Fleshlight Flight Review – White and Black, Ideal For Travellers

Introducing Fleshlight Flight: Discreet and Portable Pocket Pussy

The Fleshlight Flight has evolved to be a more discreet and portable version of the classic models like for example the Fleshlight STU or the Fleshlight ICE and in this review you’ll learn that while you can use Fleshlight Flight at home (like I do), this male masturbator was specifically designed for those who want to take it with them on their travels or who seek an extra layer of discretion when storing it.

With this ambitious goal in mind, Fleshlight has worked on a compact and sleek design, easy to carry and discreet at sight. The external aerodynamic case has therefore been joined by a transparent orifice above suspicion.

The orifice of the Fleshlight Flight is in fact a “pure” one, which means it doesn’t resemble a vagina, a butt or a mouth, but is instead a pure circle, making this toy one of the most discreet pleasure tool in the whole Fleshlight collection together with the SIAC (Sex In A Can) Fleshlight.

My Personal Experience With the Black Fleshlight Flight With Pilot Texture

My Black Fleshlight Flight (with Pilot Texture) was delivered in a completely anonymous box, totally plain and blank. All you can read is: your name, the name of the sender: “ILF, LLC” (the company behind Fleshlight) and under “description of the content” it says: “rubber molds”, that’s it.

fleshlight flight discreet box

Ultra discreet: The Fleshlight Flight was delivered anonymously in a a plain box.

Contrarily to other Fleshlight I have tried in the past, my Fleshlight Flight came already mounted, which was quite handy.

How compact is the Fleshlight Flight?

Fleshlight has been working on a compact design, but of course this soon presented a big challenge: how compact can you actually go without losing the “magic” sensations of this sex toy?

The answer lies in two inches.

If we compare the Fleshlight Flight with any of the normal size Fleshlight, like the Fleshlight ICE for example, we can measure a 2” difference in total length, with the ICE being 10” long and the Fleshlight Flight only 8”.

fleshligh flight 8 inches

8 inches overall: Fleshlight Flight comes with a sleek and refined design

pilot texture measured in inches

6 Inches: The sleeve of the Fleshlight Flight is an ideal 6 inches long. Enough to have fun and easy to store.

fleshlight comparison flight ice

2 inches difference: My Fleshlight ICE and Flight next to each other. You can clearly see the difference in size.

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Eight inches outside length and six inches inside length has been the solid compromise reached when designing the Fleshlight Flight (both Fleshlight White Flight and Black Flight).

Today, the shorter length of the Flight together with a lighter weight contributes to make this model one of the best Fleshlight and surely one of the most portable sex toys on the market and the perfect obedient girlfriend for your travels.

When I handled a normal Fleshlight for the first time (like this Fleshlight ICE for example) I had the impression it was way too big, when I saw the Fleshlight Flight instead I liked it straight away. Its size seems more reasonable and easier to hide in your house or suitcase when you need to.

Preparing Fleshlight Flight for The First Test

As said my Fleshlight Flight came already mounted, which is handy from a point of view, but a tad unpractical since anyway you need to remove the sleeve in order to warm it up.

So I removed the sleeve from the case (if you have never done it yet, be reassured it’s the most straightforward thing in the world) I got a bowl and filled it up with some hot water.

Fleshlight sleeve in the bowl

Warming up: Leave the sleeve to warm up in hot water for about 5 minutes.

I let the sleeve warm up in the bowl (those moments are the most exciting because you know you’re about to penetrate an incredibly realistic pocket pussy anytime soon…) for about 5 minutes.

Then I inserted the sleeve inside my Fleshlight Flight, poured some Fleshlube in it (a sample came with my package – any lube for Fleshlight will do) and that’s it. I was ready to go.

Real Time – Right Now: How Fleshlight Flight Feels Like

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In order to give you a better idea of how Fleshlight Flight feels like, I’m going to trying it on again right now while I write this review, which will also give me another excuse to use it and have some fun.

