Best Penis Extender: The World’s Top 6 Size Enhancers

Discover the best penis extenders on the market and find out which of these male enhancement devices is best for you.

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Looking for a bigger penis? Wanna impress your girl with a huge meaty baseball bat?

Great, you’re in the right place mate.

Let’s find out which one is the best penis extender on the market based on comfort, price, speed, and results.

Thing is that there are a lot of low-quality penis extenders out there and I don’t know you but I wouldn’t want my penis to be in bad hands… if you know what I mean.

I like my penis to be in smooth, sexy… soft hands… hmmmm yeah… I like it even better when it’s in a soft smooth sloppy… oh yeah, well let me stop here!

And you’ll see how good it’ll feel when she’ll need two hands to grab you… and her eyes will look at you like: geeez this thing is huge!

Let’s Take a Look at the 6 Best Penis Extenders on the Market

1) QuickExtenderPRO
2) Phallosan Forte
3) SizeGenetics
4) Male Edge
5) Jes-Extender
6) PeniMaster PRO

Some of these extenders have been endorsed by doctors, some others claim to be as comfortable to wear that you would almost have an orgasm by wearing them, others say that your penis may become so long you would need to buy new underwear and even then they won’t be able to hold it inside.

Here they are in order of recommendation:

1) QuickExtender PRO

quick extender pro

The 6 best penis extenders – 2nd Place: Quick Extender Pro


  • Warranty: Six months to a year, depending on the package bought.
  • Time recommended per day: 4 – 6 hours
  • Length extendable: Up to 16″
  • Highest amount of tension: 4000g
  • Average percentage increase in size: 28%
  • Can I wear it while I sleep: No

Don’t like the stretching belt or the vacuum system? Are you looking for a more “classic” penis extender? Don’t like taking risks in life?

Here we go dudes… The Quick Extender Pro.

The Quick Extender Pro has remained a giant in the penis extenders industry for over a decade now. They manufacture their extenders using only the highest quality hypoallergenic materials. Bang!

This Quick Extender Pro penis extender comes in four packages to suit any budget.

The Deluxe Limited comes with all the bells and whistles… including DVDs, the Quick Extender (of course), DSS system, Smart Tension self-adjusting springs with an industry-leading force of 4000g and a free hot girl included in the box… Ahah, just kidding!

Sure they would sell many more if that was the case!

QuickExtender PRO also comes with three free boxes of Rizer XL male enhancement supplements (but don’t use pills!) and a penis pump to further increase your results too. There are spare parts included, a mahogany box (useless), a travel bag with a lock, and memory foam.

The standard deluxe edition comes with all the same things as the deluxe limited edition but in lower quantity and without the mahogany box. The Rizer supplements are just enough for a month, and the limit of the spring tension is 3500g.

But it’s much more economical and fits nicely within the average person’s budget. Though the value package is cheaper, most people prefer to start off with the standard edition.

I didn’t try this one personally, but one of our editorial team tried it for seven months, starting off at four hours a day for the first month and then increasing to six. He reported back that while it was uncomfortable for a week and took some getting used to, it rarely got painful.

After a month, he reported back that his dick had grown about 0.7″. After four months, it had gone from 5.2″ to 5.9″. By the time he took it off just shy of seven months, he was at 6.16″.

So, as you can infer, as you use the extender, your results should be rapid for the first few months. Then, they should begin to slow and plateau. Always remember the golden rule: results vary from person to person.


2) Phallosan Forte

phallosan forte extender

The 6 Best Penis Extenders – 1st Place: Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte extender is pretty unique indeed.

I’m about to show you the 6 best penis extenders on the market and you’ll notice that they all look the same, besides Phallosan Forte.

You might think that maybe Phallosan Forte with their penis extender stretching belt is the weird cookie and this is why no one is doing what they do, but after a little research I found out that actually Phallosan Forte system is patented so no one can copy it yet. Ha!


  • Warranty: Two years warranty on spare parts
  • Time recommended: From six hours up
  • Length extendable: No official length limit
  • Highest amount of tension: 3000g
  • Average percentage increase in size: 30%
  • Can I sleep with it: Yes

I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years from now, when the patent expires the penis enlargement/penis extender market gets flooded with stretching belts.

