How To Get A Bigger Penis: 11 Ways (Longer & Thicker Girth)

how to get a bigger penis

Over the past 10 years our team has tested pretty much all penis extenders and penis pumps on the market. We have been researching the penis enlargement topic for a long time.

Sure, we’re not doctors, but we did read pretty much all scientific and medical research on the topic from the Journal of Sexual Medicine and the National Library of Medicine.

We tested stuff on ourselves over the years. We compared results from various trials and fact checked all the bs that surrounds this topic in order to write this penis enlargement guide for you.

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to get a bigger penis? Do you yearn for the feeling of having a bigger, more impressive package?

Well, fear not, my friend!

In the following post, I’m discussing some of the most popular methods for increasing penis size, from penile exercises and stretches to supplements and surgery, to separate penile fact from penile fiction.

So, if you’re interested in learning about the many different ways people claim you can get a bigger penis, keep reading, and let’s learn!

How To Get A Bigger Penis – Fact Vs Fiction (Summary)

Below, I’ve listed all of the most common methods that men claim can help them achieve a bigger penis.

I’ll take a better look at each of these methods below, but just to help us separate fact from fiction, let’s take a quick look at what does and what doesn’t work.

  1. Penile extenders – Fact!
  2. Penis sleeves – Fact!
  3. Penis pumps – Fact!
  4. Penile implants – Fact!
  5. Plastic surgery – Fact!
  6. Fat injections – Fact!
  7. Suspensory ligament surgery – Fact!
  8. Dermal fillers – Fact!
  9. Losing weight – Fact!
  10. Grooming – Fact!
  11. Big dick energy – Fact!
  12. Enlargement pills – Fiction!
  13. Gels, creams, and lotions – Fiction!
  14. Penis stretching – Fiction!

The History Of Penis Stretching

Penis stretching has a long history (no pun intended) that can be traced back to ancient times.

In many ancient cultures, having a large penis was associated with masculinity, strength, and virility.

And as a result, men in these cultures often sought ways to increase the size of their dicks.

One of the earliest known forms of penis stretching is the Arabic-based practice of jelqing.

Jelqing is basically a method of hand stretching, where the user gradually stretches and massages the tissue of their penis, which is meant to encourage growth and a larger penis over time.

Throughout history, many different penis enlargement techniques have been practiced and developed, including the more modern practices of using penile traction devices, taking supplements, or undergoing plastic surgery.

In more recent times, penis stretching has become popular in many parts of the world as a form of alternative medicine.

And while there’s little scientific evidence to support any claims that stretching your penis will lead to permanent gains (sorry, guys!), there’s a whole lot of information (and misinformation) out there about penile enhancement.

But that’s precisely why I’ve put together the following guide: to help you learn the truth about penis stretching and penile enhancement.

About Penis Size

When it comes to the topic of penis size, there’s a lot of confusion, myths, and misinformation out there.

Some men worry that their penis is too small, while others are curious about what is considered average or above average.

Below, we’ll be exploring everything from what is considered “normal” penis size to the various methods people use to try to increase their size to help you separate what works from what doesn’t.


I should note that I am not a doctor, and I do not intend to provide any type of medical advice in the following content. If you choose to follow the information in this article you’re doing so at your own risk.

What Is The Normal Size Of A Penis?

This is a question that almost every male in the universe has wondered at some point or another in their life.

Unfortunately, it’s not exactly an easy one to answer.

After all, “normal” is a relative term, and the size of your penis will vary depending on many factors, such as your age, ethnicity, and overall health.

But what is a “normal” penis size?

According to my research, the average erect penis size for an adult male is about 5.16 inches (13.12 cm) in length and 4.59 inches (11.66 cm) in circumference.

But realistically, there is no “normal” size for a penis.

Some men have longer penises, some have thicker penises, and some have penises that are just right for them.

What is the best way to increase penis size?

Manscaping, exercise, and weight loss are the only completely safe ways to increase penis size, but they generally don’t increase penile mass, and will only make your penis look better and bigger than before.

I want to start out by stating that most of the products or techniques that claim to help men achieve a large penis are not scientifically proven and may even pose health risks.

But shaving your pubes, exercising, and losing weight can help!

