10 Best Fleshlight Sleeve Review (2024): From Best to Worst Texture

SuperTight Texture

About 7 years ago I was one of the first men on this planet to review some of the best Fleshlight sleeves. It felt great and I still remember that day. I was in Sydney, life was easier… and my ex gf didn’t know I had a box full of Fleshlights under our bed (which of course I held purely for business reasons…) or maybe she found it and never told me? Anyway let’s move on…

After many years my Fleshlight review is still one of the most popular articles on my website and on the web. But today, after so long, I said alright, let’s review the best Fleshlight sleeves. Winter is coming. And the dragons are on their way.

Top 3 Fleshlight Sleeves

  1. Flight – What an epic sleeve!
  2. Go Surge – Shivers up my spine just thinking about it…
  3. Riley – Oh Riley… What do you do to me?

We’ve also listed the 10 best Fleshlight sleeves for you below!

I’m in a hurry bro, just show me the best sleeves!

So you may be asking yourself: why tha fu** would you just buy a Fleshlight Sleeve to start with? and not a proper Fleshlight with case and all the rest…

Well… First of all you could be stingy… or maybe you’re a minimalist like Leo Babauta and just love to run barefoot… eat vegan… read second-hand books… use your Fleshlight Sleeves without case… save dolphins, etc… (I’m not saying that Leo uses Fleshlight btw).

So if you wanna save money for example you could just go bare-sleeved.

Here you go.

If you wanna save even more, you could actually make your own pocket vagina. How? Here is our tutorial on how to make a pocket pussy (or home made masturbator as we call it).

But another reason could be that you’re buying a BYO Fleshlight, you’ve picked the case and now you’re about to choose the sleeve… and oops… you have no idea which Fleshlight sleeve to choose.

There are just too many textures, and choosing the best sleeve can be daunting, much harder than choosing a major for your university or your career in life…

confused choice gif

But here I come…

So first off, I have some bad news and some good news.

Let’s start with the bad news:

I just found out a few days ago that my friends at Fleshlight discontinued half of the orifices for Fleshlight sleeves for the USA market.

Oh nooooo. No more cheek and mouth orifices?? Are you serious-ly?

> Last minute update: You may still find some on the official Fleshlight website until stock lasts.

Good news: they are still all available for the EU market. There has never been a better time to quit your job and move to Paris.

Hey Deon, what about the Australian market??? And the Chinese market? and the Polynesian market? Well… hmm… I don’t know…

Actually I should probably ask my Fleshlight friends and make this article more complete. I promise I will one day… (crossing fingers behind my back right now).

To be more precise the Fleshlight sleeves are still the same old 10 ones: Mini-Lotus, Destroya, Heavenly, Vortex, etc. But the orifices have been cut to half for the USA market. From 4 to 2 orifices. Wow. How could they just do that?

So a European Fleshlight enthusiast will have 40 sleeve combinations to choose from (10 sleeves per 4 different types of orifices) and the USA buyers will have 20 (… no cheeks and no mouth orifices… life won’t be the same anymore).

Anyway, although a Fleshlight case is not essential, I would recommend getting one, even just for hygienic reasons.

The Best Fleshlight Sleeves

Alright enough intro. Which one is the best Fleshlight sleeve you may ask?

I personally reviewed and tested a lot of Fleshlight textures and in my opinion the best insert (btw insert and texture are just synonymous in case you’re feeling confused right now), is… real girls.

So first off I would say meet real girls in real life, that is the best option. Don’t believe to people who tell you that a Fleshlight sleeve is better than a real girl. That is just pure hyped stuff.

This doesn’t mean you cannot still enjoy some Fleshlight toys if you wish.

After all this company was created by Steve Shubin which himself is married and was married (?) at the time of creating Interactive Life Forms, aka Fleshlight.

Anyway, enough. Let’s move on to the best Fleshlight sleeves.
(Note: the following section was co-written between me and my editorial staff)

Before jumping in, let’s look at something all the sleeves have in common. Their hyper-realistic texture! Hands down, the patented SuperSkin technology makes the sleeves feel like as close as technology can get to the real deal and to top it off, they’re body-safe. It’s the reason why these sleeves are worth their weight in gold.