I have to be very honest here and tell you that the main reason why I like a lot Phallosan Forte extender is because of the professionalism of this company.

It looks like this penis extender is sold in all Austrian, German, and Swiss pharmacies, which contributes to creating loads of trust in Phallosan Forte.

Luckily though Phallosan Forte is also sold online for all you guys outside the German part of the world (including myself) but if you end up going to Germany for the Oktoberfest or other girls-hunting trip feel free to drop by a pharmacy and ask for one.

Otherwise man, save your face from the embarrassment, listen to this dude here and just buy it online.

You can wear Phallosan Forte for up to 12hrs a day, even while you sleep.

Just remember to take it off while you go to pee, especially if you are in a public toilet otherwise you’ll end up watering the guy next to you.

Super cool update:

Jeez, don’t I love Phallosan! These guys recently created the Phallosan Plus+ accessory:

phallosan plus

Now look what they did here.

They created a rod expander for those who don’t like the classic “Phallosan” stretching belt and are instead after something more classic, while still keeping the Phallosan vacuum system to grab your glans.

This is genius.

Want to read more about Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Plus? Read my complete Phallosan Forte review (with my unique amateur video and photos!).


3) SizeGenetics

size genetics extender

The 6 best penis extenders – 3rd Place: SizeGenetics


  • Warranty: One year
  • Time recommended: 4 – 6 hours
  • Length extendable: Up to 10″
  • Highest amount of tension: 2800g
  • Average percentage increase in size: 29%
  • Can I sleep with it: No

The SizeGenetics extender is great and definitely one of the best penis extenders on the market. I think these guys realized how important it is for the penis extender to be comfortable in order to help you get results.

So they focused on creating a stretching device that may end up being the most comfortable on the market with its 58 way comfort system.

The SizeGenetics extender has been clinically tested, endorsed by doctors and probably approved by worldwide girlfriends…

The coolest thing about this company is that they’re really confident in this extender. On the SizeGenetics website you can find pictures showing the results guys are getting by wearing it and they give you 180 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with it.

You can also get the SizeGenetics for free dude, if you send them a testimonial after using it with pictures showing your penis before and after using SizeGenetics.

Just remember to take a picture flaccid and erect before you start using it!

I’ve heard of guys that used SizeGenetics, got results, took pictures of their penises and also of their happy girlfriends (that’s not necessary man) and sent them to SizeGenetics, only to realize that they forgot to take a picture “before” they started using the extender which means they cannot prove their results.

SizeGenetics is doing this “free offer” for a limited time, so you should hurry if you wanna take advantage of it (oh and by the way use the coupon code: world50 to get $50 off).

If you miss the offer, or if they changed the terms, don’t break my balls, I’m not your grandma, it’s your responsibility to read the terms and conditions before buying anything.

Here’s my SizeGenetics review with private photos and video.


4) Male Edge

male edge penis stretcher

The 6 best penis extenders – 4th Place: Male Edge

These guys are bold.


  • Warranty: One year
  • Time recommended: Depends on the model
  • Length extendable: 11″
  • Highest amount of tension: N/A
  • Average percentage increase in size: 29%
  • Can I sleep with it: No

It’s rare or maybe unique to find a company that openly states: “no fine print […] the growth is 100% permanent”. But who are these people?

The same dutch company that created Jes Extender (see below) decided to throw themselves on a new challenge and to improve the Jes Extender with this new innovative and more affordable penis stretcher called Male Edge.

In perfect dutch style they give you a double money back guarantee and promise you’ll get a thicker and longer penis.

After only 6 months of using it, they claim an average growth of 28% in length and 18% in girth.
Male Edge penis extender is ultra-light, has a double traction system and is incredibly easy to use.

They say that the hours spent stretching your penis are what makes the difference. So basically if you use their extender 10 hrs a day for 6 days for a total of 60 hours, you’ll get the same results you would get using it 1hr a day for 60 days.

If you wanna see how many hours you need to grow your penis as you like it, check out their penis-o-meter, enter the size of your flaccid penis now, enter your desired outcome and it’ll tell you how many hours you need.

