How To Increase Girth Size Fast – 6 Techniques (Not) to Try?

how to increase girth size

Are you wondering how to increase girth fast, or if there are even any safe ways to increase penile circumference?

If so, then you’re in luck!

Today’s topic is near and dear to every man’s heart (or, shall we say, other parts).

That’s right, we’re talking about how to get a thicker penis, and if there are any real ways to add circumference and width to your beloved appendage.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Size isn’t everything!”

But, let’s be real, sometimes having a bigger boat does make the journey a little bit more exciting.

So, for any of you who are wondering how to improve the size of your vessel, get ready because we’re diving into the ultimate guide on how to increase girth size fast!

Let’s go!


This article is for informational purposes only. We are not doctors. We make no warranties regarding the safety, reliability, and suitability for use of any items or advice described in this article. If you choose to follow the information in this article you’re doing so at your own risk.

6 Techniques To Increase Penis Girth

Before I dive into the best techniques on how to get a bigger penis, it’s important to understand that none of the following methods are medically or scientifically tested.

I’m exploring these topics solely to help you understand the different techniques that exist that claim to help men achieve a thicker penis.

So what are the most common techniques to increase girth fast?

1) What are penis sleeves?

I personally find penis sleeves to be the lamest invention of the past 50 years, but here we go anyway.

Penis sleeves are sex toys that are worn over one’s penis to give it more girth, length, or any number of different textures.

They’re usually made from soft, stretchy, body-safe materials like silicone or TPE, which can be easily slid over your hard-on.

So penis sleeves do actually allow men to instantly increase girth for lovemaking.

But it’s not a permanent solution and doesn’t actually increase the size of your penis.

That said, these toys are a great way to spice things up in the bedroom, enabling you to give your lover some extra girth, all without needing to do penis exercises or undergo any expensive types of cosmetic surgery.

Plus, some penis sleeves come with extra features, like built-in vibrators, which can really amp up your lovemaking game.

2) Does jelqing actually work to increase penis girth or length?

No, jelqing does not appear to be a valid method for increasing either the girth or length of your penis.

Jelqing is believed to have originated in Arabic cultures as a way for men to increase the length and girth of their penises.

It has also become one of the most popular penile enhancement techniques you’ll find on the internet today.

Jelqing is performed by manually stretching and massaging the tissues of your penis, which is meant to cause a cellular response resulting in tissue growth and expansion.

Now, while this technique has been hyped up as a way to potentially increase size, sadly, there’s no scientific evidence to back it up.

Also, I’ve found some evidence to suggest that overusing this technique or jelqing too aggressively poses a significant risk of causing irreversible nerve damage to your dick.

Despite any claims you may have heard that jelqing can help you increase girth size fast, it’s just pure fantasy.

3) Are girth gains permanent with a penis pump?

No, any girth gains that you experience from using a penis pump are not permanent and will begin to fade once you remove your penis from the device.

While primarily used by men who experience difficulty achieving an erection, penis pumps are a great way to add a bit of temporary volume to your manhood!

A penis pump is a device consisting of a cylinder that is placed over your penis and a pump that gradually removes all the air from inside the cylinder chamber.

This process creates a vacuum around your penis, which draws blood into it.

The result is a near-instantaneous erection, which may be slightly thicker and longer than your usual erections.

But again, there’s no scientific evidence to support the claim that regular use of a penis pump can permanently increase the size of your package.

4) Do penile traction devices increase girth?

There is some evidence to suggest that traction is effective at increasing penile length and girth.

But the evidence is limited to only a handful of studies, and the study above even suggests that more research is needed to come to any definite conclusion about the effectiveness of penile traction devices.

That said, the idea behind a penis extender device is pretty simple.

By applying traction, which is simply a stretching force, to your penis over time, you can promote tissue growth.

Penis extenders consist of a base ring, an adjustable traction rod, and a glans support, which is just a fancy way to say a piece that attaches to the head of your penis.

These devices are designed to be worn for several hours per day and for several weeks or months at a time.

However, before you run out to buy a penis extender thinking that it’ll help you increase the girth of your one-eyed dragon, you should know that results are generally modest, and some manufacturers do not even guarantee you’ll see any results whatsoever.

I should also mention that improper usage of a penis extender may result in injury and even permanent damage to your penis.

So please, only use these devices with caution!

How To Increase Girth Size Exercises

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for an exercise routine that’ll increase the girth of your penis, I hate to break it to you, but there’s no scientific evidence that any exercise can increase penis girth.

But that doesn’t stop some dudes from trying!

The damp towel method and Kegels are two exercises that are commonly associated with men trying to increase penis size.