Here we’ve just ranked the best sleeves to help you find your perfect very personal assistant (some claims there will be a sleeve integrated in Siri soon… maybe in the upcoming iPhone XXX… this is just a claim… nothing certain yet.)

1) Heavenly

fleshlight heavenly sleeve

Check Heavenly price

We don’t like to beat around the bush, Heavenly is the best Fleshlight sleeve. Bang. Article finished. See you tomorrow.

We’re not joking, this sleeve is really good!

Don’t believe us? Here’s proof: the sleeve was originally inspired by porn star Jessica Drake and exclusively available in the Fleshlight Girls collection but became a permanent player because the texture, variety, and feeling are sensational.

Want to feel like you’re plucking someone’s flower for the first time?

The alternating tight and wide chambers are designed to make it feel like you’re popping someone’s cherry.

That’s not all. There’s a bonus: it’s an all-star. The Heavenly sleeve borrows the its texture from six different sleeves, creating one very naughty stairway to heaven.

The experience:

We don’t mean to be crude, but it’s basically sensory fireworks. The sleeve is made up of six different chambers with each one driving you further into ecstasy. Since Heavenly borrows so heavily from other sleeves, we’ve made you a crib sheet.

When you first enter the sleeve, you’re greeted by a ring of bumps which is inspired by the Gauntlet.

It’s a cute introduction because what comes next is why we’ve picked Heavenly as the top Fleshlight insert: it’s going to get tight and naughty.

Next, you reach a tight connection canal borrowed from the Ultra Tight sleeve, followed by a coiled channel that wraps around you and reminds us of the Forbidden sleeve, and then you come across the sleeve’s shining star: the lotus node (which makes an appearance in the Lotus and Mini Lotus sleeves).

You then pop through the lotus bud into a tight space followed by a wide chamber — a feeling that could even make Nicki Minaj sing like a human. Nuff said.

After your Aha! moment, you’re greeted by two wider chambers: the ribbed section is cribbed from the Super Ribbed sleeve (which is an intense experience), and the final section feels like the Speed Bump sleeve. Those last two chambers give the sleeve the length and space it needs to create strong suction.

Good to know:

This sleeve is a winner for most sizes. Any normal sized man can experience the sleeve’s star attraction: the alternating tightness/wideness. For longer men, there’s a bonus: the bumps at the end give you a gentle head massage.

This isn’t a quick-rinse-and-you’re-done sleeve. No, no, no… Our #1 needs some more TLC, but it’s still no bother. Merely turn the sleeve (briefly) inside out and make sure you clean each chamber separately. The sleeve’s over-the-top components also increase the drying time a bit.

The round-up:

Heavenly is the best Fleshlight sleeve for both newbies and veterans (veterans LOL – waiting for the day Fleshlight will create some Masturbation Veteran Badges for people to put on their shoulders). It allows newbies to sample a smorgasbord of textures and sensations while old-timers can play with all of their favorite chambers in one male sex toy.

It’s tight in just the right places, it’s so varied it never gets old and allows you to experience a heavenly feeling. One important thing to remember is that the more diverse the texture, the quicker the climax — never forget that!

2) Destroya

fleshlight Destroya Texture

Check Destroya price

If #1 was made to take you to heaven, #2 rounds up all the naughty boys and gives them a good whipping.

Just like Heavenly, the Destroya sleeve was originally inspired by a porn star — Stoya. The exclusive sleeve became super popular because it’s hands-down one of the best textures, which is why it was also released in all standard orifices.

Well… where do we start? It’s an intense experience which ends in a mind-blowing orgasm. This sleeve isn’t for the faint of heart, it will (literally) suck the life out of you — in like a super good way.

The experience:

It begins with three small nubbed rings which grip you tightly before you enter pure bliss — otherwise known as the 360-degree pleasure dome. I wanna hire the marketing genius guy who chose this name btw…

Inside the dome, longer nubs tickle you in all the right places. Oh, you thought we were done? No, that’s just the beginning…

After you’ve made it through the first two chambers, you’ll stumble upon fangs which tug and pull at you. They’re the real deal and make this sleeve super special. If you survived the “vampy” chamber (if you won’t, it will be a nice way to die anyway) you’re rewarded with a ribbed canal which narrows the further down you go.

