Fleshlight Launch Review – My Thoughts After 2 Months of Using It

fleshlight launch

  • Fleshlight Launch delivers an (almost) hands-free masturbation experience, with the only issue being finding a comfortable way to keep the Launch in place.
  • The Fleshlight Launch’s Interactive VR mode is definitely more interesting than the manual mode and makes for a crazy/realistic experience.
  • Overall a great hands-free masturbator, with the main drawback of being slightly bulky and noisy.


Variety of climaxes in interactive mode.

When you find a comfortable position to seat, you’ll experience some real hands-free masturbation.

You can change the sleeves and enjoy different textures.


I think the manual mode should have more options and more stroking variables.

Easy to hit buttons unintentionally.

It takes 9 hours to charge. Seriously?


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The Bottom Line

The Fleshlight Launch is overall a great buy. Consider the other options on the market being the Quickshot Launch and the Autoblow, the Fleshlight Launch offers the most variety.  And I do agree that variety is the spice of life.

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fleshlight launch box package

My Fleshlight Launch Masturbation Marathon

I‌ have written about hands-free male sex toys before, and you know I love them, and you know the Fleshlight Launch is one of the best.

The Fleshlight Launch is designed to give you that hands-free orgasm we all love as men. At 180 strokes per minute, it can rival most girls on the planet, except for a crazy russian girl (forgot her name) I‌ met a while ago…

There are few things in life better than getting off without doing nothing at all.

Fleshlight Launch First Impressions

I‌ ordered the Fleshlight Launch from the official website, although on lovehoney it’s now a bit cheaper (you may want to check). The Fleshlight Launch arrived in my house in a completely anonymous box, it was just showing my address, name and ILF’s data (ILF = Interactive Life Forms, is the name of the company behind Fleshlight).

As I opened it, I was surprised to see how big the Fleshlight Launch is. It is actually huge. It looks a bit clunky, so the first impression wasn’t that great, although it looks also properly manufactured with high quality materials, especially I liked the padding area at the base.

fleshlight launch side


Name: Fleshlight Launch

Height: 12in

Circumference: 20in

Weight (without Fleshlight): 3.30lbs

Weight (wit Fleshlight): 4.40lbs

Colors: Black, matte with chrome finishes

Materials: PC ABS, PU Coating; non-porous, chroming, silicone

Speed: 180 strokes per minute

Category: Hands-free masturbator, blowjob machine

Orifices: None included

Charging: Usb on the back

Waterproof: no

Charging time: 3-6 hours

User time: 2 hours

Wednesday 11:04pm let’s play with the‌ Fleshlight Launch?

After the first “WTF this is huge” impression, I went ahead and switched on the Launch from the power button in the center.

Bang. Just realized, I‌ have to charge it first. So goodbye baby. This needs 9 hours, see you tomorrow.

I‌ put the Fleshlight Launch to charge for 9 hours. In the morning it was ready. But I don’t like masturbating in the morning, so I waited until night again.

Thursday 10pm let’s try again

I picked my Fleshlight Stoya, lubed it up and slid it in the Launch. Inserting the Fleshlight in the Launch is actually very easy. Just slide it in, and rotate clockwise to lock it in.

How to Use the Fleshlight Launch

I believe this video here below explains it really well. But let me write it down as well:

The first thing you want to do is inserting the Fleshlight into the Launch, turn it clockwise to lock it in place. Then rotate the male sex toy upside down and lube it up.

how to use launch step 1

Prepare the Fleshlight Launch

I wrote a guide on the best Fleshlight lube if you are looking for suggestions. Fleshwater will do it anyway.

Switch it on by keeping the power button pressed for 3 seconds until the led goes from green to blue. Once it’s blue you are in interactive mode. If you want to go manual mode, just press the button once more and the led will switch off. The led off means manual mode.

I found this a bit confusing honestly. I would do led off when the Fleshlight Launch is off and two different colors for manual and interactive mode, but anyway.

Now press the buttons left and right to control stroke speed and depth, see images below.

how to use launch step 2

Manual mode step 2: control stroke speed with your right hand

how to use launch step 3

Manual mode step 3: Control stroke length and position with your left hand


At first I was a bit confused by the automatic and interactive modes. But you soon get used to it. As I held the Fleshlight Launch in my hands, on the left you have buttons that control stroke position and length, and on the right you have buttons that control stroke speed. It’s easy to use, although it does feel a bit big.