Don’t get scared, it may be in the order of thousands of hours.

Remember that your body needs time to grow, just like you wouldn’t expect to become as big as Schwarzenegger after a few weeks at the gym, unless you’re high on drugs.


5) Jes-Extender

jes extender

The 6 best penis extenders – 5th Place: Jes-Extender

Jes-Extender is the first and most popular penis extender of all time, with a medically documented average growth of 28% (which is a lot), developed by urologists at the national danish hospital using surgical steel and medical silicone.

The first thing I think when I look at a Jes-Extender is: Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees this is so cool! The second is: wow that’s pretty expensive too!


  • Warranty: Varies according to package
  • Time recommended: Depends on the program
  • Length extendable: Up to 9.1″
  • Highest amount of tension: N/A
  • Average percentage increase in size: 24.5%
  • Can I wear it while I sleep: No

But you know what? All penis extenders are expensive, we said it at the beginning of this article, you don’t wanna put your penis in cheap hands… we like classy hands, sexy hands and these are expensive, man.

But anyways mister Jes Bech Muller came out with a Jes-Extender for each bank account so you can choose between:

  • Light Standard
  • Original Standard Comfort
  • Titanium
  • Silver Standard
  • Gold Standard
  • Platinum

with the latter being by far the coolest and one of the best penis extenders in the world, if money is not a problem for you. Check it out for only $1,399.

Jes-Extenders are a very famous name in the industry, they have been producing penis extenders for 14 years with more than 250,000 happy customers (and happy customers’ girlfriends) all around the world.

They also claim to have a double money back guarantee if you practice the training program they give you with the extender and don’t get results.

This penis extender is made in Denmark where life is expensive and girls are pretty hot.

So, if you’re serious about enlarging your penis, want to use the best penis extenders on the market and like dutch girls, Jes-Extender is a no brainer.

Go for it!


6) PeniMaster PRO

penimaster pro penis extender

The 6 best penis extenders – 6th Place: PeniMaster PRO

Alright, so this sucker is a real PRO in the penis growth game.

I had the pleasure to try it on and test it on my penis, and I have to admit it feels comfortable, it feels safe and the quality of the materials is really high (or at least that’s how it looks to the man who has tried more penis extenders than anybody else in the world – myself).


  • Warranty: Three years
  • Time recommended: Up to 12 hours a day
  • Length extendable: With rods, 11″. But without rods, there’s no maximum length.
  • Highest amount of tension: 7600g
  • Average percentage increase in size: 30%
  • Can I sleep with it: Not recommended

PeniMaster PRO is a real professional penis extender and definitely one of the best out there, plus the company behind this device is German and it has awesome customer support too.

But let’s say it all. PeniMaster PRO is a pain in the ass to wear the first time.

I was really getting annoyed mounting the PRO Basic piece on the head of my penis but then if you watch the video instructions included in the package you’ll get it and be ready to go and start extending your penis (or expanding it as people at PeniMaster like to say) in no time.

Soon your partner may open their mouth wide in awe… or maybe also to try it on.

Really, if you can get over the first 30 minutes of frustration trying to understand how to mount the device, you may really enjoy this penis extender… a lot.

You can choose between the belt system, the rod expander one or the complete set (if you want to use both or alternate them to see what works best for you).

I personally prefer the rod expander, but I know that some like the belt so they can use it while they sleep. In the video above you can see me trying them both.

If you want to find out more, here’s the full PeniMaster PRO review.


I put the Phallosan Forte stretching device on top of this list for their innovative design, professionalism and the fact that among all these extenders, the Phallosan Forte is probably the only one that you can buy in a pharmacy and wear while you sleep which is pretty cool.

Best penis extender for the first time buyer

If you don’t like the Phallosan Forte stretching belt and want a classic extender go for a QuickExtender PRO. If you have money to spend a Jes Extender platinum is the best you can find, contrarily if you’re on a budget go for a SizeGenetics.

Best penis extender for the lazy man

Definitely the Male Edge. It comes already mounted, it’s modern, easy to use, straightforward and cool looking too.

