11 Realistic Masturbators Like The Real Thing (Or Better?)

When it comes to getting off, realistic masturbators are a game-changer. Whether you’re home alone, off on a business trip, or just looking for something new – the range of options out there for solo play are better than ever.

Whether you prefer a realistic vagina or a realistic sex doll, the following lifelike masturbators open up a world of possibilities for pleasure. True to life, naturalistic masturbators that feel like the real deal are a great way to spice up your sex life, and get pleasure on the go.

realistic masturbators

Top 11 Realistic Masturbators

We picked the best realistic masturbators in 2022 based on a range of factors such as special functions, material, and look.

Let’s get started!

1) Alicia Realistic Masturbator

realistic vagina ass

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What do you get with Alicia?

  • A pair of perfect tits
  • Soft, fleshy openings
  • A tight vagina & ass whenever you want them

Alicia’s petite, but this masturbator packs a punch. Alicia is a torso doll whose tight openings will be sure to send you over the edge. If you can imagine coming home to a realistic set of tits, ass, and pussy just waiting to be loved every night, Alicia is a masturbator you should seriously consider checking out. Lube up either of her two holes for an added dimension of reality and pleasure.

Why you should buy Alicia right now:

Perfect juicy tits, a tight vagina, and an ass you can enjoy whenever you want? What’s there not to love, really.

2) Katya Realistic Masturbator

katya realistic vagina

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What do you get with Katya?

  • Insanely textured canal
  • Tantalising, puffy lips
  • A tight realistic asshole

Katya’s pussy lips are nice and puffy, just begging to be lubed up and fucked. This real looking ass and pussy masturbator is positioned perfectly for you to enjoy both vaginal penetration and anal in a perfect doggy position. Once you push inside Katya’s tight opening, prepare yourself to be blown away by the intense sensations of her textured inner canal. Katya’s pussy has a whole range of different scintillating textures and is certainly one to be remembered!

Why you should buy Katya right now:

Katya’s tight ass and vagina combo make her the perfect real masturbator to come home to after a long, hard day. Plus, she’s fairly light so you can lift her up and enjoy her all around the house.

3) Real Doll Serenityreal doll serenity

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What do you get with Serenity?

  • The forefront of AI-driven sex toys
  • A fully customizable fuck toy
  • An investment for life

Serenity belongs to the Real Doll line of hyper-realistic sex dolls. She’s made from an incredibly high-quality TPE that gives her a soft, fleshy feel, similar to the real thing. Not only is she smoking hot with a perfect body, but Serenity can also be paired with Real Doll’s next-generation X Model technology, meaning that she can move, respond, and speak to you as you fuck her. If you want to experience the future of masturbation – Serenity is perfect for you.

Why you should buy Serenity right now:

Serenity is fully customizable, down to her hair, makeup, and even freckles. Her super high quality means that, if treated right, she’s an investment for life.

4) Autoblow A.I.

autoblow ai

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What do you get with the Autoblow A.I.?

  • Smooth, interchangeable sleeves
  • Motor-powered orgasms
  • A cool, futuristic-looking masturbator you can put on your shelf

When a masturbator looks like a rocket ship, you know it’s bound to contain some pretty dope technology. The Autoblow A.I. certainly lives up to its high tech appearance, leading the way when it comes to realistic blowjob technology. With a battery-free motor powering each stroke, the Autoblow A.I. will show you orgasms you never thought you could reach, whenever you feel like it.

Why you should buy the Autoblow A.I. right now:

The motor-powered pump strokes your penis from top to bottom, creating a full sensory experience that might just be even better than an actual real life blowjob.

5) Quinn Petite Real

quinn realistic

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What do you get with Quinn?

  • Dream-girl body
  • Realistic skin and features
  • Any position you feel like

Another gem from the Real Doll connection is the Petite range Quinn doll. Quinn is a gorgeous pint-size sex doll who is a perfect match for you if you like your women on the smaller side. Like most of the Real Doll models, Quinn’s ass is fitted with silicone implants, giving her an incredibly realistic feeling and appearance that will leave you wanting to grab and spank her for hours on end.

Why you should buy Quinn right now:

You can fully customize Quinn’s assets, meaning that even if you want your doll on the smaller side, you don’t have to compromise on massive tits or a juicy ass.

6) Tiana Realistic Masturbator

pro elite tiana

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What do you get with Tiana?

  • Ebony skin tone
  • Ribbed texture
  • Lightweight ass and pussy

If you like your girls on the darker side, the THRUST Pro Elite Tiana model is the ass for you. This lifelike masturbator comes with a perfectly tight set of holes ready for you at a moment’s notice. Her perfectly round ass comes arched up backwards, meaning as soon as you open the box she’s already begging to be taken doggy.

Why you should buy Tiana right now:

Once you push inside Tiana, you’ll experience just how good her ribbed and textured inner canal is. With each and every pump, you’ll feel waves of pleasure that dare you not to climax.

7) Stoya Destroya Realistic Masturbator

fleshlight stoya destroya

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What do you get with Stoya?

  • Crazy textured inner canal
  • Soft, fleshy, lifelike material
  • Stoya’s pussy

Take porn actress Stoya’s perfect pussy in the palm of your hands with this ultra-realistic Fleshlight girl. Her 9 inch inner canal is deep enough to fit most men balls-deep, so every inch of you gets to enjoy her soft, fleshy pussy. Close your eyes and let her temperature-responsive SuperSkin material create a hyper realistic sensation that will make you feel like Stoya herself is there riding your cock.