  • Shaving your pubes – By removing some of the bushy hair around your penis, it may look bigger than before.
  • Exercise – Regularly exercising the muscles in your pelvic floor, such as with Kegels, can help improve blood flow to the penis and may result in firmer erections.
  • Weight loss – If you are overweight or obese, losing weight can help reduce the amount of fat around the pubic area, making the penis appear larger.

It’s also important to remember that penis size does not determine one’s worth or masculinity, and focusing too much on the size of your penis can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Is there any real way to increase penis size?

Penile traction devices, otherwise known as penis extenders, are the only scientifically proven devices that can help you achieve real size gains.

On the downside, there are very few scientific studies or evidence showing that it’s possible to actually increase the size of your manhood.

But since my job is to help you learn everything there is to know about penis enhancement, let’s take a look at all the different methods out there.

Big Penis Time – What Methods Work

Aside from surgery, there’s very little scientific evidence to support any type of male enhancement. But many of the following methods can help you increase your size at least temporarily.

So let’s take a look!

Do Penile Extenders And Other Stretching Devices Work?

Penile extenders, also known as penis stretchers or penile traction devices, are mechanical devices that claim to increase the length and girth of the penis.

While there are some claims that penis extenders may have some effectiveness in increasing length and size, the results are generally modest and vary widely among individuals.

Even Phallosan Forte, one of the leading makers of penile extenders, does not guarantee that using their device will help you achieve permanent size gains.

There is also very limited research available on the long-term effectiveness and safety of using penile extenders and other similar devices.

So while using these devices may help you increase size, you need to use them at your own risk, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll work.

1. Penile extenders

Penis extenders are devices that are worn over the penis to gradually stretch and lengthen the skin and inner tissues over time.

They typically consist of a plastic or metal frame that fits over the shaft of the penis, a base ring that fits around the base of the penis, and an adjustable traction system that applies gentle, yet consistent force to the penis.

The theory behind penis extenders is that by applying a constant pulling force to the penis over an extended period, the tissues in the penis will gradually stretch and grow.

Ideally, this process results in increased length and girth.

But unlike other forms of penile enhancement, there is some scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of penis extenders.

2. Penis sleeves

Penis sleeves are devices that are worn over the penis to enhance size and stimulation during intercourse.

Sleeves come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, and can be made from all sorts of different materials like silicone, latex, or rubber.

Note that penis sleeves won’t actually increase your penis size, but they can allow you to “have” a bigger penis temporarily while you’re wearing one.

They are primarily designed to increase the length and girth of the penis, but they can also provide additional texture and stimulation, which can be extra titillating for your partner.

Penis sleeves are temporary aids to enhance size and sexual pleasure.

3. Vacuum pumps or penis pumps

A penis vacuum pump is a device that uses a vacuum to create negative pressure around the penis, drawing blood into the tissues and causing an erection.

The pump consists of a cylinder that fits over the penis, and a manual or electric pump to create the vacuum effect.

Penis pumps are mostly used by men who need help achieving or maintaining their erections.

But they can also help men temporarily achieve a bigger penis.

That said, I can’t find any evidence to suggest that a penis pump can permanently increase penis size.

It’s also important to note that overuse or misuse of a penis pump can cause bruising, numbness, or even tissue damage.

So it’s important to use these devices properly and avoid using them if you notice any adverse effects.

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

Yes, penis enlargement surgery does work. But there are many risks and complications associated with these types of elective surgeries, which make them an unsuitable option for most men.

So unless you’re suffering from an actual medical condition, or you’re willing to accept the risk, penis enlargement surgery is best left alone.

From my research, using a penile extender is the only method I can find that has science-backed evidence for permanently increasing penis size.

Sleeves and pumps do work also, but their results are not permanent.

4. Penile implants

A penile implant, also known as a penile prosthesis, is a medical device that is surgically implanted into the penis to help treat erectile difficulties or to enhance the size or shape of the penis.

Penis implants are made from medical-grade silicone, designed to be flexible and durable, and customized to fit the individual anatomy of each patient.

While penile implant surgery is effective in increasing penis size, it’s important to remember that it is a surgical procedure and carries the same risks and potential complications as any other surgery, including bleeding, infection, and even nerve damage.

