How to Last Longer in Bed for 27+ Minutes | Stop Premature Ejaculation

how to last longer

All men want to learn how to last longer in bed at some point or another in their lives. Instead of using proven techniques for lasting longer, they usually end up buying ridiculous sprays or pills.

You’re probably reading this because you’re unhappy with your performance in bed, or maybe you think she’s not satisfied and you just want to learn to last longer in bed to please her. No matter why you’re reading this article, I am here to tell you there are solutions, my friend. I’ve been there, I’ve done it and it’s possible.

Quick Warning: Imagine your girl lifting her eyes in awe while you pound her for 25 minutes straight like a wild animal. Imagine her screaming your name… This is my every day life. Believe it or not. And I wrote a program to teach you the same. Tested with countless girls over the past 8 years.

If you’re not lasting for as much time as you want, this is what people call premature ejaculation or P.E. It happens when you cannot control when you ejaculate and orgasm way too quickly.

In ideal conditions you should be able to decide exactly when you’re coming. The question to ask yourself at this stage is, alright, so “How can I last longer in bed?”

Average is bad

One important thing to remember, as I mention in my program, is that all men have this tendency to ejaculate quickly, as this has evolutionary reasons.

In the past the fastest you would impregnate a woman the higher chance you had to make babies and grow your tribe. Humans are animals after all, and when you look at other animals having sex, how long do they last?

Some couples are perfectly fine with quick sex. I believe this is mostly due to ignorance on the topic, as most people believe there’s nothing you can do about it. But if your relationship is affected by premature ejaculation then it’s time you learn how to last longer in bed.

I am here to show you some safe, effective and proven solutions. But if you need a step by step program that guides you in detail in mastering your ejaculation, then take a look here.

How long do you last in bed now?

If you are concerned about how long you last in bed, you need to know that you are in good company. You may just have just the impression that it lasts too short, or you could really suffer from premature ejaculation [1].

The latter is an unpleasant situation for you and your partner. It’s embarrassing, unexpected, and turns what should be the greatest joy of life into one of life’s greatest disappointments.

But there are several methods you can use to improve your performance which will we discuss below. Techniques range from lifestyle changes to exercises and positions. Sex isn’t all about penetration but penetration does make up for 90% of it.

If premature ejaculation continues and begins to cause distress, it is recommended that you see a doctor. I am not a doctor, but I have learned to have sex for hours and have taught thousands of people doing the same for the past 8 years.

I used to have premature ejaculation and can now last 1-2 hours easy. In fact, in truth what happens is that after 1 hour I decide to come because I am tired and just want to go and have a shower. But I am in control of the situation.

I have dated a lot of girls and have always received compliments and comparisons. In fact most of them asked me if I am a porn actor, and surprise surprise 99% of them wanted to see me again after I slept with them the first time.

The average duration in bed for a man

Are you average? The statistics speak for themselves [2].

A sex session on average lasts between five and seven minutes, can you see yourself in these times? According to statistics, however, 50% of men often do not even make it to two minutes.

One interesting fact about these statistics is that they assume that average is good. But think about it like this, would your girl prefer to have sex with a guy who lasts an “average” amount of time or with a guy who lasts much longer?

Yes you may get lucky and if you met her when she was still virgin and you are the only person she slept with and her friends don’t talk to her much about sex, she may not even start thinking about all the real fun she is missing out in her life.

But if she talks and has experience, you better become the best man in bed she’s ever had, and they will propose you to marry them. I have been proposed twice. And I said no actually!

Researchers claim that the reported ideal sex duration is between 10 and 25 minutes but 80% of men suffer from some form of premature ejaculation [3].

To understand how to solve the problem of short and unsatisfactory sex, you will have to start with yourself. What psychological factors are blocking you?

Officially, they say that unless you have problems with ejaculation during foreplay or can’t sustain sex for more than 30 seconds, your performance is considered medically normal.