If you think, the ribbed chamber provides some temporary relief you’re wrong. Sure, it’s not a row of fangs tugging at you, but the ribs are a silent killer. That last chamber is waiting for you. It gives a super intense stimulation while becoming tighter and tighter and the more you thrust, the stronger the suction will be.

Good to know:

The Destroya sleeve works for pretty much anyone. Sure, you might not be able to reach all of the chambers, but you’ll still have a wicked time. All guys get to experience all the chambers and a strong-level of suction, while those who are longer get to experience the full deep-throat experience at the end.

It’s important you take good care of your Destroya sleeve, or it will come back to haunt you! Just like other Fleshlight sleeves with lots of chambers and different textures, it’s best to turn the Destroya inside out while rising and giving it some extra time to dry.

The round-up:

Two words: Be prepared! This sleeve doesn’t play around, it can take you out in seconds. It’s definitely for the more adventurous but if you’re up for it, why not try it?

If you’re a newbie, don’t be scared off. The sleeve might look like as if it’s about to devour you but the good news is that you’d probably enjoy it. If you like intense and varied stimulation, this is for you. We’ve picked it as one of the top Fleshlight sleeves because you’ll never get bored. It will feel like it’s your first time, every damn time.

3) Mini Lotus

fleshlight MiniLotus Texture

Check Mini Lotus price

Don’t be fooled by this sleeve’s name — it’s not a mini sleeve. It’s actually the upgraded version of the super famous and popular Lotus sleeve. This sleeve is in our top #3 because not only feels closer to the real deal, but it’s great for beginners and men of all sizes.

The Mini Lotus gets its name from the lotus node within it. You can spy the outline of the flower towards the beginning of the sleeve… Ah so romantic…

If you’re wondering why we’re making such a big hoo-ha over a flower shape, read on. It’s definitely the reason the Mini Lotus is one of the best and might make you come very quickly.

The experience:

The lotus node — the star of the show — will seriously make you question everything you know about pocket pussies. In the new and improved version, it’s located closer to the start of the sleeve. When you enter the sleeve, you’re greeted (“yo, how do you do?”) by a pleasantly tight pre-chamber before you move into a larger chamber.

Next up, you’ll have your very personal meet and greet with the star, the lotus node.

We also strongly believe that the “lotus” position in Yoga comes from the Fleshlight Lotus sleeve… Buddha strikes again. I wonder if in the Dhammapada he talks about this sleeve… I will take a look and get back on it.

Let’s move on. What was I saying? Ah, yeah. The node’s shape makes it feel incredibly realistic, potentially better than the real deal? (no way).

After you’ve passed the lotus node, there are five connected chambers: they’re super tight when you move from one to the other which feels very intense. As an added bonus, the newly relocated lotus node has allowed the addition of an extra fifth chamber, which increases the Fleshlight sleeve’s suction effect. I mean, buy a vacuum cleaner if you want more suction than that.

You can easily tire yourself out by just repeatedly pushing through it. However, if you can reach them, don’t neglect the five other chambers — they’re worth exploring. Otherwise you can always look for alternative ways how to use a Fleshlight.

Good to know:

The more chambers, the more careful you have to be about the cleanup. Make sure you flip the sleeve inside out while rinsing it and don’t be shy to use your fingers to really get in there. The multiple chambers, increase the drying time. It might be a good idea to hang the sleeve up to make sure it’s dry and toasty before you use it again — you really don’t want to put a moist sleeve in the Fleshlight.

Anyway the next article I’m gonna publish will be a guide on how to clean a Fleshlight so you’ll learn all you need to know.

There’s a reason Mini-Lotus is a bestseller, it truly has something for everyone. The relocated lotus node makes it work for smaller to normal-sized guys, while longer guys can also play with the chambers at the end. If you’re a bit thicker it’s a snug fit, but y’know, you might like that.


First of all, good luck lasting longer than a minute. You can easily tease yourself to climax by just playing with the lotus node — but if you want an added kick, play with the chambers at the end. Or and by the way, let’s just do some self-promotion right there, I did write a book about how to last longer in bed, which you may want to check before I take it off the market (as I actually will soon because I found out the internet is full of crap websites rambling about my book).