Why you should buy Stoya right now:

Stoya’s one of the hottest porn actresses out there, and getting to experience the sensation of fucking a pussy modeled after her sculpted lips and opening is truly fun for any hot-blooded male.

8) Real Doll Asa Akira

asa akira wicked

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What do you get with Asa Akira?

  • Japanese dream-girl
  • Any and all positions
  • Hyper-realistic skin & hair

If you, like many men, find Japanese women totally irresistible and dream of fucking one – today’s your lucky day. Everything you want from a sex doll and more, Asa Akira is a wonderfully seductive lifelike Japanese masturbator ready to submit to your every wish. Her robust, realistic inner wiring means she can bend and twist into just about any position you can come up with. Asa Akira is made of incredibly high-quality materials, making her an investment for life.

Why you should buy Asa Akira right now:

Asa’s an incredibly sexy, life-like doll that will never grow old on you. Look after her right, and she’ll be with you for many years to come.

9) Fleshlight STU

fleshlight pink lady

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What do you get with the Fleshlight STU Kit?

  • A classy, gold exterior
  • A full solo-play dream kit
  • A bottle of large lubricant

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit kit is a one-stop-shop for all your masturbation needs. The kit includes a flashy gold Fleshlight with tight, realistic lips, as well as a shower mount, adapter, cleaner, renewer powder, and a big bottle of lube to boost glide. With all this in one kit, you can start putting your stamina to the test and see how long you manage to last with the Pink Lady. Throw on a splash of lube and it might not be so long!

Why you should buy the Fleshlight STU Kit right now:

If you’ve been pondering buying a Fleshlight but don’t quite know where to begin, this model and full kit is a great option to get you started. Explore the world of Fleshlight possibilities as soon as you can!

10) Roxy Realistic Doll

roxy sex doll

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What do you get with Roxy?

  • Realistic vagina, mouth, & anus
  • TPE flesh that feels like the real deal
  • Smoldering brown eyes & realistic hair

Roxy is one of the most lifelike and hottest sex dolls on the market. One look at her perfect, full breasts will have you begging to explore all of her holes. Roxy can be loved orally, vaginally, or anally, and all of her holes are tantalizingly tight and fleshy. Her soft TPE skin means she feels incredibly realistic, meaning no matter what pose you take her in, she’ll feel as good as the real deal.

Why you should buy Roxy right now:

Roxy’s an incredibly sexy model and doesn’t like to be kept waiting. It’s the sooner the better when it comes to leaving her tight holes dripping wet.

11) Shy Camilla

camilla inflatable doll

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What do you get with Shy Camilla?

  • Smooth, tactile PVC
  • Pert breasts to fondly
  • Naturally shaped hands and feet for added realism

If you’d like to masturbate with an inflatable sex doll, you can’t go wrong with Shy Camilla. Camilla’s got a realistic vagina and an asshole just waiting to be penetrated, as well as a sexy pair of pert, inflatable breasts that beg to be fondled and sucked. Her sleek, PVC texture adds a satisfyingly smooth sensory experience whenever you decide to get down to business with this busty doll. Pop in her a multi speed bullet vibrator for intensified stimulation.

Why you should buy Shy Camilla right now:

Camilla’s an inflatable sexual companion, meaning you can easily store her, or even take her with you on the go. Go from a packed suitcase to a fully-fledged lovable woman in a matter of mere moments.

History of Realistic Masturbators

While the first Fleshlight burst onto the scene in 1994, undeniably changing the world of male masturbators forever, that is far from the origin of the industry. Using toys and instruments to create realistic masturbation goes as far back as masturbation itself.

In ancient Greece, there was already a strong culture of masturbation aids, with men creating makeshift dildos and handheld pussies out of common household items – often food. Filling up cloths with jellies and jams was a common method of achieving a fleshy, lubed-up sensation.

Such makeshift realistic masturbators have always appeared in one shape or another, but have also been part of a fully-fledged industry for longer than you might imagine.

At the turn of the 20th century, there was reports of vendors in Paris producing inflatable sex dolls designed to pleasure men looking for somewhere to stick their prick. These dolls were custom-made, and could be requested to resemble an individual of the buyer’s choosing – not a far cry away from the customizable dolls of today.

For most of history, these kinds of toys were something that had to be produced and sold out of sight from state and church authorities, as a major taboo surrounded masturbation. Throughout the 20th century, however, people began to accept the fact that sex and masturbation are totally normal and healthy parts of human life, breathing new life into the sex toy industry.

Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, largely owing to the sexual revolution of the late 60s and 70s, sex shops became an increasingly common thing across North America and Europe, and led to a boom in male masturbators on the market – ultimately leading us to the diverse landscape of sex toys we have today.

Future of Realistic Masturbators

Realistic masturbators have come a long way since the first Fleshlight, with increasingly realistic materials, and even new digital AI technology being incorporated into the latest models.

Companies such as Kiiroo are producing male-female masturbators that can connect partners across long distances, allowing them to control each other’s devices, while companies like Real Doll are paving the way for AI operating systems that make their dolls able to speak and react to your actions, forging a deep personal relationship with your doll.

The future of realistic masturbators is incredibly exciting, and a far cry away from jelly in a cloth. With robots, AI, the metaverse, and virtual reality bound to play even greater roles in our masturbation – we can only wait with excitement to see what the future holds in stock!

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