A Look Into The Science of Penis Extending

no stupid people

We’ve looked at the best penis extenders, but now, we’ll sate your curiosity a bit. Men have been trying for centuries, or even millennia, to add some more size to their penis. It’s been a topic amongst men for as long as we knew what it was used for.

Some scientists and experimenters have tried all sorts of means, from the weird to the painful, to the downright crazy. But it was only in the late 80s to early 90s that a way to enlarge your prick through traction was discovered.

The science behind traction is based on the fact that the penis is basically just a heavily nerved piece of skin with lots of blood vessels.

This means that, like every other piece of skin that is stretched out for an extended time, it stays that way. It is a process that encourages cell growth called cytokinesis. But the result is the more extended skin.

Research has discovered that the penis, when stretched, creates micro-fissures, invisible to the naked eye. You won’t be able to feel them, either.

When there are a lot of these microscopic tears, your body starts to heal them, by creating new cells in the gaps left by the tears. This is the process of cytokinesis. As the stretcher continues to stretch your cock for hours, day after day, your dick continues to have micro-tears.

When this goes on for an extended period, your body begins to go into overdrive and creates new cells at a rapid rate. This circumstance is the fast growth spurt your penis undergoes within the first few months of your extending program.

After a while, the development plateaus for a while. Some men wear extenders for up to two or three years and grow up to three inches.

Why Buy a Penis Extender

For some of us, we didn’t want a bigger penis till our partner let it be known that yes, we were on the small side. The average man’s penis is around four to six inches. But even our blessed six, seven, eight, and nine-inched brothers crave another inch or two.

What dude doesn’t want to take his pants off in the bedroom and have their partner’s jaw drop?

Remember how the boys in gym class whispered about that one guy’s massive schlong in the gym showers? Remember the automatic reverence and respect just having a big dick got him?

It might be crazy, but that’s the current society we live in.

A penis extender is a device constructed to add length and girth to your penis without invasive surgeries.

Years ago, our forefathers used to do all sorts of dumb shit to add an extra inch or so to their dicks.

A quality penis extender can give you those extra inches for a price ranging from $250-$500. Pretty special, considering surgery to lengthen your dick goes up into the thousands.

How do Penis Extenders Work?

As I mentioned before, penis extenders use the science of traction to grow your member. By traction, we mean that these devices steadily stretch your penis slowly and farther. Not gonna lie, this can be uncomfortable sometimes.

But all of us dudes on the team that had to try it to write this guide noticed that while it does get uncomfortable, it doesn’t cross the line into actual pain. The awkward feeling does fade after a while.

Contrarily to a penis pump, penis extenders stretch the penis slowly. Most manufacturers will advise you to wear the product for four to six hours a day. You have to do this over six months and beyond for the best results.

The reason for this is that penis extenders stretch your pecker, and the penis cells stretch with it.

This leaves small cellular spaces. Your body automatically creates new cells to fill those spaces. Do you get more comfortable with the stretch? That’s your body playing fill in the gap with your cells.

As you continue to increase the pressure on the extender, the cells continue to grow and voila! You got yourself a longer schlong after a few months. Penises that are extended this way have actually been proven to have better erection quality than a surgically lengthened penis.

In normal speak, that means your organically grown penis might be harder than that dude’s who went to get his on the operating table. Your months of wearing a penile brace won’t be in vain.

The knowledge and science of cock extenders have continued to spread, and more people are trying them nowadays. And, as consumer demands increase, so does production.

An improperly constructed extender worn over a long period can give you ejaculation problems or worse. It can also cause bruising, chafing, and wounds. Not something you want to mess with. So, what should you look out for when buying a penis extender?

What to Watch Out for When Shopping for a Penis Extender

follow scientific data meme

Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for a capable penis extender:


When looking for the best penis extender for you, you’ve got to consider what exactly you want to gain from it. Do you want more width or length for your penis?

Or do you need a cock extender to provide relief for your penile curvature?

Any of these reasons could be your motive, but you have to look at the features and pick an extender to help you achieve your gains.


As I said before, most manufacturers will advise you to wear the penis extenders for four to six hours a day for six months. That’s about one-sixth to a quarter of your whole day.

Definitely not a length of time you want to be uncomfortable for. Some people choose to wear theirs while at home, breaking the allotted time into two or three bits when they’ll be at home.