Therefore, if you’re considering penile implant surgery, I strongly encourage you to speak with a qualified and experienced surgeon, and to carefully weigh the potential benefits against the risks of undergoing such a procedure.

5. Plastic surgery – phalloplasty or metoidioplasty

Phalloplasty is another surgical procedure that uses tissue from the forearm, thigh, abdomen, or other body parts to create a penis.

On the other hand, metoidioplasty involves using the existing genital tissue (clitoris, labia, etc.) to create a penis and improve functionality.

These procedures are generally used by females transitioning into men.

So they’re generally not performed on males looking to get a bigger penis.

But, if you’re a woman or transgendered person and want a penis, these types of plastic surgery are probably your best bet.

6. Fat injections

For any of the dudes out there looking to add a bit of meat to their sausage, this next penis enlargement technique is another one to consider!

It’s another form of cosmetic surgery, where the surgeon takes fat from your stomach, tights, or love handles, and injects it into your penis to give you that extra thickness you crave.

With penile fat injections, the goal is to uniformly and symmetrically increase the circumference of your little buddy, so you can impress your partner with your newfound girth.

When performed by trained plastic surgeons, penile fat injections are both safe and effective without any major complications.

That said, this procedure can help increase girth, but it’s not going to add much to your penis in terms of length.

7. Cutting the suspensory ligament

The suspensory ligament connects your penis to your pubic bone.

So cutting this ligament is sometimes used as a form of cosmetic surgery that can release some of the tension keeping the penis anchored to the body.

In other words, cutting the suspensory ligament can actually lengthen a man’s penis!

In fact, studies show that suspensory ligament surgery can increase flaccid length by as much as one to three centimeters, and patient/partner satisfaction rates are between 30% to 65% post-surgery.

The procedure involves making a small incision above the base of the penis and cutting the ligament, which will allow the penis to hang lower and appear longer when erect.

I should note that cutting the suspensory ligament does not actually increase the length of the existing penis itself, but simply changes its angle and position, making it seem bigger than it previously was.

8. Dermal Fillers

I’m sure you’ve heard about dermal fillers, which are typically used in people’s cheeks, around their chins, eyes, and in their lips.

Well, the good news is that you can get dermal fillers in your penis too!

And even better, for men with very small penises, dermal fillers are proven to lead to significant increases in penile circumference, and increased satisfaction for as long as 18 months.

Dermal fillers for penis enhancement involve injecting a gel-like substance, often hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite, under the skin of the penis to add volume and potentially increase girth size.

The filler is injected in small amounts into various locations along the shaft of the penis, to achieve a more even and uniform appearance.

On the downside, just like lip or cheek injections, penile dermal fillers will gradually fade and be absorbed by your body.

So although this is a practical way to increase penis size, the effects of dermal fillers are definitely not permanent, and only last for about 6 months to a year.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Is Risky And May Not Work

Penis enlargement surgeries are meant to improve penile health, giving men with ED the ability to achieve better erections, and in some cases, to increase the length or girth of the penis.

And while these procedures do work, they also carry many risks and potential complications that you need to be aware of.

One of the most significant risks from penis enlargement surgery is post-operative infection.

Infections in the penis can be particularly dangerous and difficult to treat, potentially leading to life-long complications.

And I don’t think I need to explain why life-long penis complications are a bad thing!

On top of that, surgical procedures can cause bleeding, scarring, and other short-term complications that may negatively impact the appearance and function of the penis.

Another risk of penis enlargement surgery is decreased sexual function.

While these procedures are safe when performed by a skilled surgeon, there’s always a risk of nerve damage.

Penile nerve damage may result in reduced sensitivity or difficulty achieving erections.

In general, it is important to approach any type of penile enlargement surgery with caution and to carefully weigh the potential risks and benefits by speaking with a trained medical professional, doctor, or surgeon.

Non-surgical methods of penis enlargement, such as exercises, pumps, or traction devices, may be safer and more effective options.

Health And Lifestyle

So now I’ve established that penile extenders, sleeves, pumps, and surgery are effective methods for increasing penis size.

But losing weight, personal grooming, and being a truly sexually confident man, while they may not actually increase the size of your penis, can improve your overall health, well-being, sexual confidence and dating success.

9. Losing weight

Losing weight can help some men increase penis size because body fat can sometimes hide part of the penis.