Let’s take a look at each!

5) The Damp Towel Method

The damp towel is a bit like lifting weights but with your penis.

To do this exercise, start by soaking a towel or washcloth in warm water, which should give it a bit of heft.

Wring it out to remove some of the excess water, and then wrap the towel around your penis.

Next, the idea is to use your pelvic floor muscles (PC muscles) to lift the towel, just like you would lift a dumbbell, and do as many repetitions as possible.

Of course, doing this will flex your PC muscles, but will it do anything to increase the thickness of your package?

Sadly, there’s no scientific evidence to back that up!

You might get a laugh out of your partner if you do this to show off how “strong” your penis is, but it’s definitely not going to make it any bigger.

A few days ago when writing this article I tried the damp towel method and my girlfriend was very amused, hehe.

I don’t know why girls find it so interesting that we can flex our PC muscle and get our penis moving.

6) What are Kegels for guys?

Kegels for men are simply pelvic floor exercises that help strengthen your PC muscles, leading to better bladder and bowel control.

And the good news is that you can do Kegels just about anywhere or any time!

You can find your PC muscles the next time you’re taking a leak by stopping the flow of urine midstream.

Once you’ve found your PC muscles, to do Kegels, you simply clench those muscles, hold for a few seconds, release, and then repeat.

You can do as many Kegels as you want, and the best part is that they can help you last longer in bed.

The bad news, however, is that doing Kegels won’t help you increase the girth or length of your penis.

They can help you achieve stronger, harder erections, and you can improve your overall urinary health, but they won’t give you any extra girth.

Sorry, fellas!

Foods That Increase Girth

So after doing a bit of research, unfortunately, I’ve found that there are no secret foods that can turn a skinny trouser snake into a thick, and mighty python.

On the bright side, eating a healthy diet can help you improve your health, which can give your sex life a boost in the right direction!

Wondering what to eat before sex to last longer?

The Mediterranean diet is considered the best diet for improving your sexual health. It consists primarily of whole grains, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats, like those found in olive oils.

Garlic, nuts, and seafood are also great foods that can put your sexual health on the right path.

But sadly, none of these foods will help you obtain a thicker penis.

Are There Any Real Ways To Increase Penis Circumference?

Using a penis pump, a penis extender, or wearing a penis sleeve are the only real ways that can help you achieve a larger penis.

However, using a penis pump or wearing a penis sleeve are not permanent solutions to a girthier penis, and using a penis extender is largely unstudied when it comes to adding circumference.

Sorry to burst your bubble, fellas!

Of course, there are a ton of products out there claiming to add inches to your manhood.

But most of them are completely bunk, and will only waste your time, money, and effort.

That’s why I strongly recommend that you approach using these devices with caution since overusing them or using them incorrectly can cause pain, injury, and potentially irreversible damage to your manhood.

At the end of the day, girth and length don’t matter.

What does matter is how you have sex with your partner, the intimacy you share, and the connections you build. And it never hurts to brush up on your pussy eating skills or to learn how to finger a girl either!

So, put down the idea that you need a thicker penis and go show your partner some love.

How To Increase Girth Size Permanently

Again, I feel we need to reiterate the fact that there are no secret tricks to permanently increasing your girth.

Other than extenders, pumps, and sleeves, the only real way to permanently enhance your manhood is through cosmetic surgery.

And even then, according to one study, using surgery to enlarge your penis is highly risky and is best reserved for men suffering from real medical conditions, not those who just want to make it a bit thicker.

While the cost alone is enough to keep most men away from penile enhancement surgery, there’s also a whole slew of complications that can arise, including pain, permanent scarring, nerve damage, and loss of sexual function.

Can you say ouch?!

In the end, unless you have a real medical condition, penile enhancement surgery is probably not worth the risk.

So, I really hope you can learn to love your little buddy just the way he is!

FAQ – How To Increase Girth Size

Here, we answer some of the most common questions about this topic, providing you with more concise information on how to increase penis thickness quickly.

How can I increase my girth at home fast?

In reality, the only way to increase the girth of your penis at home fast is by using a penis sleeve or a penis pump like Bathmate for example. These devices are reliable, work quickly, and will temporarily give you some gains, but they’re by no means a permanent solution.

Does exercise increase girth?

Unfortunately, there are no exercises that are scientifically proven to increase penile girth. However, Kegel exercises can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which can help you achieve stronger hard-ons and prevent urinary incontinence in the future.

What is the average girth?

Note that every penis size is completely unique and beautiful in its own way, no matter how thick or thin it may be. But the average erect girth of a penis is estimated to be around 4.73 inches or 12 centimeters.

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