Fleshlight Shower Mount Review: Hand-Free Masturbation (Finally!)

With the Fleshlight Shower Mount every man’s masturbation dream is now a reality:

Hand-free masturbation… and in the shower too.

Fleshlight Shower Mount is like a sexy chick waiting for you in the shower… soft, moist, horny… and ready for you.

Imagine coming back from work, all tired and pissed off because there was traffic or the train was late again… What do you need at this stage? What does a man that worked hard all day need when he comes home from a stressful day?

You tell me.

Sure you need a shower. Yeah, a shower is fine… but is hot water and soap what men really need?

I don’t think so… We need action, pleasure, sex.

And do we like cleaning at all? No we don’t.

Cleaning? No thanks.

So here’s what the blokes at Fleshlight did:

They designed an accessory you can stick on a wall in your shower and where you can plug your favourite Fleshlight. How’s that gonna stick?

Glue? No.

Sticky tape? Nope.

Screws? Not at all.

So how?

Well, Fleshlight Shower Mount uses a suction cup. And do we like suction?

Oh yeah! We love it.

fleshlight shower mount

The powerful Fleshlight Shower Mount

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Fleshlight has been re-designing the way we masturbate with their popular range of pocket pussies.

They have changed inner sleeves, cases, colors…

They added vibrations and virtual sex but these improvements hadn’t solved the main issue: you still need the wrist of a tennis player if you want to use them everyday.

And this is where Fleshlight Shower Mount comes in: It gives your hand a break so you can use a natural sexual motion instead.

The Best Thing About Fleshlight Shower Mount

Anyways, you’ll see for yourself how incredible hand-free masturbation feels like, there’s no need for me to explain it to you.

Instead let me show you the single best thing about Fleshlight Shower Mount that makes it such a genius idea: it’s easy to wash.

You’re in the shower already, right?

You’re cleaning yourself already, you’re there with soap in your hands and water running from the top…

Now guess how long it’s gonna take you to get some water through your Fleshlight to rinse it?

Nothing mate, seconds.

Thrust, enjoy, rinse (yourself and the sex toy): that’s how easy Fleshlight Shower Mount is.

But hey!

There are also a couple of things about Fleshlight Shower Mount that we don’t like and here they are:

– You can’t regulate the suction, because you’ll remove the suction cup to attach the Fleshlight Shower Mount.

– It doesn’t work with ICE, SIAC and Blade because of incompatibility with the attachment.

What is the Fleshlight Shower Mount?

The Fleshlight Shower Mount is a branded Fleshlight device designed to allow you to bring your self-love sessions under the cascading water of your shower.

The Shower Mount allows you to attach your favorite Fleshlight to your shower wall, enabling you to have a completely hands-free masturbation experience.

It has a sturdy, yet flexible design that allows you to position your Fleshlight exactly where you want it, and that it’ll stay there until you’re… well… done.

I don’t know about you, but I find this a genius idea.

Benefits of the Fleshlight Shower Mount

As you might guess, the main benefit of a Shower Mount is that you can bring your beloved Fleshlight into the shower. But there are also a few other reasons why you might want to consider owning one.

  • Hands-free self-love: The Fleshlight Shower Mount makes it easy to indulge in 100% hands-free masturbation. That means no more awkward maneuvers, or struggling to find the perfect angle for penetration. Nothing but pleasure while your hands are completely free to scrub your armpits, adjust the temperature, or Zoom your friends. (Just kidding… don’t bring your phone into the shower)
  • Exploring different positions: Because you can attach your Shower Mount to any surface, it makes it easy to play around with different positions. For example, you can try standing up, kneeling down, or even hanging from the ceiling. Safety first, of course!
  • Ease of use: Luckily, using the Shower Mount is about as simple as masturbating. There’s nothing complicated about it! Using a basic suction cup for mounting, it only takes a second to install, and it’s just as easy to dismount and stow away until the next time you’re in the mood.
  • Getting creative with masturbation: We all know that self-love is essential from time to time. We all do it! And many of us crank one out while we’re in the shower. But when you use the Shower Mount, you can take your masturbation game to the next level! Say goodbye to boring old hand solos, and say hello to rejuvenating, indulgent masturbation that will cleanse both your body and soul.

