Vstroker Virtual Sex Review – The Controversial Fleshlight Exposed

Fleshlight Vstroker is more than just virtual sex, and in this review I’ll show you everything about it.

If you are like 101% of men out there, you have already found the best companion for your Fleshlight. Come on you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

What’s that thing that makes masturbating with a Fleshlight even more pleasurable?

Lube? Yeahhh that helps too… but it’s not what I’m talking about here, mate.

How about… a nice and naughty adult movie… how about that?

This is where Vstroker comes in.

Let’s face it, men are visual creatures, yeah we like to feel stuff, but we LOVE to watch, don’t we? Looking at a hot body is arousing, and when that hot girl stares at you in the eyes and begs you to play with her… that’s just priceless.

Fleshlight Vstroker adapter virtually takes the porn girl into your bedroom, she stares at you, she interacts and opens up for you, and all the rest… That’s what I’m saying mate, this thing is unbelievable and you should give it a try.

But let’s take it easy and let me tell you exactly what I got with it, so that you can get a better idea of Vstroker and how it will blow your mind (and not just that…).

Vstroker Delivered So Anonymously You Wouldn’t Believe

vstroker box

Anonymous delivery: Vstroker was delivered in a discreet and plain box, as simple as that

When you read my Fleshlight Flight and Fleshlight ICE reviews, you learnt that I received all of these toys (ICE, Flight and Vstroker) in the same plain and discreet box. Really, there’s nothing more to add in this paragraph my friend, Vstroker’s box is just as anonymous and discreet as a package can get. Let’s move to more interesting stuff, the inside…

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Vstroker’s Compact Package

vstroker package

Big things come in small packages: Vstroker’s package contains everything you need for your first virtual sex experience

Vstroker’s package contains the powerful adapter (a sturdy cylinder you lock at the base of your favorite Fleshlight), the USB key (which basically creates the virtual interaction between you and the girl in the movie – simply awesome), a mini-disc with some cool additional material and some instructions with a link to the download page for your free interactive movies.

These Vstroker movies are quite big and it did take me about 30 minutes to download the first one, but the best thing about living in 2014 is that you can download something and at the same time you can do something else, multitasking is possible and a good idea too.

Playing Vstroker And “No Waaaying” It All

Imagine having a button in your bedroom you click and gets you a naked (hot) girl ready for sex. How cool would that be? I bet you would be clicking that button all the time, wouldn’t you? Right so that’s what I did, I clicked that play button and ooops… Vstroker started playing.

vstroker video intro

Vstroker about to start: sit down, relax and enjoy the experience my friend

The first screen you get teaches you how to optimize Vstroker’s use for a powerful and very realistic experience. No need for a degree in masturbation, it’s very easy and you just need to keep in mind two things:

1) Use the 1-0 buttons to easily change sex position and scene.

2) Regulate the responsiveness of your Vstroker according to what works best for you.

About the second point, I found that sometimes Vstroker was too sensitive, which means the girl would react to any slight movement I did with my Fleshlight. This was annoying, so I changed the settings to a less responsive mode and things started working better for me. Here again, you gotta try and find the level of responsiveness that fits you best.

About the sex positions, Victoria Ray, the girl in my Vstroker video, started with a deep and passionate… blowing her way like if there was no tomorrow.

From 1 to 9 really, whatever position you choose, she’s hot, so it feels good.

One thing to keep in mind when using Fleshlight Vstroker is that the last scene “number 0”, is the climax scene, so make sure you control yourself for that moment to see the effects of your climax on her body.

I didn’t really care about getting to scene “0” in syncro for climax, but that’s a possibility that can make things even more real.

Never Seen A Girl Begging For Sex So Bad

I admit that at the beginning I had a laugh when I saw Victoria Ray in the Vstroker videos begging so, so bad for sex, but actually the whole experience feels awesome for you even at a mental level.

So this is how the Vstroker works while you masturbate:

When you thrust in your Fleshlight with Vstroker adapter connected, the girl in the video moans, screams and you can see in detail what’s happening, you can see her being pounded, but you cannot see the male actor, just his penis which basically follows your movements.

As soon as you stop penetrating the toy, the penis in the movie stops and the girl begs you to keep going and to give it to her basically. How’s that for a nympho toy girl?

The best thing about the Vstroker’s girl is that she always looks straight into the camera which really makes it feel like she’s looking at you in the eyes the whole time…

vstroker girl victoria ray

So sexy: I played with Victoria Ray and you will too

One thing they could have done better is the transition scene between the girl enjoying and the girl begging you. That transition is a little too rapid and it doesn’t feel as natural as all the rest.

Vstroker is A Must Try

Plug Vstroker into your Fleshlight, switch on the video and see yourself having virtual sex with a sexy girl whenever you decide.

Sure, some technical details of Vstroker could be improved but this adapter is a must try if you have Fleshlight or if you are just about to buy one, so don’t be stingy, add the extra bucks and try this memorable experience of a lifetime.

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  1. I found this review very interesting as well the Fleshlight product in general. It is interesting how Fleshlight was started (VIce magazine did an interesting article on them). This ex cop Steve Shubin is an absolute genius for coming up with this Fleshlight Vstroker product. After I saw this review, i ordered a Fleshlight Vstroker and one of their Fleshlight girl sleeves. I would give the Vstroker 5 stars out of 5 stars and the Fleshlight sleeve 4 stars out of 5 stars. However, put them them together and it is an amazing experience.

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