The problem with this “medically normal” and “average is ok” approach is that a doctor may be fine with it, your health is good, but it doesn’t make your girlfriend drool over you because you are medically normal. It’s not something that gets women turned on.

If you usually have sex for a long time but from time to time experience premature ejaculation [4] then, you don’t need to worry, it’s perfectly fine. A bad day at the gym can happen to everybody.


  • In 2005, a study was started asking 500 heterosexual couples to time the duration of their relationship for four weeks. Specifically, the time elapsed between vaginal penetration and male ejaculation. The average result time was 5.4 minutes.
  • In 2014, a book called The New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grown-Ups was published. In this case, the focus was on the duration of younger guys. The result? Their relationship in bed was over within two minutes. Whether you are talking about quickies or a serious relationship, this remains the average.
  • A 2020 study showed that a woman needs at least 13 minutes to reach orgasm [5].

“Premature ejaculation is a problem that affects almost every man at some point in his life” says Thomas J. Walsh, M.D., a urologist at the University of Washington [7].

The American Urological Association says that premature ejaculation is when a person ejaculates sooner than they would like [6]. So if you want to ejaculate after 50 minutes but you do after 45 minutes, you have premature ejaculation.

Causes: Why don’t you last longer in bed?

According to psychologists, the causes of premature ejaculation are to be found in the psychological and psychophysical spectrum [8].

One of the biggest problems is anxiety. In particular, anxiety about your sexual performance is linked to premature ejaculation [9].

Likewise, stress and depression also increase the chance of prematurely ending sexual intercourse. Men can experience premature ejaculation to greater levels if they have a bad view of their appearance or if they have been sexually abused [10].

The problem with all this is that it’s a never ending cycle. You are stressed because of your sexual performance (or for other reasons – such as you really like her or you have self doubt) and this causes you to prematurely ejaculate.

The premature ejaculation will in turn create in your mind more stress for your performance and the cycle is likely to repeat itself.

How do you break this cycle?

There are many studies showing that the brain cannot distinguish a real experienced from a vividly imagined one.

One very helpful tool is to use this visualization power to your advantage. And in my program we got that covered as well, when I give you step by step exercises to re-wire your brain for success.

This is a perfect solution if you don’t have many girls to practice with or don’t have that much sex with your girlfriend or don’t have any girls at all at the moment.

The 2 Premature Ejaculation Types

As I mentioned previously, PE (premature ejaculation) happens when you simply cannot control when you ejaculate. If you would like to ejaculate after 20 minutes, but you come after 5 min, that is an example of premature ejaculation.

There are two types of premature ejaculation, lifelong PE (or primary) and acquired PE (or secondary).

Lifelong Premature Ejaculation

Lifelong premature ejaculation [3], also called primary PE, is officially defined as a male sexual dysfunction which occurs when men ejaculate within around one minute from vaginal penetration in most or all their penetrations, causing stress, frustration and even avoidance of sexual intimacy.

Acquired Premature Ejaculation

Acquired premature ejaculation, also called secondary happens instead when men start suffering from early ejaculation later in their life, and before that point they had normal ejaculatory experiences instead [4]. The difference between lifelong and acquired premature ejaculation is the onset of the symptoms. Additional studies from the NIH show that men with acquired PE are usually older, have other issues, such as cardiovascular problems for example [5], and anyway tend to last longer than those with lifelong premature ejaculation.

6 Common Psychological Causes of Premature Ejaculation

1) Worrying about premature ejaculation: Fear sometimes is nothing but of the mind, magnified and thought into existence. Worrying about ejaculating quickly could actually lead to you ejaculating quickly because, remember, we are what we think.

2) Poor body image: There are many unrealistic pictures and videos, in the porn industry, on the internet, instagram… Women ‘aren’t the only dealers of poor body image; men go through that too.

Our body should be our best friend, and having wrong perceptions of your best friend could lead to problems.

