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Hey guys! I created 8 amazing courses around sex, dating, sex toys, porn, cam sites and anything sexually imaginable. Some of these courses are for sale, if you have some cash you can buy them and transform your sex life immediately.

Others are 1-on-1 commitment that require a process of selection to make sure you meet my requirements for coaching.

I Will Teach You To Last 40+ Minutes in Bed

47hours book
I will give you a daily program of exercises you will do to build sexual confidence, stamina and become great in bed. You will be able to have sex for as long as you choose.

  • Learn how to last for 40+ minutes easily
  • Become sexually confident

Price: $197

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I Will Teach You How To Choose & Use Sex Toys On Yourself and Your Partner

sex toy university

After spending the past 10 years testing thousands of sex toys, I will teach you how to distinguish the good from the bad, and how to integrate them in your sex life, easily and quickly.

  • Learn how to choose sex toys
  • Learn how to integrate sex toys in your daily sex life

Price: $197


I Will Coach You To Get A Beautiful Girlfriend or Wife

self confidence
Regardless of your current situation, even if you’re a 120 year old homeless obese goblin, my coaching will completely transform you from the inside out, and you will be able to meet girls easily, and with a touch of luck, meet the one of your dreams.

  • Build self-love
  • Build self-confidence
  • Build social intelligence
  • Get the girl of your dreams

Price: $100,000 + invitation to your wedding
Duration: 6 months


I Will Teach You To Choose The Best Cam Sites, Porn Site and OnlyFans (and Date These Girls).

onlyfans promotion

With a more than a decade in the adult industry, I have learned a thing of two. I will teach you how to choose the best cam sites, adult porn sites, and how to distinguish a good performer from a bad one. I will also teach you how to meet and have sex with these performers in the real world.

  • Learn to distinguish good from bad cam sites
  • Learn to distinguish good from bad porn sites
  • Learn to meet and date adult performers (cam girls, onlyfans girls, porn actresses, strippers)

Price: $497


I Will Teach You How To Make Money in the Adult Industry

adult industry jobs
If you would like to be in my place and make money in the adult industry, as a sex blogger, or OnlyFans creator, I will share with you the secrets of my success and help you get started in the adult industry.

  • Learn how to make a career in the adult industry.
  • Learn how to set an adult blog and make money reviewing sex toys

Price: $997


I Will Teach You How To Get The Man Of Your Dreams

dating for women
This is a tough love program where I teach you what makes you attractive, how to meet the right men and how to get them to fall in love with you. Contrarily to the male program, here your look matters. I will not accept working with you unless I see some potential. You should also be willing to make big changes in your style and look.

  • Learn what men actually like (hint: we don’t care about your career)
  • Learn what makes men fall in love (hint: restraining from having sex won’t help)
  • Learn how to meet the best men (hint: it’s 100% not online)

Price: $100,000 + invitation to your wedding
Duration: 6 months


I Will Teach You How To Attract, Seduce & Date Many Girls Simultaneously

dating for men
This program is similar to the one I mentioned above, but here your goal is not to find “the one” but to have sex with as many beautiful girls as you can. I will teach you exactly that.

  • Learn how to approach any girl any time any where
  • Learn exactly what to say
  • Learn exactly what to do
  • Learn how to get girls on rotation waiting to have sex with you day after day, week after week (warning: it’s tiring, these girls will drain you out)

Price: $100,000
Duration: 6 months

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I Will Teach You How To Improve Your Current Relationship

last longer in bed

If you’re relationship has gone downhill, I will teach you how to transform it back into what it was at the beginning, a sexual loving relationship. This transformation will happen through sex.

  • Learn how to upgrade your sex
  • Bring your relationship back to its former glory

Price: $10,000
Duration: 2 months

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