SizeGenetics Review – Just Bullshit Hype? Here’s My Experience

Here’s my personal SizeGenetics review from the moment it was delivered to my house to the results I’ve got with it. Honestly I was expecting something totally different from what SizeGenetics ended up being, so here it is my full SizeGenetics review, enjoy!

SizeGenetics Review Part 1: Delivery and First Impressions

SizeGenetics got delivered to my house by a professional courier service in a totally anonymous box. As you can see from the photos and video the box is completely plain and anonymous. The box felt a little heavier than expected right from the beginning, but since I got the SizeGenetics Ultimate System I knew that all the bonuses inside where going to add up a little bit of weight.

Did you know?

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On the package it doesn’t say anywhere it’s a penis extender. The only details you can read on top of the package are: your name and address. Actually there is a little invoice stuck on top of the box and when I opened it I was expecting to find the “penis extender” word inside it, surprisingly instead the invoice said: “Training Equipment”, that’s it.

The SizeGenetics Package on my bed

The penis extender got delivered in an anonymous box which is great from privacy reasons. It has a cubicle shape and it’s actually quite heavy.

Size Genetics package with my name on it

Another picture of the box, where I wrote my name in the video just to prove authenticity. It seems a little squashed on the right side but actually the internal case is pretty solid and protected.

SizeGenetics' description of goods letter

On the invoice, the good is described as “training equipment” and not penis extender which is pretty cool and especially it’s private.

Do Penis Extenders Work?

This research study from the US National Library of Medicine shows that apparently they do: Effect of penile-extender device in increasing penile size in men with shortened penis: preliminary results. Although more research is recommended.

First Impression From SizeGenetics? It Smells Nice

This is crazy, because the last thing I was expecting when opening the SizeGenetics box was to smell something. So let me tell you this: SizeGenetics smells great! Well, I guess it smelled great because they were sneaky enough to put the TractionPlus powder right on top of the package, so basically the whole box smelled like baby powder, which was a good first impression.

Opened SizeGenetics box with everything inside

The first impression was a pleasant unexpected smell! They were smart enough to put the baby powder on top, so that you can smell it straight away. This extender is starting to intrigue me, let’s try it on!

SizeGenetics Review Part 2: Inside the Ultimate System

You never know what bonuses SizeGenetics may add in the future, so of course beware that the bonuses I’m describing are the ones I received with my package in October. Today, just before publishing this review I’ve been checking the official sizeGenetics website and I have seen there are even more bonuses in the Ultimate System, so well, you’ll be lucky and get more stuff than me.

Size Genetics Ultimate System opened on my bed

Here’s everything I found inside my Ultimate System Package: baby “traction” powder, penis health dvd, device wipes, revita cream, travel case and finally the device itself.

But anyways, let’s move on and let me show you what I found inside:

  1. TractionPLUS Powder
  2. Revita Cream
  3. Device Wipes
  4. Travel Bag (to carry SizeGenetics with you during your trips)
  5. Penis Health DVD
  6. and of course the SizeGenetics Device inside a nice black leather case.

In my video I show each of them in detail.

Awesome Sleek and Stylish Leather Case

Size Genetics' leather black box

The SizeGenetics penis extender comes in a leather case stored inside a black box which is very private and solid. It also comes with a key so that you can lock it and put it in your drawer.

The SizeGenetics device itself is stored inside a black leather case (that you can lock with a key you’ll find inside) and contains a wide selection of traction bars, comfort pads and an instructional DVD.

Instructional dvd inside the black case

Inside the leather box you can find the penis extender itself and the instructional DVD which lays just on top of the device. I am in love with the case.

The materials have high-end details and the feeling I got was that I was handling something really precious, yet tough and resistant.

Inside SizeGenetics' black box

Here’s everything I found inside the leather case. I had a very good impression and was dying to try it on.

SizeGenetics Leather case close-up

A closer look at the leather case which is by far the best extender case we have reviewed on our website. It feels solid and professional.

SizeGenetics Review Part 3: Mounting the Device

I am not an instruction-reader kind of person (I guess I got traumatized from my visits to IKEA when I was a kid)  so I was really happy when I realized that there were video-instructions with a real person that shows you how to wear the penis extender.

Instructional DVD on how to use SizeGenetics

Video instructions are much better than written instructions! A few people like to read instructions, but everyone likes to watch them. Just take a look at the video and learn how to wear SizeGenetics, easy and straightforward.

Screenshot of instructional SizeGenetics video

The video explains how to use SizeGenetics and its comfort system.

Only problem was, the audio didn’t work. As I also say in the video, I am not sure if it’s supposed to be that way, or if my computer has got problems, but I had the feeling there was audio and I couldn’t hear it. Anyways it wasn’t really that big of a deal for two reasons:

1) Wearing the SizeGenetics is a 1-2-3 process, and there’s really no need for instructions at all.

2) The video was clear enough and on most parts it contained captions.

How Does SizeGenetics Feel Like? Comfortable Enough

Wearing SizeGenetics

Inside my pants – I am wearing it and it feels good! You can’t see much, you can probably see very little. But if you are very curious to see peoples results with SizeGenetics, just click on this picture.

