Kiiroo Feel Stroker Review – Taking Realism to the Next Level

kiiroo feel stroker box

Kiiroo is a relatively popular brand that manufactures some excellent toys, and the Feel Stroker is one of their most affordable toys out there. This is my Kiiroo Feel Stroker review. At its core, … [Continue reading]

The Kiiroo Titan Review – Is This Really the Ultimate Man’s Toy?

kiiroo titan advert

Kiiroo has been making quite a few waves as of late, and the company has been producing a range of stellar male masturbators over the years. In this Kiiroo Titan review, I will show you how such a … [Continue reading]

Kiiroo Onyx 2 Review – My (HOT) Experience With The Masturbator

kiiroo onyx 2 box

Technology has come a long way, and the Kiiroo Onyx 2 is one of the prime examples of that. Kiiroo is a company that manufactures male masturbation toys. They are based in Amsterdam, but they are … [Continue reading]

10 Aneros Alternatives – Powerfully Orgasmic Prostate Massagers

Aneros alternatives

Aneros is undeniably the King when it comes to anal toys and prostate massagers. They have become the most well-known and most trusted brand when it comes to these toys and I know this from experience … [Continue reading]

Aneros Peridise Review By Me and Girlfriend – Here’s What Happened

four aneros peridise

The Aneros Peridise is nothing like the other Aneros toys out in the market. I’m a big fan of Aneros products mainly because they are so easy to use and actually help improve your sexual health. This … [Continue reading]

Aneros Tempo Review, My Experience With the Stainless Steel Probe

aneros tempo toy box

One of the most important things I’d like to tell you in my Aneros Tempo review is that this is one of the most beautiful sex toys I have ever owned. In fact, if I wasn’t buying this and saw it … [Continue reading]

Aneros Vice 2 Review – Is it the Right One for You?

Aneros vice 2 design

The Aneros Vice 2 is a major upgrade over the Aneros Vice. In fact, Aneros has such high confidence in its latest offering that they have completely discontinued the Aneros Vice, instead sticking with … [Continue reading]

Aneros Progasm Junior Review – Big Butt Orgasm Machine

Progasm jr tilted

Aneros is known for their hands-free prostate massagers. Their massagers are designed to leverage on the natural response of the body to move the toy inside which can be seen in the Aneros Progasm Jr. … [Continue reading]

How to Last Longer in Bed for 27+ Minutes | Stop Premature Ejaculation

how to last longer

All men want to learn how to last longer in bed at some point or another in their lives. Instead of using proven techniques for lasting longer, they usually end up buying ridiculous sprays or … [Continue reading]

Aneros MGX Syn Trident VS MGX Trident – Review and Comparison

mgx trident box

Aneros has upped their game considerably with their Syn Trident line. The Aneros MGX Syn Trident is one of the company’s flagships. Like several others in the Trident line, the MGX Syn is an … [Continue reading]