Fleshlight ICE Review: Bigger, Thicker, Longer Pleasure

I did expect Fleshlight ICE to be transparent, I was prepared for that but… not for the rest.

It turned out that voyeurism isn’t the main highlight for this particular Fleshlight, not at all.

So what was it?

With no doubt whatsoever, the number 1 buying reason for Fleshlight ICE is the way this male masturbator feels, the suction… Oh man this thing is addictive. Just thinking about it makes me want to quit writing this Fleshlight ICE review right now and go have some fun with her…

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But let’s go one step at a time.

Got Fleshlight ICE With Discreet Delivery

My Fleshlight ICE was delivered together with Fleshlight Flight and V-Stroker Adaptor in a box that was so plain, boring and anonymous that for a moment I really had no idea what it contained.

fleshlight ice anonymous box

Discreet delivery: Fleshlight ICE was delivered in a completely plain and anonymous package.

On the package, look for the sender, it says in a tiny font: ILF, LLC which is the name of the company behind Fleshlight.

Anonymous delivery is a common practice nowadays, and all sex products we have ever reviewed here were delivered anonymously, but I know that if you have never bought a sex toy online, or if you have never bought a Fleshlight yet, this is something important for you to know.

So yes, let me reassure you, Fleshlight’s packages are totally plain and discreet.

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Fleshlight ICE First Impressions

The Fleshlight ICE came dismounted in two easy parts: case and sleeve. The case looks huge, I also say it in the video, I think that even John Holmes could masturbate with this sex toy.

Completely transparent with nice lead on the wider end and featuring a killer suction cap at the bottom part, the ICE case is around 9”-10” long, which is about 27cm. I don’t know how long your penis is, but I’m pretty sure it’ll fit in there.

To be honest at the beginning I did think that Fleshlight ICE was too big, but then when you try her, you realize she’s not. The length actually gives you more thrusting options, comfort, and it definitely works. I have said this once before and let me say it again, the guy who invented Fleshlight should get the nobel prize.

What About The Fleshlight ICE Crystal Sleeve?

Fleshlight ICE comes with the Crystal textured sleeve which besides feeling awesome (I’m warning you again: this pocket pussy is addictive, she feels just too good – especially in suction mode… hmmm) looks great too.

fleshlight ice crystal sleeve

Transparent pleasure: The Crystal sleeve is the real secret of Fleshlight ICE. It feels just unbelievable… When I told my girlfriend how good ICE feels, she got jealous…

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holding the whole fleshlight ice

Foggy style: After I put the warmed-up ICE Crystal sleeve inside the case, she became a little foggy due to the difference in temperature. The fog went away in a minute but the toy was still very very warm on the inside… hmmm

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front view fleshlight ice orifice

Looks awesome: Front view of the Flehslight ICE lady orifice. When you pour some lube on her, and then massage those soft labia… it does feel good.


fleshlight ice length centimeters

About 27 Centimeters long: I wish the world would agree on using either centimeters or inches, that would save some time…


fleshlight ice crystal sleeve

Transparent pleasure: The Crystal sleeve is the real secret of Fleshlight ICE. It feels just unbelievable… When I told my girlfriend how good ICE feels, she got jealous…


fleshlight ice case sleeve lube

First look: The Fleshlight ICE sleeve was stored in a protective container, and the sample Fleshlube was included too (this may vary – I’m just telling you my experience).

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bottom view fleshlight ice

ICE print: At the bottom of the sleeve you can read the word “ICE” imprinted.

I had a lady orifice and even though at the beginning I didn’t think about playing with it, then when you add the lube and have to spread it on these soft, warm and moist labia your animal instinct explodes and you can’t stop touching her.

On another topic, when you touch the dry Fleshlight ICE’s inner sleeve for the first time it feels pretty sticky.

I don’t know why and I don’t know if this feature is the secret of her suction power, or if it’s just due to the material used to create that transparency effect… Thing is, as soon as you warm her up and lube her up, the stickiness disappears and you simply enjoy incredible stimulation throughout the whole length of your penis.

Getting Fleshlight ICE Ready to Work… For Me

I got a bowl, I filled it up with some hot water and threw the sleeve inside it. After 5 minutes I picked her up, I inserted her into the case (which is pretty straightforward really, you just need to put her in) and then added some of the free sample Fleshlube inside her.

Don’t be stingy with the lube, just pour it inside, on the labia and even on your penis which should be erect at this stage.

I Had Never Though a Pocket Pussy Could Feel So Good

When I entered Fleshlight ICE the first time, the very first thing I felt was the warmth of the sleeve… hmm… yeah…

Then as I moved in I felt my whole penis massaged all over the place with different sensual textures and the pleasure was so intense that it started moving from my genital area throughout my spine and I was getting goose bumps for the intensity of that warm sucking feeling.

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I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t really understand what was going on in there.

Folks at Fleshlight like to describe each Fleshlight sleeve in detail section by section, and I guess you get to that level once you are familiar with the toy, but the first time I tried it I wasn’t really able to distinguish anything at all.