This mostly depends on the Fleshlight that you use with it, I used it with a Fleshlight Stoya and It was pretty intense. The Fleshlight Launch feels very much like a cow girl sex position, just you have to close your eyes and let your imagination go…


At the beginning I picked the manual mode. The best part is controlling the stroke length. You can pick the male masturbator to only stroke the top part of your penis, or the center or the base or to stroke the full shaft (my favorite).


Great feeling. When I‌ first locked my Fleshlight Stoya in the Launch and I lubed it up, it was a bit funny looking. I almost laughed. But then as I‌ put my dick in and switched it on, I just sit back, relaxed and let it do its job.


Fleshlight Launch does feel quite real. The automatic stroking, the variation of speed, the variation of depth, all these make for a very realistic experience. Sure boobs are missing (in which case you may want to look at some of the best sex dolls) and an emotional connection is missing as well. But all else is there.

If you are a crude, horny guy who just wants to enjoy and get off. The Fleshlight Launch is probably the most realistic Fleshlight I’ve ever tried.

fleshlight launch transversal view


One of the best things about the Fleshlight Launch is the variation. You can variate speed, stroke length, and of course you can variate the Fleshlight you use with the Launch. Just remember that Fleshlight Launch only works with the classic Fleshlights and with the Fleshlight Girls and it’s not compatible with special models such as Flight, Go, Turbo, etc.


Depends on sleeve.

Suction effect

Depends on the sleeve you use with it. I‌ felt the most suction when I tried the Fleshlight Launch paired with the Fleshlight STU and I set longest stroke and medium speed. The suction feeling is intense. It’s very close to what an actual blowjob feels like. Whoever tells you that it’s better has probably never had a blowjob in his life. I have had hundreds or probably thousands of blowjobs from many girls I dated in my life, and I can tell you, the feeling of the Launch is the closest a machine can get, but in fairness, a real girl is way better.


Smoothness depends on the sleeve itself. But if we are talking about the movements of the Fleshlite Launch, they were very smooth. The Fleshlight Launch does cost around $200, but you can tell it’s made of quality materials.

Orgasm Rating

I don’t come that easily. So for me to get the Fleshlight Launch to make me orgasm I‌ had to play a bit with stroke length and speed. As I‌ selected deeper stroking and filled the sleeve up with lots of warm lube, I started getting closer and closer, until… ahhh yeah.


It’s not so noisy compared to cheaper imitation models but you can hear the noise indeed. If you are worried that the Flashlight Launch will make too much noise maybe because of your neighbors or something like that, you don’t have to. Just put a bit of background music and you will be fine.

Lube usage

Lube is a bit of an issue with the Fleshlight Launch to be fair. I mean, the problem is that when your hands are lubed up it can be a bit annoying to slide through the manual controls both left and right. If you are in bluetooth/interactive mode it’s a bit better.

Dry Speed

It depends on the speed. Also I did have the feeling lube does dry up a bit faster on the Fleshlight Launch than it does on manual Fleshlights. I think the reason is because as the Launch stands on your lap, some lube drips down. I put a towel under myself because it was gonna make a mess. Overall for every 30 minute usage, I‌ apply the lube twice.

Clean up

Cleaning up the Fleshlight Launch was easy. I just removed the Fleshlight from it and that was it. The padded part at the bottom got a bit dirty with cum, but beside that, there was little to clean. Oh yes. The buttons were a bit lube-y. The main clean-up job was on the actual Fleshlight. If you need help with that, we did write a guide on how to clean a Fleshlight.

Overall satisfaction

Overall I‌ think you should totally buy the Fleshlight‌ Launch. Yes it’s a bit expensive, but hey all good things in life have a price. Is it better than the Quickshot Launch? Well it’s bulkier and it works with a lot of sleeves. So you would have many more options with the Fleshlight Launch compared with the Quickshot.

fleshlight launch with masturbator inside

Where to buy a Fleshlight Launch at the cheapest price?