But sometimes, for some people, wearing it in public is unavoidable. In these instances, a good penis extender should come with a variety of ways to wear it, including bands, belts, straps, fabric, rings, etc.

Consider the size and shape of the device before you buy it and compare it to the clothes you usually wear. Some extenders are small enough to be used underneath clothing.


Make sure that whatever extender you buy is made out of hypoallergenic products. Please. We cannot stress this enough. This contraption is going to be strapped to your penis for thousands of hours, literally.

If you know you have sensitive skin, this is doubly important.

You might even want to get checked out for any skin allergies you might have before buying. It is that serious. If your extender is made out of any material you’re allergic to, you can get an outbreak of rashes, hives, eczema, and swelling (not the good kind).


The highest priced penis extenders come in at over a thousand dollars.

Those are the big leagues, but as I said before, you can get a great cock stretcher for between $250 and $500. This may seem like a lot of money to you, but it’s worth it if you want those few inches grown right.

Clinically Tested Penis Extenders VS Untested Extenders

On some of the official websites, it’s noted that some cock extenders have been clinically tested. What does being clinically tested mean?

When a penis extender has been clinically or medically tested, this means that it has been verified by doctors in related fields (such as urology), to do what it claims to do. It is kind of like an official stamp of approval.

Think of it in the same way the FDA checks the claims of fold and drugs brought into the States. When a company is able to put that “FDA approved” logo on its product, it’s announcing itself. It’s going, “Hey! Hey, I’m trustworthy. Even the authorities agree.”

While clinical testing does give credibility to a penis extender, the lack of testing should not discredit any penis extender companies. There could be various reasons why a company that makes penis extenders might not bother with medical testing.

Maybe they don’t yet have the resources. Maybe they feel that their loyal customer base and hundreds of good reviews speak well enough for them. It could be some other reason other than these two.

But rest assured, a good penis extender always goes through some tests to ensure the safety of customers.

So, a clinically tested penis extender may not necessarily be better than one that is not. Unfortunately the only surefire way to know what works best for you would be to try them all.

Go with your gut and pick what inspires you more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Penis Extenders

Is enlargement the only benefit of penis extenders?

No, it is not. Many customers report straighter penis’ in the case of Peyronie’s disease. Men with erectile dysfunction report better, stronger erections after using a penis extender.

But even healthy men who’re just in it for the enlargement report harder erections and better stamina after extending. This happens because the stretcher works by applying tension to stimulate cell growth.

This process also enhances blood flow to your dick, resulting in better stamina and reduced erectile problems.

Are there any age limits for penis stretchers?

You have to be at least 18 years of age to buy any penis extender, so no underage penis extending. But that’s just about the only limit. We recommend you speak to a doctor before using a penis extender.

Are all penis extenders the same?

Most penis extenders are the same in the sense that they all use the science of traction to help you achieve your aim. But that’s where the similarities end. Some penis extenders use a noose, strap, or vacuum as a part of their device.

Medical professionals have evaluated some. The materials used are different. Some are just for enlargement, while some can be used for post-op treatment, chordee, erectile dysfunction, and Peyronie’s disease.

What if I want to get longer than the device I’m currently using?

An easy fix for that is to get longer rods or whatever your device uses. Your penis extender should be adjustable, but if it is not, you might have to invest in another.

Are there any side effects of using a penis extender?

Only your personal doctor could answer this question specifically for you.

In general lines, if you use your penis extender correctly and follow the program the manufacturer provides (if there is one), you won’t have any adverse side effects. Some people have indeed had some problems with their pricks after using a penis extender.

But in all those cases, it was found that the penis extender wasn’t worn properly or as indicated. There could also be the chance of discovering a new skin allergy when using a penis extender. This is why you have to make sure your extender is completely hypoallergenic materials.

Or make sure that you do not have an allergy to whatever material the manufacturer uses.

Can I have sex while using a penis extender?

Of course, you can! Wearing a cock extender shouldn’t stop you from going at it whenever you want. Many men have even reported that they have better stamina and better erections.

The only slight drawback is that it does present a bit of a challenge to remove when you just want to strip and go at it.

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