Ok I’m literally holding the flight in one hand and am typing with other hand right now…

Here are my sensations as they come…

My glans barely touches the front part of the orifice, it feels warm, soft and smooth…

The very top of my glans slides inside the sleeve, oh yeah, it already feels cozy and moist just like a real pussy…

I slide a little more inside… It feels narrower now, very tight… It really grabs my penis like a mouth would during oral sex…

After the first tight space I feel an opening wider area that makes me slide suddenly faster…

I can really feel the warmth through my whole penis from top to base…

When I thrust hard my glans gets wrapped in a tight sucking feeling on the way out…

I’m all the way inside now…

As I release I can hear the sound of suction and the Fleshlight Flight almost grabbing my penis to not let it go…

I feel again the change in width also on the way back… The feeling is like a sensual penis massage and very exciting…

Overall the sensation is very tight almost like having sex with a virgin, but I’d say it actually feels more like tight oral sex…

I’m going to loosen up the cap now and try with less suction.

It feels very different…

My penis slides in more easily and the massage is more delicate, but the added speed of this suction makes it feel like fast thrusting sex…

Both with tight and loose suction cap, I can hear a slight suction noise while thrusting…

12 minutes have past the sleeve is still very warm… I’m pretty impressed by that… now it’s pure pleasure…

Ok, so that was a live commentary of my experience with Fleshlight Flight. After you’re done with it, you can easily wash it by rinsing the internal sleeve and the case in your sink.

Then, simply leave the sleeve to dry in a ventilated area and that’s it.

Difference Between White Flight and Black Flight

The Fleshlight Flight comes in two different colors and textures, to give that variety that every man needs. It comes in black and in white, but the ordinary difference in its external color is just the tip of the iceberg.

The real difference between the Black Flight and the White Flight lies inside them, in the textures of their inner sleeves.

Fleshlight Flight textures

Black and white: Fleshlight white flight and black Flight have different texture with the Black being more intense then the White

The Black Flight (the one I have tried in this review and in the video) has a wilder sleeve called Pilot Texture and the White Flight a more delicate one called Instructor Texture.

Each of these two textures gives different sensations and serve different purposes and trying them both in combination gives the richest sexual experience in your solo sessions.

Here’s the difference between the Pilot and Instructor textures a bit more in detail:

The Black Fleshlight Flight, with its Pilot Texture gives you very intense and variegated sensations, sliding through a series of soft bumps, delicate fingers and smooth ribs. The width of the Pilot Texture changes along the way, taking you on an unexpected wild ride.

The White Fleshlight Flight instead has an Instructor Texture, which is more similar to the Stamina Training Unit (or Fleshlight STU) and beside being a great pleasure tool, it can become your perfect training partner on the go. The soft ribbons texturing the sleeve generate intense pleasure and strong sensations.

What Do You Get with Fleshlight Flight?

Together with the discreet, light and compact Fleshlight Flight – whether you choose the White, the Black or both – you get a sample of Fleshlube and of course instructions for use and care.

The aerodynamic design that distinguish the Flight, together with its smaller size, lighter weight and discreet orifice makes it the perfect companion for trips and coffee breaks.

Fleshlight has been producing these sex toys for many years now and they are evolving in a direction that makes sexual pleasure portable and obtainable on command, whenever and wherever you are and the Fleshlight Flight is perfectly aligned with this direction.

Both Black Flight and White Flight are easy to store and unsuspected at sight. They are easy to carry and clean which helps making them very popular.

How to Choose Between Fleshlight Flight Black and White

If you are deciding between the two models, valuate your priorities to make up your mind:

Do you own other Fleshlight and are looking for new and strong sensations to take with you? Are you keen to try an intense sexual ride and strong orgasms wherever you are?

If that’s your case, you might want to go for the Black Flight, whose texture is more focused on intensity and wilderness.

If instead you plan on using the Flight more as a partner to develop stamina and training yourself to last longer in bed and can’t carry your Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit with you, then the Fleshlight White Flight might be your best bet.

In fact the ribbons composing the Fleshlight White Flight resemble the ones of the Stamina Training Unit and can easily substitute it when you are on the go and need a more portable training unit.

Fleshlight usually offers a deal for purchasing both Black and White Flight, which is unsurprisingly the most popular buyer’s choice (and the choice that offers the widest range of sensations and pleasure). In any case if you are looking for a discreet pleasure partner for your travels, you’ve just found it today.

Fleshlight Flight Buying Options:

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Fleshlight Flight Limited Edition GreenCheck Price
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