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The Aneros DeVice is designed for prostate stimulation, and since I lack one myself, my boyfriend got to be the lucky tester.

When he heard that I was doing reviews for Let’s Talk Sex, he was immediately interested, and when he realized that I was going to be reviewing some Aneros toys, he was totally sold on the idea!

Last time I took on the Aneros Evi, a kegel exerciser, but this time, I’m trying something a little bit different! Aneros toys are often used for solo stimulation, but we definitely had a great time tackling this new toy as a couple.

Update 2023: It seems the Aneros DeVice is out of stock. But you can still get your hands on a Vice 2 and use it without vibrator for the same experience.

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Aneros DeVice’s Packaging, Shipping and Design

Aneros has been doing what they do for quite some time, and they got me the toy with absolutely no problems whatsoever. The box it came in was discreet, and there was nothing in it to give away its naughty contents.

When I pulled open the box, I found a classy red and white box with the DeVice inside. This is something of a no-frills package, but that’s not really a problem for me. A lot of luxury sites offer extras, but with a toy this nice, I’m not really too worried.

When you purchase the Aneros DeVice, you get the toy itself and single sheet of instructions regarding what you can do with it. I further note that this toy is designed for an advanced user, so perhaps there are more instructions for the simpler toys.

As it is, using the Aneros DeVice is not rocket science, but it sure is fun!

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Aneros DeVice First Impressions: Firm and Smooth

As I stated in the video, my first impressions of the toy were that it was a nice luxury item. The silicone covering was amazingly touchable, and I really liked the feel of it. It had just enough flex to be sensual, but I could definitely tell that the silicone core really kept it pleasantly firm.

The two arms, one of which is designed to stimulate the perineum, have an elegant curve that make this toy quite attractive to look at, but as my boyfriend reminded me, he doesn’t really care about how pretty it is.

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The first thing he had to say when he saw the toy was that it seemed a little small to him. He’s no stranger to anal play, and he really does like to get filled up, so if that’s where you’re coming from, that might be worth your attention.

However, it is also worth noting that this toy is designed to be a prostate massager, that is, a toy that is specifically meant to affect the gland that lies two inches inside the rectum. We figured that a toy that is too big is not going to address this very sensitive area.

If you’re a size queen, the Aneros line is not exactly what you are looking for. These are not toys that are necessarily meant to fill you up. Instead, they are designed for a very specific purpose, so be willing to keep that in mind as you shop.

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Aneros DeVice Insertion: Use Lube

Because I am someone who likes to keep my toys in good shape, I made sure to read up on the toy’s components. According to the Aneros site, the Aneros DeVice is made out of only FDA-approved materials, and that’s good to know. However, also remember that the DeVice is made out of silicone.

That means that silicone lube will destroy it in a hurry, so make sure that you check your lube before you proceed. I do note that Aneros has its own lube line, which sounds pretty cool. However, for the purposes of this test, we used Sliquid Silk, which is water based.

To clean this toy, we used mild soap and warm water. As with any toy that you get, it is worth cleaning it throughly before you take it out for a spin.

My boyfriend and I both noted that it was nice and warm in our hands after a run under the warm water, and after that, we could get to business!

aneros device on bed

How To Use Aneros DeVice (His Story)

Given that Aneros is designed as a toy for solo pleasure, we decided it would be best if my boyfriend played with the Aneros while I just watched. Now, I don’t know if any of the girls out there have watched their guys play with their asses, but there’s something totally hot to me about it.

Once again, he did note how narrow it was, and when I asked if he felt that that was just to account for the prostate stimulation aspect of the toy, he shook his head. He felt that it could be bigger, and given the fact that I’ve used bigger toys on him before, I could see what he meant. However, as we’re told so often, it’s not the size that counts, but how you use it. However, it might be worth pointing out to Aneros that a thicker Aneros toy might be something cool to see in the future.

The first thing he did was spend a little time walking around with it. The DeVice does have a wide base below a slightly narrowed neck, meaning that it locks to the body fairly securely. I couldn’t see him walking differently, and if he were wearing his clothes, you wouldn’t be able to tell that he was wearing it. Of course that gave me ideas, but moving on!

After making sure of the toy’s security, he returned to bed to get down to business.

My boyfriend has never managed to have a hands-free orgasm, though he’s quite curious about it, so he spent the first forty minutes working with the toy itself, avoiding all genital stimulation. I saw him get aroused very quickly, and throughout the session he stayed just like that, which is something I will be keeping in mind for the future.

He stayed on his back for a while, rocking the toy with his fingers, and then he flipped over on his hands and knees to clench around it for a bit. On his hands and knees was better than him lying on his back, but best of all was when he followed the toy’s instructions and sat up straight, rocking slightly to move the toy inside him. When he did that, I could see him get harder visibly, and I think that was the closest he came to getting off without hands.

Clenching rhythmically around the toy once again definitely felt good, and he realized that this toy has a texture that is quite fun compared to other silicone toys. We figure that it has something to do with the firm core in the center. The main silicone dildo that we play with is hollow, and the solid core in the middle does add something!

After about forty minutes of rocking and clenching, he was definitely still turned on, but a hands-free orgasm wasn’t in the cards. He shifted to manual stimulation, and given that the toy had been inserted for a while, it took almost another twenty minutes to climax. When he came (and trust me, at this point it was pretty hard to keep my hands to myself!) it seemed to last longer than it usually did.