Having a poor body image about yourself can affect your life; your weight, height, how muscular you are or not, and your penis size, all these negative thoughts shape you (if you let them).

Many poor body images are caused by the internet, guys feeding their eyes on unrealistic edited penis images and videos.

3) Depression: Depression and premature ejaculation share very cordial relationships. One review of multiple observational studies suggested that there’s an association between depression and premature ejaculation, and prevention treatment of depression could reduce the risk of premature ejaculation.

4) Early sexual experiences: Sexual abuse either as a perpetrator or survivor or victim

5) Anxiety: Anxiety is a common feeling associated with men dealing with premature ejaculation. Most times, this anxiety is about their sexual performance or related issues.

6) Relationship Problems: Checking back on your previous relationships, if you’ve had sexually satisfying relationships where premature ejaculation rarely or never happens, it could be that your relationship issues between you and your current partner are contributing to the problem.

Biological Causes of Premature Ejaculation

  • Inherited condition
  • Infection of the prostate
  • Abnormality in hormone levels
  • Abnormality in brain chemicals
  • Health issues like diabetes
  • Damaged nerves in the pelvic area
  • Obesity
  • Damaged veins and arteries
  • Smoking, drinking
  • High cholesterol
  • Low testosterone levels

I won’t go in details about the above since I am not a doctor. If you have any of the above please consult a physician to rule out this cause.

10 Techniques and exercises to last longer in bed

Some tools can help you on your path to perfect sex. Let’s take a look at some of them together. Of course nothing can substitute a proper training regime.

1) Stop stressing yourself

If you start sex thinking about a negative outcome or that you might come right away, then the worst will happen. Insecurity makes you anxious.

Calm down, you are not taking an exam! Having sex with a beautiful girl must be a pleasant thing, something that you like first of all and that also satisfies your partner.

The problem with many guys is that they feel under pressure as if the girl was there to judge them and so they get anxious…

Well, you must know that the more worried and anxious you are, the more your fears will come true!

Sex and worries do not go together, think about relaxing and enjoying the moment, enjoying the mutual contact of the bodies touching each other, and any other sensation that you can perceive as beautiful.

If you are anxious during sex your body reacts accordingly [13]. Approach your partner in a calm and positive way.

2) Learn how to breathe

Breathing deeply has a useful effect on anxiety and helps to relax. This consequently has a positive effect on premature ejaculation [14].

When you are tense and stressed, you tend to take short, shallow breaths. The cells oxygenate poorly, and the body does not respond as it should.

Breathe, fill the lungs well, and do not stay in apnea.

Be also careful to not make the opposite mistake, that is, exaggerate with your breathing, otherwise you risk hyperventilating and it is never a pleasant thing.

The breath allows energy to flow through the body in such a way that it takes the intensity of the sensations in the lower body and makes it flow through the rest of the body.

Breath can support full body orgasms without genital orgasm. Or maybe, simply try with yoga.

3) Switch stimulation

Your penis is not the only tool you have to make a woman enjoy [16]. Any part of your body can become a weapon with high erotic potential!

How can this help you to last longer? Simple. The next time you are making love with a girl and you feel that you are about to cum, but it is still too early … stop for a moment, squeeze your kegel muscles and continue to stimulate her with your hands or mouth.

There is no limit to what you can do to them. Use your imagination, experiment! Kiss her, caress her, and when you are about to start again, switch position. Make it a big switch. If you were laying down, then stand up and have sex standing.

Of course you can stimulate her clitoris with your fingers during these times when you’re not inside her.

In the US, a survey about orgasm was carried out that involved 1,055 women. Between them 18% said penile penetration alone was enough for orgasm. About 36% of them required clitoral stimulation for orgasm during sex [17].

4) Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are the most suitable exercises for men to extend the time between the onset of intercourse and ejaculation [18].

Thanks to these simple movements, you will be able to better control some muscles involved in sexual intercourse.

