Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review – Is it Right for You?

In my Fleshlight Quickshot Launch review I will show you if this Fleshlight is right for you. I masturbated with it for a while and here’s my review.

quickshot launch

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Quickshot Launch may appear to be the weird stepsister of the Fleshlight Launch, but it’s so much more than that. With an ergonomic design, personalized controls, and a maximum stroke speed of 250 strokes per minute, this automatic masturbator is ready to launch you into an intense, personalized orgasm.

Some Quick(shot) Facts

  • 4 speeds, 2 stroke styles
  • Up to 250 strokes per minute
  • 1-hour battery power

scream emojiShow & Tell: What the Hell Is this Thing?

Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today to review…this expensive coffee maker. Would you be surprised if I told you that you stick your dick in this? Horrified? Confused?

That’s just the beginning, my friend. Get ready to have your mind – and your dick – blown.


As you may have already been able to tell, Quickshot Launch is a state of the art, techy as fuck, automated masturbator. Yes, you put your most beloved body part in this and I promise you it won’t maim you.

I’m going to try to avoid any and all phallic analogies to dicks and rockets, but the product is called Quickshot Launch… so the implication is clearly that this is going to launch your dick into space or an orgasm, or whatever.

This product is created specifically to work with one of Fleshlight’s most popular product, the Quickshot masturbator. Quickshots are different from Fleshlights as they’re smaller, more compact, cheaper… kind of like the uglier little sister.

So, don’t mistake this for the Fleshlight Launch, which is a similar product, but that works with their regular, full-size Fleshlights. That’s also more expensive.

You can tell by looking at the product that there’s a space in the middle that is meant to house your choice of toy. You will then stick your dick inside the toy as normal and let the masturbator do its magic.

Oh and speaking of the toy…where is it? I can picture you now, overly excited, hard-on in hand, looking for the toy inside the contraption and it’s missing. You’ll go look in the packaging – it’s not there either. Did they forget it? Do you need to call customer servi-

Wait a minute…does this not INCLUDE the sleeve?

Remember when you were a kid and they’d show ads for some random super cool castle or horses or train sets or whatever, but then right at the end they’d say those magic words “Toy not included”? Get ready to relive your childhood trauma, bitch, because the toy is not included.

You can put away your dick now.

raised eyebrow emoji How Does This Work?

Automated Wank

When I say automated, I mean automated. In other words… look ma, no hands! You put your Quickshot masturbator in its designated spot, turn it on, and this robot baby strokes your penis all on its own. Up and down, up and down, to the tune of 250 strokes per minute.

That’s a lot of stroking that neither your hand nor a willing mouth would be able to handle. That is to say, nothing else can do the work this thing can do, which makes it a valuable product on an eager market. Get people horny enough and they’ll buy anything.

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Customizable Experience

And, much like a daytime infomercial, THAT’S NOT ALL! It’s even customizable. Yep, you can have your own personalized wank. You can adjust this to your specific preferences in terms of stroke length and stroke speed with the help of the handy buttons on your handlebars.

That’s a huge part of why this is veering quasi realistic, scary uncanny valley territory: you can customize it just like you can with a hand or mouth. If you’re a gentleman of long, slow strokes, you can make this machine do it for you, or you can opt for short, fast strokes, long fast strokes or short slow ones.

Three Pleasure Zones

An important thing to talk about here – the three pleasure zones. A cringy, terrible name for what is about to become your favorite feature. The three pleasure zones refer to the three different areas this thing will stimulate – the base, the shaft, and the tip, respectively, so here’s something for every little bit of your penis.

Charge it! Or enjoy the battery power

The Quickshot Launch offers you both plugged in and wireless playtime. On a full charge, the battery lasts you 1 hour. I don’t know what kind of masturbation marathons you’re used to, but that should be enough for most men. If you’re taking longer than that, you have to worry about other issues, like chafing. Once your battery is dead, you can just plug in and keep going.

Smartphone mount

One very cool thing about this is that it has a nifty little space at the very top that is meant to hold your smartphone for you in case you need inspiration, or you’re doing this over video with a masturbation partner.

Most men I know would just pop on their favorite pornstar and go to town. And you don’t have to worry about your phone, it fits snugly in the space and you’re not risking jostling it out of place.

However… I feel like it’s my duty to point out something gross – because it’s open-ended, you’ll shoot cum all over your phone. Ew. Unless you have the self-control and aim of a god. Or just have tissues at hand.

quickshot launch charging detail

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smirking emoji How Do I Use It?

If you’re anything like me, you’re just DYING to know how you actually use this fucking contraption. Using Quickshot Launch, like most other automated masturbators of its caliber is…a whole production.

