Prostate Massage Guide – How to Have a Prostate Orgasm

This prostate massage guide was originally written by our bi-sexual contributor Jenny. I don’t know how many blokes have been lucky enough to end up in her expert hands, but you can be sure she has experience in male g-spot stimulation, prostate orgasms and super o, beside being able to explain stuff beautifully. Enjoy and share.

~Deon B.

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male g spot

As a GGG partner, I like to make sure that my guy is getting all the fun he can have in bed, and what that means is going after the prostate, otherwise known as the male G-spot!

The prostate is a gland that is located right between the bladder and the rectum. It’s job is to produce a fluid that is designed to protect the sperm as it it enters the vaginal canal, and that is all the science we are going to get in to for this article.

What you need to know is that the male g-spot is one of the most sensitive places on the human body. There are a ton of nerves there, and given the fact that the prostate is extremely connected the sexual response, the orgasm that comes from prostate massage and stimulation can be incredible (it’s often called the Super O).

Are you ready to learn a little more about how to use the prostate’s gifts for your sexual pleasure?

Top 3 Prostate Massagers

  1. Mantric – Hits the spot, vibrates, best value overall
  2. Helix – The best prostate massager for a first timer
  3. nJoy Pure – Metal prostate toy with an unusual shape

Isn’t a Prostate Massage Messy?

You’re dealing with the rectum and anus; so yes it can be!

The key is to simply make sure that the area in question is clean before doing any exploration. Anal douching and enemas are two ways to be sure that you are not going to encounter anything you don’t want on you, but as long as you have defecated at least an hour or so beforehand, usually you can get by with hot showers and gloves. To be extra safe, put down a towel before you start having some fun.

If you are someone who is nervous or even phobic about the possible mess, skip down to the “I’m Not Ready for Penetration” section. Just because you are worried about the mess does not mean you cannot enjoy prostate stimulation.

First Time Prostate Massage

Before you start exploring the male g-spot, take a moment to make sure that you are prepared. This takes more time and effort than simply sitting or lying down for a quick masturbation session, but in general, it is worth it.

Get a towel to lay down on the bed, and make sure that you have gloves and personal lubricant available close by. If you don’t want to use gloves, make sure that your fingernails are extremely short and filed smooth. Fingernails can scratch and even tear delicate skin.

You should also urinate before do anything with your male g-spot. Prostate massage can make you feel as if you need to urinate, and it is best to take care of that before you get started. The feeling to urinate is natural as the prostate is snugged up against the bladder.

How to Find Your Prostate: Where is the Male G Spot

Locating the prostate is the first step when you start looking for the male G-spot. Whether you are looking to give someone a great g-spot massage or you are looking for the prostate on your own body, the process is the same.

1) Lie Down On Your Back

Lie down on your back, and stuff a few pillows under your lower back. Spread your legs, bend them at the knee and make sure that the genitals from the penis all the way back to the anus are exposed to the air. This gives you plenty of room to work with.

Start by gently massaging the sphincter (the tight ring of muscle around the anus) and the perineum (the firm area between the anus and the testicles). This helps relax the muscles, and it makes penetration much, much easier. Ignore the erection for now; it’s hard to believe, but proper prostate massage and stimulation can make penile stimulation surprisingly uninteresting!

Put on a pair of vinyl, latex or nitrile gloves. Not only is this safer sex, it can also prevent scratching or tearing if your fingernails are a little on the long side. Also the use of gloves makes penetration a lot easier.

2) Coat Your Pointer Finger With Lube

Coat your pointer finger with lube. In general, when you are dealing with anal play, you want more lube than you think you need. Most people say that there is simply no so much thing as too much lube when you are playing with the prostate and the anus!

Use the lube on your finger to gently massage the sphincter. Do not push, and do not shove! Remember that you have all of the time in the world, and that rushing is not going to help you at all. One thing that can help is to push out as if you are having a bowel movement. This opens up the sphincter muscles.

For the person receiving this type of stimulation for the first time, just relax. Breathe deeply and do your best not to clench up. Clenching around something entering the anus can be pleasurable but it can make it more difficult when you are searching out the male g-spot for the first time.

3) Ease Your Finger Inside

As the sphincter opens up under the stimulation, ease your finger inside. Do not be surprised if you feel as if you need to defecate or urinate. That is normal, and if you already emptied yourself earlier, you are probably fine.