The main one is probably the pubococcygeus muscle, which is used to stop the flow of the bladder and is the same muscle that contracts to expel sperm during orgasm.

Being able to control this muscle means having total control over your penis. The performances will be longer and more intense, the pleasure will be greater.

You know where the pubococcygeus muscle is, right? If the answer is no, place two fingers behind the testicles and push as if urinating, and immediately hold back. At that point, you will feel a muscle contracting [19].

During the Kegel exercise, he must be the only one who moves, those of the belly and thighs must remain still.

The first exercise is to contract the pubococcygeus muscle for 1-2 seconds before releasing it. Repeat 20 times each day, three times a day. Do this for three weeks.

The second step is to add 10 slower and longer contractions. Hold for 5 seconds, then slowly release. Repeat 10 times.

The third exercise is done during masturbation. You have to stop ejaculation thanks to the contraction of the pubococcygeus muscle.

Start slowly, then build up to a certain level of arousal; then stop masturbation, and simultaneously contract the pubococcygeus muscle.

Take a breath, let some excitement pass, and then start slowly again. Increase the speed to the peak of arousal, stop again, contract the muscle and take a deep breath.

Continue for 15 to 20 minutes, disconnecting each time you are reaching a peak of arousal higher than the previous one [20].

Being able to control the pubococcygeus muscle means having full control of your penis, increasing the duration of your performance, and achieving a much greater sensation of pleasure (you can even experience multiple orgasms).

Mastering the techniques for controlling this muscle is not difficult, it requires a commitment of a few minutes a day, but constant over time.

5) Reverse Kegel exercises

Reverse Kegel exercises are those that, unlike classic Kegels, will work on relaxation (and not on strengthening) both the Bulbocavernosus (BC) muscle, that is the muscle located at the base of the penis, and the Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle.

Learning to relax these muscles will help you control ejaculation so that you can only let go when you decide. This will allow you to make sex last as long as you want.

Of all the techniques to combat premature ejaculation, reverse Kegels are the ones that cause the most confusion, especially since it is a bit complicated to locate the necessary muscles.

Despite the initial difficulty, it is worth trying because they will help you stay calm during sex and not get overwhelmed by arousal.

Reverse Kegels are a bit more complicated than classic Kegels [21]. This is because it may be difficult to understand the exact position of the muscles and even more difficult to understand how to move them correctly.

Usually, this happens because not enough classic Kegels have been made and therefore the muscles involved are not known. So, the best way to identify the correct muscles is to learn how to do normal Kegels first.

Reverse Kegels involve the same muscles but in a different way. Since these are muscles whose existence we usually ignore, it takes time to learn to contract or relax them on command. So, if you learn the classic ones well, you will have a very good chance of doing the reverses correctly too.

It’s time to really try reverse Kegels. You can do this initially while masturbating and then you can try it out during sex. The procedure is the same in both cases.

The exercise consists of being able to control and keep the muscles of the penis relaxed so that intercourse can last longer [22].

Start masturbating by trying to keep your stomach and legs relaxed as much as possible. Make slow movements and start focusing your breathing on the diaphragm.

Now increase the pace until you feel the excitement rise. At this point, you will have to try to keep the muscles of the penis relaxed by pushing down and breathing slowly and deeply so as to control ejaculation.

When you feel you are in full control, increase the pace, the excitement and do the same movement again as before.

Gradually increase the pace until you reach a higher excitement than the previous one, but without letting it get the upper hand on you.

Continue this exercise for at least 20 minutes until you feel you are in full control of the situation. You can repeat this exercise even 2-3 times a week until you realize you are able to perfectly relax your muscles and control ejaculation as you please.

6) Pause and squeeze technique.

Among the various self-help techniques to control premature ejaculation (PE), a very effective technique is the compression technique, which involves stimulating the penis, just before ejaculation [23].

This is by far one of the simplest techniques and can be done both alone or even with a partner. Although many couples and partners complain, about the inconvenience of this “game” and find it frustrating.