It hurts… if you wear it the wrong way! One of the most popular aspects of SizeGenetics is its comfort system. They do give you options when it comes to comfort, which is crucial for penis extenders because the more you wear it, the bigger you get, the happier your partner. And no matter how strong-willed you are, when the stretcher is comfortable, everything comes more easily.

At the beginning when I checked the SizeGenetics website I thought they were exaggerating a little when talking about their “comfort system” but when I tried it on the first time I understood the real value of it.

My first comfort combination has been the simplest one with the bare “Comfort Strap” surrounding the base of my glans. Well, I don’t think I am hairier than average, but my hairs were being pulled by the comfort strap and it was hurting.

SizeGenetics device in my hand

The first combination of padding I have tried was pretty minimalistic and it pulled my hair which wasn’t very comfortable.

Nevermind though, since there are plenty more combinations to try. And in fact, every other combination I have tried was incredibly comfortable, with some of them being almost pleasurable (was almost getting an erection with one of them).

So, all I needed to do was inserting the yellowish cushioning around the top of my penis and I was ready to go. The cushioning was holding my hairs in place and keeping my penis steady, comfortable and stretched. It felt great!

SizeGenetics device on my bed wih comfort padding

The special cushioning ring in the center of this photo made the penis extender very comfortable. Comfort does make a difference. In this photo you can see almost all SizeGenetics comfort elements.

Another one you want to try is with the Silicon Noose, which is probably even more comfortable than the Comfort Strap. That transparent piece of silicon has got natural grip, is soft and flexible and very easy to adapt to your girth (much easier than the comfort strap). You can then try and add the black anti-slip layer, or the yellowish cushioning for even increased comfort.

My fingers between SizeGenetics

The Silicon Noose gives me grip and comfort. Best of all, it perfectly adapts to your girth by pulling it at the bottom. This was my favorite (one of my favorite I should say) combination of comfort elements.

SizeGenetics Review Part 4: Under My Pants

In the video I am wearing loose pants and you can definitely see that something is going on down there. I wasn’t brave enough to wear it outside my house, but you really cannot see that what you got there is a penis extender. All it seems like is that you have a big, meaty, thick… package (which may become the case very soon anyways).

SizeGenetics inside my pants

Can you see anything? I am wearing it. You really can’t say I have an extender in my underwear, but I do. If you check from the side (look at the video) it does seem like I have a pretty big package down there.

It feels ok even in the underwear, even though it would probably be better to take your underwear off to have a little more space.

SizeGenetics Ultimate System’s Bonuses

Revita Cream:

SizeGenetics bonus Revita cream

Revita Cream feels and smells like an after-shave. It dried very quickly and left my skin moisturized. It’s not oily or sticky, it just absorbs quickly and feels nice.

This cream here is also different from what I had in mind while waiting for my SizeGenetics to arrive. I thought it was going to be like any other moisturizing cream, but it actually feels very different from what I expected. The cream itself feels more like an aftershave, a little watery, a little dense and with a very good scent to it. At the beginning it feels oily but then it dries very quickly leaving a nice sensation.

TractionPLUS Powder:

Traction Plus powder Size Genetics bonus

TractionPLUS Powder increases grip during traction in a comfortable way. Traction PLUS feels like any baby powder and it can be easily replaced by some any baby powder in my opinion.

TractionPLUS feels like just about any baby powder. It might even be that it has something special in it, something that I haven’t noticed, but as opposite to Revita Cream – which instead did give me a unique feeling that I could probably hardly find elsewhere – this powder feels like nothing special.

Device Wipes:

SizeGenetics bonus device wipes

A generous amount of wipes to take care of your extender. This device wipes package is filled up with an excessive number of wipes. Really, I think they put too many!

Device wipes cleaning the extender

These anti-bacterial Device Wipes help you keep your penis extender clean and hygienic, plus they smell very good.

These wipes are a blessing. They are anti-bacterial and help you take care of your penis stretcher between and after sessions.

Penis Health DVD:

I thought they were going to show you exercises on a dildo, or with a 3D software… instead there is a real guy, showing you step-by-step exercises for your penis. You can choose level of expertise (beginner, advanced…) and type of improvement you want (lenght, girth…).

Penis health DVD inside

Penis Health DVD includes a real guy showing you penis enlargement exercises – commented by a female voice (which is a pretty interesting detail). I can’t show anything in the review, but they do actually show you exercises in detail.

Screenshot of Penis Health's main menu

You can choose among multiple levels and exercises in Penis Health DVD. The menu looks a bit 1997 but it contains everything you need to know. Hopefully they will update the graphic soon, but videos are clear.

SizeGenetics Review Part 5: Conclusions

SizeGenetics really surprised me with this solid and complete system. One of the things I liked the most about it (especially when compared with other extenders I’ve tried) is its adaptability and comfort. My personal opinion is that SizeGenetics Ultimate System is for sure one of the best penis extenders for first time buyers, probably the best of all.

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