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mini lotus lady

Fleshlight Mini Lotus Lady

An in-depth review and rating of the Fleshlight Mini Lotus masturbation sleeve – a bestselling Fleshlight from the #1 sex toy company in the world.

You could be here because the original Lotus Fleshlight did not get you going, or maybe you are a beginner looking for your first Fleshlight.

Either way, you won’t be disappointed – neither by the intricate details we touch upon in our review nor by the performance of Mini Lotus’ sensuous sleeve, improved texture, and erogenous design.

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First off, do not get confused by the name. The Mini Lotus is not a mini or smaller sized Fleshlight – it is a regular-sized version made as a variant of the original Lotus design.

If anything the mini might be referring to what goes in it, since it was designed with the lotus node closer to the entrance to appease customers who are… less endowed.

But at 9 inches (225mm) in length, unless you are hung like a horse, this masturbation sleeve should work equally well for everyone.

So without any squirting around, let us get straight to the review.
fleshlight mini lotus

Mini Lotus Construction: Curves and Crevices

This Fleshlight sleeve has a textured canal with intermittent layers of waves through the latter half of the nine-inch canal. These waves vary in diameter from ¾” to ½” and create a wide variety of experiences as you pass through each layer.

The fifth chamber onwards there is a row of five equal chambers to provide a consistent feel of pleasure regardless of how deep you go or your penis-size.

As for the design, the masturbation sleeves can be split into two sections – the front half of the Fleshlight (until 3.5 inches) where the Lotus-node is present, and the considerably larger latter half that has the recurring chambers with successive compressions.

The Lotus Mini starts tight as you slide in past the large labia and insert the tip of your penis. The first chamber is just the right amount of ‘squeeze’ and may even feel too tight if you didn’t lube up enough.

Mini Lotus Texture inner

Mini Lotus Inner

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As you move past the first chamber there is a relatively larger section that relieves the tension. This thoughtful contrast is what was missing in the original Lotus. As you get past that the second chamber, you can feel the impressive “Lotus Node” – the defining moment of the experience.

This intensely stimulating chamber rests at the 3 inches mark and simulates a very realistic experience regardless of your size. Beyond it, a narrow o.39 inches canal leads to five equal chambers in the second half of the masturbation sleeve.

Takeaway: The Fleshlight Mini Lotus is an improved version of the renowned Lotus texture that works well with all sizes. It is the base design used to inspire Fleshlights girls like the Stoya Destroya, Riley Reid, and Janice Griffith versions.

mini lotus butt

Mini Lotus Butt

Fun & Feel Factor

What does the Mini Lotus actually feel like? Does it live up to the ‘realistic’ hype?

Fleshlight claims that the Mini Lotus has a texture that simulates the most realistic sexual intercourse sensation possible. Some of you may have experience with the original Lotus and might be expecting something comparable.

The Lotus Mini is superior; it is an immensely different experience (more on this in the next section). Since the lotus node is so close to the entrance you can really build up to a climax by thrusting in and out of it repeatedly.

Men with normal or small sized penises will undoubtedly find this to their liking. And, unless you are 8”+ and want more sensation or variations in the extreme end of the canal, the deep suction and realism of the Mini Lotus are as good as it gets.

From personal experience, of which I have a lot, the Mini Lotus outclasses most of the competition in terms of realism and intensity. The entrance is tight and gives a good feeling of penetration as you thrust into the wider second section.

The contours of the five chambers in the second half really grip your penis with a snug fit and the tight-loose tension due to the flaps does a great job at stimulating the glans/tip of your penis.

It certainly comes closer to the ‘sex-like’ feeling than products like Wonder Wave, Vortex and others. The only thing better than this would be the real thing, but then again you can’t store that in the drawer next to your bed.

Takeaway: Pop it in the warmer, slap on some lube, and get ready for some realistic action. Once you get a taste of the Mini Lotus, you might as well break up with your hand. 

Mini Lotus Compared to the Lotus

When the original Fleshlight Lotus was launched, it took the sex toy world by storm. But it also generated a lot of complaints because of the dead space at the very beginning.

Yup! The original Lotus has a 2” entryway without any texture, and many people especially those with a regular or small sized penis, didn’t find it pleasurable right from the start. Even if they could access the lotus node on the original, they could only enjoy a part of it.

Did you notice how the Mini Lotus product description says, “…like the original Lotus texture, but moved closer to the orifice…”

Right! They took note of the complaints (good on you Fleshlight!), and launched the Mini Lotus, which feels a lot more intense because the texture starts right away and the lotus node begins at 2cm (0.78”).