Try to seamlessly incorporate it into sex and take the breaks to focus on sources of pleasure other than the penis.

How to do that? Try it during masturbation. Break the stimulation for 30 seconds and start over once you regain it. Replicate 4-5 times and do it each time you feel you are about to ejaculate.

It’s true, it can affect your erection, but it could be useful if you do it for several months. This technique can be frustrating because it can interrupt sexual activity. But it is effective.

7) Change your diet

Nutrition can affect your sexual habits and performance, so it’s time for you to give more importance to what you eat.

From a cold beer to a glass of wine, drinking too much alcohol, for example, can have a major negative impact on your life under the sheets.

The effect is also proportionate: studies show that the more alcohol you drink, the more likely you are to develop erection problems. Alcohol can affect your erections from multiple angles.

In the short term, it dulls your mood and causes temporary impotence. In the long run, it can lower testosterone levels and give you a weaker sex drive and recurring sexual performance problems.

The solution is simple: only consume alcohol in moderation or avoid it entirely. Cutting down on alcohol consumption is a great way to combat erectile dysfunction in both the short and long term, as well as a good way to avoid waking up on the weekend with a bad hangover.

But not just alcohol: integrating more vegetables into your diet increases the desire and quality of sperm [24].

Eating a lot of vegetables or fruit has sexually beneficial effects. This is because these foods don’t need to be processed by our body. The energy they give is released immediately.

A study by Yale University found out that omnivores, and so meat-eaters, actually have less energy than those who eat only vegetables. Vegetarians, therefore, are able to have longer lasting sexual performance.

From this point of view, banana is a super food. The potassium it contains immediately increases human energy and makes your performance unforgettable. As if that weren’t enough, eating more fruits and vegetables makes sperm tastier.

Spinach, carrots, avocado, and tomatoes are sex’s best friends, not to mention the famous and exciting chili. Bring a breath of fresh air to your kitchen and you will see results in the bedroom too [25].

8) Edging

While you have sex the feelings and sensations in your body will unconsciously escalate to a point where you will reach your PONR (point of no return) and you will ejaculate.

The PONR (point of no return) is that moment right before ejaculation where your arousal level has overtaken your ejaculatory threshold and there is no turning back. You will ejaculate.

The purpose of edging is to help you raise your ejaculatory threshold so that you can handle stronger pleasurable sensations in your body and for longer.

This arousal conditioning generally happens to men with a lot of sexual practice. The alternative to years of experience is Edging.

Key to successful edging: Pay very close attention to the sensations in your body. The whole point of edging is to raise your ejaculatory threshold by making you accustomed to high levels of arousal for a longer time.

You must feel the sensations in your body. This is why porn is a no-no when practicing edging. Porn will distract you, your attention will be taken away, you will lose awareness of your sensations, hence missing the core purpose of edging.

1) Without porn. Masturbate until you get an erection. Be really attentive and focus on the sensations in your body, try to create an inner map of your feelings, of what you feel, and where you feel it.

2) Using some lube stroke your penis from the base to the top (avoiding the glans and frenulum – they could be too sensitive for you and push you over your ejaculatory threshold too fast).

3) Keep masturbating, and paying attention. You will feel that you are getting close to your PONR. This is key. The reason why you often come too soon is that you completely miss this moment. Pay attention and when you feel your PONR is coming, stop.

4) Stop touching yourself and let the sensations subside. Take deep breaths, feel everything, face these sensations, don’t run away from them.

5) When you feel that your arousal has subsided, start masturbating again. Slowly. From top to bottom.

6) After doing this for 20 minutes and without ejaculating at the end, stop. Pull up your pants and move on with your day.

It will be difficult to stop at the beginning, as you will be very horny, but learning to live with the arousal resisting the compulsive need of ejaculating will make you mentally stronger and in time recondition your nervous system, push your PONR further and further and help you last much longer in bed.