The price of the Fleshlight Launch will vary depending on your location or even just the day of the week depending on offers who may be going on in various shops. Here are a few very safe options from some trustworthy websites.

The Fleshlight Official Website

Of course this would be your first and best bet. Check price now.

Kiiroo’s Official Website

Kiiroo has been collaborating with Fleshlight on the Launch and they are also selling it on their website. And of course it’s 101% the official version of the Fleshlight Launch. Check price now.


This is a very large sex shop, you can be sure if you buy from here you will get an official legit version of the Launch. Check price now.


You can try. I have found the Fleshlight Launch on Amazon at times. When I checked today it wasn’t there. You can try. Check availability and price.

fleshlight launch back

How does the Fleshlight Launch compare with other blowjob machines?

I have tried both the Fleshlight Launch, the Quickshot Launch and the Autoblow A.I. And I believe the Fleshlight Launch to be the winner. Below is a breakdown of my comparisons.

Fleshlight Launch VS Fleshlight Quickshot Launch

Fleshlight LaunchFleshlight Quickshot Launch
180 strokes/minuteSpeed (strokes/minute)250 strokes/minute
12.75 inHeight14 in
YesBattery operatedYes
NoWorks plugged in the wallYes
YesWireless bluetooth connectivityNo
YesInteractive modeNo
1 yearWarranty1 year
YesFeelMe compatibleNo
NoSleeve includedNo
4Suction effect3
4Orgasm rating4
4Lube usage4
4Dry speed5
4Clean up2
5Overall satisfaction4
Check latest priceCheck latest price

Well, the main difference in between the two is that Fleshlight Launch works with Fleshlight toys, while the Quickshot is only compatible with the Quickshot series.

The Quickshot Launch is faster, it can reach up to 250 strokes per minute (still slower than the girl I mentioned at the beginning of this article…).

Second big difference, the Fleshlight Launch can be connected via bluetooth to the Feelme website to enjoy interactive hands-free masturbation. Surely nobody stops you from using the Quickshot Launch while watching some movie but it won’t be synced.

Fleshlight Launch VS Autoblow A.I.

Fleshlight LaunchAutoblow A.I.
180 strokes/minuteSpeed (strokes/minute)n/a
YesBattery operatedNo
NoWorks plugged in the wallYes
YesWireless bluetooth connectivityNo
YesInteractive modeNo
1 yearWarranty1 year
YesFeelMe compatibleNo
NoSleeve includedYes
4Suction effect4
4Orgasm rating4
4Lube usage5
4Dry speed4
4Clean up3
5Overall satisfaction4
Check latest pricePriceCheck latest price

In my experience the Fleshlight Launch is superior to the Autoblow A.I.. The Launch just feels more expensive, more high quality, more advanced. It doesn’t have the automatic variety that the Autoblow has but that is easily replaced by the interactive bluetooth experience.

Wear a pair of VR glasses, connect your Fleshlight Launch to your favorite movie, forget reality for a second, and enjoy this mind (and not just “mind”) blowing experience with the Fleshlight Launch. I tested a few different scenes and the Launch was really duplicating what the girl seemed to be doing in the movie, in terms of speed and depth.

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Which Fleshlight should I buy with the Launch?

As you probably know, Fleshlight Launch comes without an actual Fleshlight. So if the Launch is your first Fleshlight or if you don’t have a compatible Fleshlight, here are my recommendations:

1)‌ The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

The Fleshlight STU is a classic. I remember when I tried it the first time, almost 10 years ago. I was in love. Over the years ILF (the crazy guys behind the Fleshlight brand) have evolved and created wilder stuff, such as the Riley Reid Fleshlight, the Stoya Destroya, and the Dillion Harper. But the STU is still a standard choice.

2) The Fleshlight Stoya Destroya

The Fleshlight Stoya Destroya is praised a lot for a reason. I think ILF just got lucky when creating that crazy mix of chambers and textures that make the Stoya so popular.

3) Any Fleshlight Girl

Look, I‌ wrote a review of the best Fleshlight girls a while ago, just pick any of them and you will be fine. Riley Reid and Dillion Harper are some of my favorite and gave me some great orgasms in the past, but really, any will do.

Enjoy, and have fun!

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