Mini-Lotus is overall our 3rd favorite sleeve, but it’s definitely our top pick for beginners. If you’re overwhelmed by some of the other sleeves and want something that feels as similar as technology can get to the real deal, the Mini Lotus is for you. The sleeve’s design might look otherworldly, but it’s one of the best for beginners definitely.

More awesome sleeves

4) Wonder Wave

wonder wave sleeve

Check Wonder Wave price

If the Mini-Lotus feels like an attempt to improve a woman’s anatomy, the Wonder Wave keeps it as realistic as it can. Of course unless you’re retarded you’ll understand that a sex toy cannot replace a real woman. Her love, her personality, her body and the fact that she’s a human being full of life like you are. These things are not replace-able (thanks God). But sticking to the topic, the Wonder Wave’s realistic texture try to scientifically imitate a real woman body parts as realistically as they can. It’s a classic sleeve which never gets old and deserves a place in everyone’s collection.

It might not come with any of the bells and whistles of the more intense sleeves, but this is the top sleeve for long mellow marathons.

One day Fleshlight masturbation will be at the Olympic games, so start training and you may end up representing your country! Your parents are gonna be so proud.

The experience:

You’re greeted by a bell-shaped chamber at the entrance followed by a long canal separated by 14 ribs. The regularly spaced ribs — separated at 0.6” intervals — make it almost feel like you’re exploring the warm, delicious insides of a lady (especially if you are drunk). How? The constrictions run along the whole canal and squeeze you as you slide deeper and deeper into the sleeve.

You’re pleasantly stimulated on both the sides and head as you thrust inside the ribbed sleeve. It’s a really lowkey feeling that slowly builds to a delicious climax.

The Wonder Wave’s continuous wavey texture and absence of other chambers create a fantastic level of suction, even for those equipped with longer members.

Good to know:

We love an inclusive sleeve which is why the Wonder Wave has made it to the 4th place. The Wonder Wave manages to be accessible for all sizes without being boring. The texture is the same throughout, which means that no matter how big you are, you get your money’s worth. The sleeve isn’t the tightest, which means those on the thinner sides might struggle to feel the full sensation.

The sleeve is super easy to clean as it’s one texture throughout the whole thing — which is a blessing. Bonus points: it’s very quick to dry, making it perfect for the impatient.

The round-up:

If you’re lazy, this sleeve is for you. It’s a low-maintenance, mellow classic which will make you feel blissed out. Remember what we said earlier: the more textured, the quicker the orgasm. Well, this sleeve is the opposite of that — it’s like fast food versus a gourmet Michelin star meal.

Another reason why we love this sleeve: it’s so relaxing, it’s perfect for those of you who get really easily excited and feel overwhelmed by the more intense sleeves.

5) Bi-Hive

Bi Hive TExture

Are you a bit on the larger side? Then this is the best Fleshlight sleeve for you. Like many of our favorite sleeves, it was initially inspired by a porn star: Bibi Jones. The texture was so loved by those who need a bit more room that it’s now also available in the standard orifices (jeeez I guess Bibi Jones had a lot of room down there…). This sleeve’s pleasure labyrinth will test and reward those brave enough to explore it. Talk about Indiana Jones…

This sleeve is buzzing with different textures and chambers, making it great for those looking for intense stimulation or wanting to engage in some stamina training. The sleeve even borrows some components from the Stamina Training Unit review (here is my epic Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit review).

The experience:

Let’s break this sleeve down chamber by chamber as there’s so much to take in. You’re welcomed by four smooth bumps which massage you (kind of like in the STU). You then come across two bumpy chambers: in the first, you’re sensually assaulted by inward facing bumps, and in the second, angled spikes tickle you in all the right places.

Luckily, the ribs in the next chamber provide some temporary respite as they’re smooth. This is needed as by then you might be close to sensory overload.

Going back to the Bi-Hive. After the very brief temporary relief, the sleeve takes the gears up a notch. You’re instantly met by more massage bumps and bristles which stimulate both the sides and the tip. The last chamber is a tighter ribbed section which will drive you insane and create a strong suction effect. We think this is one of the best because of the different textures: the large nubs, small bristles, spikes, and ribbed chambers produce 360 degrees of pleasure.