This is the most basic form of edging. You can push this to the next level by adding auditory porn first and then visual porn.

Despite all the techniques and methods explained so far, everything can also be reduced, simply, to training.

9) BAD IDEA: Use retardant (or retarded!) condoms

I completely disagree with this one, but I am listing it here, just as an option for you, out of completeness. But this is an option I do not recommend.

Some of these condoms act through mild anesthetics such as benzocaine and lidocaine, others through natural methods such as herbs, cold effect gels, or a particular shape and structure of the condom.

Even more stupid than retardant condoms are retardant creams, sprays and retardant oils.

When you put the retardant condom on the erect penis, benzocaine comes into contact with the mucous membrane of the glans penis and reduces its sensitivity as it is an anesthetic substance [27].

10) Not recommended: Use a penis ring

I don’t recommend this because you don’t really need it. It’s a fun accessory that you can use, but you better learn to last longer without this first and then use the toy after.

The penis ring, or cock ring, is a circle, usually made of silicone, which is worn at the base of the penis or scrotum [28]. We reviewed some of the best cock rings a while ago.

It can have many dimensions and various uses. It is commonly used to enhance anything related to male sexual performance. Its tightness helps delay ejaculation.

Sex positions to last longer in bed

Switching up sex positions while having sex can help you last longer. Trying new sex positions builds intimacy, it’s fun and leads to a very satisfactory sex life.

Next time you are having sex pay attention to which sex positions trigger your ejaculation faster and in which ones you last longer.

Below is a list of sex positions to try out:

1) The cowgirl position: Lie on your back, let your partner straddle you, and let her ride you like those bulls in the park.

2) Sit on the throne position: Sit on the chair with your partner’s back facing you, allow her slowly lower herself, and you enter her as she sits on your lap. This renders you unable to thrust deeper and faster, letting her do all the work, inadvertently reducing premature ejaculation.

3) Non-penetrative missionary: Do the missionary position without penetration. Rub your shaft against her clit and vulva. This will quicken your ‘partner’s desire and keep yours balanced.

4) The 69 Position: This is a great position as very few can climax while in this position. Lie on your back, have your partner place her knees on the sides of your shoulders. Have her give you a blowjob while you eat her.

5) The Spoon position: This is another great position as it gives room for only shallow penetration. To achieve this, you both lie on your sides and face each other. Your partner raises a leg to let you penetrate and then closes her legs; this prevents you from thrusting deep. It also keeps you relaxed which helps with premature ejaculation as we mentioned multiple times!

6) Inverted elevator position: This position is also known as standing 69 and a good one for lasting longer. If your partner is light enough pick her up around the waist while facing her and twist her around. Wrap your hands around her middle to support her, and she can give you a blowjob while you eat her out.

7) The crouching tiger position: This is also called zombie. It is a sex position that helps you also last longer in bed. Sit on the bed and let your partner straddle your thighs. This is very similar to reverse cowgirl. It is easier to delay your orgasm this way, and you will find yourself lasting longer.

27 Additional tricks and tips to last longer

1) Try sex toys: Penis rings are literally tagged ‘superfood of sex ‘toys’ because they increase your pleasure and ultimately your performance. To help you know more about penis rings, here is a complete guide to penis rings and its benefits.

2) Change your sex lifestyle: Most times, our lifestyle plays a big role in affecting us. When we alter our lifestyle, we can make significant changes to our lives. How’s your sex lifestyle? Sex ‘isn’t just penetrative; spice up your sex life with your partner, indulge in foreplay, invest in sex toys, try out different and exciting positions. Your sex life should be fun, spontaneous, and downright passionate.

3) Focus on your partner: Take a step back if you find things too hot and shift the focus to your partner. This slows your desire to ejaculate quickly while building that of your partner’s.

4) Consider counseling or psychotherapy: They include cognitive, behavioral, and psychodynamic approaches to premature ejaculation. It involves learning to manage the effects premature ejaculation may have on you, your partner, and your relationship.