Installing And Using The Fleshlight Shower Mount

Before you attempt to install and use your Shower Mount, we suggest that you take it out of the package and familiarize yourself with the parts.

You’ll also want to ensure that your shower surface is smooth and clean (if you live alone, you’ve likely never washed your shower walls because they clean by themselves while you have a shower no? – Well no, I made this mistake in the past too).

The mount needs to be secure, so make sure there’s no residue or unevenness that could affect its stability.

For installation:

  1. Wet the suction cup slightly or moisten the surface of your shower to enhance suction.
  2. Place the suction cup against the desired smooth surface in your shower. Press firmly to create a strong seal.
  3. Position the adjustable arm to your preferred height and angle. Ideally, lower down for shorter guys, or higher up for giants.
  4. You’ll also want to test the sturdiness of the mount by giving it a tug to ensure it’s not going to move. If it holds firmly without slipping, you’re good to go.

For using your Fleshlight Shower Mount:

  1. Attach your Fleshlight to the adjustable arm by removing the end suction cap and screwing it (hehe) onto the Shower Mount.
  2. Next, position your Fleshlight however you want. Find an angle that’s comfortable and will allow you to go at it until you’re done.
  3. Test the stability and make any necessary adjustments before fully engaging in your self-love session.
  4. After use, detach your toy from the mount, clean your Fleshlight sleeve thoroughly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and store it safely.
  5. To remove the Shower Mount, simply release the suction cup by gently pulling on its release tab.


Why won’t my Shower Mount stick?

If you’re experiencing trouble with your Fleshlight Shower Mount not sticking to the wall, there could be a few reasons behind it.

Let’s take a look at a few common problems and how to resolve them.

  • Surface: To create a tight seal, your shower wall needs to be smooth and clean. Any contaminants like dirt, soap, or cleaner residue may hinder the suction cup’s ability to create a strong seal. Thoroughly clean and dry the surface before attempting to attach the mount.
  • Moisture: The suction cup relies on a dry surface for optimal adhesion. Excessive moisture or water on the wall can prevent the mount from sticking properly. Wipe down the area and the suction cup itself to remove any moisture before attaching.
  • Surface texture: The suction cup works best on smooth, non-porous surfaces. If your shower wall has a textured or uneven surface, it may not provide an ideal surface for the mount.
  • Suction cup condition: Check the suction cup itself for any damage or deformities that may affect its performance. Make sure it’s completely clean, free of any debris, tears, or indentations. If the suction cup isn’t in good condition, it won’t form a proper seal. In that case, you may need to replace the suction cup or the Shower Mount in its entirety.

Removing a stuck Fleshlight Shower Mount suction cup

Imagine this: you’re having some fun in the shower with your wall-mounted Fleshlight before having your parents over for a visit.

You orgasm. Turn the water off. But when you go to remove the Shower Mount, it’s stuck!

And your parents are almost there! What on God’s green Earth should you do?

First step: don’t panic!

There are several steps to take to remove your Shower Mount before your parents show, and find out all about your naughty bath time escapades.

  1. Prying with pressure: The first thing to try is a bit of pressure to gently pry the suction cup loose. If you can manage to create a small gap, you should be able to break the seal and release the device.
  2. Apply some lube: If that doesn’t work, you might try applying a wee bit of Fleshlight lubricant to reduce friction and move the suction cup around. If you can move the device towards the edge of the wall, that might also make it easy to release.
  3. Use a small wedge: Using a small, flat object, like a coin, credit card, or a small wedge can also help you remove the device. Gently insert the wedge under the suction cup, being careful not to tear or damage it. Then, gradually pry the object up to create a separation, which should hopefully release the Shower Mount from your wall.
  4. Twist and pull: Sometimes, you might be able to release the suction cup just by twisting and pulling the device. Just be careful not to damage the device while pulling. And don’t pull so hard that you damage your shower wall… You don’t want to have to explain to a contractor that you pulled an entire tile out because your Fleshlight Shower Mount was stuck.
  5. Be patient and persistent: Removing a stuck suction cup may require a bit of patience and persistence. Avoid using excessive force that could damage the wall or the suction cup itself. Instead, focus on steady and controlled movements to gradually release the suction.