Now we can all agree that any Fleshlight should feel intense and amazing from the point of entry because that is exactly how a vagina feels. And, it is the texture that brings the oomph to the tug.

Takeaway: Since its launch in December ’90, there are more variants of the Mini Lotus that the OG Lotus Fleshlight. The best seems to have gotten better. Easy Win! 

Add-ons, Hygiene, and Maintenance  

Add-ons: You gotta hand it to the guys at Fleshlight for creating a one-stop product ecosystem to satisfy all your needs. No, not those kinds of needs. They offer a handful of nifty add-ons like the Element Lube Pack that can make things more fun.

It is fairly good value because you use it for other stuff as well. The Mini Lotus doesn’t include a case so you will have to get on from the Fleshlight official website.

Black or Pearl are the popular options but I personally recommend the clear case because there is no such thing as too much pink when it comes to pussy.

Hygiene: I guess in some ways hygiene is the Mini Lotus’ pound of flesh because the luscious curves that give it that fantastic realism also make it relatively harder to clean.

The varying chambers along the 9” girth of the masturbation sleeve offer plenty of recesses to shut in sperm and lube. The good news is, you don’t need to go hunting for cleaner reviews or sift through a bunch of products to figure out what works.

The Fleshlight website offers the spray-on Fleshwash sex toy cleaner for the Mini Lotus that will get the job done better than any aftermarket product. Additionally, you can also douse the sleeve in 99% ISO (isopropyl alcohol) and clean the insides with your fingers (please wear gloves).

A good warm water rinse + air dry and it is good to go into the case until the tug bug bites you again.

Though it may sound tedious, the whole process only takes a few minutes of active work. Now I know that is a lot because when you do it to a real vagina, you don’t need to clean ‘em when you are done.

But, there is a lot of talking and cuddling involved when it comes to women, so I guess we can call it even. That being said, don’t you dare cut corners with hygiene.

Maintenance: If you do a thorough job cleaning the Mini Lotus, that should be all the maintenance you need. Over time, the feel and softness of the material may decline after too much use.

You can remedy this with the occasional use of renewing powder to get rid of any stickiness or to improve the feel. The Fleshlight Renewing Powder will keep it virgin i.e. the sleeve feels like it is the first time… every time.

Takeaway: Overall, the Mini Lotus requires relatively more clean up time but it isn’t significant enough to factor into the purchase. Furthermore, the Fleshlight website really has everything covered and offers all the add-on products are a competitive price.

What Customers Have to Say?

  • “It’s definitely my top recommendation for a first-time purchase.”
  • “If I told you how good it is you would think I’m getting some sort of commission…”
  • “It is so good that you won’t ever let your friends borrow it. Umm, wait …”
  • “I tore it open when it came in the mail and stuck my boner right into it. Yeouwch! Please lube it up when you try it. Also, wait for the mailman to leave…”
  • “It is so realistic that if you don’t clean it properly or don’t let it dry before you seal it back up, it will start to stink…”
  • “I was very disappointed because despite 20 years of practice, it was 100 times better than my hand at first go.”
    And my favorite –
  • “The Fleshlight is an artifact of the sexually adventurous, technologically innovative 90s, but it’s become the face—and lips, and anus, and lips—of the male sex toy industry… the bellwether for a fluid, inclusive future.” – The Fleshlight is a Portal to the Future of Sex, Vice Sept 2019

Beginner Friendly

The Mini Lotus masturbation sleeve is beginner-friendly and undeniably more pleasurable than the original Lotus. If you are a rank novice, this is the ideal starter Fleshlight to try out. That is not to say that only beginners can enjoy this.

The realistic lotus node and the intensely pleasurable realism make the Mini Lotus will appease connoisseurs as well. The fun begins right at the entrance and even a 3 inches penis can bask in the joys of the fabled Lotus node. If you are any smaller than that, I guess you misspelled ‘penis enlargement’ in your web browser.

It is simple, it is easy to conceal, and it feels very lifelike. There are loads of compatible, hassle-free add-ons available at the Fleshlight website. I recommend you get it directly from the official website ‘cause you can go from ‘hard-on’ to ‘stiffed’ really quick if you end up with a low quality knock-off.

And finally, I would love to call it the GOAT, but that may not be the image you’d want to conjure when you are about to put your dick into something.

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