5) Engage in cardio-oriented exercises: How many hours do you dedicate to exercising? Improving your cardiovascular health may not bring instantaneous success, but improving your health habits, especially your heart, positively affects every fiber of you, including how you have sex. Your physical appearance and good health can help grow your confidence, improve your sex life, and decrease anxieties. Some cardio exercises include: Playing basketball, swimming, jogging, biking, tennis.

Pro-tip: Try to be consistent in your exercises and make sure to have fun with yourself, a friend, or even your partner.

6) Focus on foreplay: We guys prefer and love the actual physical sex much more than foreplay. But spending more time on foreplay warms up your partner and builds a stronger bond, which means she will most likely come faster.

7) Medication: Another solution is tackling premature ejaculation medically, which is through medications. There is a lot of trash online. Here is my tip: talk to your doctor in your city face to face and ask him about this. Do not trust any online pill or medicine. The only person allowed to give you medications is your doctor.

8) Hormone Check and Therapy: Although rare, hormonal imbalance may be a factor in you ejaculating early. Do a testosterone-level check. If you have low levels, you should consider taking hormone therapy under your doctor’s advice to help with premature ejaculation, as testosterone plays a role in controlling your ejaculatory reflex.

9) Masturbation: The longer a guy goes between orgasms, the more his body craves it. This pent-up desire makes it all too easy to climax. This is wonderful when you think about it, but only if you don’t cum too soon. This can be a problem, so what to do? Some find it extremely helpful masturbating and orgasming right before the main sex. This is so that the built-up sexual desires won’t be so strong and allow you to last longer.

“Many of my patients masturbate before sex,” explains Dr. Evan Goldstein [29].

“Sometimes too rapid ejaculation is because you are irritated and have not ejaculated recently, which means that your prostate is completely swollen.”

10) Cut down on alcohol and other drugs: Alcohol and hard drugs can cause premature ejaculation and other performance problems, so avoid alcohol and drugs before sex, and try to cut down your usage generally.

11) Find and settle with one partner if possible: If you are one to go frolicking with more than just one partner, try to settle with just one partner for the time being as being intimate with one partner can build confidence and comfort and it can be a good workout.

12) Give slower movements a chance: Taking your time can help you last longer, so try to enjoy the ride and not rush to the destination. Sex can be sensual, passionate and even romantic.

13) Practice breathing exercises: Slow your breath once you feel close to climaxing as this can lower your arousal level. Hold your breath for two seconds, or three then let it all out. Breathing slowly like this helps until you no longer feel like climaxing.

14) Try the squeeze method: To do this, withdraw from your partner once you feel close to ejaculation, then you or your partner should gently squeeze the part of the penis where your underside meets your shaft. Squeeze gently for some seconds, wait for 30 seconds and begin your sex again.

15) Practice pelvic floor exercises: Exercising the pelvic muscles that control your bladder and ejaculation helps you last longer. One of the best ways to exercise your pelvic floor are kegel exercises. First locate your pelvic muscles, then tighten them for some seconds, relax these muscles and repeat at least five times. Breathe normally.

16) Buy and wear a thicker condoms: You can buy condoms that are thicker to reduce sensitivity.

17) Use a lot of lubricant: Lube helps you last longer in bed as it can help to delay ejaculation. Rubbing a lot on your penis will act as a sort of covering or glove, it will also reduce stimulation and help delay climax.

18) The testicle-tug technique: Your testicles get tighter to your body when orgasm is near but a great way to last in bed is to give your scrotum a sharp downward tug when you are close to climax. Hold your scrotum and sharply tug it as it loosens your sac and brings you back from climax.

19) Avoid the blame game: Try to be optimistic and positive instead of making your partner feel they are the reason for this.

20) Be patient: Nothing comes easy, even healing, so instead of getting angry and fretting, you should learn to relax and be patient with yourself, your partner, and the entire process.

