Fleshlight Shower Mount Review: Hand-Free Masturbation (Finally!)

With the Fleshlight Shower Mount every man’s masturbation dream is now a reality:

Hand-free masturbation… and in the shower too.

Fleshlight Shower Mount is like a sexy chick waiting for you in the shower… soft, moist, horny… and ready for you.

Imagine coming back from work, all tired and pissed off because there was traffic or the train was late again… What do you need at this stage? What does a man that worked hard all day need when he comes home from a stressful day?

You tell me.

Sure you need a shower. Yeah, a shower is fine… but is hot water and soap what men really need?

I don’t think so… We need action, pleasure, sex.
And do we like cleaning at all? No we don’t. Cleaning? No thanks.

So here’s what the blokes at Fleshlight did:

They designed an accessory you can stick on a wall in your shower and where you can plug your favourite Fleshlight. How’s that gonna stick?

Glue? No.
Sticky tape? Nope.
Screws? Not at all.

So how?

Well, Fleshlight Shower Mount uses a suction cup. And do we like suction?
Oh yeah! We love it.

fleshlight shower mount

The powerful Fleshlight Shower Mount

Check this page and click on the video thumbnail. You’ll see how this all works.

Fleshlight has been re-designing the way we masturbate with their popular range of pocket pussies.

They have changed inner sleeves, cases, colors…

They added vibrations and virtual sex but these improvements hadn’t solved the main issue: you still need the wrist of a tennis player if you want to use them everyday.

And this is where Fleshlight Shower Mount comes in: It gives your hand a break so you can use a natural sexual motion instead.

The Best Thing About Fleshlight Shower Mount

Anyways, you’ll see for yourself how incredible hand-free masturbation feels like, there’s no need for me to explain it to you.

Instead let me show you the single best thing about Fleshlight Shower Mount that makes it such a genius idea: it’s easy to wash.

You’re in the shower already, right?

You’re cleaning yourself already, you’re there with soap in your hands and water running from the top…

Now guess how long it’s gonna take you to get some water through your Fleshlight to rinse it? Nothing mate, seconds.

Thrust, enjoy, rinse (yourself and the sex toy): that’s how easy Fleshlight Shower Mount is.

But hey!

There are also a couple of things about Fleshlight Shower Mount that we don’t like and here they are:

– You can’t regulate the suction, because you’ll remove the suction cup to attach the Fleshlight Shower Mount

– It doesn’t work with ICE, SIAC and Blade because of incompatibility with the attachment

Fleshlight Shower Mount: Yes or Not? Your Turn To Choose

So it’s up to you now.

If you are a suction freak and can’t give up on the ability to regulate suction, then the Fleshlight Shower Mount is not for you.

If instead you can’t wait to masturbate hand-free in the shower (or wherever you like) and give yourself a realistic, powerful and intense experience, then go for it.

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  1. Michael F. Bush says

    What kind of lube do you have? I use coconut oil

  2. William Klingler says

    Where to get the shower mount. Nobody has one or knows when they will get them in stock

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