Aneros MGX Syn Trident VS MGX Trident – Review and Comparison

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Aneros has upped their game considerably with their Syn Trident line. The Aneros MGX Syn Trident is one of the company’s flagships.

Like several others in the Trident line, the MGX Syn is an upgrade over the basic MGX Trident. It follows a similar color scheme; the MGX Trident is white whereas the MGX Syn Trident is all black.

This one has a considerably steeper curve than the Aneros Helix line, and that makes a huge difference. I got my hands on both the Aneros MGX Trident and the Anerox MGX Syn Trident and took them for a spin.

Prostate massages are great. While there are other exercises that you can try for prostate health, massagers are wonderful too!

Here’s what I think.

What Are the Main Differences Between the Two?

The main reason why I love Aneros’ prostate massagers is because these guys pay unbelievable attention to detail. Each of their prostate massagers are finely crafted with care and precision.

It’s these subtle curves that really up the game for me. These are not just rounded knobs that you can use to stimulate your prostate.

No, these are meticulously engineered devices designed to enhance prostate pleasure. The main differences between the two are related to:

  • Pricing
  • Use of material
  • Durability and quality

There’s also a slight difference in the measurements. Let me put that down in a table for you:

Measurements MGX Syn Trident MGX Trident
Tip-width 0.8 inches 0.77 inches
Mid-range width 0.98 inches 0.98 inches
Stem to perineum distance 1.6 inches 1.6 inches
Insertable depth 3.9 inches 3.9 inches


As you can see, the two are virtually similar. There’s a minute difference in the tip width, mainly due to the coating on the MGX Syn Trident.

The Aneros MGX Syn Trident – Ribbed Pleasure

mgx syn trident
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Let’s talk about the Aneros MGX Syn Trident first. Like all others in the Syn line, this one is all black, and has white and red dots on each of the P & K tabs.

In my opinion, that just makes this thing look even better. If you compare it with the design and color scheme of the MGX Trident, this one looks miles better.

The standout feature of the MGX series is the ribbed stem. None of the other Aneros prostate massagers come with a ribbed stem, so this thing is unique in its own right. The design is completely different from other popular prostate massagers.

The MGX Syn Trident uses the company’s special medical-grade silicone coating that you will find on all their high-end models.

I could go on and on about just how good this feels. But, the star of the show, as I later realized, was the ribbed stem.

Having used prostate massagers for a while now, I never knew what I was missing until I tried this bad boy.

Now, I know that finding your prostate can be tricky, especially for people who have never tried anal play. This thing makes matters much easier. The curvature of the tip makes it easy to slip it inside.

Coupled with the ribbed stem, this thing is great all around. It feels wonderful, as you’ll soon find out in my review.

Storage Tips for the Aneros MGX Syn Trident

mgx syn trident box

The MGX Syn Trident has a similar packaging like all of the other Aneros Syn Trident massagers. It’s the same black, red, and white accents with a luxurious fine plastic finish on top.

There’s nothing special inside; it’s just the prostate massager and a small instruction manual folded neatly in the back. Fairly simple all around, and that’s all you want.

While most people will be quick to discard the box, I’d recommend keeping it around. It’s what I use to store my Aneros MGX Syn Trident after I’m done with it.

You can just clean it up and put it in the case. There’s no pouch or anything included with the Aneros MGX Syn, so the box is as good a thing to use as any for storage.

As a rule, you should never leave your prostate massager out on the table or in the drawers. You don’t know what kind of bacteria it’s likely to catch.

Moving to the Aneros MGX Trident

mgx trident box

See It

The Aneros MGX Trident may not seem very different to the MGX Syn Trident, but in order to really feel the difference, you have to hold this thing in your hand.

Hold the two simultaneously, and you will notice the difference in the feel almost immediately. This one is made from ABS plastic, and there’s no soft or plush feel on it.

Yes, it is quite smooth to the touch, but that velvety feel has literally spoiled me.

This one also has the same curvature and design, along with the ribbed stem. However, the tabs are rounded on this, like tiny knobs.

On the MGX Syn Trident, these tabs are flatter. The shape is round, but they are slightly flatter, and this increases the stimulation when you start using these properly.

It may seem like a simple design element when you look at it, but it makes a humongous difference.

If you are starting out in the world of prostate massagers and need something that gives you a little extra “oomph,” then the MGX Trident is a good choice.

It’s affordably priced, and you don’t have to worry about charging batteries or holding a remote. You just need to clench your kegel muscles to get this thing going.

It may seem a bit superfluous at first, but it really works. I mean, it’s amazing how you can pleasure your body with something so minimal or barebones.

My Tips for Using the Aneros MGX

MGX trident front

Here’s the thing: you need to understand how to derive pleasure from these devices before you can really justify your investment. Read this guide to find out more.

