Fleshlight Original Review – Introducing the First Lady

The Fleshlight Original Pink Lady is the one that started it all back in 1995. In this Fleshlight Original review you’ll find out why this is still one of the top-selling Fleshlights after almost 10 years from its launch.

Fleshlight Original horizontal section

Fleshlight Original is smooth and soft with an incredibly realistic feeling. Its internal sleeve is flat and ribbonless which makes it great for sensitive people and for those with an above-average girth.

Mouth, Butt or Lady? Three entrances for your pleasure

Many years have past and Interactive Life Forms, LLC (the company that created Fleshlight) has been constantly innovating this successful male masturbator (check the Vibro and the Vstroker!) but the Pink Lady Original is still very popular.

The Fleshlight Original comes now in three different models: the Original Pink Lady, the Classic Pink Mouth and the Classic Pink Butt, which respectively introduce you to the intense pleasure of vaginal, oral and anal sex.

Fleshlight Original's Orifices Lady, Mouth and Butt

You have three orifices to choose from: lady, mouth and butt depending on your personal tastes.

While these three classic Fleshlight have a different orifice, their internal sleeve is the same: smooth, slightly wider than average and very close to the real thing.

The Classic Pink Mouth is perfect if you want to enjoy the pleasure of oral sex at your command and the Pink Butt is great to explore your deepest fantasies and your most erotic desires with a tight entrance that will snuggle around your penis and give you very strong sensations and incredible orgasms.

Fleshlight Original inner sleeve with mouth orifice

Fleshlight Original – The mouth orifice

The Internal sleeve is not for everyone

The Fleshlight Original is characterized by a flat, ribbon-less sleeve slightly wider than average, which means unless you have a penis with an above-average girth you won’t feel as much as you would with a Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit or with a Wonder Wave sleeve applied to a BYO Fleshlight.

The diameter of the Fleshlight Original – whether it’s a Pink Lady, a Classic Pink Mouth or Classic Pink Butt – is 3/4” (1.9cm) and as said before, the internal sleeve is completely flat and smooth.

Top-notch materials and design

The material used for the sleeve is the patented SuperSkin™ which is proudly produced in Austin, Texas contrarily to the great majority of pocket vaginas which are imported from China on a mass scale.

The patented SuperSkin™ composing the internal sleeve beside giving you a sensation very close to the real thing, is also very durable and characterized by a “memory” that allows the sleeve to getting back in its original shape after use, without stretching out and losing its form.

If you have an average girth you might find the Fleshlight Original or Classic to be not very intense on your penis, with the lack of internal ribbons giving you a quite delicate erotic experience. Nonetheless, it can be a great choice for those men who have a very sensitive penis or who simply want to enjoy longer sessions and masturbate for extended periods of time, but it’s not the best choice for those trying to increase their stamina or looking for very strong sensations.

Men with an above average girth usually need a little more lube when using any other Fleshlight, in order to slide inside them more comfortably, but with the Original or the Classic Pink Mouth and Classic Pink Butt, this is not so much necessary.

If your girth is above average you may like the Fleshlight Original because it allows you to masturbate with the minimal amount of lube while giving you an experience extremely close to the real thing.

Black Case – You can always adjust the suction

Fleshlight Original's case

Fleshlight Original review – You can adjust the suction from the end cap and regulate your experience. Be aware that tighter suction means more intense sensations but it also means more noise! Keep that in mind if you share your house with others.

The Fleshlight Original Pink Lady, just like the Classic Pink Mouth and Classic Pink Butt come with a black Fleshlight case with an adjustable end cap.

You can always regulate the amount of suction you are getting by rotating the cap at the smaller end of the case, which by acting on the built-in “vents” gives you more control over your sex toy and the power to enjoy a variety of intense sensations.

Like said for the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, the tighter the cap, the more suction you’ll feel and therefore… hear. So if you are concerned about disturbing family or roommates in the next room, you may prefer loosing up the cap and enjoy a lighter suction, but that’s of course entirely up to you.

Another feature of the Fleshlight case is the ability to keep an ideal amount of pressure around your penis, by allowing the sleeve to stretch and press on the case during stimulation, without losing its shape.

And of course, you can also enjoy the Fleshlight Original (both Pink Lady, Pink Mount and Pink Butt) with the shower mount and experience hand-free pleasure.

Is the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady your best purchase?

Whether this is the best Fleshlight to buy for you or not, it all depends on your level of experience and personal taste.

While the Pink Lady is ideal for those with a penis wider than average because of the reasons stated above, it is also a great choice for those with an average girth who simple have a very sensitive penis and either want to start slowly or simply enjoy the pleasure of longer solo sessions.

The Fleshlight Original is a must for those men who simply love Fleshlight, have been masturbating and training with them for a long time now and are after a new sleeve to add to their Fleshlight collection. If  that’s the case, you cannot afford not to get an Original (whether it’s a Pink Lady, Pink Butt or Pink Mouth).

Instructions and Fleshlube Water sample included

Fleshlight Original with lady orifice and some Fleshlube

Fleshlube is included in the purchase of Fleshlight Original and that does make a big difference! Warm up the inner sleeve, pour some Fleshlube and you are good to go!

The Fleshlight Original package comes with instructions for use and care and a sample (good for one use) of Fleshlube Water to enrich your masturbatory experience with even more intense sensations.

Fleshlight Original Pink Lady has been the first Fleshlight ever created.

It has been bought by millions of men worldwide and it’s the one who started the Fleshlight adventure. Famous for its lack of ribbons and for the incredibly smooth sexual experience it gives you, the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady is a unique pleasure tool, a very popular sex toy and a must have for those seeking a very real feeling.

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