Good to know:

The Bi-Hive is a bit wider than most other sleeves — most sections are 0.8” wide — making it a top choice for thicker and larger men. If you’re normal sized, this sleeve can still work for you. Why? It allows you to experience intense textures without being too tight. Sometimes, intense sensory stimulation coupled with tightness can make your penis over-sensitive, but the Bi-Hive gives you some room to breathe. The extra space at the end also increases the suction effect which is always a welcome bonus.

Unlike other multi-chamber sleeves, the extra space makes this sleeve super easy to clean. Just run some water through it and use your fingers if you want to be extra meticulous. Plus, the wider entrance, lets more air in which makes it dry quicker.

The round-up:

Are you packing extra meat and into intense quickies? Then the Bi-Hive is for you. It won’t constrict you unlike some of the other sleeves, but it will still feel snug in all the right places. But beware: long sessions can be virtually impossible with this sleeve.

The Bi-Hive is also one of the best inserts to build up your stamina. The onslaught of sensations will make you want to blow your load extra quickly, but if you keep training with it, you’ll learn to last longer in bed.

We love this sleeve, it’s just a bit further down because it’s not for everybody.

6) Vortex

vortex sleeve

The Vortex’s origin story is just as unique as its spiral chambers: the texture was exclusively created for a limited edition Alien Fleshlight which had an alien vagina and a special alien texture inside. The Vortex texture was so popular that it was brought back and is now available in all standard orifices. I honestly wonder why the Alien Fleshlight sleeve was not in the Voyager Golden Record.

This twisty-twirly tornado will take you to new heights. If you’re looking for something that feels like a tongue caressing you, well… look no further. The four spiral chambers try to mimic a blowjob.

The experience:

The Vortex’s texture might look like it’s all the same, but don’t be fooled: it’s a wild ride. The sleeve is divided into four chambers which are lined with unique spirals and zigzags which make sure you’re taken care of from all directions.

As you move in and out of the sleeve, the spirals service you from head to shaft which makes it feel almost like a tongue is rolling and tickling you.

The counter pressure created by repeatedly thrusting in and out of the different chambers, makes it feel like you’re in the middle of a tornado… Or maybe it’s 2 A.M. and I’m exaggerating a bit… My penis in a tornado? No thanks…

The best bit? Moving from one chamber to the next. Why? That’s where the sleeve is the tightest (0.4”) and when you combine it with the spirals, you’re in for a whirlwind.

Good to know:

The Vortex is one of the best sleeves because it doesn’t discriminate based on size. It’s suitable for all because its chambers all have the same texture. Whatever is your size, the Vortex has something special for you.

The smaller your size, the more suction the sleeve is able to generate which makes the “blowjob” more realistic and enjoyable. Larger men are able to reach all the hypnotic chambers and constrictions, which creates a really nice feeling of counter pressure.

The Vortex’s unique creases and ridges make it a cool sleeve, but they also demand extra attention. It’s crucial you meticulously clean them as they can easily trap all sorts of stuff… or it may explode (just kidding). It’s best to (briefly) flip the insert inside-out while cleaning and giving it some extra time to dry.

The round-up:

The Vortex is 100% an old favorite and will never go out of style.

7) Speed Bump

fleshlight speedbump texture

Feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice there is and want something uncomplicated? Ding, ding, ding, this is the sleeve for you!

The Speed Bump sleeve is a jack of all trades which isn’t too tight or loose.

The experience:

You’re greeted by a tight chamber before reaching the bumps which feel like massage beads. The inner channel is 0.6” wide and lined with beads (which are approximately 0.2” wide) — they’re arranged in a slightly offset way which means you’re totally surrounded by them.

It’s a numbers’ game: each bump stimulates you, but when you combine and multiply this by the sheer number of bumps you’ve got a super pleasurable experience. It feels like a perfect massage.

Although there are a lot of bumps, there’s enough free space in the sleeve for a nice suction effect.

Good to know:

Cleaning the sleeve is painless as the bumps are wide enough apart to make both washing and drying a quick job.

The sleeve is a happy medium and great for most sizes, but larger guys might find the Speed Bump sleeve a bit too tight and stimulating.

The round-up:

If you just want to enjoy yourself without really thinking about it, this is the best Fleshlight texture for you. It’s an excellent sleeve for beginners because it’s not as overwhelming as some of the others but still produces enough stimulation to be exciting.

