The 9+ Best Lubricants for Every Sexy Act You Desire

sliquid organics lubricant

The best lubes overall are ID Glide and Sliquid. This is the quick answer. Read below for 7 more alternatives and for help choosing the best sex lubricant for you. If you’ve been a reader of ours … [Continue reading]

29+ Best Vibrators in 2020: A Vibrating Buying Guide

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The best vibrators are: Gaia Eco Biodegradable & Recyclable Vibrator: A powerful, safe, and eco-friendly alternative. Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.OH!: Amazing choice for discreet, public fun. … [Continue reading]

The 100 Best Dildos in 2020 Sorted by Materials and Type

Fuolornis Fire Dragon Of Brequinda

The Best Dildos are: Doc Johnson Bust It Ejaculating Realistic Dildo - Ever missed that feeling of being filled up with cum, then this realistic squirting toy is for you. Fire Dragon - Fantasy … [Continue reading]

69+ Best Male Sex Toys to Go Fucking Crazy

best male sex toys

The best male sex toys are: The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit: A legendary male sex toy. The Fleshlight STU is designed to improve your stamina in bed. The TENGA Zero Flip EV: Slide your … [Continue reading]

18+ Best Sex Toys for Horny Couples – Goodbye Netflix

best sex toys for couples

This review of the best sex toys for couples was written by Jenny. She's one of the craziest women I know, never afraid to test new sex toys in bed with her partner. Enjoy! ~ Deon. My Top 3 … [Continue reading]

10+ Best Anal Toys for Wannabe Anal Gods

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Finding the best anal toys on the market was a daunting task. The human body was designed for pleasure and people are endlessly creative inventing toys to enhance and amplify that feeling. Top 3 … [Continue reading]

21 Best BDSM Toys And Bondage Gear – Not For The Faint Hearted

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Whether you are seasoned at BDSM or just looking to explore the lifestyle, it all starts with the right toys. In this best BDSM toys review, we will expose 20 different pieces of bondage gear so that … [Continue reading]

15 Best Prostate Massagers – Toys For The Modern Man

njoy pure plug medium

What's the best prostate massager? Scroll below for both vibrating and non-vibrating top ranked prostate toys for men.  In our male g-spot guide you've learned about prostate massagers and how they … [Continue reading]

The Best Aneros For YOU? Buying Guide to Aneros Prostate Massagers

aneros helix syn

Find out which one is the best Aneros for you in this buying guide to Aneros. Some men's ears prick up when they hear the words "prostate massage” and some men leave the room. If you're the … [Continue reading]

Best Penis Extender: The World’s Top 7 Size Enhancers

phallosan forte

The best penis extenders are: Phallosan Forte. I tested this extender the first time in 2013 (see documented review below). We re-tested it as our editorial team grew and still rank it #1. … [Continue reading]

99+ Best Fleshlights for You, Bro – Sexiest Buying Guide Ever

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The best Fleshlight is Jessica Drake: Super tight with real suction. Hmmm. Yeah. But there is more to it. Keep reading below for full guide to help you pick the best Fleshlight for YOU. And not … [Continue reading]