If you are simply doing some self-exploration, this can be a little awkward, but it is entirely possible. Simply make sure that the back of your hand is pointed towards the ceiling, and that your forefinger is curled back towards your head.

You do not have to penetrate very deeply to locate the male g-spot at all. On most people, the male g-spot is located just 2 inches into the rectum, towards the front of the body. Some people have the organ placed a little deeper, others a bit more shallowly, so don’t worry if its not exactly where you think it is.

Sometimes, people looking for the prostate wonder if they have found it, and in general, if you have to ask, you haven’t yet!

Some men report feelings of intense pleasure as soon as the male g-spot is touched, while other men state that when the prostate is touched only lightly, they have an urge to urinate. Many men become instantly erect when the prostate is stimulated for a short period of time.

4) Experiment for a while

Experiment with just this for a while. This is great foreplay, and at this point, the penis can be manually stimulated as well. Some purists think that prostate stimulation should be done with no contact to the genitals at all, but the truth is that if you feel good, you should do it!

Some people love a light and constant pressure against their prostate as they stroke themselves to completion, while others prefer to have the prostate pressed over and over again. You may try these motions, or you may simply like to stroke the prostate gently at first and then more firmly. Some people really like to hit the prostate hard, but in general, you will not be interested in that the first few times you try it.

Hands-Free Prostate Orgasm (Super O)

The holy grail for many people who experiment with prostate play is the hands-free prostate orgasm. This means that orgasm can be achieved without touching the penis or testicles at all. They state that this orgasm is significantly more powerful, more exciting and more intense than anything that you can do with with the penis.

Is this true?

As a matter of fact, it varies from person to person. Some find that a hands-free prostate orgasm is wonderful, but too intense and labor intensive to want to bother with every time. Others make hands-free prostate orgasms a way of life. Most people, with enough effort, can achieve it. Some people can do it quite quickly, and others take more time.

When you are thinking about trying for a male prostate orgasm, first remember that orgasms do not always involve ejaculation. A prostate orgasm may cause ejaculation, but more often, it involves waves of sensation that travel both in towards the core of the body and out towards the arms and legs.

There are a few ways to achieve orgasm without involving the genitals, but as always, it is important to find the right method and position for you. Check the end of the article for toys that are designed to stimulate the prostate; going hands-free usually involves a toy of some sort as the toys offer a steadier and firmer pressure than hands or fingers.

Some find that they can achieve a genital-free orgasm best on their back, while others feel that being on their side and contracting their sphincter around a toy works best. Still others like to rock the toy into their bodies, hitting the prostate with every motion.

Having a prostate-only orgasm requires time and effort, and if it is a goal, do not give up! However, also remember that you are not a failure if you cannot achieve it. Prostate stimulation is fun however you do it, and there is no wrong way to do it at all!

Best Position For Prostate Stimulation

We’ve discussed having the recipient lie back on the bed, but there are a few other positions that are quite enjoyable, especially when shared with a partner.

For example, have the recipient get on their hands and knees on the bed, with their knees spread. In this position, someone who is fingering them will be pressing their finger down towards the bed. This can be a fairly comfortable hand position, especially if the prostate play is designed to last for an extended period of time.

Another position is taken straight from the medical books. Have the recipient bend over something like a table or the bed. Ask them to stand with their toes touching and their heels apart. This position makes it much more difficult for the recipient to clench their anus against the initial penetration, and the support of the bed or table gives them something to hold on to.

As mentioned above, some people, especially ones who find the sensations too intense, find that they do much better if the prostate is stimulated while they are on their side. This can be an awkward position if hands are involved, so this is why anal toys are so very handy.

Prostate Massage Without Penetration

Some men are just not comfortable being penetrated anally whether they are doing it themselves or letting a partner do it. Even if you are not interested in penetration, you can still enjoy the pleasure of male g-spot stimulation. External prostate massage is not as intense as direct prostate play, but it can still be quite fun!

Simply apply a little bit of anal lube to your forefinger and your middle finger and press and stroke the perineum. Start by touching the area lightly and then increase your force. It is relatively easily to access the prostate from this angle, and soon enough, you will start to feel the waves of pleasure wash over you.

The best positions for this include spread out on the back or on all fours. Also be aware of the fact that this does press on the bladder, so that sudden need urinate is likely nothing to worry about.