8) Super Ribbed

superribbed sleeve

No rest for the wicked! The Super Ribbed sleeve is the Fleshlight equivalent of the Duracell Bunny: once you’re inside, there’s no respite until you’re spent.

We love this sleeve because it feels kind of like you’re deep-throating but unlike in real life, there’s no gag reflex — which is a cool bonus tbh.

The experience:

The sleeve’s design is pretty straightforward: it’s tight and filled with dense and narrow ribs. The stats: there are over 30 ribs, they are 0.04” thick, and the canal diameter is about 0.5 to 0.6 inches. This non-stop texture is the reason the sleeve is sooo intense: the small ribs quickly and repeatedly slide over your most sensitive bits.

We weren’t saying this lightly earlier, the sleeve’s ribs and tightness are designed to recreate a similar feeling to sliding down someone’s throat. It’s hyper-realistic.

There’s moderate suction, but honestly that’s a good thing. The sheer intensity of this sleeve makes its suction prowess irrelevant.

Good to know:

We’d just like to mention that it’s no biggie if you can’t handle the Super Ribbed texture: it’s so intense that some — especially the uncut — might feel overwhelmed with the stimulation. There’s no shame in being sensitive!

The less complicated the sleeves, the more inclusive they become. The Super Ribbed is the perfect sleeve texture for small, medium, large and massive. No part of this sleeve is out-of-reach, and the super soft SuperSkin material will stretch to accommodate anyone.

Despite the intense texture, cleanup and drying are relatively straightforward. All you need is to flush water through the sleeve as the ribs are shallow enough.

The round-up:

It’s a classic sleeve, but it comes with a caveat — be prepared for the intensity. If you prefer sprints to marathons, this will become your favorite toy. If it’s too intense at first and you like a challenge, it’s an interesting texture to train yourself with.

9) Super Tight

SuperTight Texture

Check Super Tight price

Are you a purist who prefers realism over special effects? SuperTight is the best Fleshlight sleeve for you.

Don’t be dissuaded by its position on this list, we’ve all got different tastes and this sleeve has a strong legion of fans.

The experience:

It’s the same hyper-realistic experience as the Original sleeve, the only difference is that it’s tighter. In raw numbers, you’ve got 9” of sleeve with a diameter of approximately 0.5”. The tightness will remind you of a booty, and throughout the sleeve, there’s continuous and gentle stimulation by the snug walls.

There’s no fancy texture, but the sleeve’s suction and the friction created by the SuperSkin material are more than enough to push you over the edge.

Good to know:

This sleeve works for nearly everyone but it might be a bit too snug for thicker guys. Unlike most sleeves, the Super Tight sleeve works best for those on the smaller side as they will be able to feel the soft realistic material squeezing down on them.

The Super Tight Sleeve and the Original sleeve are the fastest sleeves when it comes to cleaning, there’s nowhere to hide, so a quick rinse is all they need.

The round-up:

If you’re a nervous beginner or are into very low-intensity stimulation, the Super Tight sleeve is for you.

10) Original (The OG)

fleshlight original sleeve

Check Original price

We know what you’re thinking… boring! But, hear us out. First of all, it’s an honor to be included on this list. Secondly, this is the sleeve that built an empire, we would could disrespect it.

The Original sleeve will always be one of the top textures because it completely changed the sex toy game, and we’re forever grateful. Here’s my Fleshlight Original review btw.

The experience:

We have nothing but praise for this sleeve, it does what it says on the tin. The Original is one of the best for suction: the uniform 9” canal is the perfect wind tunnel for it.

The sleeve is so paired down that the SuperSkin technology really gets to shine. It’s hands-down, the best Fleshlight texture if you don’t want to be bothered but just want to play with yourself for a long time and really enjoy it.

Good to know:

Just like #9, the Super Tight sleeve, it’s a breeze to clean and dry. As long as you make sure you take good care of it, it’ll take care of you for a very long time.

The round-up:
Seen and done it all? Do you just want a pleasant sleeve to have fun with: you’ve found it.

There comes the point where you’ve tried all the crazy sensations and you just want something warm and fuzzy, the Original sleeve is this comfort blanket.

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