Aneros Vice 2 Review – Is it the Right One for You?

aneros vice 2

The Aneros Vice 2 is a major upgrade over the Aneros Vice. In fact, Aneros has such high confidence in its latest offering that they have completely discontinued the Aneros Vice, instead sticking with the Vice 2.

The Aneros Vice 2 also has the distinct honor of being the only device in Aneros’ product portfolio of prostate massagers to feature vibrating motors inside (we’ll talk about the motors in a moment).

I am a big-time Aneros fan, and I’m mostly comfortable with their hands-free prostate massagers. But, I’m always looking for new things to try.

So, when I found the Vice 2 in stock, I jumped at the chance. I really wanted to put this thing through its paces and see if it was worth the price tag.

At its core, it’s just a vibrating massager that’s designed to stimulate the prostate, the little gland situated behind your urethra, near the perineal region.

First Impressions of the Aneros Vice 2

The Aneros Vice 2 looks different than other prostate massagers I’ve used from Aneros. Let’s talk about the major differences right off the bat.

This Isn’t a Trident

If you have used several Aneros prostate massagers, you would probably know the difference between the Trident series and the other ones. The major difference is that the Trident series all feature curved arms with spherical tabs.

These are the P & K tabs, designed to stimulate your perineal region and the base of your spine. The P & K tabs play an important role in maximizing the overall level of pleasure that you are able to derive from Aneros’ devices.

This one, as you can see, above, doesn’t have any P & K tabs. It has a couple of handles, but they are more designed to help you hold the prostate massager instead of stimulating your perineal region.

They have a very gentle curve, and they are also much thicker. I believe it’s just designed to give the Aneros Vice 2 a bit of design consistency when compared with other prostate massagers from Aneros’ lineup.

This Thing is Big

Aneros vice 2 boxSee It

Much bigger than I thought, actually. The exact measurements are given below:

  • Tip width: 1.3 inches
  • Mid-range width: 1.3 inches
  • Stem to perineum distance: 1.68 inches
  • Insertable depth: 4.4 inches

As you can see, this thing is huge. The fact that the width of the tip and the mid-range width are both similar simply means that you are going to feel much fuller than you think.

I mean, I consider myself to be a fairly experienced prostate massager user, and even I was amazed at just how big this thing was.

On top of that, you have to factor in the vibrating motors inside. Combine it with the shape and you have on your hands a pretty hefty device.

If you are a first-time user, I wouldn’t recommend the Aneros Vice 2 to you at all. This thing is designed for experienced users, but if you are feeling a bit daring and really want to push yourself, well, go for it.

Check out this guide to help you understand prostate massage and pleasure better.

Just make sure you have lots of lubricant handy.

The Shape

The Aneros Vice 2 is the company’s upgrade to its original offering, which was introduced in 2002. The company released the Trident Series in 2017, featuring prostate massagers like the Helix Syn Trident and the MGX Syn Trident.

They were very well-received, and the company decided to soon follow suit and incorporate the key design elements from the Trident series, which include a MAMA (Multi-Axial Motion Architecture) balancing architecture and the P & K arm configuration, into its other devices.

The company has already announced that they are going to incorporate these design elements into their new products, though the Vice 2 is yet to receive that update.

Aneros says that the company has paid close attention to the anatomically correct shape of the Vice 2, which results in more harmonious vibrations that synchronize with your body.

The larger size of the Aneros Vice 2 means that you will constantly notice its presence.

Personally, I like the curvature of the device. It’s got a slight curve on the head, which is always appreciated, and then you have the deep first groove.

I haven’t tried inserting it any farther than this, though I’m sure there are going to be a few of you who will definitely take it all the way. It feels good in there.

A Look At the Aneros Vice 2’s Motors

aneros vice 2 angled

The Aneros Vice 2 may seem like the Progasm Jr. in terms of its sizing, but the one that sets it apart are the vibrating motors. This thing comes with a tiny teardrop-shaped remote with three buttons and a simple display that shows you the setting.

If you are able to get this thing fully inside of you, the wider shaft is going to help in stimulating the prostate as well. Couple that with the vibrations, and you will feel a jackhammer going off inside of you, sending down waves of pleasure.

The Vice 2 does not use the popular RO-80 mm vibrating bullets, and instead uses its own vibrating motors.

The dual motor design is a touch of class, I have to say, There’s one motor in the shaft, and another motor is installed in the perineum arm of the device.

There are 18 custom vibration patterns in the device and 4 distinct speed selections. In total, you can experience 72 different types of vibrations.

What’s My Favorite Setting?

Personally, I prefer to keep the vibrating speed at 3. This is the second-highest speed setting, and then I just look for a vibration pattern that best suits my mood.

I have tried this thing with a lower speed setting, but I don’t really feel much with those. It’s either 3 or 4 for me.