Where Can You Use A Fleshlight Shower Mount?

The world is your oyster when it comes to where you can use a Fleshlight Shower Mount!

As long as you have a smooth, non-porous surface where the suction cup can stick securely, the possibilities are endless.

Let your imagination run wild, my adventurous friend, and explore the realms of pleasure in unexpected places.

Here are a few creative suggestions to get those gears turning:

  • Bathtub
  • Mirrors (just be careful you don’t break it!)
  • Tiled surfaces
  • Tables
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Bedroom walls

Can I use the Fleshlight Shower Mount outside?

Well, yes, as long as you have a smooth surface to attach it to, you can use your Shower Mount virtually anywhere.

However, unless you have a private backyard surrounded by thick bushes or a fence, I don’t recommend using your Shower Mount outdoors.

What are the best positions for the Fleshlight shower mount?

As with most things related to sex, the best positions for getting freaky in the shower are whichever ones allow you to enjoy the experience to its fullest.

Alas, if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, let’s look at a few classic positions that you might try with your Fleshlight Shower Mount.

  • Standing position: This classic position involves standing upright with the Shower Mount attached at a comfortable height. Adjust the angle of the Fleshlight to be in line with your cock, and enjoy the sensation while the water cascades around you.
  • Kneeling position: You can also try kneeling on a non-slip mat or towel with the Shower Mount securely attached at hip level. Kneeling allows for better stability and control.
  • Sitting position: Some individuals find sitting down on a shower bench or a stable chair to be comfortable and enjoyable. Adjust the height and angle of the Fleshlight to accommodate your seated position, and let the water and your imagination do the rest.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and explore different positions that suit your unique desires.

You can experiment with squatting, lying down, or even using additional props or support for added comfort and pleasure.

Just remember to prioritize safety and stability to avoid any accidents or mishaps.

Can I use the Fleshlight shower mount with a partner?

I think it’s very weird and makes zero sense whatsoever, but yes why not, you definitely can.

You can 100% use the Fleshlight Shower Mount with your girlfriend.*

*Note: as I write this article, I paused and tried to imagine why would someone bang a Fleshlight attached to a wall while having a shower with a girl and couldn’t come up with any answer.

The only idea I can think of is if your girlfriend is ugly and you prefer a toy to her?

Are All Fleshlights Compatible With The Shower Mount?

The Shower Mount is compatible with most, but not all, Fleshlight toys. For example, the Shower Mount is compatible with classic Fleshlights and Fleshlight Girls.

However, the Shower Mount is not compatible with Fleshlight Ice and the ephemeral SIAC models.

Are other male masturbators compatible with Fleshlight Shower Mount?

The Fleshlight Shower Mount is specifically designed to be compatible with branded Fleshlight products, as it is created by the same manufacturer.

While it may be possible to use other male sex toys with the Shower Mount, it is important to note that the compatibility and fit may vary.

The shape, size, and attachment mechanism of other male masturbators won’t likely align with the design of the Shower Mount, which could affect stability and performance.

Before you get angry about it, think of Apple and their iPhone’s plugs.

Is the Fleshlight shower mount worth it?


But everybody is different!

So what you might find sexy, might not be so sexy for the next guy.

Either way, if you like the idea of hands-free shower masturbation, then the Shower Mount is definitely a worthy investment.

Fleshlight Shower Mount: Yes or Not? Your Turn To Choose

So it’s up to you now.

If you are a suction freak and can’t give up on the ability to regulate suction, then the Fleshlight Shower Mount is not for you.

If instead you can’t wait to masturbate hand-free in the shower (or wherever you like) and give yourself a realistic, powerful and intense experience, then go for it.

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