Some people use perineum stimulation to get ready for prostate stimulation, while others choose to just stick with it. The choice is up to you!

Prostate Massage Toys

Getting started with male g-spot stimulation usually begins with the fingers. After all, you don’t know if you’re going to like it, and if you have never thought about penetration at all, fingers are a lot less intimidating than a toy.

However, prostate massagers are specially designed to be perfectly fitted to your anatomy, and they can hit your prostate in a way that your fingers or the fingers of a partner simply cannot.

When it comes to prostate stimulation, Aneros is a company that basically has the last word on the topic, and we review them over here. All of the toys listed are going to help you get the kind of prostate stimulation that you need, but if you want a quick and snappy review of the some of the best toys for the job, look below.

Njoy Fun Wand

The Njoy Fun Wand is not necessarily a toy for beginners, but it is absolutely a fantastic toy for anyone who is interested in prostate stimulation and the male g-spot. The length means that it can be suited to any anatomy, and the slickness of the metal makes for easy insertion and smooth motion. You can experiment with each of the bumps in the wand as you try to hit your male g-spot perfectly, and it can be a great toy to share with a partner.

Aneros Helix Syn

In our Aneros review, we have the Aneros Helix listed as the perfect beginner toy, and there are lots of reasons why. The size of this toy is fairly modest, making for easy insertion, and the toy itself has a silicone coating, meaning that it has a little bit of give to it. Their toys are all designed for pure prostate pleasure, and this one is no different. The P-tab, the arm that has a circular ball dotted in red, is designed to snug up against the perineum, while the curled arm is designed to allow you to grip it.

Helix Classic

The Helix Classic is known as the working horse of the Aneros line. It is the device which has given many, many people their first male g-spot orgasm, and many people swear by it. This is another device that is suited to the absolute anal beginner, but as mentioned in many reviews, it is made of very firm plastic. Some people find that they love the firmness of the Helix Classic, while others decide that they need something a little more yielding. There have been some reports that the firmness of the Helix Classic actually helps you get to a hands-free orgasm, so that is absolutely something to consider.

Rocks-Off Rude Boy

One of the things that we love about the Rocks-Off Rude Boy is that it is totally hands free. Once you get this thing inserted, you can just sit quietly and rock it into your body for some very powerful pleasure. The vibration is quite strong while staying discreet, and this entire toy is completely waterproof. All in all, a great toy for a beginner or an expert.

Rocks off Naughty Boy

The Rocks Off Naughty Boy is absolutely a toy that is designed to help you get all of the pleasure that you can out of your male g-spot, and it is absolutely not shy about it. The sleek design makes insertion a breeze, and thanks to the way it is bent, the vibrating bullet sits right against the perineum, offering you all the sensation that you can stand. This is a good toy to experiment with if you are exploring your male g-spot solo, as all you need to do is insert it and turn it on. Another great way to use it is to straddle a pillow and rock on it after the Naughty Boy has been inserted for a while. A male g-spot expert can really enjoy this toy, but the size makes it good for beginners as well.

Aneros Vice

On our Aneros review, we have the Aneros Vice listed as the toy for experts and sensation seekers. This is a fairly girthy toy, but many feel that the girth makes it more likely to hit the male g-spot in general. This is a toy for when you are looking to get serious about a lot of sensation play, and when you are ready to take something bigger inside. Once again, lots of water based lube is necessary for insertion, and if you decide to take on this toy, don’t force it. However, once its in, the combination of penetration, male g-spot stimulation and vibrations can show you whole new sexual worlds!

Njoy Pure Plug

Silicone’s great, but metal’s amazing! Njoy is an extremely familiar name to people who crave male G-spot stimulation, and the Njoy Pure Plug is a good option for you. This plug has a modest head with a narrow stem, allowing you to lock it in place while the head presses squarely against your prostate. Heat or cool this elegant toy for some fun temperature play. Thanks to the ergonomic shape, this is one toy that can be used for quite a long period of time.

Locating the male g-spot is easy, and once you give it a shot, you’ll be angry that your body was hiding this secret from you. Spend some time getting to know your male g-spot, stimulate yourself slowly and patiently, and get a partner who wants to explore it with you.

This can be an amazing sensual experience, and there is no time like the present to get started!

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