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male masturbation techniques

Our team has been reviewing sex toys over the past decade. This means we tried hundreds of sex toys, which means a lot of months spent masturbating. It’s a tough job, I know. As the number one sex toy testing website in the world, we could probably say we’re the number one experts in masturbation.

Gentlemen, it’s time we band together to explore the topic of male masturbation!

I know it’s not exactly dinner table conversation. But let’s face it, we all do it, and there’s no shame in that!

Let’s explore the best masturbation techniques for men. Because when it comes to self-love, we deserve nothing but the best.

So get ready, grab some lube, and get ready to learn about the best male masturbation tips and techniques out there.

Let’s dive in!

How To Correctly Masturbate For A Male

There’s obviously no single correct way to masturbate as a male. If it feels good, do it.

What you like might be entirely different from what I like, so what helps get one guy off might not help the next.

In other words, the best way to correctly masturbate as a male is the way you like it! Every dude out there has his own technique for rubbing one out.

That said, there are a few simple tips I can give you to help make your experience that much more enjoyable.

For starters, find yourself a comfortable and private space to do your business.

You don’t want to be caught with your pants down (literally) by your roommate, parents, girlfriend, wife, or even worse, your boss (Not me, of course, but I’ve heard horror stories… ahem…).

Secondly, I suggest that you switch up your technique from time to time.

Maybe you’ve always just jerked off by spitting into your hand and rubbing your knob every time you’ve got a few minutes to yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with that!

But there are dozens of other ways to masturbate, like using different speeds or lubricants, using male vibrators, or even a pocket pussy.

We’ll get to the best techniques in a minute, but my point is that you shouldn’t be afraid to mix things up and find new and exciting ways to pleasure yourself.

After all, variety is the spice of life!

And finally, don’t overdo it!

We all love a good Han Solo from time to time, but if you find yourself chafing, bruising, or otherwise hurting your pecker, it’s time to take a break.

What Are The Benefits Of Masturbating?

Improving your mood, optimizing your heart health, and supporting your immune system are just a handful of the benefits of masturbation.

But masturbating can also help you reduce stress levels and decrease anxiety by releasing endorphins and promoting relaxation.

And it can also improve your sleep quality by reducing any tension you might have, especially in your legs and groin area.

It’s also believed that regular masturbation can help improve your sexual performance by increasing blood flow to the penis, helping you maintain stronger and firmer hard-ons.

And to top it all off, if you suffer from premature ejaculation, it can even help you desensitize your penis and build up your stamina, so that you’ll be able to last longer in bed!

A few other benefits of male masturbation include:

And most importantly, let’s not forget the obvious benefit: it just feels frickin’ good.

So don’t ever let anyone tell you that masturbation isn’t good for your health.

Is male masturbation healthy?

Yes, male masturbation is a perfectly healthy and natural thing to do.

But don’t take my word for it! Let’s look at the facts.

So we already know that masturbation can help you relax, release tension, improve physical and mental health, and improve your performance in the bedroom.

But that’s not all it’s good for!

Masturbation can help prevent prostate cancer by regularly flushing out toxins that may accumulate inside your testicles and urinary tract.

So, by regularly choking your chicken, you’re actually lowering your risk of developing prostate cancer.

Talk about beneficial things!

Now, I know another common misconception is that jerking off too much can make you go blind (like it did for David in the picture above)…

But I assure you, this is completely bogus!

Masturbation, even doing it multiple times in a row, should not have any impact on your eyesight whatsoever!

Unless, of course, you jerk off so hard that your cum goes flying everywhere and gets in your eye (hehe).

But even then, there’s nothing toxic or dangerous in your semen. So after rinsing it out with water, your eye should be perfectly fine.

In fact I have a few stories to tell, I used to enjoy coming in girls eyes, and I have done so a few times. Their eye becomes red and sometimes slightly swollen like if she smoked something, but after a few hours everything is good again. So no blindness this way either.

To sum it up: Male masturbation is a perfectly healthy and natural part of human sexuality. And there’s absolutely no shame in that!

How often should a male masturbate?

A male should masturbate as frequently as he desires, as long as it’s not causing any problems with his day-to-day life, like making him late for work or missing out on social events because he’s too busy cranking one out.

So if you’re in the mood to rub one out, then you do you, bro! Literally!

Also, make sure you’re not causing yourself any physical or emotional harm in the process.