The pleasure is very intense and you’ll just want to focus on enjoying that sensation and make it last as long as you can.

The Suction Cap Is The Fleshlight ICE’s Secret Weapon

I haven’t told you the best part yet.

That tiny little suction cap at the smaller end of the Fleshlight ICE makes a huge difference in the way you feel her on your penis.

If you rotate and tighten up the cap, you really feel your penis sucked while your stroke it with your Fleshlight. The sensation is intense, and so the noise though. If you share a house with family or friends you may want to keep the tight suction for when you are by yourself (or maybe just play some loud music to cover the noise).

If you loosen up the end cap instead, the Fleshlight ICE slides in more smoothly which is also a very pleasurable and intense sensation (and much more quiet too). A combination of both tight and loose suction is what “works” best for me.

One weird thing about Fleshlight ICE and which gave the title to this review is the zoom effect it has on your penis. There must be some light distortion going on through the transparency because your penis looks bigger, longer and thicker inside Fleshlight ICE. So if you have ever dreamed of having a bigger penis (and who hasn’t!) this male sex toy can give you a glimpse of how that would look like.

After Climax I Couldn’t Handle Her Anymore

The only downside I have experienced with Fleshlight ICE is after I come. As you know the head of your penis becomes more sensitive after the orgasm, and when that happens I feel like I can’t thrust anymore inside the ICE because the feeling is too strong to be handled.

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With a girl you usually keep thrusting for a little longer after you come, but with Fleshlight ICE I feel like I can’t and need to withdraw. It might even be that you like extreme sensations and find that exciting, but for me it doesn’t work.

Washing Instruction For The Lazy Man

I remember before getting Fleshlight ICE I was a little worried about the washing part. Everything is fun before you start using her, but then arrives the moment when you are done and need to clean her.

after washing ICE sleeve case

Quick to wash: I was surprised by how easy it is to wash Fleshlight ICE. Step 1: Let the water run through the sleeve, Step 2: Rinse the cap, Step 3: Rinse the case. You’re done.

I was worried that this would be too time consuming or too boring and that it would have discouraged me from using Fleshlight ICE again. I was wrong.

Cleaning this pocket pussy is really easy and it takes no time at all. Just let the water run through the sleeve from the top to the bottom and that will do half of the job.

Then rinse the end cap (which will contain your semen), quickly rinse the case and you’re done.

7 Tips to Make the Most Out Of Your Fleshlight ICE

Here are a few tips based on my experience with Fleshlight ICE, if you have any more suggestions feel always free to add them at the bottom of this review.

1Use a Pillow

Put your Fleshlight ICE at the edge of the bed with a pillow on top of it, letting only the orifice sneaking out of the pillow. Keep the pillow down with one hand and thrust inside it like if it’s a doggy styled partner. That feels awesome as you can move your hips back and forth making the whole experience even more realistic and exciting.

2Use The Right Amount of Lube

If you put too much lube (I did that the first time) it will leak from the bottom of the case or from the top as you thrust. A lot of lube feels great, but if you go for that option, I would suggest you to put a towel underneath you so that you don’t make too much mess.

3Water Based Lube is Better

Following the above tip, use water based lube, ideally the Fleshlube itself. I have tried Fleshlight ICE with both Fleshlube and other lubes I use for sex and found that Fleshlube feels better with the toy (designed for it, isn’t it?). Here is more about the best lube for Fleshlight.

4Have a Towel Close to You

If you put some lube on your penis too, have a towel or something to dry your hand before grabbing the toy and start stroking. If your hands are slippery you won’t be able to regulate the suction cap (you’ll still be able to thrust).

5Experiment New Angles

Rotate Fleshlight ICE and find the thrusting angle that you like best. When you rotate that pocket pussy, the stimulation feels a little different and I have found that some positions are more arousing than others. Just experiment.

6No Baby Powder

Don’t use baby powder on Fleshlight ICE or she’ll lose her transparency and don’t use any soap with her. If you want to clean her and feel like water is not enough, get some Fleshwash which is cheap and lasts a long time.

7Let Her Breathe!

After you have washed the Crystal sleeve leave her on a towel or somewhere ventilated to dry. Sometimes I just leave her in my bathroom on the bath. When I wake up the day after my Crystal sleeve is usually dry and ready for the next round.

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  1. It looks a lot more transparent than what I’ve seen in other website or compared to the Flight. Is it an new version of the ICE?

  2. Deon Black says

    In the past Fleshlight used to powder the ICE before shipping it, but they stopped now, this is why it looks a lot more clear. It’s not a new version, there’s no such thing as new/old version of the Fleshlight ICE.

    The ICE is also way more transparent then the Flight, yes.

  3. Alan Szymanski says

    I thought it was caused “ICE” was because you stick the internal part in the Freezer for awhile before using it. That sounded different and exciting. Is it possible to do that?

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