1) Prepare the playing field

  • Charge your Quickshot Launch

The first thing you want to do is charge the toy, if you’re hoping to enjoy some wireless fun. You should get up to 1 hour of playtime on a full charge, which should be enough, unless you’re having an orgy.

  • Place your toy

Then, you take your Quickshot that you had to purchase separately (yep, still bitter about that) and unscrew the caps on both ends. Don’t wanna forget about this part. You stick in the cradle in the middle and it’s good to go.

2) Get ready to launch

  • Use copious amounts of lube

When it comes to lube, you want to use it all over yourself AND inside the sleeve you are using for maximum benefit and effect. That will ensure that you enjoy the best possible sensation, and that the experience remains comfortable for the entire duration.

Trust me, you do NOT want this thing wanking you dry at 250 strokes per minute. OUCH.

  • Get in position

Now that you’ve done all the “foreplay”, you can get into position. The good thing about this version, compared to the original Fleshlight Launch, is that it’s actually less cumbersome. Still huge, don’t get me wrong, but you can actually use this in different positions.

Stand up, sit down, put a leg up on a chair – go wild. Whatever you think can safely handle stroking at that speed.

3) Let the wank robot do its job

  • Use the controls to customize the experience

To turn it on, you just need to keep the ON/OFF button pressed for three seconds. Once it starts working on you, you can use the controls on your right and left side to adjust and customize the experience. The handles and buttons are ergonomic and comfortable to use, and most importantly – effective.

Cycle through all the speeds and stroke lengths and be sure to try out each and every of those pleasure zones – base, shaft, and tip.

  • Set up your phone if you need extra stimulation

If you need extra stimulation, pop your phone into the universal smartphone stand and either let your fave porn star talk dirty to you, view a home video, or why not, enjoy a mutual virtual masturbation session with a lover – Sponsored by Quarantine ™.

quickshot launch with model

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tongue out emoji

My Experience Using Quickshot Launch

How Does It FEEL?

Whenever I write these reviews, everyone always wants to know what it feels like, but I can only talk about my own experience and what it feels like for me. So, here’s what it’s like to use the Quickshot Launch.

Is it intense?

Hahahaha IS IT INTENSE, you ask? Yes, my friend. The answer is yes. If you’re on the highest speed setting, it can get almost unbearably intense at around 4 strokes per second. If you’re not sure how that feels, try it with your hand and you’ll see what I mean. Knocks you off your feet.

I had to work my way up to the highest speed in a few different tries, because using this on full speed, especially standing up, was not going to be an option.

How stimulating is it?

One of the things I appreciate about it is that it stimulates all areas of your penis, and not just the tip. Haha, get it? Just the tip? I’ll see myself out.

Tip, shaft, and base all get their fair share of stimulation, so that you can get the full experience. You’ve ever had someone use their mouth and their hands on your dick at the same time? It’s kind of like that.

The different kinds of stimulation are not only nice, but also kind of necessary. I had to insist with tip stimulation towards to end in order to be able to cum.

That can be potentially annoying as shit and I consider it a drawback, but I can’t say it doesn’t also happen with a good old classic wank, so I can fault neither you or the toy. I’m just saying – you may need to attack certain areas more vigorously than others.

Does it feel like a real blowjob?

While some reviewers are certainly…enthusiastic about the capabilities of this male sex toy and I see that “never-ending blowjob” quote everywhere, the reality I experienced was not QUITE like that.

If you’re looking for the feeling of a real blowjob from a machine, then you’re going to be disappointed every time. It feels amazing and at times, with your eyes closed, the lines get blurred, but no “realistic”, slobbery blowjob. Sorry, guys.

Do I get any variation?

They say variety is the spice of life, and while this thing does come with some controls to personalize the experience, it hasn’t ~blown me~ away. Plus, Quickshots come in a limited amount of styles – only 2 or 3 for now, I believe – which reduces your potential for variety.

I mean, even Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors, just saying.

I’ll admit, I was disappointed, because when you look at it and how tech-y it looks, you think it’s gonna give you more than it does. Two stroke lengths and 4 speeds is fine, it’s just not drool-worthy.

How’s the orgasm?

When you do get to cum, it will not be disappointing, I can assure you that. You can expect a strong, intense orgasm, especially on the fastest settings. If you focus on massaging the tip towards the end, that’s a good technique that should get you there, no problem.

What I do need to say is that, just like on a frustratingly long flight, you may experience some delay getting there. It really just depends on the stroke + speed combo that work for you and whether they’re taking you there or if you need to insist.


quickshot launch sideview

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How easy is it to control?