If you have bought any of the Aneros MGX options, you need to know how to use them properly. Fortunately, I have a few tips that I’d like to share with you.

Lube it Properly

You can’t use any of the best Aneros prostate massager without adding lots of lube. Now, the company also sells its own lube, but if you want, you can always buy your own.

Just make sure you buy a water-based lube as these generally do not have any side effects. More importantly, you should know that you will have to replenish the lube application after every 15-20 minutes.

This is necessary if you want an enjoyable experience. After a while, you will begin to notice friction building up as you move. It’s important that you stop and apply lube right then.

You don’t want a nasty rash down there!

Clean it Right After

One of the best pieces of advice that I can give to you is to make sure that you clean your Aneros MGX as soon as possible after you orgasm.

Once you are back in your senses, don’t just chuck your Aneros in your drawer or put it back in its case. Instead, take it out and clean it properly.

Even though the MGX Syn Trident is made from phthalate free materials and is fully FDA approved and both have non-porous surfaces, the smell can linger on if you do not clean it properly.

In my opinion, it’s just good practice to clean your prostate massager before you keep it in storage.

Relax Your Mind

The best prostate massager in the world won’t work for a second if you do not relax your mind before you start using it. Both the Aneros MGX Trident and the MGX Syn Trident are top-drawer products.

The company has put considerable thought into the design and shape of their massagers. These are good prostate massagers.

But, if you are mentally not in the right place, you won’t be able to cum. That Super-O is hard to achieve, I know.

It’s worth it, though. If you really want the best experience, you have to relax your body and your mind both. Failure to do that will just mean that you won’t have any fun whatsoever.

Don’t rush with these prostate massagers. It takes time to get going. If your mind is elsewhere, no need to try this on. It’s only going to affect your experience.

If you really want fun, you need to be in a good frame of mind. Clear your headspace before you decide to try a prostate massager.

My Experience With the Aneros MGX Syn Trident

mgx syn side view

The Aneros MGX Syn Trident is a thing of beauty. I tried this with my girlfriend, and honestly, I think it has spoiled my sex life forever.

We were getting hot and frisky on a Saturday night, and I remembered this thing all packed. Now, for those who don’t know, my girlfriend likes to get freaky and frisky.

There are a few prostate massagers that require manipulation by hand. Not this one. She lubed it up and gently put it inside me, and then began to blow me off.

The feeling of the prostate massager moving inside my while her supple lips caressed my penis is hard to put into words. Let’s just say that having a partner to try this out with is a much better way to experience it.

My girlfriend then got on top of me, and it was the best missionary sex I’ve ever had. I could absolutely feel the curvature of the tip rubbing against my prostate gently.

Try it Out With a Partner

This is one of the best pieces of advice you will hear. If you really want the amplified experience, try the Aneros MGX Syn Trident with your partner.

Don’t let them move it inside of you. Just use your kegel muscles, and get on with your sexcapades! You will have a device constantly stimulating your prostate, until you are ready to blow!

… And that brings me to the actual orgasm.

There are a lot of myths surrounding the Super-O. One important thing I’d like to mention is that there’s not a lot of semen discharge when you get a prostate orgasm.

However, if you have a lovely girlfriend who is willing to blow you off simultaneously, your penis is going to go into a frenzy. I was absolutely spent.

10/10 money well spent.

My Experience With the Aneros MGX Trident

I couldn’t get to try the Aneros MGX Trident with my partner, but I did experiment with it on my own. I really wanted to give it a fair shot, so I waited for a few days until the afterglow from that wild sex had lifted.

That took roughly five days. My experience with Aneros’ lower priced Trident versions was not very good, especially the Helix Trident, but this one surprised me a fair bit.

The only major difference is the material. And, in some cases, the ABS plastic is actually better. I didn’t get the Super O (you don’t get it all the time), but this thing feels good inside.

And, that’s all I want. Surprisingly, the ABS plastic is much easier to clean as well. I mean, if I was going on a trip, I’d definitely pack the Aneros MGX Trident with me instead of the MGX Syn Trident.

Once you are done, you can just wash it properly with conventional soap. The stickiness of the lube just goes away easily. It’s very efficient.

Final Thoughts

Both the Aneros MGX Syn Trident and the MGX Trident are excellent prostate massagers. That ribbed stem really adds a whole another layer of pleasure as it moves inside and outside.

I never knew that there were tiny nerve endings in that area that could stimulate and heighten the response, but apparently, there are.

If you are an experienced prostate massage user, just go with the MGX Syn Trident. If you are new to them, start with the more affordable variant. They both feel relatively similar, so you won’t notice much of a difference.

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