21) Treat yourself well: It is easy to experience self-hate and disgust in moments like this but remember to cheer yourself on. You are doing a fantastic job, and you deserve a pat, not a slap. Maybe she deserves a nice slap…

22) Take breaks: You do not have to have sex for thirty minutes straight, you can take mini breaks to sustain the tempo. Pull out and kiss your partner, talk dirty if you’d like. Just take breaks.

23) Sex doesn’t end at the climax: Sex is not just about orgasm, so keep going as it is likely that you will get another erection and last longer than before.

24) Never go into the bedroom with a failure mindset: Dispel nervousness as it can create negativity and stiffness in the bedroom. It is a recipe for sexual failure and disaster and ultimately ejaculating too quickly.

25) Make your sex fun and exciting by introducing games: Games like truth and dare, dirty confession games, and kinky sex games for you and your partner can be played for building intimacy in the bedroom between you and your partner.

26) Eat lots of fruits and try scientifically proven home remedies: Stuff like zinc supplements, magnesium, and foods like oyster, soybeans, yogurt, almonds, sesame seeds, beef and lamb, kidney beans, garlic, peas, dark chocolate. Here’s a guide on foods that help you with ejaculatory control.

27) Practice yoga or mindfulness. Practicing yoga or mindfulness will help you become more aware of what’s going on in your body, allowing you to feel the arousal growing and ultimately give you more control.

Frequently Asked Questions about premature ejaculation

How common is premature ejaculation? Between 30% and 40% of men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their life.

How is premature ejaculation diagnosed? Premature ejaculation is diagnosed through medical and sexual history, your doctor may ask questions about it, and a physical test could be carried out.

Can premature ejaculation be treated? In most cases, premature ejaculation can resolve itself, but in some cases, therapy and other procedures would be carried out

How long is long enough? Long enough is subjective. How long do you need to have sex for to feel satisfied and good about it? That is the long enough. There is no official timing, but anything under two minutes hints at a problem.

Why can’t I last longer in bed? You probably have no awareness of your sensations, no strategy and no training.

Are there medications for men to last longer? Yes, there are drugs, but you can try dealing with it yourself before seeking that route. And if you do go that route, ask your doctor please. Don’t take initiative.

Do ‘last longer condoms work?’
Not really. It’s more of a placebo effect. And if they do work think how sad that you need to put some numbing thing on your penis.

When should I seek help?
Talk to your doctor if premature ejaculation has occurred too many times and nothing else has worked.

What questions will my doctor ask me?

  1. How long have you been active sexually?
  2. How often does premature ejaculation occur?
  3. How long does it take to ejaculate during sex and masturbation?
  4. Do you or have you taken drugs that affect sexual performance?
  5. When did premature ejaculation become an issue?
  6. Have you had sexual encounters where your ejaculation was ‘normal?”

What is performance anxiety? This means anxiety and panic caused by the thoughts of performing badly. If you worry about performing sexually when you want to have sex, you have performance anxiety, which leads to premature ejaculation.

Can premature ejaculation affect my health long term? Premature ejaculation has no long-term effect, but it could very well be a sign of other health issues, which is why it is required of you to talk to your doctor.

Will I last longer as i grow older? It is not the case for some men, but studies have shown that some men’s premature ejaculation decreases as they grow older and age.

What can I do to last longer? First, you have to become aware of your body and your reaction to sex, from start to finish. Avoid alcohol and drugs. Train. Use my program.

What if none of these tips work? Remember that sex is about you and your partner and that you do not have to thrust and penetrate to please your partner sexually. There are sex toys, you can put your fingers to work or please her with your tongue.


Take a deep breath, relax and use the different tips here to help you last longer in bed. I’m sure you will find at least one thing that can work for your situation.

Remember that premature ejaculation often derives simply from stress, lack of self-esteem [30], and other external factors.

This is why I wrote a best-selling program that takes you step by step to develop stamina, control and completely master your ejaculation.

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