So if you’re jerking off so much that your dick is getting raw, or you feel guilty about it, give it a break.

Otherwise, feel free to masturbate whenever the mood strikes. And on that note, let’s get to our main topic of conversation.

What Are The Best Male Masturbation Techniques?

Of course, by the time they’re old enough to read this, most guys have already figured out their favorite techniques for rubbing one out.

But if you’re looking for new ways to up your solo play, keep reading to find our list of the top 19 best male masturbation techniques of all time!

1) Setting the mood

Most times, we think about setting the mood as something to do when you’re having a girl over.

But creating a sexy, dimly lit atmosphere can be just as practical when trying to take your solo play to the next level.

I recommend dimming the lights, and maybe lighting a candle or two before sitting down to masturbate.

Some nice, relaxing R&B or jazz music can also help create a more sensual atmosphere for your alone time.

Have a glass of wine to help you relax…

Ultimately, setting the mood is all about creating a relaxing, sensual environment that allows you to really let loose and enjoy yourself.

2) Slowing down

When it comes to your solo play, sometimes less is more.

You shouldn’t rush through it unless you’re trying to finish before your mom comes home.

Instead, I suggest taking a few deep breaths and letting your body relax to the fullest.

You don’t want to be all tense and wound up. That’s not gonna help you enjoy the moment.

The goal shouldn’t be to get off as quickly as possible.

After all, it’s not the destination, but the journey it takes to get there!

3) Meeting the stranger

Many have heard about the stranger, but only a few have dared to meet them.

To use this technique, the idea is that, prior to your masturbation session, you sit or lay on your hand until it goes completely numb.

In the meantime, you can use your other hand to get yourself hard and to kick things off.

Then, once your hand is numb, you can use it to start stroking yourself as usual.

The trick is that it’ll be numb and tingly, so it’ll feel like you’re getting a hand job from somebody else.

Hence the name “the stranger.”

4) Switching up positions

If you’re like most guys, you’ve already got your favorite position for jerking off.

Maybe it’s sitting on the couch, at your computer, or while laying in bed… There’s nothing wrong with any of those positions.

But if you really want to heat up your solo sessions, I recommend you get a bit more adventurous.

I mean, when was the last time you tried masturbating standing up in your kitchen? Or laying on the floor of your living room?

My point is that switching up your position can add a different level of excitement to your solo play.

Plus, it can also give you new ideas for different positions to try in the bedroom!

5) Trying out different strokes

Just like trying different positions, you can also try different stroking techniques to help intensify your next orgasm.

Of course, most of us use the good ol’ up-and-down stroke. It’s simple, effective, and never fails to please.

And even then, you can switch things up by using this same technique but experimenting with different speeds and varying the amount of squeeze pressure.

Alternatively, you can use the twisting technique, where you rotate your hand as you stroke yourself up and down. This one is particularly great if you focus the twisting motion on the head of your penis while it’s all lubed up.

The bottom line is that trying out different stroking techniques is just another way to add new, exciting sensations to your solo play!

6) Using lubricants

When it comes to lubes, there really are quite a few options to choose from. Experimenting with different lubes is just another great way to improve your masturbation game.

Here are a few of the best lubricants and what makes them special:

  • Water-based lubricants – These are the most common type of lube and are great for all-purpose use. They’re easy to clean up, won’t stain your sheets, and are safe to use with condoms and virtually all sex toys.
  • Silicone-based lubricants – Silicone lubes are longer-lasting and provide a silkier, smoother feel than water-based lubricants. They’re also waterproof, making them great for shower or bath play.
  • Oil-based lubricants – These tend to be thicker and more slippery than water-based or silicone-based lubes, making them great for anal play. However, they can be harder to clean up and can cause condom breakage, so use oil-based lubes with caution.
  • Flavored lubricants – Flavored lubes are… well… flavored, making them great for oral sex with a partner. However, there’s nothing wrong with using a flavored lubricant for your solo play if you only have that one at home.

Whatever type you choose, just remember that using lubricant is another way to enhance your sensations and prevent your solo sessions from getting old and tired.

7) Thrusting

Obviously, you know that most dudes use their arms to stroke their dicks up and down, right?

Well, another simple, yet effective way to improve your solo play is to do the thrusting part with your hips!

For this, I suggest placing your hand on a counter, table, or computer desk to help hold it still, and then, simply thrust your hips to move your penis in and out of the palm of your hand.

