

Main takeaway

Take your sex to tingle town with the “enhancing” lube of your choice – unless you’re allergic to the tingly ingredient, that’ll have you tingling all the way to the emergency room.

Best Natural Lubricant

sliquid organics lubricant


With descriptors like “botanically infused” and “paraben free”, you know this stuff is good enough to eat. I’m not saying actually go to town on gulping this thing down, but it’s a great product AND it’s not tested on bunnies or contains weird ingredients.

Sometimes, even if you’re into that natural lifestyle, natural lubrication does not come easy, or at all, depending on what you’re doing.

Free yourself from the oppressive shackles of uncomfortable, dangerous dry sex!

Ok, maybe that was a little overboard.

Before going down on your partner, have you ever asked yourself “But is this lube vegan?”.

Now that’s a surefire way to kill any boners on a ten-mile radius.

However, if you’re THAT person, you’ll be glad to know that there are lubes that are natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free and every other crunchy, granola-y buzzword out there.

Most of them are free of “chemicals”, and good enough to eat. Who says you have to choose between being the Perfect Socially Aware Millennial and a good fucking?

Main takeaway

Who knew there was lube for the loudest, most annoying segment of the population?

Best Cheap Lube

adam and eve lube


We’re not all flush enough to be able to afford fancy, expensive, tingly lube, and that’s perfectly fine. Cheap lube does not mean cheap sex, and I think this proves that. Thousands of people got off using this and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you. This is not the place to be boujie.

Just because you’re broke as fuck doesn’t mean you should be denied the comfort and sensations of frankly, superior sex. Good, comfortable sex belongs to EVERYONE, and I will give it to you.

Via a lube recommendation. Hey, we’re all doing what we can, right?

There isn’t that much to say here, other than the fact that some cheap lube is shit, but others are surprisingly good for the price.

Main takeaway

Expensive =/= best quality.

Lube FAQ

It turns out that people have A LOT of questions about lube – can you eat it? What happens if you spill it? Can you use it with condoms?

  • How do you use lube?

In order to use lube efficiently, you squirt a bit into your hand and then spread it as evenly as you can on the offending member, whether that’s a vagina, an anus, a penis, a hand, or a toy.

  • Is lube healthy?

Using lube isn’t like eating an apple a day or anything, but you won’t die from it and it probably won’t give you cancer. Using lube is quite common as this study suggests.

  • Is lube safe to use with condoms?

YES. Water-based lube is safe to use with latex condoms. Silicone-based lube is not.

  • Is lube safe to use with sex toys?

The short answer is YES.

BUT just like with condoms, it’s a YES for water-based lube and a NO for silicone-based lube. That is if your toys are silicone. If they’re glass, wood, or metal, you can use silicone lube.

  • Is lube safe to ingest?

Look, I wouldn’t recommend picking up a jug and gurgling it for shits & giggles, but if you’re going down on your partner, and you get it in your mouth and swallow it, you’ll be just fine. It’s why they make flavored lube.

  • Does lube stain?

Certain types of silicone lube have a bad reputation for staining the SHIT out of your sheets and any other textiles it lands on. Thankfully, modern silicone lubes shouldn’t do that, and water-based lube never really does.

  • How do you clean off lube?

Lube should always come off easily with water and soap. Again, silicone lube is known to be a bit more stubborn because of the inherent viscosity, but newer formulas are light and easy to clean.

  • Can I use lube in the bathtub or shower?

Yes, silicone-based lube can be used in water. Water-based lube will just disappear.

  • Can I use lube to masturbate?

Using lube to masturbate is not only possible, it’s recommended!

  • Can I use the same lube for all kinds of sex?

Certain acts, like anal, may need special lube because it requires a thicker texture, but generally speaking, you can get away with using the same all-purpose lube for most things, as long as it’s water-based.

  • Do I need lube if I’m having P in V sex?

You may not 100% NEED it, depending on the vagina’s generosity in dispensing slippery fluids, but it ALWAYS makes things better.

  • Do I need lube if we’re just using hands?

While you may not NEED it, depending on what you’re doing, lube is always a helpful and pleasant third partner in your sexual escapade. Both male and female anatomy can benefit from it.

Don’t forget: dry friction HURTS LIKE A BIOTCH.

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