As awkward as this thing is (and trust me, we’ll get to that in a second), the buttons are perfectly placed to be convenient while you’re doing your business.

But of course, their main advantage is that they allow quick and easy experience customization. You can easily adjust stroke speed and stroke length for the ultimate personalized masturbatory experience.

Just how noisy is this thing?

Color me shocked that this thing is…actually not THAT noisy. I mean, when you look at it, it’s monstrous. You expect it to sound like a vacuum. Or you know, a rocket that’s about to launch, since they purposefully invite that comparison.

But it’s actually surprisingly discrete. Unless you’re using it on the higher speed settings, that is. In my experience, using it on the highest speed will definitely alert people that something is going on, so I don’t recommend doing this in a crowded house. Like, if you’re quarantining at your family’s house, I’d leave this at home.

This looks awkward. Is it awkward?

Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush – this is cumbersome. It’s still more comfortable than the original Fleshlight Launch, but it’s still huge and weird to hold. The handles help massively with comfort and ease of use, but it’s not a low-maintenance wank, by any means.

Plus, it’s awkward to lug around from place to place – including storage. It goes without saying that you absolutely cannot travel with this, LMAO.

How well does it play with lube?

Using lube with it is easy, but again, it will get EVERYWHERE. The good news is that it can be cleaned up. The bad news is that it’s slippery. More good news is that thanks to the ergonomic design, your lubed-up hands don’t end up slipping and sliding everywhere like they do with the original Fleshlight Launch, for example.

Is it easy to clean up?

I’m not going to lie to you – the cleanup process is shit. The fact that the Quickshot is open-ended can be a perk, but in this case, it is absolutely a drawback, from my point of view. You see, when I arrived at the pleasurable end, I ended up shooting up all over this thing.

You’ll be scrubbing your jizz out of the nooks and crannies for minutes afterwards, which I promise you does not feel sexy.

How quickly does it dry?

Thankfully, the same open design means of the machine (and the Quickshot) means that it doesn’t take that long to dry. It’s all plastic, so it can be left out to air dry, or it can be wiped down and you’re all set.

Overall Satisfaction Rating:

I’m critical, but I’m not complaining. I just have high standards. This is a great machine and it feels really different from just using your Quickshot normally. It was more comfortable to use than the Fleshlight Launch and it gave me a great – and messy –  orgasm. Ultimately, despite it not being a perfect contraption, I was left satisfied and I will use this again.

What Does Everyone Else Think?

quickshot launch dark

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I recognize that my experience is not The One True Experience, so let’s hear from some other blokes:

  • Users generally agree that this is a very intense toy. The words “never-ending blowjob” have been used more than once.
  • Several reviewers stated that they were able to cum quickly using this.
  • People seem particularly fond of the Riley Reid Quickshot option, with more than one reviewer claiming that it feels like she’s literally there riding your dick.
  • On the negative side, some feel that the toy is not actually that well made. Concerns over the quality of the materials were expressed repeatedly, and several reviewers have called both the machine and the controls “flimsy”.
  • The battery itself is also a common annoyance or cause for concern – it cannot be allowed to deplete completely, as that can cause it to malfunction and stop charging properly. It’s not surprising that a lot of reviewers think that’s a biiiig negative. You don’t want this falling apart in your hands.
  • Some people wish that there were more length options.

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thinking emoji Final Thoughts: Should You Buy This?

All in all, I do give this baby a stamp of approval, and I’ll tell you why – it’s different enough from the Fleshlight Launch that it warrants a try, and it even improves on some of the less favorable aspects of the original, especially related to size and comfort of experience.

This offers diversity of sensation, and the option to personalize the experience pretty well in terms of speed, stroke length, and even stimulated area. On the flipside, it’s not as intense a sensation as the original Fleshlight Launch, and it’s kind of expensive for a “second best”.

Additional pros and cons include the option to mount your phone, but the possibility of cumming all over it. Plus, the cleaning process that’s a ballache and a half.

Love it!

  • You can customize stroke and speed
  • The highest speed offers intense stimulation
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Can mount your phone

Hate it!

  • No toy included for the price
  • Limited sleeve options
  • Open-ended = potential for cum mishaps
  • It’s a bitch to clean

Where Can I Throw Money At This?

1) Official Fleshlight website

The safest option is to just go ahead and buy it from the official website. That way, you know it’s official merchandise and you’re not getting scammed. Plus, you benefit from customer service and all that other shit.

2) Amazon

The other route is good ol’ Amazon. You can find anything here!

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