If you close your eyes, you can even imagine that you’re having sex with a partner!

If you have a Fleshlight, you can attach it to a Shower Mount and stick it against a wall for the same effect.

8) Exploring your body

There’s way more to your body than your penis!

So next time you’re playing with yourself, why not let those hands wander and find other erogenous zones on your body that can turn you on and make you feel good.

I’m talking about your balls, nipples, perineum, anus, inner thighs…

Your body was made for pleasure.

So why limit yourself to a single area when you could be having a full-body experience?

9) Teasing before pleasing – “Edging”

Obviously, your main goal when masturbating is to orgasm. But I strongly suggest you experiment with edging to make your orgasms even more intense than you ever thought imaginable.

Edging is the sexual practice of delaying your orgasm.

Not that you shouldn’t cum… But you should wait to cum, building up the anticipation, which leads to stronger, and more intense orgasms.

By holding off your orgasm, you build up tension in your body, balls, and groin, which can lead to a heightened state of arousal.

For some, edging may even feel like having multiple orgasms, since you’ll feel the intense pleasure of your pelvic floor contracting, without actually orgasming just yet.

Then, when you finally do give in… well, let me tell you, it’ll be well worth the wait!

10) Using sex toys

Despite the popular belief, sex toys aren’t just for women.

In fact, there are dozens of different types of sex toys for men, ranging from male vibrators and penis pumps to Fleshlights and prostate massagers.

Actually, I strongly encourage you to browse the rest of this website and check out all our awesome reviews of the best male masturbators, and other sex toys we have available!

Sex toys have come a long way in the last 20 years or so, and I’m sure that there’s a sex toy out there that can help take your solo routine from zero to hero in no time!

11) Fucking a pocket pussy

A pocket pussy or fake vagina is a sex toy that replicates the look and feel of the female vagina or anus.

I don’t think I really need to explain why this is a great way to amp up your solo masturbation, but it can basically make your experience feel almost as if you were having sex with a woman.

Pocket pussies, like Fleshlight, are designed with soft, textured interiors that provide a range of intense sensations when you penetrate them.

Just remember to give it a good cleaning after each use.

Trust me, you don’t want to leave your spunk inside your pocket pussy. Otherwise, it might be moldy the next time you go to use it!

12) Getting sucked off by a blowjob machine

If you really want to spice up your solo play, you should seriously consider trying a blowjob machine!

A blowjob machine, also known as a cock-milking machine, is a sex toy that simulates the sensation of receiving oral sex.

These machines typically consist of a pocket pussy sleeve that is moved back and forth by a motorized device.

Imagine the things you can do with it. You come back from work, take your BJ machine, and voilà…

13) Hooking up with a sex doll

A sex doll is a life-sized doll designed to be used for sexual pleasure in whatever way you see fit.

Sex dolls come in all sorts of various shapes and sizes, ranging from basic inflatable cheap sex dolls to extremely elaborate and complicated silicone sex robots that look and feel just like a real person.

Thanks to their lifelike appearance, masturbating or playing with a realistic sex doll can provide a more lifelike experience compared to just using your hand.

14) Prostate massagers

While many men shrink in fear when they hear prostate massage (because your prostate is inside your butt), it’s definitely an idea worth exploring if you’re looking for ways to spice up your alone time!

A prostate massage is when you use your fingers or a prostate massager, like those made by Aneros, to massage your prostate gland.

When stimulated, the prostate gland can produce immensely satisfying orgasms, also called Super-O, without even needing to touch your penis or balls.

On top of that, prostate massage can improve your overall sexual health, and reduce the pain and inflammation associated with certain prostatic conditions.

Just make sure to clean your sex toys properly after they’ve been in your butt!

15) The banana peel technique

Next time you eat a banana, instead of tossing it into the compost bin, why not put it to good use?

The banana peel technique involves using a banana peel wrapped around your penis to stimulate the wet, slipperiness of a partner’s mouth, lubed-up hand, vagina, or anus.

Not only is this a great way to reduce waste, but it’ll also leave your manhood tasting as sweet as can be for your partner!

16) The mattress (using no hands)

While I don’t advise sticking your manhood between your mattress and box spring without any lube, this technique can be a great way to hold a sex toy, like a Fleshlight Girl, or a Kiiroo, in place while you thrust into it.