There are like a bunch of vibration settings, 18 to be exact, so I just go with whatever mood I am in. I like clamping down on this thing and then pressing the pressure-sensitive button in order to find the setting that best works.

It’s also incredibly fun to just wear out in public as well. You could change the settings out on the fly, and see how your gait changes as a result of that.

My girlfriend actually loves doing it as a reverse prank. I wear the Vice 2 and she gets to switch out the settings while we are out in public.

I then have the uphill task of pretending that everything’s okay as people wonder where a faint whirring noise is coming from. It’s incredibly surprising when this thing starts running on max settings all of a sudden.

not cool meme

I guess, it’s the least I deserve, because she’s tried those remote vibrators out in public at my request as well. And, I’m brutal with that stuff.

She comes home dripping wet.

Thankfully though, I haven’t been driven to the point of prostate orgasms out in public, at least not yet.

How to Set the Aneros Vice 2 Vibration Settings

You need to find a setting that works best for you. Obviously, it can be difficult. Sometimes, I prefer using setting 4 or 5, both of which are generally quite calm and relaxing.

As you continue to cycle up the numbers, the intensity begins to rise. There’s also a randomizer that choose asetting of its own.

If you are really finicky and want to find a suitable setting yourself, go for it. If you are not all that particular and want to select a setting on random, that’s a possibility too.

For instance, there’s setting 16, which adjusts motor performance rapidly, starting them at various speed settings. I honestly don’t recommend this and setting 17 to novice users. It could be a bit difficult to handle right off the bat.

Synthetic Silicone Beauty

Aneros vice 2 design
See It

One of the major upgrades that the Vice 2 has received over the original Vice is the upgraded material. Unlike the Progasm, which features an ABS plastic body, the Aneros Vice 2 has been upgraded to the same velvety touch silicone as is found on all the other Trident line of massagers.

It’s got a synthetic coating on it that feels simply marvelous to touch. It’s one of the reasons why the Aneros Vice 2 is such a popular choice. The venvety touch silicone of the prostate massager feels great in the hand, but even better inside.

However, one small issue I have with this device is that it does not stay in place. The Aneros Vice 2 likes to move around here and there, and it’s hard keeping it in a fixed position, especially with the vibrations on max speeds.

Trying Out the Aneros Vice 2 – You’ve Been Thunderstruck!

vice 2 side view

Okay, I need a couple of minutes. I just had an intense orgasm around thirty minutes ago, and I’m writing this review while the details are still fresh in my head.

I wanted this review to be as authentic as possible, so I’m still shaking as I write this section.

Honestly, I can’t find enough good things to say about the Vice 2.

I was skeptical at first considering the design of the device (it’s a far cry from the ribbed sensations that the MGX Trident offers or the pencil-like feel of the Eupho Syn Trident), but it does feel amazing.

If you take a look at the marketing materials, you will realize that the company claims to have designed this thing with extreme precision to ensure that it remains anatomically correct inside.

I tried the Aneros Vice 2 solo (my girlfriend generally likes toying with me using this in public), but I wanted the full experience. If you’d like your girlfriend to use it on you, check this guide.

So, first things first, you need lots of lubricant.

As I mentioned, this thing is big. It’s best if you apply lots of lubricant before you try to insert it in. I know I did, and this thing went in smoothly.

I had to regulate my breathing a fair bit to allow the Aneros Vice 2 to enter inside and adjust itself. It took me a full minute to get used to the feeling.

The Momentum Builds Up

During all this time, I didn’t even touch the remote. I just wanted to get comfortable with the feeling of this thing inside of me.

However, once I felt the familiar bump of the massager against my prostate, which I refer to as the “prostate handshake,” I was ready to up the ante.

I started by just increasing the speeds, and began to gently start the vibrations on the first setting. That didn’t feel right, so I continued to cycle through until I found what I was looking for.

Vibration setting 15. Speed 4.

This seemed to do the trick. Keep in mind that I was lying down on the bed, with my legs raised up to my chest.

Unlike most other times when I use prostate massagers, I didn’t put on any porn on the telly or “prime” myself up. I wanted to see if this thing could take me from 0 to 60 with juts its vibration settings, and I’m happy to report that it can.

Within a few minutes, I was literally having a hard time keeping my legs up. It was like someone was going to town on my prostate.

I didn’t want it to stop. My dick was fully erect, and I was just enjoying the motions. Almost intuitively, I began to gently rub my dick as well.

The momentum continued to build up (I went as high as setting 17) until I could no longer hold up. I let out a huge moan and then popped this thing out of my butt.

That was a bit of a challenge, considering I hadn’t stopped it yet. It took all of the remaining energy left in me to keep it aside, and then I just crashed.

I was absolutely spent. There was not an ounce of energy left in me. This thing had taken it all away. And, I loved it.

The Aneros Vice 2 is one of the best purchases that I have made. If you want mind-blowing prostate orgasms, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

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