In fact, a buried penis is a documented medical condition often seen in obese men!

So if you’re a bit on the heavier side, losing weight can actually reduce the amount of fat in your pubic area and may make your penis more visible.

This doesn’t actually give you a bigger penis, but it can create the illusion of a larger penis, and depending on how much weight you lose, can maybe even add an inch or two of length that was previously hidden.

Not to mention the fact that weight loss can improve blood flow and your overall cardiovascular health.

So you’ll be healthier overall, which can lead to firmer erections.

10. Grooming

Again, manscaping doesn’t actually help you get a bigger dong.

But it can make your downstairs look more appealing, and depending on how long it’s been since your last… haircut… can reveal more of your penis that was previously hidden underneath a jungle of pubes.

Manscaping is also a great way to make your pubic region that much sexier to your partner, which can be just as effective as having a bigger penis.

11. Big dick energy

Again, this next method won’t actually increase the size of your pecker, but it can help you become more confident around potential mates, causing you to have less anxiety about the shape and size of your natural penis.

Sometimes, you just got to play the part!

Even if you’ve got a small penis, being a gentleman, learning to flirt and create sexual tension, and simply acting as if you’re a sex god, is one of the absolute best methods for making others think you’ve got a big dick.

So don’t be afraid to talk to women, learn how to flirt, act confident, and keep your chin up.

Above all, don’t let the size of your penis ruin the way you feel about yourself.

Cock No-No’s – What Methods Don’t Work

Now that I’ve covered all the best penis enlargement methods that work, let’s debunk a few of the other methods that definitely don’t.

1. Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

No, penis enlargement pills do not work, and there is NO EXISTING MEDICAL EVIDENCE to support their effectiveness.

Some supplements may claim to increase blood flow to your penis, while others aim to boost your testosterone levels or stimulate tissue growth.

But again, there is very little research to back up any of these claims, and some “penis supplements” may even be dangerous to your health!

That’s why I always recommend you avoid any types of pills or supplements that claim to help you increase your size.

2. Do Penis Enlargement Creams, Gels, or Lotions Work?

No, penis enlargement creams, gels, and lotions will not work and are just as bogus as penis enhancement creams.

Like pills, these products typically claim to stimulate tissue growth or provide other benefits that can enhance your penis and its size, but there is little to no research to back up these claims.

So again, I recommend you avoid these types of products like the plague!

What’s more, these products are often unregulated and may contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation.

3. Does Penis Stretching Work?

Aside from surgery, using a penile traction device to stretch your penis is one of the only scientifically-backed methods capable of helping you permanently increase size.

But again, there is very limited evidence to support the idea that any type of penis stretching is effective.

In most cases, your gains will be quite modest, and there’s no guarantee that it’ll even work!

Additionally, penis stretching poses some risks, such as injury to your penile tissue, pain, and temporary or permanent issues achieving an erection, which are all things that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a manual penis stretching method that involves squeezing, stroking, and massaging the penis in a specific way to promote blood flow and increase size.

During jelqing, the penis is lubricated, and the thumb and forefinger are used to form an “OK” sign around the base of the penis.

The hand is then moved slowly up the shaft while squeezing gently to push blood toward the head of the penis.

This process is repeated several times, typically for several minutes each day.

While some men claim to have experienced temporary gains in penis size from jelqing, I have been unable to find any scientific evidence to support its effectiveness.

How to jelq your penis safely

First of all, I don’t recommend jelqing to increase size.

But if you do want to try it, I should at least make sure that you’re doing it properly.

For starters, it’s important to start with a warm-up.

Just like any other part of your body, your penis needs to be warmed up before you start stretching.

I recommend warming your penis by either taking a warm shower or wrapping a hot towel around it.

Next, find a comfortable position.

You can try jelqing while standing up, sitting down, or lying down. Whichever way you feel most comfortable.

You don’t want to have a full-on erection, but having a semi-erection will ensure that there’s already some blood flowing into your penis.

When you’re ready to start stretching, use your thumb and index finger to form an “OK” sign around the base of your penis.

Then, gently pull the penis outwards, squeezing the tissue and pushing, stretching it for about 20-30 seconds at a time.

The idea is that by forcing blood into your penis tissue, you can promote cell health, which may lead to tissue expansion, and over time, a bigger penis.