When I asked him what his general thoughts about the toy were, he stated that it was definitely comfortable, and he would definitely be working with it to try to get to the hands-free orgasm that Aneros is so proud of!

For me, as the interested girlfriend of a guy who likes anal play, my takeaway from this was that insertion of the DeVice can keep a guy hard for a nice long time. Definitely one for the other women in the audience to take note of!

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Aneros DeVice During Sex

I will absolutely admit that I’ve been looking forward to playing with this toy with my boyfriend. Though Aneros’ information points to this toy being used specifically for hands-free, prostate-only orgasms, I have to say that the Aneros toys have always looked like a lot of fun to me!

After some light fingering with plenty of lubricant, I inserted the toy into my boyfriend, hooking my fingers through the arm that curves up towards his back. The toy is very slightly ridged, with bumps along the shaft that can give a lot of sensation going in, and I played with this for a while, pressing the toy in and pulling it out so that the his sphincter muscles were closing over the bumps over and over again.

There are toys like anal beads where this is the designated purpose, but for what it is, the Aneros DeVice does quite well in this regard!

That was fun for my boyfriend, but it’s worth mentioning that he’s a pretty experienced anal player in most regards. For someone who was new, this stimulation could be over the top or even a little irritating. However, even if you are a little worried about the “Advanced” label on this toy, don’t worry about it too much. Just use plenty of lube, and it will be fine.

Once we had the toy inside him, I got him up on his hands and knees so that I could play with the arms. I was really curious about the P-tab, which is meant to stimulate the perineum, so I hooked my finger through the top arm and rocked the toy a little bit, which pushed the P-tab against him.

He told me later that this made him want to urinate a bit, which is something that is mentioned in many sources regarding perineum stimulation. He also mentioned that the arms were really comfortable; in his previous experience with the Aneros Helix, he thought that the arms were a little too narrow for comfort, but apparently with the DeVice, they have solved this problem.

He was definitely aroused at this point, but I wanted to play with the toy itself for a while before we went any further. Anal stimulation is an amazing thing, and for all of my partners who enjoy anal play, usually the distance between insertion and erection is pretty short.

Sometimes I like to twist an anal toy, but because of the arms, that wasn’t going to happen. However, I did very much enjoy getting to rock it inside him with my fingers, which simply consists of me pushing my fingers against the solid base of the DeVice. That had very pleasurable results.

After that, I wanted to see what vibrations would do through the toy. There is a similar toy called the Aneros Vice, which actually does vibrate, and after seeing what we could do with a Hitachi, that might be on the list of things that we pick up.

Hitting the base of the DeVice with the Hitachi definitely got my boyfriend’s attention, and from what he could tell me later (he really wasn’t up to answering questions at the time) he said it was reasonably intense, though a little muted until I got the toy up to the middle levels of vibration. I figured that it was because of the slightly denser silicone of the DeVice.

Though I did end up using the Hitachi against the base of the toy for a while, occasionally moving it to the P-tab and back again, it seemed that the hands-free orgasm was still elusive.

However, the regular orgasm that resulted from some manual stimulation and from the use of the Hitachi combined with the DeVice was pretty impressive, and I can definitely see this one getting some regular use as time goes on!

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Finishing Up: Our Final Views

Overall, it was a fantastic experience with the Aneros DeVice. As a solo toy and as a couples toy, it shines, though not necessarily just on its own. My boyfriend definitely enjoyed it as a prostate stimulator, and he states that he is going to be using it to try to get to that elusive hands-free orgasm.

To me, it was a great toy to play with on my boyfriend. This is absolutely a prostate stimulator, and because of that, I have no interest in trying it myself. I think the angle might be a little uncomfortable if I have nothing there to stimulate, after all!

It’s a great toy for prostate training, and when it is inserted, it stays in place quite well. Both walking and standing were not a problem, and it stayed well-seated when we moved on to other activities in the bedroom. Great toy from Aneros! It gave us an experience that we are looking forward to repeating!

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  1. I just read the review posted on Dec 27th by Jenny, who used her boyfriend as a test subject for the Aneros DeVice. Very thorough and entertaining! I kept waiting for her boyfriend to experience the hands-free orgasm he so longed for….and thought he was when she said he felt like he was going to urinate! That is the KEY to the hands-free orgasm. That feeling comes from intense prostate stimulation, that is followed by a build up to a super intense orgasm. It literally feels like you are going to pee, but if you push through that feeling, it will intensify leading to a crazy orgasm. I was disappointed when she reported that the urination feeling came from perineum stimulation and didn’t continue it for him. He deserves to know it is possible with persistence, patience and a weird sensation of peeing…it’s an orgasm unlike any other and I have only experienced it with the Aneros products.

    Please pass this message onto Jenny so she hopefully can report back with good news. The Aneros Helix is more rigid and although thin (I’m gay and love being filled up also) is meant for direct, intense prostate stimulation that will be focused and very worth it. It does take some time and possibly different directions of motion – back and forth, side to side. Having someone else use the device on you is also easier so you can focus on the sensation and perhaps tease your nipples or caress your body as they work your prostate. The mental aspect and focus is also a very important aspect that will surely push you to a hands-free orgasm, that could also be one of many in a row!

  2. Badmonsta says

    Jake’s comment give me hope. I have tried over and over to get a hands free orgasm but cannot achieve it. Could anyone give their tips on how to reach this? Eg is it necessary to think arousing thoughts? I was beginning to think it was just some marketing hype…. it’s been great to discover my g spot but frustrating to know there is more.

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