Just make sure you don’t slip out and crash your penis into the side of your bed frame…

That might hurt a bit!

And I also suggest having a towel nearby so that you don’t end up cumming all over your bed sheets.

I have tested and written about a lot of ideas on how to use a Fleshlight if you need some inspiration.

I have tried this technique yesterday and it was fun although I found it more comfortable to stick the Fleshlight in between pillows.

17) Mutual masturbation

While masturbation is often thought of as a solo sport, it doesn’t always have to be a one-man show.

Masturbating with a partner can be another extremely sexy, and satisfying way to step up the way you play.

And no, I don’t mean finding a partner to jerk you off…

I mean, getting together with a partner and masturbating while they masturbate at the same time.

It’s a bit like watching a real live show to jerk off to, but it’s with someone that you can cuddle with afterward.

18) Watching yourself

As the saying goes, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s that guy playing with his balls?”

When a man masturbates while looking at himself in the mirror, it provides visual stimulation that can enhance the overall experience.

Again, it’s a bit like getting a real live porno show, but instead of watching another person, you’re the star of the show!

If the idea of watching yourself tickles your pickle, then you might also enjoy the transparent Fleshlight Ice.

Additionally, watching yourself masturbate can make you feel more confident and comfortable with your body.

19) Using two hands

One hand is great, but two?

This technique is a simple, yet extremely effective way to improve the way you masturbate.

When you use two hands to stroke your penis, you can cover more surface area, which can provide you with more pleasure, more friction, and new sensations that you didn’t know you could give yourself.

What You Should Not Be Doing When You Masturbate

Now that we’ve covered the best, most mind-blowing techniques for male masturbation, let’s review a few things you should avoid:

  • Using objects that can cause injury – Avoid using objects that could potentially harm or cause injury to your penis. Stick to body-safe sex toys and materials that are specifically designed for masturbation.
  • Not washing your hands – Always ensure that your hands are clean and free from bacteria before touching yourself. Most times, your hands won’t be that dirty. But if you’ve just home from work, it won’t hurt you to wash them before rubbing one out.
  • Masturbating too much – While there’s no set rule for how often one should masturbate, it’s important to keep things in moderation to avoid excessive physical or emotional fatigue. If your masturbation is getting in the way of your school, professional, or family life, it’s definitely time to give it a break.
  • Watching porn (or watching too much porn) – There’s really nothing wrong with watching a little bit of porn, but watching too much porn can lead to psychological issues, relationship problems, not being able to get off without it, and porn addiction.
  • Feeling ashamed or guilty – Masturbation is a normal and healthy part of human sexuality, so don’t feel ashamed or guilty for engaging in it. It’s important to embrace your sexuality and feel comfortable with your body. If you feel guilty or ashamed of your actions, then it’s either time to stop or to seek help from a doctor or healthcare practitioner.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Male Masturbation Techniques

Finally, I thought it’d be a good idea to end with some answers to the questions I often get from our readers.

Let’s take a look!

Is it possible for males to have back-to-back orgasms?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to have back-to-back orgasms.

However, the refractory period for men (the time it takes to recharge your batteries, so to speak) is usually a bit longer than for women!

Therefore, most guys tend to nut and then feel too tired to do it again.

But if you’re extremely aroused, or just have the energy, nothing is stopping you from stroking your way to another orgasm.

How can I have an intense orgasmic masturbation?

To have an intense orgasmic masturbation, I recommend allowing yourself to fully relax, using some lube or a fun sex toy, and delaying your orgasm until you can’t hold it in.

You can also try to experiment with some of the different techniques and positions that I’ve listed above.

And most importantly, just stay present in the moment and focus on how your body feels.

Are there any good masturbation techniques to cum a lot?

If you want to cum a lot, you first need to be properly hydrated and eat a healthy diet. This ensures that your sperm and semen will be as healthy as possible.

“Saving up” or edging are also great ways to have stronger orgasms and to produce more semen.

And finally, because a prostate massage can stimulate your prostate gland, which is responsible for producing most of your semen, having an orgasm from a prostate massage can sometimes cause you to cum more than you would otherwise.

What are the most enjoyable masturbation techniques?

When it comes to self-pleasure, you just gotta do what feels right for you, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to the most enjoyable masturbation techniques.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques and positions, try different lubes and sex toys, and above all, just have fun and enjoy yourself.

No matter what you read, always listen to your body and just do what feels best.

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