Most sources recommend jelqing at least once a day, and for as many days or weeks as necessary until you’ve achieved your desired size.

I should also note that there’s not much risk involved in stretching or jelqing your penis, as long as you’re being gentle, and there’s no pain or discomfort.

But there’s also not much evidence that this type of exercise will lead to a bigger, longer, or thicker penis.

So feel free to try jelqing, but just make sure not to hurt yourself.

What to avoid when stretching your penis

Now that we’ve explored the different ways you can attempt to stretch your penis, it’s important to review what not to do when stretching or jelqing your penis.

  • Overstretching is a thing! – Just like with any exercise, it’s possible to overdo it and cause damage to your penile tissue. If you’re stretching your penis too often or too aggressively, you’ll end up with soreness and pain. So, always make sure to stretch gently and listen to your body.
  • No pain, no gain… except for your penis! – Stretching shouldn’t be painful, so if you’re experiencing any type of pain or discomfort, it’s a sign that something isn’t right. Pushing through the pain could lead to even more discomfort or complications down the line. So just don’t do it if it hurts!
  • Let your body rest – It’s important to give your penis time to rest and recover between stretching sessions. Gently massaging and stretching your penis is OK, but don’t get addicted to the idea that you need to stretch your penis all the time.

Are there any other penis stretches that work?

Kegel aren’t penis stretches that will increase your size, but they can help you achieve stronger, harder erections, and improve control over your orgasms.

Kegels strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which are the same muscles you use to stop yourself from peeing mid-stream.

So, how do you do Kegels?

The next time you’re taking a leak, you locate your pelvic floor muscles by stopping the flow of urine mid-stream.

Once you know where those muscles are, you can do Kegel exercises anywhere, anytime.

Simply clench those muscles for a few seconds, then release.

Repeat this a few times a day for as long as you want, gradually increasing the duration and frequency of your clenches as your muscles get stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions About Increasing Penis Size

Are there any real ways to increase penis size?

Yes, using a penile traction device, undergoing cosmetic surgery, or using penile enhancement devices like penis pumps and sleeves are all real ways that you can increase the size of your penis.

But unfortunately, none of these methods are guaranteed to work, and there are a lot of risks associated with undergoing penile enhancement surgery.

Additionally, any pills, creams, gels, or lotions that you may come across claiming to enhance penis size are not to be trusted.

They are generally untested, and may even be harmful. So it’s best to avoid them at all costs.

What is the best way to increase penis size?

Using a penis extender, or simply exercising to improve your overall cardiovascular and sexual health are the best methods for increasing penis size.

Penile surgery and stretching exercises may work, but for the most part, there is no secret formula that will make your package any bigger.

The good news, though, is that penis size really isn’t everything.

In fact, most women report that technique during intercourse is far more important than size.

So, if you’re feeling a little inadequate in the size department, fear not!

All you need to do is learn how to please your partner and use your penis properly!

Do you have penis dysmorphia?

Penis dysmorphia, also known as penile dysmorphic disorder, is a condition where a man becomes overly obsessed and preoccupied with the size or appearance of his penis.

This can lead to significant anxiety, depression, and problems with sexual function, and in some cases, it can even lead men to try things, like using penile enhancement supplements, that may be dangerous.

Remember, there is no standard measurement for “normal” penis size, and all penises vary in length and girth.

So if you find yourself obsessed over the size of your penis, I strongly encourage you to contact a doctor or mental health professional, who can help you learn to cope with what you’ve got!

Is bigger always better?

No, bigger isn’t always better.

While some may believe that a larger penis is better for sexual pleasure, satisfaction and to last longer in bed, this is very far from the truth.

Sexual pleasure is a complex interplay of physical, psychological, and emotional factors that vary from person to person.

And men with smaller penises can have fulfilling sexual experiences by being confident, focusing on foreplay, experimenting with different positions, and communicating openly with their partner.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to sexual satisfaction, and having a bigger penis doesn’t automatically make you a better lover.

How much does penis enlargement surgery cost, and what are the risks?

Penis enlargement surgery can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 or more.

While these procedures can help you enhance the size or shape of your penis, they’re also very risky.

So unless you have an actual medical condition, I don’t recommend going under the knife.

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